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ings, and taking the account of the trial in the globes or umbrella-like forms. Thus, season Gospels as entitled to that credence which con- after season, plants perish and add to the soil, temporary history generally claims, I, as a Jew, which is at the same time increased in depth by do say, that it appears to me, Jesus became the the disintegration of the rock over which it is victim of fanaticism, combined with jealousy and laid, which is quickened by the operations of lust of power in Jewish hierarchs, even as in vegetable life. The minute seeds of the ferns later

ages, Huss and Jerome of Prague, Latimer floating on the breeze now find a sufficient depth and Ridley, became the victims of fanaticism, of earth to germinate in, and their beautiful combined with jealousy and lust of power in fronds eventually wave in loveliness to the passChristian hierarchs. And while I, and the Jews ing winds. Plants of a higher and a higher of the present day, protest against being identifi-order gradually succeed each other, each series ed with the zealots who were concerned in the perishing in due season, and giving to the soil proceedings against Jesus of Nazareth, we are additional elements for the growth of their own far from reviling his character, or deriding his species or those of others. Flowering plants find precepts, which are indeed, for the most part,


genial home on the once bare rock; and the precepts of Moses and the prophets. You have primrose pale, the purple foxglove, or the gaudy heard me style him the great teacher of Nazareth, poppy, open their flowers to the joy of lighi. for that designation, I and the Jews take to be Eventually the tree is seen to spring from the his due. No enlightened Jew can, or will deny, soil ; and where once the tempest beat on the that the doctrines taught in his name have been bare cold rock, is now the lordly and branching the means of reclaiming the most important por- tree, with its thousand leaves, affording shelter tion of the civilized world from gross idolatry, from the storm for the bird and the beast.—R. and of making the revealed word of God known Hunt in Pharmaceutical Times. to nations, of whose very existence the men who sentenced him were, probably, ignorant. Nor The following anecdote is token from a pedo I, and the Jews of the present day, stand alone riodical called the Golden Rule. in this view, since it was held by the great Mai- A BEAUTIFUL REPLY.-A young girl about monides 600 years ago.”

seven years old, was asked by an atheist how The lecturer closed his interesting discourse large she supposed her God to be; to which by a reference to the administration of the other she, with admirible readiness, replied : “ He is procurators, the outbreak of the war of indepen- so great the heavens cannot contain him, and dence, and the character of Josephus the histo- yet so kindly condescending, as to dwell in my rian, to whom he was by no means favourable. little heart.

British Friend.



Two ships were aground at London Bridge.

The proprietors of one sent for a hundred horses The progress by which the surface of the and tore it to pieces. Those of the other waited earth becomes covered with vegetable life is suf- for the tide, and then with sails and rudder dificiently curious to merit some of our attention. rected it as they pleased.—Charles Simeon. Let us suppose the bare surface of a rock under the action of those changes which all bodies ex

« GOD IS LOVE.posed to atmospheric influences undergo. In a

1 JOHN 4:8. little time we shall discover upon its face little coloured cups or lines, with small hard disks. I cannot always trace the way These at first sight would never be taken for

Where Thou, Almighty one, dost move;

But I can always, always say plants, but on close examination they will be

That “God is Love." found to be lichens. These minute plants shed

When fear her chilling mantle flings their seed and die, and from their own remains

O’er earth, my soul to heaven above, a more numerous crop springs into life. After a

As to her sanctuary, springs, few of these changes, a sufficient depth of soil is For “God is Love." formed, upon which mosses begin to develope

When mystery clouds my darkened path, themselves, and give to the stone the first faint I'll check my dread, my doubts reprove : tint of green, which, although a mere film, indi- In this my soul sweet comfort hath,

That “God is Love." cates the presence of a beautiful class of plants, which, under the microscope, exhibit in their The entanglement which restless thought, leaves and flowers many points of singular

Mistrust, and idle reasoning move,

Are thus unravelled and onwrought, beauty. These mosses, like the lichens, decay

For “God is Love." ing, increase the film of soil, and others of a

Yes, “ God is Love”-a thought like this larger growth supply their places, and run them

Can every gloomy thought remove, selves the same round of growth and decay. By

And turns all tears, all woes to bliss, and bye fungi of various kinds mingle their little

For God is Love."


