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as it is.

cussion has to do with the postponement of bill, and that we can go forward and pass them improved, as evidence of which I will refer the tax bill?

in a week, but that if we do not the commit to ihe fact that afier spending seven months in The SPEAKER. The rules were suspended tee cannot even draw up the same sections in bringing forth this bill they come in here with to allow the gentleman from Ohio hall an a new bill in less than a week. If the coin a quantity of amendments. I will not attempt hour, and then half an hour to other gentle wittee cannot draw up a bill containing these to number thein--themselves proving conclumen in reply. The Chair thinks the gentle. sections after all their experience, how can sively that the bill is far from being perfect. man from Massachusetts is hardly transgressing this House be expected to discuss amendments But i lind no fault on that account; I only cite the limits to be allowed to the debate under and get through with them in a week ?

the fact to show that the bill is very imperfect such circumstances.

We wish not to be misunderstood or misrepMr. BUTLER. It is entirely germane, sir, resented in our design. We are attempting The chairman of the committee stated when when we are called upon to sit here in the here, if we can, to cure two running sores of this bill was introduced that we could get summer weather, to give up all other occupa corruption, to stop two leaks in the public through it in ten days or two weeks. I knew tions, to give up this great presidential cain. Treasury, and to do it at once. The gentleman then, as I know now, that he was mistaken. paign, and to give up all the interests of the from Ohio persists that his bill, as it now is, I have no doubt he thought so, but I was country for the purpose of raising money to furnishes the only remedy, le so insists, i satisfied, from what little experience I have pay these clerks who, again I say, are overpaid, fear, out of pride of offspring, out of pride in had here, that we could not get half through paid more than any of the learned professions his work; that there is nothing so good for with it. The fact proves who was right, for in any part of the United States,

this purpose as the bill the coinmittee have we have been engaged nearly three weeks on Mr. MAYNARD. How did the gentleman barclied out after seven months' incubation. the bill and have not got half through it yet. vote on the twenty per cent. proposition? Practically, however, it is in effect to say that We are nearly half through the pages, but Mr. BUTLER, Against it ever.

the tax on whisky and tobacco shall not be remember we have got to go back and consider Mr. MAYNARD. Then we voted together, reduced this session. If bis bill be proceeded six pages wbich we found ourselves unable to and I ask the gentleman to vote with me on with without moditication the effect will be act upon with any degree of certainty, and this question.

that no bill touching whisky or tobacco can be theretore passed them over. Dr. BUTLER. I wish all of the Compassed. We shall thus be holding on to a bill Mr. Schenck here made a remark inaudible mittee of Ways and Ileans could say as much uselessly and causelessly, and one which no one

to the reporter. Mr. MULLINS. I can say it, alilough I believes can be passed into a law this session, Mr. PRICE. Sir, I am not afraid to go to am not a member of the Committee of Ways Are we ready to do that? And when gen. the country ou my vote, I may be wrong in and Means. (Laughter.]

tlemen taunt me with the responsibility for the votes I give, but being afraid to go to the Mr. BUTLÈR. The volunteer meinber of opposing this I am quite ready and willing to country is not one of my failings; and it is the Committee of Ways and Means, I believe, take it, and so will every Republican here be,

not worth while to try to scare me. did vote against it.

Sir, we take it because we think this bill is a Mr. SCIENCK. I suppose the geutleman I say again the argument put forward is that useless experiment.

We want to do some. would like to be right as to his facts. we pust have voted wrongly because Demothing practical. We on this side of the ques.

Mr. PRICE. Oudoubtedly. crats voted with us. I have no doubt the tion have no pride of “pinion. We have no Mr. SCHENCK. The bill was taken up, gentleman from Ohio [Mr. SCHENCK) voted love of offspring. We bave no mutual scratch and then various other matters interfered with conscientionslv; that is his affuir: but ihe fact my-back-and-I will-tickle your elbow coutriv it, so that instead of being engaged on it nearly that he voted with the Democrats is quite appa ance to maintain, but we stand directly upon

three weeks it has not had more than five full rent; and in the coining presidental campaign the question of practical legislation, and want days' consideration, we will have to shoulder and carry that vote to pass what we can pass.

lle do not want Mlr. PRICE. I do not thiok any of the of his. I want, if we are going into this cam to undertake to pass that which we cannot gentlemen who voted with the fifty-seven in paign, to get through with this session some pass. It is on this proposition that we stand this case feel very much scared about this time or other in order to have an opportunity in our support of this resolution. I yield the going to the country, for it was a self-evident on the " stump to explain the gentleman's rest of my time to the gentleman who gave me fact to all inen inside of this Hall, and outside vote on the twenty per cent. matter. the floor

of it, too, that we could not get the bill through Now, iben, sir, what we on our part desire is Mr. SHANKS. I yield one minute to the at any time during the present session. The this: we want to take these two subjects of gentleman from New York,

question of whisky and Tobacco must be con: taxation. whisky and tobacco, out of this bill Mr. PRUYN, I simply wish to call the sidered. We must bave something in refernow, and pass upon them at once; and we attention of the House to the fact that some ence to that matter to go to the country or we desire to act on these at once and pass them, weeks ago, before the discussion of this meas. shall go home condemned by every honest because it will take until September or late in are commenced, I requested the chairman of Republican and Democrat between the Atlantic the tall to pass the bill with them in it. Again, ll the Commitee of Ways and Means to intro and the Pacific, and it is for the very reason if we should lose this tax bill for want of time duce a brief bill of the character now contem. that we must have that that we are now in to perfect it in both branches, we should lose plated, telling hin frankly that I had under: favor of postponing this bill and advocating the benefit of arranging the whisky and tobacco stood from his own side of the House, and from the resolution. Let us take up the matter of taxes which the country demands.

his own political friends, that they did not the tax on whisky and tobacco and pass some. Why, sir, this whisky tax has fallen from believe this bill could be gone through with at thing upon that, and after that is done, if we $30,000,000 to $13,000,000, and the difference this session. We must look at this matter have tine, we can take up the balance of the between $200,000,000, which ought to be col- practically and determine, as the gentleman bill and finish it. lected, and $13,000,000 which is returued, goes from Massachusetts [Mr. Butler] has said, We have no fault to find with the bill, or into the pockets of speculators, the whisky whether in our judgment the bill now before with the Committee of Ways and Means, but ring," which has been too strong for the Gov. the House, should it pass this body, can be it is a question of expediency whether we shall ernment so far, and I will say which I thought, | acted upon by the Senate at this session. do something in reference to whisky and tobefore the vote this morning, was too strong If it cannot pass the Senate it is wasting our bacco, or do nothing at this session. That for this Llouse. They want the bigh tax kept efforts to go through with it here. Were there on; and the effect of keeping this bill before sufficient time for the purpose I should be very

is why the men who are advocating this reso

lution take the ground they do. They may the country and before the House and Senate, | glad to cooperate in any proper effort to im be mistaken, but they are honest in it, and where it cannot be passed and where but one prove the internal revenue system, which is their judgment may possibly approach as pear man has ventured to look us in the face and very defective; but I am satisfied that the most to perfection as that of those by whom they tell us he believed it could pass, the effect, I we can now hope for is to legislate on the are opposed. They do not claim to be perfect, say, will be to keep the high tax on whisky and important points mentioned in the resolution. but they say that they have a right to their keep alive the whisky ring.'

