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government, wrong in itself, and repugnant to that they are but almoners of the Lord's bounty, the humanity and civilization of the age. perceive that there is a field of usefulness open

before them, in placing the productions of free

dom within the comfortable reach of the poor, For Friends' Review.

thus enabling them to bear testimony against opAN EXTRACT FROM J. WOOLMAN'S

pression without oppression? May the poor be JOURNAL.

couraged to toil on. May the rich be - ready “ In my youth I was used to hard labour, and to distribute, willing to communicate.” J. though I was middling healthy, yet my nature was not fitted to endure so much as many others.

For Friends' Review, Being often weary, I was prepared to sympathize with those whose circumstances in life, as free

DANGER OF HASTY JUDGMENT. men, required constant labour to answer the de

Thomas Fowell Buxton, when on his visit to mands of their creditors ; as well as with others Rome in 1840, was informed of a circumstance under oppression ; in the uneasiness of body, which occurred there a short time previously, which I have many times felt by too much of which the following is the substance; labour, not as a forced but a voluntary oppression,

An Englishman arrived there during that year, which is imposed on many in the world.


who was almost entirely unacquainted with the latter part of the time wherein I laboured on our Italian language. He heard many frightful plantation, my heart, through the fresh visitations stories of robberies and assassinations, and pruof heavenly love, being often tender, and my dently resolved neither to travel alone, nor to be leisure time being frequently spent in reading the out after dark. Bui dining one day, with one life and doctrines of our blessed Redeemer, the of his friends not far from the city, he was so account of the sufferings of martyrs, and the long detained as to be under the necessity of rehistory of the first rise of our Society, a belief turning alone after night. The undertaking apwas gradually settled in my mind, that if such peared terrific, but he braced up his courage by as had great estates, generally lived in that hu- a few glasses of wine, and set out alone about mility and plainness which belong to a Christian ten o'clock. Walking hastily in the dark, he life, and laid much easier rents and interests on

came into contact with a man who was walking their lands and monies, and thus led the way to in the opposite direction. He was alarmed, and a right use of things, so great a number of people the tales he had heard recurred to his memory ; might be employed in things useful, that labour, but the man passed quietly on. In a short time both for men and other creatures, would need to the Englishınan thought of his watch, and upon be no more than an agreeable employment, and examination, finding it was gone, turned hastily livers branches of business, which serve chiefly back, seized the man, and vehemently exclaimed, o please the natural inclinations of our minds, Montre, Montre.* The supposed pick pocket

and which at present seein necessary to circulate trembled, and very reluctantly yielded up the

hat wealth which some gather, might in this way watch. On reaching his residence, he recounted, of pure wisdom be discontinued. As I have thus with no little exultation, his heroic exploit; and considered these things, a query at times hath declared that if the rest of the world would act irisen: Do I, in all my proceedings, keep to that as he had done, robbery would cease at Rome ise of things which is agreeable to universal in a fortnight. When he had finished his righteousness? And then there hath some degree oration, his sister said, “ All this is very strange, of sadness at times come over me; because I for after you went out I saw your watch hanging iccustomed myself to some things which have in your room, and there it is now.”. Sure occasioned more labour than I believe Divine enough, there it was. So it appeared beyond visdom intended for us.”

dispute that he had actually committed a robbery The practical testimony of John Woolman himself.

M. gainst oppression, evinced by his abstinence rom its productions, appears to be increasingly

POWER OF LOVE. --:laiming ihe attention of Friends. While there

The following beautiful illustration of the tre many who have the means readily to meet he additional expense that might arise from the power of love over the hardest hearts will be

acceptable, and we trust profitable, to our readers. ise of free produce, in the present state of things,

The Colony of Petitbourg is an establishment here are others to whom this testimony is equally for the reformation of juvenile offenders—for inarecious, who are obliged to labour hard to prostruction of abandoned children (boys) who are ure the necessaries of life; and being involved found without any parental care, wandering n straitened circumstances, often burdened with about the streets of Paris. It is supported by oil and care, they feel that in order to be disen. voluntary contributions. The boys are taught all çaged from being customers in the market of slavery, they might subject themselves 10 an ad- sorts of out-door and in-door work, and have

When any one litional « voluntary oppression.” In taking this regular seasons of recreation. riew of the subject, do not those who realize

• Watch, Watch.




