Εικόνες σελίδας
Ηλεκτρ. έκδοση


Instincts, animal, 539, 555, 564. Mechanical skill, value of, 276. T. Cox to N. Page, 681.
Jones, Rebecca, memorials of,545, Music and its influences, 278, D. Smith to E. M. Morris, 681.
561, 577, 609, 641, 801, 817. 291.

J. Parker to Ann Newby, 744.
Ireland, its' diseases and cure, 572. Music of the spheres, 334. D. Williams to L. R. Rider, 793.
Insanity and crime, observations Meeting respecting coloured peo- A. Taylor to E. Shoemaker,
on, 611, 627, 650, 659, 673. ple, 344.

Irish' benevolence, 633.
Mole, 429.

Wm. Bishop to M. Booth, 825.
Indians in New York, 665. Moon, 460.

lowa, Salem Quarterly Meeting Military ascendancy, 584. Nurture, Christian, 107.
in, 675.

Manual labour Institute, 638. Niagara, suspension bridge at,
Instinct, power of, 803.

Mason and Dixon's line, 648. 166, 239, 749.
Milton, 676.

Niagara Falls, 244.
Morocco, 710.

Night from home, 423.
Kent, Chancellor, death of, 200. Manufacture of indian rubber National defence, Cobden on, 420.
Knowledge, acquisition of, 237. shoes, 711.

“ Memorial on, 425.
Keith, George, 293.

Molokaners, account of, 718. Negro, tribute for the, 441.
Kiss for a blow, 335.

Mines, lead and zinc, of Ken- New York hospital, and Blooming.
Knowledge, pursuit of, under dif- lucky, 719.

dale asylum, 444.
ficulties, 359.

Mosaic code, humanity of, 759. Niagara, fall in, 474.
Kidnapping bill, 584,

Minister, hints to a young, 791. Naylor's, James, Testimony, 639.
Kindness, brotherly, 693. Mines, copper, of Lake Superior, Nehemiah, prophet, 819.

Marriages.-Joseph G. Harlan to

Las Casas, 25, 42.

A. A. Stevenson, 96. Obituary:-Arnold Congdon, 32.
Liberia, 137.

J. F. Shotwell to A. Titus, 96. Ezra Comfort, 32.
Leaf, falling of, 158.

Samuel L. Baily to Elizabeth B. Hiatt, 96.
Language, plain, 173.

Tatum, 112.

R. Lawrence, 96.
Letheon, 179, 206, 227.

C. Westcomb to J. Stokes, 144. P. Gifford, 112.
Land in northern Europe, rising

I. Evans to A. S. Boone, 144. J. Bowstead, 112.
and sinking, 202, 221.

E.S. Dicks to A.T. Hutchin, 144. P. Allen, 176.
Larceny, grand, 240.

D. S. Wing to C. C. Swift, 176. Ellis Yarnall, 192.
Love and unity, 296.

F.R. Cope to A. S. Brown, 217. James C. Fuller, 192.
London, 317.

B. Barker to C. J. Dennis, 250. Ann Stapler, 208.
Luther on regeneration, 333. J. V. Milhous to E. P. Griffith, R. Smart, 217.
Lake Simcoe, night on, 339.


W. F. Miller, 217.
Love, 379.

M. Farnum to M. B. Allen, 250. E. Breed, 233.
Letter on bible societies, 382.

S. Willits to R. Gill, 266. L. Breed, 233.
Locomotive time keeper, 383. T. Rudolph to S. A. Fogg. Sidney Allen, 234.
Life and death, musings on, 398. E. Morgan to R. Parker, 344. Sarah Jenkins, 234.
London, walks in, 437.

J. Butler to S. Pickering, 344. S. C. Hobbey, 234.
Livingston, vs. C. Mather, 447. N. J. Sharples to R. Edge, 377. Jeffrey Smedley, 250.
Love, by Housman, 451.

E. Tatum to A. C. Smith, 377. Amy Smedley, 250.
Letter to a newly married woman,

L. A. Estes to H. C. Hoag, 393. A. Mosher, 250.

C. Walton to D. Lightfoot, 393. A. Shearman, jr., 250, 281.
Liberia, independence of, 471. J. D. Hockett to R. Cox, 409. M. Master, 266.
Love, Divine, 483.