Alr. SHANKS. I yield five minutes to the opinions on this floor, and they think they have Let me say to you, gentlemen of the Repub- \ gentleman from lowa.

the good of the country as much at heart as the lican side of this House, if you allow this Con Mr. PRICE. Mr. Speaker, I am one of the Comınittee of Ways and Means, and no more. gress to adjourn without taking means to bring unfortunate fifty-seven, if so designated, who We have no fault to find with the committee, this whisky ring into subjection to the country voted originally for going on with the consider but it is a matter of policy and prudence whether you might as well adjourn forever, so far as ation of this will; and I feel called upon to avail we shall take up this matter and act upon it you are concerned. That is known to every myself of the courtesy of the gentleman from and give it to the country. And let me remind man here who has seen the inner workings of Indiana to give my reasons for it, for I flatter the House that we cannot hope to have the bill the - whisky ring."

myself that I do not do anytbing on this floor passed in less than three months if we go Now, sir, I have a single further observation or off it without having, as I conceive, a good

through with the whole bill, when, if we take to make, and then I will give the floor back to reason for it. And here, lest I forget it before

up the whisky and tobacco provisions, we may my friend from Indiana, (Mr. Suanks ;] and my five minutes expire, allow me to say that have a bill in less than three weeks, or less it is this: if the gentlemen of the committee, I have no fault to find with the Committee of than one week, and let it go to the country: as they say, cannot draw up and report a bili Ways and Means. I have no antagonism to

and thus, if possible, defeat these infamous embracing the sections concerning the tax on them whatever. I think they have labored swindlers of the public known as the whisky tobacco and distilled spirits in less than one industriously, zealously, and honestly for the

ring of the country. That is why we advocate week, how can they expect us to discuss and perfection of the bill. But I think, like all

the resolution, and for no other reason in the pass the same wbisky and tobacco sections in mortals, they have failed in some instances to world. We want to go before the country and their bill in a week in this House? They say | bring it to perfection. There are a great many on the record in a proper manner. ve kave just got up to these sections in their l particulars in which the bill might have been The SPEAKER.

The time allowed for

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debate bas expired, and the question is upon GREAT AND LITTLE OSAGE INDIANS.

Mr. ELIOT. I must object to that at this

time. ordering the main question to be now put, on The SPEAKER laid before the House the which the yeas and nays have been ordered.

following message from the President of the Mr. SCHENCK. Mr. Speaker, is it not in Mr. SCOFIELD. I ask unanimous consent United States :

order to move to suspend the rules? to insert " mineral oils” in the resolution.

The SPEAKER. It will be if the gentle.
To the House of Representatives :
Mr. SPALDING, I object.

I transmit herewith a report from the Secretary man from Kansas [Mr. CLARKE) and the genMr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I hope of the Interior, innde in reply to a resolution ndopted tleman from Massachusetts [Mr. Eliot] both that by unanimous consent the call of the yeas

by the House of Representatives on the 13th instant, surrender the floor.

The treaty recently concluded with the Great and and nays will be dispensed with. Little Osage Indians, to which the accompanying

GREAT AND LITTLE OSAGE INDIANS. Mr. SCHENCK. No, sir; I want the yeas report refors, was submitted to the Senate prior to and nays on ordering a vote on this question. the receipt of the resolution of the Honsc upon the

Mr. SCHENCK. I withdraw my objection subject.

ANDREW JOHNSON. to the motion of the gentleman from Kansas,
The question was taken; and it was decided
WASHINGTON, D. C., June 15, 1868.

[Mr. Clarke.] in the affirmative-yeas 79, nays 63, not voting

Mr. CLARKE, of Kans:1s. I move that the The SPEAKER. If there is no further 47; as follows: message and accompanying document be

objection it will be ordered tbat the Committee YEAS-Messrs. Adams, Archer, Axtoll, Barnes,

printed, and referred to the Committee on on Indian Affairs have authority to report upon Beaman, Beck, Benjamio, Bingham, Blaine, Blair, Boyer, Buckland, Burr, Butler, Cary, Covode. Dawcs, Indian Affairs.

the question of the treaty with the Osage InDelano, Dixon, Dodge, Donnelly, Driggs, Eldridge, The motion was agreed to.

dians at any time ontside of the morning hour. Eliot, Ferriss, Kerry, Fields, Glossbrenner, Golladay, Grover, Halsey, Harding, Hawkins, Holman, Ilotch Mr. CLARKE, of Kansas. I also move that There was no objection. kiss, Hulburd, Humphrey, Johnson, Julian, Kelsey, the Committee on Indian Affairs have leave to

Kitchen, Knott, Koontz, Latlin, Lougbridge, Lynch,
Mallory, Marvin, McCarthy, McCormick, Mercur, report upon this subject at any time, not within

The SPEAKER. On last Monday night, Moore, Myers, Newcomb, Nunn, Pike, Plants. Price, the morning hour.

just before the adjournment of the House, the Pruyn, Kandall, Robinson, Selye, Shanks, Shella The SPEAKER. That would require unanibarger, Spalding. Starkweather, Stewart, Stone,

gentleman from Massachusetts [Mr. Eliot) Taber, Thomas, Lawrence S. Trimble, Trowbridge, mous consent.

moved to suspend the rules for the purpose of Upson, Van Aernam, Van Trump, Ward, Elihu B. Mr. SCHENCK. I object.

discharging the Committee of the Whole from Washburne, William Williams, and Woodward-79. Mr. CLARKE, of Kansas. I hope the genNAYS-Messrs. Allison, Anderson, Delos R. Ash

the further consideration of the river and hartleman will withdraw his objection. ley, James M. Ashley, Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Banks,

bor bill, and ordering that the bill be at once Beatty, Benton, Boutwell, Cake, Churchill, Reader Mr. SCHENCK. I want to offer a resolu

considered in the House. That is now the W.Clarke, Sidney Clarke, Cobb, Coburn, Cook, Cor tion, and when the gentleman hears it he will nell, Cullom, Eckley, Eggleston, Ela, Farnsworth, Garfield, Gravely, Griswold, Higby, Hooper, Hopunderstand why I object.

pending motion.