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commits a fault requiring grave punishment, the and seen him still pale and feeble from the effects whole of the boys are assembled as a sort of of his wound, suffering for him, privations of council, to deliberate and decide on the sort of light, and liberty, and joy, that his stout heart punishment to be inflicted, which consists usually gave way, and he cast himself at the feet of the of imprisonment in a dungeon for a number of director, confessing and bewailing with bitter days, and of course no participation in the recrea- tears the wickedness of his heart, and expressing tions of the community.

the resolution to lead a different life for the time There are at present about one hundred and to come. Sach a fact needs no comment. thirty boys in the institution. Now here is the peculiarity of the discipline. After sentence is SINGULAR ACCOUNT OF THE MOLOKANERS, passed by the boys, under the approval of the

OR MILK-EATERS. director, the question is then put, • Will any of you consent to become the patron of this poor

Shores of the Baltic, May, 1848. offender, that is, to take his place now and I have recently obtained some intelligence resuffer in his room and stead, while he goes free ?' specting a Russian colony, of considerable erAnd it rarely happens but that some one is found tent, singular origin, and very uncommon atainto step forward and consent to ransom the of- ments; of which, though prevented by reasons fender by undergoing his punishment—the of- affecting its political security from quoting all fender being in that case merely obliged to act as the sources of my information, I may convey to porter in carrying to his substitute in the dungeon your readers some very interesting particohis allowance of bread and water during all the lars. time of his captivity. The effect has been the Although doubtless the name of Temperance breaking of the most obdurate hearts of the boys, Societies was never heard of in the wide Steppes by seeing another actually enduring willingly of Russia, the thing itself is not unknown 10 a what they deserved to suffer.

simple and true-hearted community of dissenters A remarkable case occurred lately. A boy from the Russian-Greek Church, whose con whose violent temper and bad conduct had pro- tinued existence and even increase, during many cured his expulsion from several schools in years of persecution, seem 10 have borne sobe Paris, and who was in the fair way of becoming resemblance to Israel's experience in Egyp; an outlaw and a terror to all good people, was while their present comparative tranquillig in received into the institution. For a while, the the land of their banishment equally displays the novelty of the scene, the society, the occupation, power of Divine grace, and the truth of the de &c., seemed to have subdued his temper; but at claration that “when a man's ways please the length his evil disposition showed itself, through Lord, “ He will make even his enemies to be at his drawing a knife on a boy with whom he had peace with him.” The first detailed accous: quarrelled, and stabbing him in the breast. The which I saw of the Molokaners, or Milk-eaters wound was severe but not mortal; and while the was contained in a letter from the Rer. Ni bleeding boy was carried to the hospital of the Roth, one of the Basle Missionaries, where colony, the rest of the inmates were summoned station, Helendorf, may well be described as to decide on the fate of the criminal. They situated on the utmost verye of Christendom. agreed at once in a sentence of instant expulsion, “ The Milk-eaters separated themselves fra without hope of re-admission. The director op- the Greek communion, avowedly, on account a posed this, and shewed them that such a course the invocation of saints, the various masses, the would lead this poor desperate boy to the scaffold worship of the pictures and relics, the preserize or the gallows. He badle them think of another use of the sign of the cross, and similar super punishment. They fixed upon imprisonment stitious observances, insisted on by the Greek for an unlimited period. The usual question was Church. In short they took conscientious {s: put, but no patron offered himself, and the cul- ception against every part of the public worst? prit was marched off to prison.

of that Church, excepting the sermon, which After some days the director reminded the however, (more especially in the county boys of the case; and on the repetition of the parishes,) is almost always omitted as superf: call, • Will no one become the patron of this un- ous. Asier enduring in their birth-place, whe happy youth?' a voice was heard, • I will !' was situated in the interior of Russia, unspeito The astonished boys looked around and saw ble hardships and oppressions, and seeing. Fer coming forward the very youth that had been after year, many of their leaders exiled to Sider wounded, and who had just been discharged from as obstinate heretics, it was matter of thanki the sick ward. He went to the dungeon and ness to them when the Russian government ez took the place of his would-be murderer, (for had to the determination, some eight or nine yery the hoy's physical strength been equal to his since, to banish the whole of this pestilen: passion, the blow must have been fatal, both boys to the Schamachian district in the province being only about nine or ten years old ;) and it Grusia." “ This punitive measure was was only after the latter had for some time car- doubt meant for their hurt, but God turned it :) ried the pittance of food to his generous patron, good, and as, like Israel of old, the more they

