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Mr. BUCKLAND. I move to insert the fol.

stroyed, and it is a part of his parliamentary this much lowing:

tactics to endeavor to make the measure as public fund For improvement of harbor at Port Clinton, Ohio, odious as possible before the final vote is taken. Mr. WE $10,000.

Very good tactics, but when it is known as recommend Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I know thoroughly as it is in the case of my friend the ing town, a that is right. tactics are very apt to be harmless.

to persons Mr. ELIOT. I do not recognize the par. I will say to my friend from Ohio [Mr. Ash

money to let ticular right of the gentleman from Illinois to LEY] who has earnestly, assiduously, in season be exceedi say that this should go in.

and out of season, pressed upon the committee Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. Why not? the desirableness of inserting an appropriation

ents, and Mr. ELIOT. Because he has not charge for Toledo in this bill--who has, in fact, beset members of the bill. the committee behind and before, and laid his

may be em Mr. BUCKLAND. I wish simply to say hands upon it in order to get that appropria- | only woul that this is a port where there was a survey tion made-that this is the simple and plain || doubt it w made last year, but no appropriation was rec reason why the committee have not done it. || personally ommended by the committee. I offer it because The appropriation which was made last year made. [ I suppose my constituents expect me to do so. has not yet been expended. The appropria | objection It is one of the lake ports between Sandusky | tion is sufficient for the purpose for which it Mr. EL and Toledo.

was then designed. Upon examining the har. Mr. SPALDING. It is needed, also. bor of Toledo report was made to us by the [Mr. WEI

Mr. BUCKLAND. Yes, sir; and I think it chief engineer that the importance of that har. a Represe is right and proper. I do not desire to make bor is so decided, and the interests of commerce has been a speech on the subject.

that are connected with it are so great, that it | priation Nr. EGGLESTON. The amendment that is important before another appropriation shall There ha has just passed is for that improvement, and be made that a more careful survey should be member, therefore I think it is unnecessary to add this had and a more careful plan of improvement has spoke $10,000.

adopted, in order that when the work is done the Comi Mr. BUCKLAND. My colleague is mis it shall be in accordance with the wants of the of seeing taken. The Sandusky river does not go to locality. That has not been done. As soon Port Clinton at all. It is at the mouth of the as it is done, there will be such a report made appropria Portage river.

as will enable the committee to insert in a river that the Mr. EGGLESTON. I withdraw the objec and harbor bill a proper appropriation. Not

been to tion.

having the proper information now, the com not reste Mr. ELIOT. I object to any amendment of mittee could not do what my friend has de. mendatio this sort. The committee have endeavored in sired.

the obje the appropriations of this bill to keep down the Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. Has there not been intrinsic expenditures so far as practicable consistent a report submitted to the committee by the War

Sir, it with the interests that have been represented. Department on the survey made last fall ? lic mone to them by petition through the House in the Nr. ELIOT. Well, sir, if the gentleman involved ordinary way, or by application at the commit will examine the last report he will find that the Hou tee-room by gentlemen interested in the subject in the report itself are found the facts which I one sing of the bill. It will be manifest that the bill as have stated, that it is important, in view of the where th it came from the committee would be loaded importance of the harbor itself, that a further interests down so as to be too heavy to be borne if examination and further plans should be made Mr. W gentlemen upon the floor make amendments of the improvements before they can be prop tleman because of the interest they severally represent, erly entered on.

that the and they are agreed to by the House. I cannot (Here the hammer fell.]

harbor? say what the merits or demerits of the appro Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I withdraw my taken. priation asked for are, but I can say that so far amendment. 18 the committee's work has been done it has

Mr. WELKER. I offer the following amend.

is about been their endeavor to study carefully all the

Mr. F improvements which have been reported and

For improvement of Black river harbor on Lako if he w to recommend none unless they came supported Erie, $20,000,

enough hy arguments from the War Department, by I feel, Mr. Speaker, that I would be neglectrecommendation of the bureau of engineers, ing the interests of my constituents, represent.