Mr. ELIOT. I will modify my motion so ķins, Chester D. Hubbard, Ingersoll, Jenckes, Judd,

The SPEAKER. "The President's message

as to assign the bill for consideration on ThursLoan, Logan. Maynard. McClurg, Miller, Morrell, upon the subject being before the House, any Mullins, Niblack, O'Neill, Paine, Peters. Phelps,

day next after the morning hour. Pile, Polsley, Pomeroy, Raum, Sawyer. Schenck, motion growing out of it is naturally in order.

Mr. ALLISON. I ask the gentleman to Scofield, Aaron F. Stevens, Stokes, Taffe, Taylor, But if the floor passes away from the gentle

name either an earlier or a later time. Twichell, Robert T. Van Horn. Henry D.Washburn, man from Kansas, [Mr. CLARKE,} the next Welker, Thomas Williams, and John T. Wilson-63.

Mr. ELIOT. If the gentleman from Iowa business in order will be the motion to susNOT VOTING-Messrs. Ames, Arnell, Barnum,

[Mr. Allison] is under the impression that Bromwe!!, Brooks, Broomall, Chanler, Finney, Fox, pend the rules, submitted by the gentleman

The Committe of Ways and Means will be preGetz, Haight, Hill, Asahel W. Hubbard, Richard D. from Massachusetts [Mr. Eliot) on Monday Hubbard, Hunter, Jones, Kelley, Kerr, Ketcham,

last. George V. Lawrence, William Lawrence, Lincoln,

pared to report the tax bill by Thursday, I.

have personally no sort of objection to taking Marshall. McCullough, Moorhead, Morrissey, Mun


up the river and barbor bill to-morrow, and gen, Nicholson, Orth, Perham, Poland, Robertson, Ross, Sitgreaves, Smith, Thaddeus Stevens, John

A message from the Senate, by Mr. GORIAN, disposing of it in season to clear the way for
Trimble, Van Auken, Burt Van Horn, Van Wyck, its Secretary, informed the House that the the tax bill.
Cadwalader C. Washburn, William B. Washburn, Senate had disagreed to the amendments of the Several MEMBERS, Take up your bill to-
James F. Wilson, Stephen F. Wilson, Windom, Wood,
and Woodbridge-47.

House to Senate bill No. 184, granting a pen-
So the main question was ordered.

sion to Mrs. Ann Corcoran, and asked a com Mr. BLAINE. Will that cut off the special

mittee of conference upon the disagreeing order for Wednesday--the bill to protect AmeriThe question was upon the adoption of the resolution.

votes of the two Houses upon the bill; and can commerce? Mr. MAYNARD. Upon that question I

announced that Mr. Vax WINKLE, Mr. TRUM #The SPEAKER. It will not. That bill, call for the yeas and nays.

BULL, and Mr. Edmunds had been appointed having been made a special order by unaniThe yeas and nays were ordered. the conferees on the part of the Senate. mous consent, will have priority over all other

orders. The question was then taken ; and it was

The message further announced that the decided in the affirmative-yeas 74, nays 63,

Senate had passed the following bills, in which Mr. BLAINE. Then I do not object. not voting 52; as follows:

the concurrence of the House was requested : Mr. DAWES. I do not want to lose my

An act (S. No. 448) to refund duties erro right to call up the question of privilege, the YEAS-Messrs. Adams, Archer, Axtell, Barnes, Beaman, Beck, Benjamin, Blaine, Blair, Boyer, Buckneously exacted in certain cases; and

bill to admit R. R. Butler to a seat. land, Burr, Butler. Cary, Dawes, Delano, Dixon, An act (S. No. 469) confirming the title to The SPEAKER. The Chair will state that Dodge, Donnelly, Driggs, Eldridge, Eliot, ferriss, a tract of land in Burlington, Iowa.

when special orders are being assigned after Ferry, Fields, Glossbronner, Golladay, Grover, Halgey, Harding, Hawkins, Holman, Hotchkiss. Hul


the morning hour questions of privilege should burd, Humphrey, Johnson, Julian, Kelsey, Kitchen,

be called up immediately after the reading of Knott, Koontz, Laflin, Loughridge, Lynch, Mallory, The request of the Senate for a committee

the Journal. If there is no objection it will be Marvin, McCarthy, McCormick, Mercur, Moore, of conference upon the disagreeing votes of Newcomb, Nann, Pike, Price, Pruyn, Randall, Rob

ordered that the Committee of the Whole be inson, Selye, Shauks. Shellabarger, Spalding. Stewthe two Houses upon Senate bill No. 184,

discharged from the further consideration of art, Stone, Taher, Thomas, Lawrence S. Trimble, granting a pension to Mrs. Ann Corcoran,

the river and harbor bill, and that it be conTrowbridge, Upson, Van Aernam, Van Trump, Ward, was considered by unanimous consent, and Elihu B. Washburne, William Williams, and Wood

sidered in the House as in Committee of the ward-74. agreed to.

Whole to-morrow after the morning hour. „NAYS-Messrs. Anderson, Delos R. Ashley, James The Speaker subsequently appointed Mr.

There was no objection,
M. Ashley, Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Banks, Beatty, VAN AERNAM, Mr. MILLER, and Mr. Burr, as
Benton, Boutwell, Cake, Churchill, Reader W.Clarke,

Mr. ELIOT. I move to reconsider the vote Sidney Clarke, Cobb, Coburn, Cook, Cornell, Cullom, the conferees on the part of the House,

by which the order was just made in regard to Eckley. Esgleston, Ela, Farnsworth, Garfield, Gris ELECTION CONTEST-CUAVES VS. CLEVER. the river and harbor bill; and also move that wold, ligby, Hooper, llopkins, Chester D. Hubbard, Ingersoll, Jeuckes, Judd, Loan, Logan, Maynard. The SPEAKER, by unanimous consent,

the motion to reconsider be laid on the table. McClurg, Miller, Morrell, Mullins, Myers, Niblack, O'Neill, Pain, Peters, Phelps, Pile, Piants, Polsley,

laid before the House additional evidence in The latter motion was agreed to.
Pomeroy, Raum, Sawyer, Schenck, Scofield, Aaron
the contested-election case of Chaves vs. CLEVER,

Stevens, Stokes, Taffe, Taylor, Twichell, Robert
T. Van Horn, Henry D. Washburn, Welker, Thomas
New Mexico; which was referred to the Com:

Mr. SCHENCK. I again ask unanimous Williams, and John T. Wilson-63. mittee of Elections, and ordered to be printed.

consent to submit the following resolution: NOT VOTING-Messrs. Allison, Ames, Arnell,


Resolved, That after the report of a tax bill by the Barnum, Bingham, Bromwell, Brooks, Broomall,

Committee of Ways and Means, in pursuance of the Chanler, Covode. Finney, Fox, Getz, Gravely, Haight,

Mr. SCHENCK. I ask unanimous consent Hill, Asahel W. Hubbard, Richard D. Hubbard, Hun

order just passed, no other business shall be in order ter, Jones, Kelley, Kerr, Ketcham, George V. Lawto submit the following resolution for consid

but the consideration of the bill so reported by said fence, William Lawrence, Lincoln, Marshall, Mceration at this time :

committee except reports from the Committee on Cullough, Moorhead, Morrissey, Mungen. Nicholson,

Enrolled Bills.
Resolved, That after the report of a tax bill by the
Orth, Perham, Poland, Robertson, Ross, Sitgreaves,

Mr. SPALDING. Does that cut off approSmith, Starkweather, Thaddeus Stevens, Job Trim

Committee of Ways and Means, in pursuance of the ble, Van Auken, Burt Van Horn, Van Wyck, Cad

order just passed, no other business shall be in order | priation bills? walader C. Washburn, William B. Washburn, James but the consideration of the bill so reported by said

The SPEAKER. It cuts off all other busi-
Wilson, Stephen F. Wilson, Windom, Wood, and

committee except reports from the Committoe on
Enrolled Bills.

ness than the tax bill.
So the resolution was adopted.
Several MEMBERS. That is right.