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were oppressed the more they multiplied and mill, are still there, and are decided curiosities grew, the Russian government may well have in their way. It is almost incredible to befelt surprise at the amount of immigration to lieve that this old building, time-battered and which this sentence of banishment gave rise ; weather-browned, was the first to spread its for there now exist in that wild region, from sheltering roof over the young pupil of Arksixty to eighty villages containing many thousand wright, and that those dwarf frames, rusty and families. The norm of their faith is simply the mildewed with inactivity, are the pioneer maScriptures of the Old and New Testament, their chines of that immense branch of our national hymns are the Psalms of David, and the Bible industry—the manufacture of cotton goods. knowledge possessed by both men and women Samuel Slater, the father of American cotton among them may be justly termed extraordinary. manufactures, was so closely watched at the Their public worship commences with the sing. English custom-house that he could not smuggle ing of a psalm; then follows an extempore over a drawing or pattern. He had, however, prayer by one of their elders, who afterwards acquired a full knowledge of the Arkwright reads and expounds a chapter of the Bible, much principle of spinning, and from recollection and

in the manner it would seem, of our Wurtem- | with his own hands, made three cards and e berg scripture readers.

* The children twenty-two spindles, and put them in motion of both sexes are, generally speaking, instructed in the building of 'a clothier, by the waterby their own parents, although, where a person wheel of an old fulling mill. Fifty-four years fiited for the task can be found in a village, a have since elapsed, and the business has inregular school is maintained. But, however creased beyond all precedent in the history of accomplished, the result is a most happy one, manufactures. Our rivers and wild waterfalls since not one child above twelve years of age that then flowed and bloomed in solitude, are can be found among this people who does not now propelling thousands of mill-wheels

, and possess a competent knowledge of reading and millions of shuttles and spindies.-Exchange writing, as well as a rich store of Scripture pas. paper. sages committed to

memory. In

respect of morals, they are so exemplary, that few denominations of Ġerman Christians may bear comparison with them. When, for example, a dispute We understand that in the valuable lead arises between two Molokaners, (which is said mine, lately discovered in Crittenden county, to be a very rare occurrence, they feel bound in a large deposit of zinc ore accompanies the conscience to so literal a fulfilment of the aposto- vein, and that thirty or forty tons of the ore lic admonition, let not the sun go down upon had been taken out and thrown aside as valueyour wrath,' that they make a rule of seeking less, until the recent visit of a practical German out each other and shaking hands before sunset. chemist, who pronounced it far more valuable A liar or a drunkard is unknown among them; than the lead, and equal in its quality and exindeed, the majority of them drink no species of tent to the best zinc ore of Germany, where the fermented liquor, (although the use of such is zinc mines are sources of great wealth. We not absolutely forbidden,) and hence the appella- believe there are no zinc mines ever yet distion of Milk-eaters, by which they are now covered in this country of sufficient value generally known.

to pay for working. Cobalt and cadmium The existence of such a spiritual oasis, amid blende have been found in the same vein. The the sterile wastes of Russian-Greek superstition, latter is found in the zinc ore, and yields an is a cheering subject of contemplation to the unusually large percentage. It is one of the most Christian heart, and may, in some small measure,

rare and valuable metals. We look forward neutralise the fears, at this moment strongly felt with deep interest to the future developments by thinking men, that Russia may use the mo, in the mining region in Crittenden county. ment of almost universal abeyance of all social The lead from that section is in high repute order, and long venerated institutions, for an here. It is a soft and superior article, and meets irruption with her countless hordes on the dis

with great favour in this market. organised, and therefore helpless states of Ger

Louisville Journal. many.-- British Friend.