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rents. To some of their requisitions the new auCOMMITTING THE SOUL TO THE SAVIOUR.

thorities had yielded; but finding that concession *: Into thy hand I commit my spirit ; thou hast redeemed me, increased the demands, they were compelled at O Lord God of Truth "-Psalm 31: 5.

length to resist them. The result is not yet known. My spirit on thy care,

Among other causes tending to anarchy, is the

These Blest Saviour, I recline;

prevalence of “community principles." Thou wilt not leave me to despair,

views, which even in this country, where honest For Thou art love divine.

industry seldom fails of its reward, are not without

their advocates,' are urged' with great veheIn Thee I place my trust,

mence in France. Assuming that the inequalities On Thee I calmly rest;

which exist in the social condition of men are to be I know thee good—I know thee just,

ascribed to avarice and oppression alone, and forAnd count Thy choice the best.

getting that those very differences are the great Whate'er events betide,

means by which Providence designs to stimulate Thy will they all perform ;

us to the due exercise of our faculties by placing Safe in thy breast my head I hide,

before us the rewards of toil, the communists Nor fear the coming storm.

assail the rights of property, and recklessly urge Let good or ill befall,

the equal division of lands and profits, with It must be good for me;

other schemes as extravagant as they are deSecure of having Thee in all,

structive of the happiness and true elevation of the Of having all in Thee.

labouring classes. Already one of the railway companies in Paris has been obliged to declare that

hereafter all the labourers in its employ, shall, beEVENING THOUGHTS.

side their regular wages, receive a portion of the It is good, when we lay on the pillow our head,

profits. A meeting of influential individuals has And the silence of night all around us is spread,

been held, in which it is declared that these prinTo reflect on the deeds we have done in the day,

ciples must be introduced into all associations for Nor allow it to pass without profit away.

industrial purposes.

Such views carried out

amidst the ferment of the public mind in the most A day-what a trifle—and yet the amount

excitable community in Europe, forebode nothing of the days we have passed, form an awful account; And the time may arrive, when the world we would give, composed of 900 persons, chosen by universal suf

but evil. In about two weeks a National Assembly, Were it ours, might we have but another to live.

frage, under circumstances of the highest exciteIn whose service have we through the day been employed ment, is to convene in order to form a fundamental And what are the pleasures we mostly enjoyed ? law. Lamartine, Minister of Foreign Affairs, has isOur desires and our wishes, to what did they tend sued a Circular to the Diplomatic Agents of France, To the world we are in, or the world without end?

written in the eloquent and impressive style of that Hath the sense of His presence encompassed us round, distinguished poet and historian. It contains much Without whom not a sparrow can fall to the ground ? to excite hope, if it were not so strongly marked by Have our hearts turned to him with devotion most true, the peculiar vagueness which characterizes French Or been occupied only with things that we view ? state papers. Nor, while it strongly affirms that Have we often reflected how soon we must go

peace is the wish of France, can we overlook the To the mansions of bliss, or the regions of wo? singular declaration that certain treaties to which Have we felt unto God a repentance sincere,

that government was a party, are to be at once abroAnd in faith to the Saviour of sinners drawn near ?

gated. Belgium is said to have recognised the Let us thus with ourselves solemn conference hold,

new Republic. Prussia is in a state of great exEre sleep's silken fetters our senses unfold;

citement, and it would seem that the of

peace And forgiveness implore for the sins of the day,

Europe was likely to be first broken, by the rising Nor allow them to pass unrepented away.

of Neufchatel, a province which now belongs to this kingdom, although formerly a part of France.

In Italy everything is in commotion. It is difficult REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENTS IN EUROPE. to see how, with the views which Austria has al.

ways adhered to, a disastrous war can be prevented It is impossible to regard the events now in pro- in ihat country, so often the great battle field of gress in France and the south of Europe without Europe. great anxiety. Our dates from Paris are to the 9th It is satisfactory to find the English ministry asof last month. Although tranquillity appeared to suming the position of non-interference, with the be restored for the moment, the schools and other sanction apparently of the whole community. The institutions renewing their sessions, and the First mind naturally reverts to the immense sacrifice of day of the week having been observed as customary life and treasure which resulted from the efforts to in that gay and licentious metropolis, yet there are unite the whole of Europe against Napoleon, and it evidently causes at work which render extremely may be fairly considered as an evidence of prouncertain the preservation of peace, even during gress, when, without a dissenting voice, the British the month which was to elapse before the National people manifest a determination not again to Assembly could meet. The Jabouring classes, mingle in the contest between monarchy and reaware of the power with which they have been publicanism. The following eloquent passage from suddenly invested, are disposed to secure for them- | Lord Palmerston's speech in Parliament will be selves privileges incompatible with the existence read with interest : of society. They have called upon the Provisional “We have endeavoured, said his lord ship, to Government, to decree an increase of wages, to extend the commercial relations of this country, shorten the 'hours of labour, and to require land, and to place them, where extension was not relords to accept, during the crisis, one-half the usual l quired, on a firmer basis, and on a footing of greater