0. Thorne to E. K. Taber, 409, H. Wood, 266.
Liquíd adhesive plaster, 488. J. N. Fry to M. Monroe, 409. M. S. Morris, 266.
Locusts of southern Africa, 519. J. Spencer to T. Collins, 409. A. Wood, 266.
Liberty, religious, in Italy, 551. L. Tatum to M. A. Dean, 425. G. Crosfield, 313.
Longevity in England, 557. J. Weaver to A. Taber, 457. D. Wing, 344.
Law, W., letter from, 590. Simon Hadley to M. T.O'Neall, M. Shotwell, 345.
Labour, philosophy of, 607.


S. Mott, 345.
Libraries in U. States, 656. Francis Lightfoot to Abi Wal- J. Sherman, 345.
Love, power of, 717.

J. Chase, 345.
Life-animal heat, 732.

J. Canby to E. Boustead, 473. R. Wood, 345.
Laugh, folly of a, 820.

J. A. Unthank to C. Saint, 491. Mercy Ellis, 345.

J. Gause to A. Moore, 491. Theophilus Beesley, 345.

W.C. Cloud to I. H. Boon, 491. E. S. Dicks, 377.
Majolier, Louis, a testimony re- J. W. Dow to S. W. Wheeler. S. Duell, 376.
specting, 10.


M. Wolf, 377.
Maihematician, rustic, 28.

W. A. Sampson to E. G. Win- B. Taylor, 377.
Mifflin, Warner, 37.

M. Williams, 393.
Mexico, contest with, 42, 104, 186, I. Č. Fallis to M. Bonsall, 539. J. Thompson, 393.

H. C. Wood to A. Evans, 552. J. Bell, 393.
Mosaic glass flooring, 48.

N. H. Brown to R. Kite, 552. C. C. Vail, 409.
Miner, Christian, 63.

N. H. Clark to S. H. Menden- L. Anthony, 409.
Macedonia, return of, 105.

hall, 569.

E. Alderson, 409.
Microscope, American, 108. J. Bales to H. Hale, 632.

J. Hutton, 409.
Microscope, Christian, 125. E. W. Fawcett to E. Negus, A. Backhouse, 409.
Mouse, singing, 166.

Joseph Sharp, 442.
Miami, change in bed of, 201. C. Mendenhall to A. T. Upde. Mary Robinson, 442.
Matter, divisibility of, 250.


graff, 681.

Jacob Hussey, 442.

ton, 473.

gate, 520.

Mary Carr, 457.
P. Stanley, 457
S. A, Shinn, 457.
Hannah Henry, 473.
Daniel Thornton, 573.
Hannah W. Tatum, 491.
Nicholas Waln, 491.
S. White, 520.
Joshua Wood, 520.
S. Sherman, 521.
M. A. Brown, 521.
E. Gummere, 521.
Thomas Albright, 539.
Rebecca Sawyer, 539.
R. Shepherd, 552
M. Abbott, 552.
G. Ashbridge, 552.
P. Osborne, 552.
Charles Osborne, 569.
Judith Johnson, 569.
Mary Haydock, 569.
A. Hadley, 586.
M. Wilson, 586.
H. Williams, 586.
W. Lloyd, 632.
A. Hussey, 633.
C. Johnson, 633.
A. Frost, 633.
Richard Wood, 649.
R. A. Cattell, 681.
Daniel Wheeler, 713.
Franklin Dow, 713.
Hannah Williams, 713.
Alexander Morgan, 744,
Gideon Cornell, 760.
David E. Knowles, 760.
Zenas Gardner, 761.
Jacob Parker, 761.
Hannah Remington, 793.
Abigail Halliday, 793.
Obadiah Williams, 793.
Elijah Coleman, 810.
Paul W. Newhall, 810.
Drusilla Knowles, 826.
Newberry Smith, 826.
Isaac Smart, 826.
S. A. Skinner, 826.
Dr. H. Skinner, 826.
Mary G. Swain, 826.
David Griscom, 826.