Mr. SPALDING. Then I object.
The SPEAKER. The Chair will state that Mr. SCHENCK. I move, then, to suspend
Mr. SHANKS moved to reconsider the vote
by which the resolation was adopted ; and also

this will cut out the morning hour entirely. Is the rules for the purpose of introducing and moved that the motion to reconsider be laid there objection?

adopting the resolution just read.
Mr. INGERSOLL. I object.

The motion was agreed to.
Mr. SCHENCK. I move to suspend the So the resolution was introduced and adopted.
The latter motion was agreed to.
rules to introduce the resolution.

Mr. ALLISON moved to reconsider the vote


on the table.


and nays.


just taken ; and also moved that the motion to bill No. 534 be taken from the Speaker's table for tion; and the person so served is to make

action at this time; and after twenty minutes' debate reconsider be laid on the table.

answer to the petition within five days; and on each side the vote shall be taken on the passage The latter motion was agreed to.

the court is thereupon to try the rights of the of the bill without any dilatory motions whatever."

parties to the office in a summary manner; Mr. SCHENCK. Gentlemen ask how soon

Mr. ELDRIDGE. What is that bill? a bill of that kind can be reported. That

and for that purpose a special session is to be The SPEAKER. It is the Senate bill relat

called and held whenever necessary for the depends on circumstances, but mostly on the

ing to contested elections in the city of Washinterpretation of the resolution. We are to

purposes of such trial; and the decision of ington.

the court in any case so brought before it is to report, so the resolution says, on the revision

Mr. BOYER. I object.

be final and conclusive. And when the legal of the taxes. If we are only to report what

Mr. ELDRIDGE. It is an outrage to at. shall be the tax on distilled spirits and what tempt to pass this.bill, allowing only twenty board of common council shall be delayed on

organization of the board of aldermen or on tobacco, we will be able to report very minutes for debate. soon indeed. If we are to retain all the

Mr. SCHENCK. I insist on my resolution

account of any contest in relation to the elecmachinery provided for the collection of the for the suspension of the rules for the purpose

tion of any member of either of said boards, tax and all those portions of the bill dove

the mayor of said city is hereby authorized to indicated. tailed together giving it unity, I do not know Mr. RANDALL. I call for the yeas and

make temporary appointments of all subordi. how long it will iake. I inquire, therefore, of

nate officers, whose appointment or election is gentlemen wiser than myself what interpreta The

authorized by the said mayor and members of yeas and

nays were ordered. tion they put upon this resolutiou? It only

said boards under existing laws, to continue

The question was taken ; and there were— directs the revision of the taxes. I wish to

until said boards shall be legally organized. know whether we are to go into the machinery yeas 103, nays 27, not voting 59 ; as follows:

Mr. RANDALL. I move to lay the bill on for the collection of the taxes, whether we are

YEAS-Messrs. Allison, Anderson, Delos R. Ashley, the table.

James M. Ashley, Dailey, Baker, Baldwin, Beaman, to introduce the necessary provisions which Beatty, Benjamin, Benton, Bingbim, Blaine, Blair,

Mr. ELDRIDGE, On that I call the yeas we have already reported.

Bout well. Buckland. Butler. Cake. Churchill, Reader Mr. DAVES. The House has confidence

W. Clarke, Cobb, Cook, Cornell, Covode. Cullon, The SPEAKER. The Chair cannot enterthat the committee will report such measures

Dawes, Delano, Dixon, Dodge, Donnelly, Driggs,
Esslesion, Ela, Eliot, Farnsworth. Ferriss, Ferry,

tain the motion. By the resolution suspendand such tax on whisky and tobacco as may

Fields, Garfiek. Grarely, Ilarding. Huskins. Iligby, ing the rules the House has ordered after be required. Hlooper, Jlopkins, Chester D. Hubbard, Hulburd,

twenty minutes debate on each side that the Ingersoll, Jenckes, Judd, Julian, Kelsey, Kitchen, Mr. SCHENCK. I ask in good faith to have Koontz, Laflin, Loan. Logan, Loughridge, Lynch,

vote shall be taken on the passage of the bill, the interpretation of this resolution settled. I Mallory, Marvin. Maynard, McCarthy, Meclurg. without any dilatory motion whatever. find members of the Committee of Ways and

Mercur, Miller. Moore, Morrell, Mullins, Myers, Mr. ELDRIDGÉ. The motion to lay on

Newcomb, Nunn, O'Neill, Peters, Pike, Plants, PolsMeans are disagreed to some extent as to what ley, Pomeroy, Price, Raun. Sawyer, Schenck, Scofield,

the table is not a dilatory motion. The Speaker the resolution at last means. I ask that the Selye, Shanks, Shellabarger, Spalding, Aaron F. has so held. resolution be again read.

Stevens, Stokes, Taffe, Taylor, Thom8, Trowbridge, The SPEAKER. The order of the House

Twichell. Upson, Van Aerdam, Robert T. Van llorn. Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. That does Ward, Elibu B. Washburne, llenry D. Washburn,

is precisely the reverse, however, to-day. This not bring the resolution again before the House? Welker. Thomas Williams, and Willian Williams order is not only " without any dilatory motion The SPEAKER. It does not. NAYS-Messrs. Adams, Archer, Axtell, Barnes,

whatever," but it says that after twenty min. The resolution was again read. Beck. Boyer, Burr, Cary. Eldridge, Glossbrenner,

utes debate on each side the House shall take Mr. SCHENCK. Now, Mr. Speaker, I ask

Gilladay. Grover, Flotchliss, Humphrey, Johnson, a vote on the passage of the bill. when the Committee of Ways and Means report

Knoll, McCormick, Villack, Phelps, Pruyn, Randall, Mr. RANDALL. Is it not in the power

Robinson, Stewart, Taber, Lawrence S. Trimble, Van a bill under that resolution the members of the Truit), and Wood wiird-7.