security. I think that in that respect we have PENNSYLVANIA LEGISLATURE.—The Senate has done good service to the country; and I hold that, been chiefly engaged upon the General Appropria. with respect to alliances, England is a power suf- tion Bill. The House has passed an act to encour. ficiently strong and potent to steer her own course, age the iurther developement of the mineral reand need not iie herself as a necessary appendage sources of Pennsylvania, and a supplement to the to the policy of any other country. I hold that the act laying a duty on the retailers of merchandize, real policy of England, as separate from questions making å very considerable increase in these which involve her own particular political and duties. commercial interests, is to be the champion of justice and of right. In pursuing that course with

John Jacob Astor, the richest man in the United moderation and prudence, not becoming the States, died on the 29th ult., in his 85th year

. Quixote of the world, but giving the weight of her from biographical sketches, published in some of moral sanction and support wherever she thinks the papers, it appears that he was born in 1763, in justice is—in pursuing that course, and in pur- the Dạchy of Baden, in Germany, and came to this suing the more limited direction of our own par. country when a very young man. He was then ticular interests, my conviction is, that, as long as poor, but by industry and skill, he at length acEngland keeps herself in the right, and as long as quired sufficient property to engage in the fur trade, she wishes to promote no injustice--as long as she in which he accumulated the immense wealth, wishes to countenance no wrong, as long as she estimated at nearly twenty millions of dollars

, seeks legitimate interests of her own, and sympa- which he now leaves behind him. It is underthizes with right and justice in reference to others, stood, that by his will, the sum of $400,000 is left she never will find herself altogether alone, but for the establishment in the city of New York, of will be sure to find some other State of sufficient a library for the free use of the public. power, influence, and weight to support her in the course which she should think fit to pursue. There at Boonsboro, Md., has invented a process for bull


AN IMPORTANT INVENTION.-An ingenious man fore I say that it is narrow policy to suppose that ing wheat. The outer husk or skin of the berry is this country or that country is to be marked out as removed very perfectly before grinding. This our eternal ally or our eternal enemy. We have no eternal allies and enemies. Our interests are from grinding the whole together, and so saves

prevents the great loss of farina which now results eternal, and these it is our duty to follow. When from forty to fifty pounds of wheai in making a we find other countries marching in the same barrel of flour. course, and pursuing the same objects, we so long consider them as fellow companios in the same A melancholy circumstance occurred in this city, path, and regard them with the most cordial feel- on the 3d inst., which furnishes a fresh intimation of ing; and when we find other countries pursuing an the necessity of examining the atmosphere of close opposite course, and thwarting us, it is our duty 10 rooms or vessels where fermenting liquors are kept, make allowances for their different conduct, and not before venturing in them. At a vinegar establishto pass too harsh a judgment on them because they do ment belonging to Robert and Joseph S. Richie, a not exactly see things in the same light as we do. It coloured man descended into a large vat, which had is our duty not lightly to enguge this country in the been filled with vinegar, and the liquid drawn off

, dreadful responsibilities of war, because from time except a thick sediment on the bottom. Soon after to time we may find this or that Power disinclined to he entered the vessel, his situation attracted the concur with us. That has been, as far as possible, attention of Joseph S. Richie, who attempted to the guiding principle of my conduct, and if I may descend along a ladder to his relief; but before be allowed 10 express in one sentence the principles reaching the bottom he was overpowered by :be which ought, in my mind, to guide an English gas and fell. The vat was at length oversel, and statesman, I would adopt the expression of Mr. access thus obtained to the helplesss bodies; but Canning, and say to every British Minister, that life was extinct, and all efforis at resuscitation the interest of England ought to be the Shibboleth proved unavailing. Joseph S. Richie leaves a of Peace."

widow and four children ; the coloured man had The precarious state of the health of the head of no family. the English Ministry, and other circumstances, are It ought to be known that a lighted candle let said to have induced their resignation. However down into a vessel containing this suffocating gas. this may be, the peace policy appears to be so will be immediately extinguished; and thus its universally sanctioned, that no departure from it is presence is detected. Air, in which a candle will likely to occur.

not burn, is not safely respirable. Some disturbances have occurred in several towns in England and Scotland, but they were readily put down by constabulary force.