Gulielma Widdifield 826.
Obituaries, remarks on, 266.
Oak, the, 280.
Oaths, observations on, 310.
Olden time, 631.


Prescott, W. H., 154.

Self-examination, 320.
Peru, post system in, 159.

Winter stars, 335.
Punishment, capital, 180, 268,427. Hymn to Mont Blanc, 336.
Pope Pius, IX., 187

Hymn to flowers, 351.
Potato, value of, 198.

God is our refuge, 352.
Pompeii, excavations in, 215. Undying friendship, 367.
Price, Anna, testimony of, 282, The wanderer, 384.
Pins, 314.

Give to the needy, 384.
Pacific conduct, security of, 319. Scriptural musings, 399.
Palfrey, speech of, 346.

David's offering, 415.
Plainness of language and be- Contentment, 431.
haviour, 402.

Silent worship, 431.
Presidents, 431.

Hymn, 431.
Passenger, outside, 459.

Child's blessing, 431.
Prison, Sing Sing, 460.

On receipt of an olive branch,
Preacher and robbers, 478.

Peace, &c., on earth, 535.

Aspen leaf, 448.
Press, freedom of, 535.

God is love, 462.
Publican, confessions of, 567. Committing the soul to the Sa-
Population, &c., of U. States, 582. viour, 463.
Philadelphia described, 617. Evening thoughts, 463.
Præmunire, 653.

Loved and lost

, 479.
Pearson, Anthony, to George Fox, Lines to a female friend, 479,

Christ the light, 479.
Popocatapetl, 683, 696.

Consolations for the lonely, 496.
Plague, origin of, 687.

Magnetic telegraph, 496.
Poets, three, in a puzzle, 703.

. Why art thou cast down, 5 12.
Pleasures, cheap, 750.

As the day, so shall thy strength
Penn, William, 756.

be, 512
Pearl, schooner, trial of officers, Christ our refuge, 528.

Star of Bethlehem, 528.
Power, expulsive, of a new affec- Christ the physician, 544.
tion, 813.

Brotherly love and unity, 544.
Paper making, 820.

My times are in thy hand, 560.
Persecution, religious, 827. Thoughts on prayer, 575.

Characteristics of a child, 592.

Encouragement to believers,
Barclay of Ury, 16.

Prayer, 32.

Divinity of Christ, 608.
Fictitious writings, 32.

Sonnet to Wordsworth, 639.
Christian calmness disturbed, Child of earth, 640.

The great refiner, 655.
Influence, 48.

One is your master, 687.
The contrast, 64.

Lines to an invalid, 703.
The church, 64.

Children of light, 719.
Star of Bethlehem, 80.

The bible, 720.
Cottage scene, 96.

All's for the best, 736.
Twilight-hope, 96.

Faith. Child's dream, 752.
Answers to queries, 112, 127, Youth, 768.

Hymn in the vale of Chamouny,
Morning, 160.

Little candle, 160.

House of prayer, 800.
Triplet's for truth's sake, 176. Breath of morn, 800.
Nothing in vain, 176.

Parting of summer, 832.
The barren fig tree, 192,
Old man's funeral, 208.

Dying Hebrew's prayer, 208. Quincy, President, 2.
Hymn to the blind girl, 208. Queretaro, 120.
Dead in Christ, 223.

Quarrels, how to avoid, 303.
Milton's prayer for patience, 239. Quakerism, 358, 424, 440, 456.
What the year has left undone, Quaker funeral, 467.

Quakerism old standard of, 776.
The reward, 255.
Hymn, 256.

On the death of a friend, 271. Rail-roads, 29, 527.
Reaper and flowers, 288. Railway, elevated, 94.
Extracts from Cowper, 288. Reading, light, 169.
On a venerable friend in Phila- Rescue of Itean maid, 283.
delphia, 303.

Rail-road, Western, 367.
Parting words, 303.

Review, remarks on Friends', 373.
Virtue, 304.

Rail-roads, advantage of, 398.
Forest moss, 319.