of the House to vote the bill down-to kill it? House will stay here and help us to get it

NOT VOTING-Messrs. Ames, Arnell, Banks, Bar The SPEAKER. It is; by rejecting it. through. When we had the other bill before

num. Bromwell, Brooks, Broomall, Chanler, Sidney
Clarke, Coburn, Eckley, Finpey, Fox, Getz, Griswold,

Mr. RANDALL. Well, I want to take a us the members who voted to-day to set it aside Haight. Halsey, Hill, llolman, Asaliel W.lubbard, summary method of doing it, by laying it on left us by their absence without a quorum in

Richard D. Hubbard, llunter, Jones, Kelley, Kerr, the table.
Committee of the Whole, and thus delayed

Ketcham. George V. Lawrence, Willian Lawrence,
Lincoli, Marshall, McCullough, Moorhcarl, Morris-

The SPEAKER. The House has ordered, action.

sey, Mungen. Nicholson, Orih, Paine, Perham, Pile, under a suspension of the rules, that after Mr. PRICE. The gentleman does not refer

Poland, Robertson, Ross, Sitgreaves, Smith. Stark twenty minutes' speeches on each side the to me, for I was always in attendance.

weather, Thaddeus Stevens, Stone, John Trimble,
Van Anken, Burt Van Horn, Van Wyck, Cadwalader

vote shall be taken on the passage of the bill. Mr. SCIENCK. I believe the gentleman C. Washburn, William B. Washburn, James F. Wil

Mr. ROBINSON. When was that order attended faithfully.

son, Jobn T. Wilson, Stephen F. Wilson, Windom, made ? Mr. HARDING. I was always present in Wood, and Woodbridge-59.

The SPEAKER. Just now, under a suspen. Committee of the Whole on the state of the So (two thirds having voted in favor thereof) sion of the rules, by a vote of yeas 103, nays 27. Union.

the rules were suspended and the bill was Mr, ROBINSON. I understand thai the Mr. SCHENCK. The gentleman need not

before the House, and was read a first and rules were suspended to bring the bill before purge bimself, I will give hiin a certificate. second time.

the House, but that does not pass the bill. Both of those gentlemen having been here are

The bill was reported. It provides that when The SPEAKER. It does not pass the bill, as well aware of the fact as I am that while ever any person has received or shall hereafter of course, they and I and others have been here we have

receive a certificate from the register of the Mr. ROBINSON. I have not heard any been without a quorum to attend to this busi city of Washington, based upon satisfactory resolution put that we shall have twenty minpess; and we were without a quorum because evidence furnished by the commissioners of

utes' speaking on each side. of the absence of many of those who voted this election, notifying him of his election to any The SPEAKER. That is now to commence. morning to send this bill back to the committee.

elective office in said city, the person receiving Mr. ROBINSON. By what order ? Mr. HARDING. I understaud the gentle. such notification shall be entitled to enter upon

The SPEAKER. Under this order which man to say he is in favor of the reduction of the discharge of the duties of his office, and the Chair will read. the tax on whisky.

the certificate of the register shall be prima Mr. ROBINSON. The House simply susMr. SCHENCK. I think the committee facie evidence of his election to and right to pended the rules that the bill might be brought will be inclined to go for it. discharge the duties of the office.

up. Mo, HARDING. I hope the comiittee will The second section provides that any person

The SPEAKER. That is not a correct not procrastinate, so there may be an end to the

who shall hinder or obstruct a person holding statement. The resolution adopted by the reign of the "whisky ring."

the certificate of election mentioned in the fore House was as follows: Mr. LOGAN. I hope we will have no more going section from entering upon or discharging Resolved, That the rules bo suspended, and Seninsinuations, and that this debate, which is the duties of his office, shall be deemed guilty ate bill No. 534 be taken from the Speaker's table for entirely out of order, will be brought to a close. of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof,

action at this time, and after twenty minutes of The SPEAKER. The debate is not in order.

debate on each side the vote shall be taken on the in any court of competent jurisdiction, shall passage of the bill without any dilatory motions Mr. SCHENCK. I thought I was in order. be fined in any sum not exceeding $1,000, or

whatsoever. The House suspended the rules for the intro be imprisoned in the county jail not exceeding Mr. ROBINSON. The Speaker will excuse duction of my resolution to make the bill,when six months, or both, in the discretion of the me; I was mistaken. reported from the Committee of Ways and court.

Mr. SCHENCK. Gentlemen will obserye Means, the special order until disposed of. In The third section proposes to give the supreme that the charter under which we are doing view of that I wish also to have the order of court of the District of Columbia, or any judge business just now is the resolution just passed. the House instructing the committee more thereof, jurisdiction to enforce, by mandamus (Laughter.] definite. It is now indefinite, and gives rise to or otherwisc, the right of any person holding Mr. ROBINSON. It is not the usual way, various interpretations.

the certificate mentioned in the first section. and I was mistaken. The SPEAKER. The gentleman's resoluUnder the fourth section any person who

Mr. SCHENCK. It allows twenty minutes tion was adopted..

claims, or shall hereafter claim, to be elected debate to each side. That is not very

to any elective office in Washington city may CONTESTED ELECTIONS IN WASUING TON.

better than putting the previous question on commence proceedings before the supreme Mr. SCHENCK. I offer the following res

the bill, I admit, but it does afford gentlemen court of the District of Columbia, by petition on either side an opportunity through some one olution; and if I cannot have unanimous consetting forth the facts upon which he relies,

or more of their number to state the reasons sent to offer it I will move to suspend the rules. and shall serve a copy on the incumbent or

why they will vote for or against the bill. That Resolved, Tbat the rules he suspended, and Senate person who has received the certificate of elec is all


[ocr errors]

• Mr. BOYER. I do think twenty minutes' aided by the soldier, against the black people of their duty returned, as it was provided by time is entirely inadequate for the discussion of the District. It now becomes necessary to law that they should do, that certain individof such a measure as this.

traverse the whole mode of electing and ap: uals who had received a majority of the votes Mr. SCHENCK. It is too late now to pointing officers, which results from the bill cast were elected to the common council. It reconsider that matter.

lately passed, and to change it so that by this happened that they were not Radicals, as was Mr. BOYER. I make an appeal to the gen. 1 procedure the control of the two branches of expected, and hence the trouble. The register tleman and to the House to allow longer time. the cominon council shall be handed over to of the city, who under the law bas nothing to Mr. SCHENCK. I should have finished by the black people of this District.

do but simply to make a record of the returns this time, if the gentleman had not interrupted This bill is a proposition to do nothing more and to notify the persons elected-mere minisme, and given way to him.