wanted and by considerations which seemed to the ing, as I do, one of the districts bordering on committee proper to be taken into account in

the southern shore of Lake Erie, if I did not designa reporting the bill to the House. I cannot, there offer this amendment. I have in my district fore, consent without any examination of the perhaps one of the best harbors on Lake Erie, || before matter in hand that the amendment should be that at the mouth of the Black river, and my mittee made, and must ask the House to yote against colleague from Cleveland [Mr. SPALDING) will it, because otherwise it is perfectly obvious that bear me out in saying that it is the only com there i gentlemen all around would be desirous of peting point for the navy-yard which we expect

work r inserting amendments for the interest of their

to get on the southern shore of Lake Erie. I Som special localities without having them acted am astonished that the Committee on Com. War I upon in the committee.

merce have not seen the importance of this reduce The question was taken on Mr. BUCKLAND'S harbor and recommended an appropriation for tion. amendment, and it was disagreed to.

its improvement. I do not know personally culars Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I desire to ask the

whether my constituents residing there want gentleman who has charge of this bill why the

this appropriation or not, but I feel that, repre upon barbor of Toledo has been omitted in the appro senting that district, as I do, I should ask at mates priations made this year?

the hands of Congress, in this division or dis ations Mr. ELIOT. Certainly, the gentleman has tribution of the public funds, an appropriation been e a right to an answer on the floor of the House;

of $20,000. he has had an answer in private.

Mr. UPSON. If this is such an excellent omitte Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. What harbor why do you want money to improve it? that t question is before the House ?

Mr. WELKER. To make it better. While from The SPEAKER. No debate is in order.

all these harbors are being improved, I think which Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I move to strike my constituents have been very much slighted

will s out the last word.

in not having an appropriation recommended The SPEAKER. There is last word for their benefit.

ation pending

Mr. FARNSWORTH. I understand the there Vr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. Then I move to gentleman to say that he does not know whether Mu insert the following:

his constituents want this appropriation or not. Th For barbor of Toledo. $30,000.

Mr. WELKER. This is the only harbor I Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. Let that have in my district. Almost every other mem there

ber has his appropriation in this bill, and I ME Mr. ELIOT. I desire to oppose the amend think my district should be also represented bill ment. My friend from Illinois says, * Let l in this bill.

insec that go in." The truth is, the gentleman from Mr. FARNSWORTH. The gentleman seems For Illinois is desirous that this bill shall be de. to think that his district is entitled to at least Saul

year, as


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go in.

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I offer this amendment in obedience to in stitute for the bill which will test the sense of the war when they felt it was necessary that structions from my constituents, a large num the House on this question.

something should be done to preserve improveber of whom have petitioned for an appropria Mr. RANDALL I withdraw the motion to ments in progress, and that all could not be tion to increase the capacity of that canal. adjourn.

done that might be necessary to satisfy the Mr. SCOFIELD. I believe that canal is Mr. DRIGGS. The amendment I wish to wishes of all parts of the country. The policy owned by a company, which was very richly propose is as follows:

of making limited appropriations for the pres; endowed by the United States before the canal Provided, That in addition to the foregoing sur ervation of works in progress was adopted was built. The United States gave them a very voys and estimates, the Secretary of War be, and because the finances of the country demanded large quantity of land, out of which, I believe,

hereby is, directed to cause surveys and estimates to
be made for deepening and increasing the capacity

it and the condition of things required it. I they have made large fortunes. And I believe

of Sault Ste. Mario's ship-canal, in the State of propose to continue that policy now instead of they charge fees for transportation over this Michigan.

entering upon this new policy proposed by the canal.

Mr. DELANO. I now propose a substitute Committee on Commerce, and I do it for the Mr. UPSON. I desire to correct the gentle for the bill.

reasons I have already suggested to the House. man. This canal is not owned by a company, The SPEAKER. That must be reserved This nation is like a strong man who has been and no fees are charged, except what are neces until the bill has been gone through.

engaged in a conflict demanding all his resary to keep it in repair. The lands donated Mr. DRIGGS. I will withdraw iny amend. sources, has passed through it and needs rest by the Government were all given to secure ment for the present.

and repose ; not inactivity, not total inaction, the building of the canal.