Reply, beautiful, 462.

Prospectus, 1.
Paper, new, 14.
Pennsylvania, charter, 33.
Philosopher, young, 39, 60.
Phosphorescent fungus, 48.
Pascal, 70.
Piety, remarks on, 84.
Prophecy, fulfilment of, 86.
Prayer, effects of, 95.
Platinum in France, 111.
Price, Junia, testimony of, 115.
Politeness, 124.
Peace manual, 136, 174.
Parents, respect to, 142.
Pavements, effects of, 143.


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Religion, true, 512.

Seminaries, editorial remarks on, Vegetable lise, developments of,
Rothschilds, 500, 518.

Revolution, attempted, in Eng. Swan, wild, 542.

Votes, method of taking, in France,
land, 526.

Slaves, deportation of, editorial, 685.
Revolution, political, 552.


Visit, death's, to a village, 735.
Rail-road springs of India rubber, Slave-trade, 596, 635.
Sands, David, letter to, 599.

Rose bush, prolific, 652. Sisterhoods, protestant, 604, 629. Waste of muscular force, 88.
Rail-roads in United States, 655. Slavery, Barnes on, 606.

West Indies, visit to, 89, 90.
Robson, Elizabeth, testimony con- Spain, moral state of, 637. Woolman, John, 95, 371.
cerning, 689.

Surgery, passion for, 663. War, money wasted in, 95.
Rail-road companies, liability of, Sod, history of a, 677, 691. Waste and want, 106.

Science and art, connection of, 678. War, resolutions on, 110.
Religion, identity of, in all ages, Shunk, Gov., resignation and let- Well

, Jacob's, depth of, 141.
747, 757.
ter of, 684.

War and liberty, 189.
Rush, Dr., and Christian religion, Slavery, abolition of, in Portuguese War, cost of, 223.

colonies, 684.

Worship, thoughts on public, 259.
Rail-road items, 763.
Selah, word, 687.

Weather, review of, 271.
Rule well and early, 829. Slander, 703.

War, 301.
Shoes, India rubber, manufacture Wealth and comfort, 303.
of, 711.

Weather, cold, 313.
School, agricultural, Indiana, 32. Sands, David, testimony respect- Wasp family, 313, 329.
School, West-Town, 32, 48, 73.

ing, 721.

Whitney, Eli, memoirs of, 325,355.
Story, Thomas, 55, 73.
Sidereal heavens, 722.

War and peace contrasted, 334.
Storm, 57.
Sciences, natural, 772.

War, considerations on its unlaw.
Slave, old, set free, 62.

fulness, 337, 353.
Style, old and



Will, mark to, not sufficient, 407.
Slavery, abolition of, in Tunis, 95. Tobacco, 45.

War on Christian principles, 439.
Slavers captured, 137.
Time, be in, 64.

Wisdom and zeal, 462.
Slave-trade, African, 138, 151, 158, Tiger, royal, 126.

Watchword of the day, 511.
Training, moral, 142.

Wit and brushwood, 656.
Simeon, Charles, 148, 167, 218. Tea, analysis of, 157.

West India, oppression in, 686.
Slavery, influence of, on states, Thompson, George, 185. War, miseries of, 687.

Telegraph, magnetic, 233. Woolman, John, extract from, 717.
Smithsonian Institute, 156. Telescope, American, 264. Wells, Thomas, proposed visit to
School of industry, 181, 197. Temper, its influence on happi- the Indians, 73.
Safford, T. H., 182, 201.

Wells, Thomas, visit to Indians in
Scriptures, holy, 191.

Tenderness, maternal, 301. New England, 728.
Slave labour, abstinence from, Truth, speak to children, 325. Water as a beverage, 751.

Tunnel under Liverpool, 383. War, Mexican, debt from, 766.
Sodom, apples of, 231.
Turkey, liberty in, 415.

Wilderness of New Brunswick,
Seasons, emblem of life, 248. Travelling by steamboat, 130. five days in, 778, 794.
Stars, 286.

Truth well expressed, 431.
Strong sentiment, 287.
Telegraph, hydraulic, 458.