or less than to throw out three white candidates terial acts--undertook to withhold the notice At present the law does not provide any way for the council in one ward and put in their | from certain persons of those who were returned for trying cases of contested elections. The places three white representatives of the negroes in the first instance by the commissioners of Senate has passed and sent to us a bill which in that ward. That is the sole issue. I say election as baving been legally elected to the supplies that omission. So far as the mayor again, that I have never known any party, in council. It is true that after the performance of this city is concerned, I believe that what

any part of the country, who stooped so low to of that act, the cominissioners of election were ever dispute may have occurred in relation to do that which was wrong, to profit by it; and induced to make a supplemental return; but his being inducted into office all are agreed I do not believe they will profit by it in this when they did that they were functi officio, that he at least was elected by a small majority. case. I believe as they were defeated and over without any further power and incompetent to So far as the members of the two boards con thrown under the charter which they thought it | revoke the return which they had previously stituting the council of the city (its legislative necessary to pass, in order to put down the made according to the express provisions of department) are concerned, there is a dispute white people of this District, so will they fail the law. The law further provides, that upon in at least one of the wards, and there are two again.

returns being so made, the mayor of the city sets of claimants. In consequence of this there In the particular ward to which I have shall proclaim the persons so returned elected. has been an organization or attempt at organ: referred they have undertaken to deprive the That was done in this instance. Yet those ization by both, and each has recognized a dif soldiers of the right to vote, to which they gentlemen thus elected and so returned and ferent mayor, one the mayor-elect and the were entitled quite as much as were the negroes proclaimed as elected were denied the right other an ad interim, whom they have created who were brought in and made voters in this to take their seats at the council board. And for the occasion. This condition of things, District after a residence of fifteen days. now, it being evident that there is no law for although people at a distance may regard it as However, no effort of mine can stop the such a proceeding, this shameless retroactive rather a tempestin a tea-pot," considering the action now proposed. My province is only to measure has been introduced into the Senate, excitement that it has occasioned here in this expose the proposition and the purpose of it. passed there, and is now before this House, city, is yet very serious, and I am assured by I am surprised that gentlemen on the other for the purpose of making the certificate of more than one gentleman who from his posi- | side should undertake to act in this way. They the register, who before had no judicial powers, tion ought to know and understand the subject are undertaking to give the black people of the prima facie evidence of election, thus well, that if Congress stands by and permits this District the control over the white people changing the law from what it was when the this anomalous condition of things to continue of the District. That is really the issue involved election took place for the mere purpose of it will result probably in violence before the in the passage of this bill.

enabling the Republican party to have a ma. end of the week, such being the threats made For one, I shall content myself with casting jority of councilmen at the board where they and such the temper that is being excited. my vote against this ineasure in every shape | had been unexpectedly left in a minority by the

Now, I regard it as a thing not for a moment and form. I now yield to my colleague, [Mr. result of the election. to be consented to that we, acting as the Legis. BOYER.)

Mr. NIBLACK. I trust the gentleman will lature of this District and city, should sit here Mr. BOYER. Mr. Speaker, we seem to allow me a single inquiry. I have not had an and permit such a condition of things to con have arrived at that stage of the legislation of opportunity of examining this bill since it was ținue when we can apply a remedy. I have Congress when it is in vain to appeal to any passed by the Senate; but I understand that as been anxious, therefore, that the bisl from the principle of justice or fairness, or to advocate to the question of a prima facie case, it creates Senate which remits this subject to the supreme any cause because it is founded upon existing one role with reference to the mayor, and court of the District should not only become a law, unless at the same time it can be demon another with reference to the members of the law, but that by our concurrence in it, with or strated that it is for the interest of the party council. I wish to inquire whether that is the without amendment, as the case may be, it in power, and will serve to perpetuate its fact ? should become a law so soon as to prevent this rule. It is the same whether the proposition

Mr. BOYER. It is. condition of things from ripening into further be the reconstruction of a State, or the elec Mr. NIBLACK. And being so, does not or greater troubles.

lion of mayor and councilmen of a city. that operate in each case in favor of the RepubWithout going into the details of this bill, I have not time to discuss the questions lican candidates? these are the reasons why I will support it, involved in this measure. I have not time to Mr. BOYER. Undoubtedly it does. The being satisfied with its provisions in the main. read the law as it stands upon the statute. design is patent upon the very face of the bill.

Now, so far as I am concerned, I am will. book, a law which was framed by this Con. I wish I had time to ventilate it before this ing to give any portion of the time I control to gress for its own purpose, and intended to House and before the country. It was well for gentlemen on the other side, so that they can regulate the municipal elections of the city of the gentlemen on the other side to restrict the give their reasons for not supporting the bill. Washington, and which, because it does not debate on this side of the House to twenty

Mr. ELDRIDGE. I think it proper that now operate as it was supposed it would, so as minutes. It is their habit thus to restrict debate the debate on the other side should be con to continue the power of the Republican party when the measure which they introduce and claded before we take our twenty minutes. in this city, it is proposed to change, after the undertake to force ihrough this House will not

Mr. SCHENCK. Very well. I have stated election which it is to affect has actually taken bear the test of honest, fair discussion. the reasons which are sufficient to control my place, and to direct that certificates of election Mr. DA WES. I would like to ask the gen. vote for this bill. I will now yield the floor to shall be given to those who failed to receive a tleman one question. Who, under the existing any gentleman who may get it. I do not sup. majority of the votes at the polls.

law, gives the certificates to the parties claimpose that we are compelled to occupy the en: By the act of Congress lately passed there ing to be elected ? tire twenty minutes allowed for this side. were five judges of election provided for the Mr. BOYER. Under the existing law it is

No one arising to speak in favor of the bill, city of Washington, to be appointed by the || provided that the mayor shall proclaim who The SPEAKER said: The debate in favor supreme court of the District. Those judges are elected according to the returns of the of the passage of the

bill is now closed. were to attend to the registration of voters, commissioners of election ; and that was done Mr. RANŮALL. I desire to say here that and to decide who was a legal voter within in this instance. The register has nothing the object of this bill is to accomplish a politi: cal result which I deem unworthy of any politi

the meaning of the act of Congress. These more to do with it than to perform the simple judges of election were actually

appointed by ministerial act of notifying the persons who cal party, certainly of the now dominant party, the supreme court of the District. They per: are elected ; and whether he notifies them or

formed their duties. Lists of registration were not under the law it cannot make one particle Some time ago a bill was passed through made out and perfected. Another act of Con. of difference, nor affect in the slightest degree this House in reference to the charter of the city of Washington. The dominant party, then

gress subsequently passed provided that there the validity of the election of those who are

should be commissioners of election appointed returned as the elected officers by the comsupposing that they were in danger of losing by the same court, who were to receive the missioners, and who are proclaimed to be so the mayoralty of this city, changed the old mode of appointing and electing every officer

ballots cast by the persons whose names had elected and returned by the mayor.

been entered by the judges of election upon Mr. DAWES. I was simply inquiring who, in this city, took that power away froin the mayor and gave it to the joint convention of

the lists of registration. These commission under the existing law, gives the certificates.

ers were ministerial officers merely, By the council and aldermen. The election came on.