WANTED, Bread is said to be cheaper in London than it has ever been known to be since a record of its At Friends' Boarding School, New Garden, North price has been kept.

C. Carolina, a Teacher for the boys' school. Apply

to the editor of Friends' Review, Philadelphia,

Samuel Boyd Tobey, Providence, R. I.. or to Thos. SUMMARY OF NEWS.

T. Hunt, Superintendent, New Garden, Guilford

Co., N. Ć. Congress.-The Loan Bill passed the Senate on the 281h. The Oregon Territorial Bill has been under discussion in the House. Resolutions ex- Friends in the country who may wish coloured pressive of sympathy with the cause of republi- boys or girls on their farms, from 8 to 14 years old, canism in France, have been offered in both may apply to the Bedford Street School," between Houses.

South and Shippen streets, above Seventh.







No 30.


in this day of his appearance! He hath sent

forth, and is daily sending forth his servants and Pablished Weekly by Josiah Tatam,

messengers, to invite you to come and partake No. 50 North Fourth Street,

with him of the supper, of the feast which he PHILADELPHIA.

hath prepared. And among many others, whom Price two dollars per annum, payable in advance, or six at sundry times he hath caused to sound forth copies for ten dollars.

his testimony, I also have, in the name, and This paper is subject to newspaper postage only.

power, and authority of God, proclaimed his

everlasting gospel among you, and preached, and ROBERT BARCLAY AND FRIENDS IN

held forth the glad tidings of this glorious disSCOTLAND.

pensation,--which is Christ, munifesting and

revealing himself in and by his Light and (Continued from page 451.)

Spirit in the hearts of all men, to lead them out It was not by his pen alone that Robert Bar- of all unrighteousness and filthiness both of flesh clay endeavoured to serve the world and his and spirit, unto all righteousness, truth, holiMaker; he acted and suffered, like a true re- ness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. former, for the honour of the great name, in "But, because many of you have despised common with many of his fellow-labourers in this day, and as ye have made merry over God's the glorious cause of spirituality and real holi- witness in your hearts, not liking there to enterness. Robert Barclay came under that humbling tain him in his meek, lowly, yet lovely appeardescription of exercise and service, which often ance; so have ye despised, mocked, and rejected engaged him to testify, in various ways, against that which testifieth to this witness without you. the unsound, mixed, and even corrupt profession Therefore was I commanded of the Lord to pass of religion, in that day so much prevailing. We through your streets covered with sackcloth and are informed, he gave up to obey the call to ashes, calling you to repentance ; that ye might some hard and weighty requisitions of this kind; yet more be awakened and alarmed, to take sometimes visiting the congregations of such notice of the Lord's voice unto you, and not to people, with a word of warning or rebuke. On despise these things which belong to your one occasion in particular, about the beginning peace,' while your day lasteth, lest hereafter of the year 1672, it was his concern, under a they be hid from your eyes.' And the comstrong sense of duty, to pass through three of mand of the Lord concerning this thing, came the principal streets of Aberdeen, clothed in unto me that very morning as I awoke, and the sackcloth, after the manner of some of the an- burden thereof was very great, yea, seemed alcient prophets, and with similar motives. After most insupportable unto me;—for such a thing, he had thus become “a spectacle to men,” he until that very moment, had never before entered wrote a short address to the inhabitants of that me, not in the most remote consideration. And place, explaining the nature of this exercise, from some whom I called, to declare to them this which the following is extracted:

thing, can bear witness how great was the agony " O that your eyes were opened, that ye might of my spirit,-how I besought the Lord with see and behold this day of the Lord! and that tears, that this cup might pass away from me!-your ears were unstopped, to hear his voice, yea, how the pillars of my tabernacle were that crieth aloud and calleth one and all of you shaken, and how exceedingly my bones trembled, to Repentance! and that your hearts were until I freely gave up unto the Lord's will. softened and inclined to discern and perceive this “ And this was the end and tendency of my blessed hour of his present visitation, which is testimony, to call you to repentance by this signal come unto you! He hath lifted up a standard and singular step; which I, as to my own will in the midst of you, and among your brethren; and inclination, was as unwilling to be found in, he hath called already a remnant, and enrolled as the worst and most wicked of you can be them under his banner, and he is calling all to averse from receiving or laying it to heart. Let come; he hath not left one without a witness ;' all and every one of you, in whom there is yet blessed are they that receive him and hear him, alive the least regard to God or his fear, con