Sarepta, 295.

Trappers of the Rocky mountains, Yearly meetings, London, New
Stebbens, James, 302.

508, 521.

York, New England and Ohio,
Salt mines, German, 316. Treasures of the deep, 510. 31, 73, 825.
School in a dark cellar, 350. Telegraph, electric, 519.

Yearly meeting, Indiana, 73, 89,
Scinde, salt mines of, 351. Teacher, office of, 583.

122, 154.
School, Croydon, visit to, 366. Turpentine, 591.

Yearly meeting, Baltimore, 90.
School, Haverford, 366, 400, 826. Traverse, working a, 645.

N. Carolina, 152, 185.
Schools in England, 378. Tobacco smoking, 655.

Philadelphia, 488,504.
Slavery in New Mexico and Cali- Treaty with Granada, 661.

N. York, 9, 598, 621.
fornia, 392.
Telescope, fly in, 694.

N. England, 9, 649.
Slave produce, letter on, 395. Temptation, 783.

London, 9, 648, 667,
Speculation, novel, 399.

Testimony respecting a son, 816. 680.
Sugar duties, debate on, 413.

Dublin, 669.
Sterry, Anthony, notice of, 428.


London, advices of,
Swine, defence of, 400.

United States, products of, 244. 746, 761, 777, 788, 807, 822.
Survey of U. S. coast, 442. Upham, 791.

Yeardley, John and Martha, visit
Sewing society of New York, 474.

to the continent, 783.
Sailor, deserted, 475, 483.


Yearly meeting, minutes respecto
Satire, prohibited, 495.

Visits to public institutions, 41. ing New England, 810.
Sands, David, life of, 515. Visit to Shetland islands, 159.
Simplicity, wise, 527.
Voyage of discovery by J. Ross,

B. Seebohm and R. Lindsay, 377, 364, 380, 387.

Zeal, true and false, 767.

Vera Cruz, letter from, 396. Zoological recreations, 774,789,811.

ness, 294.










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Nathan J. Sharpless, Downingtown, Chester Co. Elias Rogers, New Market.
Daniel P. Griffith, Brownsville, Fayette Co.

John Harris, Guelph P. O., Wellington District.
Joseph H. Miller,

Edward Underwood, Adrian, Lenawee Co.
William J. Allinson, Burlington.

Isaac Bonine, Cassa polis.
Samuel Allinson, Jr., Yardville, Burlington Co.
John Redmond, Trenton.

Thomas Thorne, Selma, Clark Co.

Joseph Jones, Richmond, Jefferson Co.
Joel Battey, Starksborough, Addison Co.

Charles Stroud, Springborough, Warren Co. Nathan C. Hoag, North Ferrisburgh.

Elisha Stubbs, West Elkton, Preble Co.

Mahlon Bateman, Waynesville, Warren Co. Benajah Buffum, North Berwick.

William Garrigues, Marlborough, Stark Co. Lemuel Jones, Brunswick.

George Tatum, Goshen, Columbiana Co. Joseph H. Cole, Vassalboro.

James B. Bruff, Damascoville, Mahoning Co. Stephen Jones, Jr., Palermo.

Zadok Street, Salem, Columbiana Co. Alden Sampson, Hallowell.

George Smith, Smyrna, Guernsey, Co. D. S. Purinton, P. M., Centre Sidney.

Jeremiah Hadley, Mooresville, Morgan Co. Samuel Taylor, Jr., North Fairfield.

Isaac Shoemaker, Cincinnati. Oliver Pope, Windham, Cumberland Co.

Ezra Bailey, Cincinnati. Joseph Taber, Albion, Kennebeck Co.

Richard Timberlake, Beeson's Store, Highland Co.
Josiah Marston, Limington, York Co.

John Mendenhall, McConnelsville, Morgan Co.

Charles Hole, Clarkson, Columbiana Co.
Herod Chase, Weare.

Asa H. Hoge, Wilmington, Clinton Co. Benjamin H. Jones, Rochester.

Smith Halloway, St. Clairsville, Belmont Co. Asa C. Tuttle, Dover.