Mr. ELDRIDGE. The gentleman from Admitting the statement of the gentleman from

express provisions of the law they are to Massachusetts ought not take up the time of decide, not upon the qualifications of voters, the gentleman from Pennsylvania (Mr. Boyer]

when it is so limited. didate for mayor was unexpectedly elected, in fact that in the late election the commis Mr. BOYER. No, sir; I cannot yield further, while, also unexpectedly to them, the two branches of the common council were carried

sioners of election undertook to perform. In The gentlemen are welcome to all the capital by the white people of the district, who were

the fifth ward of this city it so happened that they can make by the passage of this measure. these commissioners of election in pursuance If we cannot discuss it here, we can take the

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in a country like ours.


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opportunity to discuss it before the country. We shall show that those whose votes were thrown out were soldiers who resided here one year, and had been legally registered according to the law as it existed at the time, I should like to ask how it was known that their votes were cast for the conservative candidates ? should like to know upon what law or correct principle these men undertake to decide that the votes thus cast were on one side or the other? What oficial evidence had they ? What testimony did they take? What judicial tribunal of any kind was the case ever before?

Mr. MAYNARD. As the gentleman asks for information

Mr. BOYER. I cannot yield. The reply would be, I suppose, that the commissioners of election undertook to mark the ballots which were voted by these soldiers, so their ballots could afterward be recognized in the count. I should like to know upon what correct principle that is to be allowed in any community where it is provided by law that the election shall be by ballot? The sanctity of the election by ballot depends on its privacy. No election officer or any other man in the community has the right to look inside of a citizen's ballot to find out how he voted. He bas no more right to do that than to put his hand into the pocket of the voter and take from it his pocket-book. Doubtless, when the next municipal election in Washington takes place, this Congress, if the majority in it should remain as it is, will invent some new dodges for the emergency, and set aside the law which they are now making with as little scruple as they dispose of that which they enacted a few months ago, if by so doing they cau help their own friends into office,

I have been informed that the votes of over a hundred soldiers were thrown out of the ballotbox to accomplish the object in this case. All these have, without any judicial investigation, been deducted from the votes polled for the Conservative candidates. Has it come to this that the presumption is that the enlisted soldier when he goes to the polls votes the Demo ocratic ticket? If that be so on that issue I should rejoice to go before the country. Let the dusky sons of Africa vote the Republican ticket. If we have the white soldiers of the country to vote ours, we shall be content with this exchange, and we do not mean to be always defrauded.

I am sorry I must discuss this measure in this desustory way. If I had time I should pre. fer to review with more deliberation the law as it stands, and expose more at length the injus. tice, the fraud, and the outrage of this bill upon the rights of the voters of this city. As it is we have little else to do upon this occasion than to enter our protest against this iniquitous measure, and put ourselves upon record against it by our votes.

The SPEAKER. The question is on the

Delos R. Ashley, James M. Ashley, Baker, Banks,

Mr. ELDRIDGE. I demand the year and
Barnum, Bromwell, Brooks, Broumall, Cary, Chan-

ler, Cornell, Ferry, Finney. Fox, Getz, Griswold,
Haight, Hawkins, Hill, A-ahel W.Iubbard, Richard

The yeas and nays were ordered.
D). Hubbard, llunter, Ingersoll, Johnson., Jones,

Mr. ROBINSON. It is not understood that
Kelley, Kerr, Ketcham, Kitchen, George V. Law the adoption of the motion will carry the res-
rence, William Lawrence, Lincoln, Loughridge, Mar-
shall, McCullough, Moorhead, Morrissey, Vungen,

olution also. Myers, Newcomb, Nicholson, Nunn, Orth, Perham, The SPEAKER. It does not. It is a mo. Phelps, Poland, Raum, Robertson, Ross, Selye, Sit tion to allow the resolution to be offered at the greaves, Smith, Starkweather, Thaddeus Stevens, John Trimble, Van Anken, Burt l'an Torn. Van

present time. Wyck, Cadwalader C. Washburn, William B. Wash Mr. MAYNARD. Will it be in order if the burn, Thomas Williams, James F. Wilson, Stephen

motion prevails to discuss it? F. Wilson, Window, Wood, and Woodbridge-70.

The SPEAKER. The gentleman from IlliSo the bill was passed.

nois [Mr. LOGAN) will then be entitled to the During the roll-call,

floor subject to the hour rule.
Mr. RAUM stated that he was paired with Mr. BÖYER. Is it in order to move to lay
his colleague, [Mr. MarsrALL.]

it on the table ?
The result having been announced as above The SPEAKER. It is not.

The question was taken on suspending the
Mr. SCHENCK moved to reconsider the rules; and there were--yeas 43, nays 67, not
vote by which the bill was passed; and also voting 79; as follows:
moved to lay the motion to reconsider on the

YEAS-Messrs. Allison, James M. Ashley, Beatty, table.

Benjamin, Butler, Cake, Reader W. Clarke, Sidney Mr. ELDRIDGE. I demand the yeas and Clarke, Cobb. Coburn, Covode, Cullom, Donnelly,

Ela, Ferriss, Ferry, Gravely, Harding, Highy, llop. nays on the motion.

kins, Juddal, Julian, Kelsey. Loan, Logan, McClurg, Mr. SCHENCK. I withdraw it.

Mercur, Moore, Morrell, Mullins, Paine, Pile, Price, PAYMENT OF BOUNTIES.

Sawyer, Shanks, Taffe. U pson, Robert T. Van lord,

Elibu B. Washburne, Henry D. Washburn, Thomas Mr. PAINE, by unanimous consent, offered Williams, William Williams, and Jobo T. Wilson-13.

NAYS- Messrs. Adams, Bailey, Baker, Banks, the following resolution; which was read, con Barnes, Beaman, Beck, Binghain, Boutwell, Boyer, sidered, and agreed to :

Burr, Cary, Churchill, Dawes, Delano, Driggs, Eld. Resolver, Tbat the Secretary of War be directed to

ridge, Eliot, Farnsworth, Fields, Garfield, Gollarday, communicate to this House a statement of the num

Griswold. Grover, Hawkins, Holman, Hotebkiss, ber of additional bounties paid under the act of July

Chester D, Hubbard, lluiburd. Humphrey, Ingersoll, 28, 1866, by the payınaster general during each month

Jenckes, Knott, Koontz, Latin, Mallory. Marvin, since January 1,1868, to claimants from the respective

Maynard, McCarthy, McCormick, Miller, Myers,

Niblack, O'Neill, Peters, Pike, Polsley, Pomeroy, States and Territories.

Pruyn, Randall, Robinson, Schenck. Spalding, Mr. PAINE moved to reconsider the vote Starkweather, Stewart, Stokes, Stone, Taber, Taylor, by which the resolution was agreed to; and

Thomas, Lawrences, Trimble, Trowbridge. Twichell,

Van Aernau, Van Trump, Ward, and Woodwarii-67. also moved that the motion to reconsider be NOT VOTING-Messrs. Ames, Anderson, Archer, laid on the table.