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Walk in the light !-and thou shalt find

All the territories are prohibited from passing laws Thy heart made truly his, interfering with the primary disposal of the soil

, Who dwells in cloudless light enshrined,

taxing the property of the United States, or taxing In whom no darkness is.

the property of non-residents more than that of Walk in the light and thou shalt own

residents. California and New Mexico are also forThy darkness passed away, Because that light hath on thee shone,

bidden to pass any law respecting an establishment In which is perfect day.

of religion, or respecting slavery. All territorial

laws are to be submitted to Congress, and if disWalk in the light !_and e’en the tomb

approved by them, shall be null and void. The No fearful shade shall wear ;

constitution and laws of the United States are Glory shall chase away its gloom,

tended over the territories. The question of For Christ hath conquered there !

slavery in California and New Mexico will thus, by Walk in the light !—and thou shalt be

the passage of this bill, and until Congress shall A path, though thorny, bright;

legislate further, be made a judicial one, dependent For God, by grace, shall dwell in thee,

on the United States Constitution and laws. The And God himself is light !


existing laws of the Provisional Government of Oregon, not incompatible with the Constitution or

with this act, are to continue in force for three THE BIBLE.

months after the first meeting of the Assembly, A man of subtile reasoning, asked

subject to be repealed by the said Assembly. One A peasant, if he knew

of these laws prohibits slavery in the Territory. Where was the internal evidence

The people of Oregon are to elect a delegate to the That proved his Bible true ?

United States House of Representatives, to serve The terms of disputative art

two years. An appropriation of $5,000 is made to Had never reached his ear;

purchase a territorial library for Oregon, and two He laid his hand upon his heart,

sections of the public lands in each township of the And only answered—Here.

same territory are to be reserved for the support

of schools. The Governor of each Territory acts SUMMARY OF NEWS.

also as Superintendent of Indian Affairs, and his CONGRESS.–Senate. The Special Committee on salary is $3,000. Salary of Secretaries and Judges

, the Oregon bill, to which committee the subject of each $1,800. Members of the Oregon Assembly Territorial Governments in New Mexico and Cali- are to receive three dollars each, per day of atteadfornia was also referred, reported a bill on the 18th ance at the sessions, and mileage of three dollars inst., establishing a Government in each of those per twenty miles. territories. For each Territory, a Governor, Secre

Ex-Governor Shunk died at about 7 o'clock on tary, Attorney and Marshal, are to be appointed the evening of the 20th. by the President, with the advice and consent of EUROPE.-The Hibernia arrived at New York on the Senate, to hold their offices for the term of four the 21st, with news from Liverpool to the 8th. years, but liable to removal by the President. The state of trade was improving, and the money Three Judges of the Supreme Court are to be ap- market easy. Breadstuffs were firm, and cotton pointed in the same manner, for Oregon, the same slightly advanced. Hume's motion for Parliamennumber for California, and two for New Mexico. tary Reform is stated to have been negatived on the They hold their offices for four years, and each of 6th, by a vote of 84 in favour of, and 351 against them is to hold a district court in the district it. ' France seems comparatively quiet, and Gen. which shall be assigned 10 him; each territory Cavaignac, as almost absolute Dictator, a ppears to being divided into as many judicial districts as it be carrying matters on with a strong and resolute has judges. The law-making power in Oregon is hand. In the discussion on the constitution, in the vested in a Legislative Assembly, consisting of a Assembly, Thiers has made an able speech in Council of thirteen members, elected for two years, favour of making the Legislature consist of two and a House of Representatives of twenty-six Houses, like those of the United States, instead of members, elected for one year. The number of one, as proposed by the committee. Prince Lous Representatives may be increased by the Assem. Napoleon has been again elected to the Assembis bly, in proportion to the increase of population, but for Corsica. The Austrians are said to have reshall never exceed thirty-nine. Section 5, relating taken nearly all the Venetian territories, and to be to Oregon, is as follows: “That every free white threatening Venice itself. The German Parliament male inhabitant, above the age of twenty-one has elected the Archduke John of Austria, Lieryears, who shall have been a resident of said ter: tenant General of the German Empire. This is ritory at the time of the passage of this act, shall considered an important step towards German be entitled to vote at the first election, and shall be unity. The news from Berlin make the stariling eligible to any office within the said territory; but announcement that Russia has declared war agaias the qualifications of voters and of holding office, at the whole German Confederation. But informaall subsequent elections, shall be such as shall be tion of a later date renders this account rather prescribed by the legislative assembly. Provided, questionable. that the right of suffrage and of holding office shall