David Mote, West Milton, Miami Co. Richard D. Beede, Centre Sandwich.

David S. Burson, Waynesville, Warren Co.
Winslow Copeland, Acworth, Sullivan Co.

David Hunt, Zanesfield, Logan Co.

Caspar Williams, New Garden, Columbiana Co.
Thomas S. Gifford, Fall River.

James Farmer, Salineville. William Mitchell, Nantucket.

Jesse G. Starbuck, Wilmington, Clinton Co. William P. Howland, New Bedford.

Isaiah Branson, Flushing, Belmont Co. George Almy, North Dartmouth.

Parvin Wright, Colerain, Joseph P. Newhall, Lynn.

Garret Pim, East Rochester, Columbiana Co. Stephen Dillingham, West Falmouth.

James Carr, Smithfield, Jefferson Co. George W. Francis, Dartmouth.

Jacob Todhunter, East Monroe, Highland Co.
David K. Akin, South Yarmouth.

Lemuel Gifford, Sandwich.
Richard Battey, Blackstone, Worcester Co.

B. C. Hobbs, Richmond, Wayne Co.
Wm. R. Taber, North Fairhaven.

Jonathan Baldwin, Greensfork, Wayne Co.

Charles H. Moore, Milton,
Samuel H. Colton, Worcester.
John E. Fry, Bolton.

Dillon Haworth, Centreville,
Oliver D. Rogers, Newburyport, Essex Co.

Matthew Stanley, Plainfield, Hendricks Co.

Barnabas Coffin, Economy, Wayne Co. Thomas E. Steere, Providence.

Richard J. Hubbard, Knightstown, Henry Co. Jonathan Freeborn, East Greenwich.

Richard Gordon, Spiceland, John Osborne, Smithfield.

Jason Williams, Greensborough, Jonathan Dame, Newport.

John Clark, Carthage, Rush Co. Peter H. Collins, Hopkinton.

David Thompson, Paoli, Orange Co.

Henry Wilson, Canton, Washington Co. Thomas Willis, Jericho, Long Island.

Harvey Thomas, Annapolis, Parke Co. Henry H. Mosher, City of New York.

Hiram Hadley, Monrovia, Morgan Co. Silas Downing, Arthursburgh.

William Talbert, Liberty, Union Co. Richard Carpenter, Mamaroneck.

Isaac Cox, Azalia, Bartholomew Co. William Osborne, Quaker Hill, Dutchess Co.

Aaron Hill, Centre, Grant Co. John Staunton Gould, Hudson.

Samuel Clark, Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co. Joseph Underwood, Farmington, Ontario Co.

William Rees, Thorntown, Boone Co. Thomas Arnold, Stanfordville, Dutchess Co.

Samuel Test, Dunlapsville, Union Co. Jesse Hartley, Lockport, Niagara Co.

TENNESSEE. Samuel L. Haight, New Castle, West Chester Co.

Aaron Hammer, Rheatown, Greene Co. William F. Bowne, Butternuts, Otsego Co.

Isaac Jones, New Market, Jefferson Co. Isaac G. Thorne, Washington, Dutchess Co.

MARYLAND. Joseph Bowerman, Scottsville, Monroe Co.

Charles B. Barry, Baltimore.
Thomas P. Thorne, Plattekill, Ulster Co.

Thomas King, Darlington, Harford Co.
Jesse H. Haines, Millville, Orleans Co.
Charles W. Howland, Union Springs, Cayuga Co. Jonah Sands, Hamilton, Loudon Co.
William Underhill, Jr., York Town, West Chester Co. John B. Crenshaw, Richmond.
Peter Stoever, Jr., Coxsackie, Greene Co.
Ephraim Potter, Granville, Washington Co.

David Beard, Jr., P. M., Westminster, Guilford Co.
Jonathan Thorne, Monroe, Orange Co.

John Macey, Fentriss, Ahner Devol, Schagticoke, Rensselaer Co.

Joseph G. Wilson, Hunt's Store, Jonathan Irish Southwick, Collins, Erie Co.

Joseph Newlin, New Market, Randolph Co. Zebulon Weaver, Hamilton, Madison Co.