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sought yours,

sider and weigh this matter in the presence of of conduct and conversation must be allowed to God, and by the spirit of Jesus Christ in your place that man in very near connexion with his hearts, which makes all things manifest,-search own Master, to whom he must, even in this life, and examine every one his own soul, how far either stand or fall. this warning and voice of the Lord is applicable The public labousers raised up in this corner unto them; and how great need they have to be of the vineyard, on which our attention is more truly humbled in their spirits, returning to the exclusively fixed, may be said to have been by Lord in their inward parts with such true and no means few in number, in proportion to that unfeigned repentance, as answers to the outward of the members generally; and especially conclothing of sackcloth and being covered with sidering the small extent of district over which ashes.

Friends were distributed. "Nor did the Lord of “I shall add that which, upon this occasion, I the vineyard. spare to assign them instrumental declared unto you, I was for a sign from the help in good measure from other quarters; the Lord unto you; and desire ye may not be records of their meetings often stating the names among those that wonder and perish,' 'but of numerous visitors from England, whom the rather • repent and be saved.'-And this is my love of Christ and love to souls, constrained to testimony unto you, whether you will hear or pass up and down among the flock, confirming forbear,'— I have peace with my God in what I their spirit in these times of trial. On one ochave done, and am satisfied that his requirings casion, it would seem, that at a meeting for I have answered in this thing. I have not worship, such as usually was held introductory


you; I have not coveted your to the consideration of their church affairs, the gold or silver, or any thing else; nor do I retain showers of doctrine were so largely dispensed, or entertain the least hatred, grudge, or evil will as to occupy nearly the space of seven hours, towards any within or without your gates ; but and thus to preclude for that time the transaction continue in pure and unfeigned love towards all of all other appointed business. and every one of you, even those who do most As a “city that is compact together," or rather despise or reject me and my testimony ;-being as a besieged people within it, vigilance and ready to bless those that curse,' and to do alacrity, with united co-operation for the safety good to those that despitefully use' me; and to and for the welfare one of another, sometimes be spent in the will of the Lord for your sakes, pleasingly shone forth at these meetings, as well that your souls may be saved, and God over all as zeal for the spread of the dominion of grace may be glorified !"

and truth. When, in a particular case, ihere This action is branded, by the writer of his had transpired some " appearance of a breach life in the “ General Biography," with the name and separation" in one or more of their number, of enthusiasm, and is even stigmatized with the others speedily and simultaneously met with marks of contempt by his eulogist in the “ Bio- the party, all exceptions were thoroughly heard, graphia Britannica ;" by each of them, however, and a plain reckoning" ensued; after which, his sincerity is admitted. But whatever may be as the record states, “ to the praise of the Lord's the impression made on different readers, ac- free goodness and mercy to his poor people, all cording to their particular habits or mode of differences were taken away, with much brokenthinking, with regard to this extraordinary act ness and tenderness of heart, in embracing each of an individual, whose character stands too high other; for which blessed opportunity, Friends to be attainted by evil imputation; one point is publicly and jointly, in his own Spirit and life, clear,—that the everlasting Father of his people, returned praises to the Lord.” Such a successhas in all ages deputed some of his children 10 ful illustration of the true labour of love, in the be as delegated shepherds over the flocks of his spirit of meekness and of wisdom, is not held up heritage, and as lights in the midst of " a crooked as one peculiarly confined to that generation;and perverse generation.” To these he has ever by no means ;-rather as an additional encommitted a testimony, of some description or couraging proof of the preciousness of brotherly other, to be borne for his Truth's sake,ma admonition, order, and concord in the body of standard to be upheld, in some especial manner,

Christ. against the course of the prince of darkness, About the beginning of the year 1672, several whose machinations and whose maxims are for persons, both in Aberdeen and its vicinity, withthe most part closely interwoven with, and drawing from the religion established by law, wrought into the present constitution of mankind. the public preachers of the city were so incensed Of what primary importance, then, is it, that as to procure, by their influence with the magiseach one of us should give the closest attendance trates, the pulling down and demolishing the upon those things, that obviously make for our walls of a burial-ground, which the people called own peace of mind and individual progress in Quakers had purchased with their own money; the life of Christ; rather than presume, in such and wherein a child of Thomas Milne had been a case as that before us, to define the precise line a few days before interred. The body of this of testimony that may or may not be meted out child, after three days' interment, was, by order to another; especially where the uniform tenour of the provost and bailies, taken out of the


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