Arnell, Delos R. Ashley, Axtell, Baldwin, Barnum, The latter motion was agreed to.

Benton, Blaine, Blair, Bromwell, Brooks, Broomall,

Buckland, Chanler, Cook, Cornell, Dixon, Dodge, EXTRA PAY OF GOVERNMENT EMPLOYÉS. Eckley. Eggleston, Finney, Fox, Getz, Glossbrenner,

Haight, Halsey, Hill, Hooper, Asahel W. Hubbard, Mr. BINGHAM. I rise to a privileged Richard D. Hubbard, Hunter, Johnson, Jones, helmotion. I move to reconsider the vote by

ley, Kerr, Ketcbam, Kitchen, George V. Lawrence,

William Lawrence, Lincoln. Loughridge, Lynch, which the House passed the joint resolution Marshall, McCullough, Moorhead, Morrissey, Mun(H. R. No. 291) giving additional pay to cer gen, Newcom, Nicholson, Nunn, Ortb, Perliam, tain employés in the civil service of the Gov. Phelps, Plants, Poland, Raum, Robertson, Ross,

Scofield. Selye. Shellabarger, Sitgreaves, Smitli, ernment at Washington.

Aaron F. Stevens, Thaddeus Stevens, John Triible, REMOVAL OF THE CAPITAL.

Van Alken, Burt Van llorn, Van Wyck, Cadwalader

C. Washburn, William B. Washburn, Welker, Jaines Mr. LOGAN. I move to suspend the rules

F. Wilson, Stephen F. Wilson, Windom, Wood, and

for the purpose of introducing the following
preamble and resolution :

So (two thirds not voting in favor thereof)
Wheras it is obvious that a disloyal element exists

the rules were not suspended.
in the city of Washington, which is adverse to the

Mr. BUTLER obtained the floor.
authority of the Congress of the United States, and
that a large portion of the citizens thereof have

determined to set the laws of Congress at defiance, Mr. SCOFIELD. With the permission of
and io shield and defend conspirators and assassins,
to menace and insult the representatives of the peo-

the gentleman from Massachusetts, I ask unanple assembled to tako laws for the government of imous consent to offer the following resolution : the nation; and whereas a great portion of the citizens of said city are at the prescat time, in direct

Resolped, That the Committee of Ways and Means violation of law and in defiance of the authority of

be authorized to include in such new tax bill as they Congress, attempting hy revolutionary measures to

may report the subject of mineral oil,
overthrow the legally constituted authorities thereof Mr. SPALDING. I object.
by proventing said authorities from the due exercise
of their legal functions, which proceedings are cal-

Mr. SCOFIELD. Will the gentleman allow
culated and intended to produco riots and bloodshed, me to move a suspension of the rule?
and render the city undesirable as a residence, and
an unsafe and unfit place for Congress to assemble;

Mr. BUTLER: I will, but not to bave and whereas it is of the highest importance that the

the yeas and nays called on it. capital of the nation and the archives of the Gov Mr. SCOFIELD. I move to suspend the ernment should be in a place wholly secure from foreign invasion; and whereas it is of the greatest

rules to enable me to offer the resolution.
consequence that the seat of Government should be The question was taken ; and two-thirds not
easily accessible by many lines of railway, and should voting in favor thereof, the rules were not susa
be located in a populous region and a rich and highly | pended.
cultivated country, and where obstructions to accesg
and free communications are not interposed by the
hostile legislation of neighboring States :

Be it resolved, That a committee of five members

Mr. BUTLER. I move that the rules be
be appointed by the Speaker to inquire into the pro-
priety and expediency of removing the seat of the

suspended, and that the Committee of the General Government from said city of Washington to

Whole on the state of the Union be discharged a point near the geographical center of the Republic, from the further consideration of the bill (H. and that sail committee be authorized at any time to report by bill or otherwise.

R. No. 1218) appropriating money to sustain Mr. BOYER. I object to the introduction; || ties made thereby, and the same be considered

the Indian commission, and to carry out trea; it is a gross slander on this community. in the House now.

Mr. ELDRIDGE. Is not the question debatable ?

The question was taken ; and two thirds The SPEAKER. It is not.

voting in favor thereof, the rules were sus. Mr. ELDRIDGE. I was about to say I

pended and the bill was brought before the thought it was a foul slander on the people of ing it to be engrossed and read a third time,

House for action, the question being on orderthis District. The SPEAKER. Debate is not in order,

Mr. BUTLER. I only desire to state to the Mr. BOYER. It is utterly without founda

House that this appropriation bill is for the tion in truth.

purpose of enabling the Indian commission Mr. LOGAN. I call the gentleman to order,

under General Sherman to carry out the engagements they are now making with Indians

passage of the bill.

Mr. NIBLACK demanded the yeas and nays.
The yeas and nays were ordered.

The question was taken ; and it was decided
in the affirmative-yeas 94, pays 25, not voting
70; as follows:
YEAS-Messrs. Allison, Anderson,

Bailey, Baldwin, Beaman. Beatty, Benjamin, Benton, Bingham, Blaine, Blair, Boutwell, Buckland, Butler, Cake, Churchill, Reader V. Clarke, Sidney Clarke, Cobb, Coburn, Cook, Covode. Cuilom, Dawes, Delano, Dixon, Dodge, Donnelly, Driggs. Eckley, Eggleston, Ela, Eliot, Farnsworth, Ferriss, Fields, Garfield, Gravely, Halsey, Harding, Higby, Hooper, Hopkins, Chester D. Hubbard, Halburd, Jenckes, Judd, Julian, Kelsey, Koontz, Laflin, Loan, Logan Lynch, Mallory. Marvin, Maynard, McCarthy, McClurg, Mercur, Miller, Moore, Morrell, Mullins, O'Neill. Paine, Peters, Pike, Pile, Plants, Polsley. Pomeroy, Price, Sawyer, Schenck, Scofield, Shanks, Sbellabarger, Spalding, Aaron F. Stevens, Stokes, Taffe, Taylor, Thomas, Trowbridge, Twiehell, Upson, Van Aernam, Robert T. Van Horn. Ward, Elihu B. Washburne, Henry D. Washburn, Welker, William Williams, and John T. Wilson-H.

NAYS-Messrs. Adams, Axtell, Barnes, Beck, Boser, Burr, Elridge, Glossbrenner, Golladay, Grover, Ilolman, Hotelikiss, Humphrey. Knott, McCorinick, Niblack, Pruya, Randall, Robinson, Stewart, Stone, Taber, Lawrence S. Trimble, Van Trump, and Woodward-25.

NOT VOTING-Messrs. Ames, Archer, Arnell,

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