Samuel Hill, Hill's Store,
David Bell, Rochester, Monroe Co.

William Clark, New Salem,
Mason Anthony, South Corinth, Saratoga Co. Josiah T. White, Newby's Bridge, Perquimon's Co.
William Keese, Keeseville, Clinton Co.

James Woody, P. M., Mudlick, Chatham Co.

William Rees, Ridge Farm.

Joseph Smith, 59 Great Charlotte St., Liverpool.


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the If then, with the influence of perioilicals for evil

scenes of devastation and blood, if described at all,

are stripped of the halo of glory and exposed in their Published Weekly by Josiah Tatum,

naked and hideous deformity, the tender mind shrinks No. 50 North Fourth Streei, corner of Appletree Alley, with intuitive horror, and readily admits the conPHILADELPHIA.

viction, that such dreadful expedients constitute no Price iwo dollars per annum, payable in advance, or six part of the plan devised by a beneficent Creator for copies for ten dollars, post paid. This paper is subject to newspaper postage.

the government of the world. When a writer, even though treating on subjects not professedly religious,

is imbued with a deep and abiding sense of reverPROSPECTUS.

ence and love towards the author of our existence, The period in which we live, compared with any opportunities frequently arise for insusing into his that has preceded it, may be emphatically denomi- pages a portion of the spirit by which he is habitnated a reading age. Literary productions of every ually actuated. Thus pious authors, though writing description, from the ponderous volume to the on ordinary subjects, as well as pious persons enephemeral sheet, are issuing from the press in rapid gaged in the common vocations of life, are to some succession. If, when the literature of the day, in extent the salt of the earth. And it may be fairly comparison with that of ours, must have been as a questioned, whether, in a reading community, any rivulet, contrasted with the Nile or the Ganges, the class of writers exercise a more permanent influence wisest of men could declare, that of making many over the habits and sentiments of the rising generabooks there was no end, and much study is a weari- tion, than the authors of periodicals. ness of the flesh, we may safely conclude that the floating literature of our time is sufficient to over- or good, in our view, we examine the character of whelm the strongest intellect, and set at defiance the many now afloat in our country, we must be conmost indefatigable industry. Yet amidst this inun- vinced that there is great room for improvement. dation of books, there is much to be found which There is no inconsiderable portion of them constiis truly valuable, and, when judiciously selected, tuted of matter which can contribute little to the adwell worthy of attention, particularly from those vancement of their readers, either in virtue or knowwho are in the early and middle periods of life. It ledge. In some we find tedious discussions, which is not to be expected or desired that the youth, either derive nearly all their interest from partisan dissenin or out of our religious Society, should grow up in tions, and in most of them opinions are advocated ignorance of the events which are transpiring around which the pious Christian would not willingly ingraft them, or of the improvements in morals, in science, on the minds of his offspring, or the arts, which the ingenuity of our cotempora- Impressed with a belief that the present condition ries is bringing into view. To preserve a tolerable of this country, and particularly of the Society to acquaintance with the events of our time, as they which he belongs, calls for the publication of a peri. arise, recourse must be had to the periodicals of the odical conducted upon a plan somewhat different day. It is therefore an object of rational desire, that from any now extant among us, the subscriber is inthese should be purged of everything which is likely duced to offer to the public a weekly paper of which to corrupt the principles, or deteriorate the moral the following is an outline. sensibilities of their readers. There is a propensity It is designed to defend and uphold the great in the susceptible minds of the young, not only to principles, both in theory and practice, which the adopt the sentiments, but to imbibe the spirit of the Society of Friends, from their rise to the present authors whose works they are in the habit of reading time, have professed and maintained. But in deWhen they are accustomed to find the achievements fending the doctrines of the Society, it is intended to of warriors portrayed in glowing colours, and sur-avoid, as far as practicable, all controversial discusrounded with all the decorations which a vivid ima- sions, more particularly on questions which lead to gination and the finest language can supply, a war- no important practical result. Believing, as he aslike spirit is naturally excited. But when those suredly does, that the doctrines promulgated by our

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