The cholera is reported to be very destructive be exercised only by citizens of the United States, at Petersburg, where numbers are said to bare and those who shall have declared, on oath, their died in a few hours after they were attacked. intention to become such, and shall have taken an oath to support the Constitution of the United States, and the provisions of this act.” In Cali- IFA Friend with a small family wishes to fornia and New Mexico, the law-making power is obtain a couple of boarders. Apply next door vested in the Governors, Judges and Secretaries. I below No. 163 Wood street above Tenth.

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He also visited Europe ; and informed us on

his return, that he had visited the Islands of Pablished Weekly by Josiah Tatum,

Great Britain, Ireland, Jersey, and Guernsey; No. 50 North Fourth Street,

and attended all the meetings of Friends, which PHILADELPHIA.

he had an account of, on the continent. He Price two dollars per annum, payable in advance, or six also travelled much in France, Germany, and copies for ten dollars.

other parts of the continent, in which he had This paper is subject to newspaper postage only.

frequent opportunities of religious conferences

with others not of our Society; and his returning A TESTIMONY

certificates evinced the satisfaction of his friends Of the Monthly Meeting of Cornwall, N. Y., with his religious services among them. After Of the Monthly Meeting of Cornwall, N. Y., his return from Europe, he visited occasionally concerning David Sands.

many places within the verge of our own Yearly He was the son of Nathaniel and Mercy Meeting, and also paid a religious visit to CaSands, of Cowneck, on Long Island, and was nada, and the city of Quebec, in the winter born the 4th day of the 11th month, 1745. He season. Shortly after his return, he set out on came among Friends by convincement, and ap. his last visit to New England, in which he was peared in the ministry about the 27th year of from home about a year. his age, in which service he laboured abundantly This, our dear friend, experienced many both at home and abroad; having devoted the vicissitudes and trials in the prosecution of his greater part of his life, from his entrance into the temporal concerns through life, and was freministry, to visiting Friends, and in appointing quently tried with much bodily indisposition; meetings amongst other denominations.

And however, none of these things seemed to abate we have reason to believe that he has been in his concern for the accomplishment of what apstrumental in stirring up and convincing con-peared to be his religious duty. He appeared to siderable numbers, in many places, as he was be much exercised on account of many speculed to feel and sympathize with the religiously lative and unsound opinions that are circulating exercised of all denominations; and he was often in the present day, and was often led to caution

qualified to reach those in a more insensible his friends lest ihey should be drawn aside by * state. He visited New England divers times, in them, and recommended them to maintain that

the course of his life; and it appears to have simplicity and stability in principle and practice, * been a principal field of religious exercise and which were so conspicuous in our worthy ances

labour with him. On his first visit in these tors. He was very particular in noticing parts, there appeared to be very little convince- strangers that attended our religious meetings, as ment in many places; but by faithfully labouring well as in exercising a fatherly care and sympain obedience to divine direction, he was made thy with the members of our Society, who were instrumental in gathering several meetings. within the compass of his labours. Where he travelled and laboured in some parts The latter part of his life, he seemed to be ocof that country, Friends have so far increased cupied very much about home; and was made as now to hold both monthly and quarterly particularly useful in bringing forward some meetings.

under religious exercise in his own neighbourHe also visited Pennsylvania several times, hood; and near his close, he was engaged in a and some of the Southern States, as well as per family visit to Friends of Cornwall Monthly formed several religious visits to the families of Meeting, which he partly accomplished; and Friends in the cities of New York and Phila- was favoured to attend our first day meeting the delphia. He likewise laboured extensively same week he died. Whilst on his way there, within the compass of the yearly meeting to he signified he thought it would be the last he which he belonged; and was particularly useful should ever attend. He appeared to be much in the first rise and spreading of the Society or strengthened in the public testimony he bore in the west side of Hudson River, within the verge it; and at his return, he expressed that he felt of Cornwall Quarterly Meeting,

great satisfaction in being there ; and that a more

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