Mr. DELANO. I move to recommit the but recuperation. While we are drawing our Mr. PRUYN. I desire to say to the gentle bill to the Committee on Commerce, with breath to recover we propose to preserve such man from Pennsylvania [Mr. SCOFIELD] that instructions to report the substitute which I works as are in progress and make an approI was one of the unfortunate persons who was send to the Chair.

priation of $2,000,000 for that purpose. engaged in building this canal, and I can assure The SPEAKER. That motion is in order. But I have not time to press the considerahim that no money was made out of it. I Mr. ELIOT, I hope the House will allow | tions in favor of this substitute. I desire the desire to say, however, that it was the best me to be heard upon it.

House to consider whether it is not better to operation of a public character that the United The SPEAKER. The gentleman will be take this policy now, and continue it till the States ever entered into. The gentleman from entitled to five minutes in opposition to the nation has recovered its financial vitality and Michigan (Mr. DRIGGS] has heretofore given motion.

energy, so as to justify the entering upon a theto this House the facts in regard to that matter. The substitute of Mr. DELANO was read, as ory or practice of general improvements of our The canal is now owned by the State of Michi follows:

rivers and harbors. Now, sir, more I could gan. No company has anything to do with it. Strike out all after tho enacting clause and insert: say; but it is only the leading ideas that I It is the property of the State, and they levy That the following sums of money are hereby wished to present to the House, and therefore

appropriated, to be paid out of any money in the toll enough to keep the canal in repair. That Treasury not otherwise appropriated, under the

I will say no more. is the present condition of things. "I hope the direction of the Secretary of War, for the repair and

Mr. ELIOT. This is a most remarkable gentleman from Pennsylvania will be ready at preservation of certain harbors and works already proposition. The Committee on Commerce,

commenced, and for the improvement of certain the proper time with the appropriate legislation rivers ; that is to say:

under the instructions of the House, have been to afford that canal the relief to which it is en For the improvement of harbors on our northern engaged pretty earnestly and conscientiously titled in consequence of the expenses of this lakes and for the St. Clair flats, $500,000.

for some months in preparing this bill. The public work over the receipts.

For the improvement of coast harbors, $150,000.
For the improvement of rivers, including Des

gentleman from Illinois, [Mr. WASHBURNE,] Mr. SCOFIELD. I judge from the charac Moines, Rock Island rapids, and Hell Gate, on East the chairman of the committee, when the ter of the gentleman and his associates that river, Wisconsin and Patapsco rivers, at the discre

report was made, submitted an amendment in they would not embark in a bad speculation.

tion of the Secretary of War, $1,300.000.
For the purpose of completing reports, maps, and

the nature of a substitute, which has been Mr. PRUYN. The gentleman has been diagrams on bridges on the Mississippi river, $3,000, printed. We have it before us. To-day the misinformed this time.

and for purcbase and repair of instruments, $1,000, House has been discussing the various provisMr. BLAIR. Mr. Speaker, I am familiar

and for the purpose of a survey for deepening the
ship-canal at Sault Se Marie, $1,000.

ions reported by the committee, and now the with the facts in relation to this work. There And be it further enacted. That all work dono under | gentleman from Ohiowas granted a large quantity of public land to

the authority of this act shall be performed under Mr. SCHENCK. I rise to a point of order. the State of Michigan for the building of this

contracts made by the Secretary of War, who shall
prescribe suitable rules for the issuing of proposals

I desire to know whether the gentleman has a canal. The State under the authority of the for materials or labor, having regard to the most right to adopt the speech which I made yesteract of Congress created a company. The State effective use of moneys appropriated : Provided,

day about months of hard labor and conscienitself has no interest in the work itself. It is

That separate proposals and contracts shall be re-
quired in all cases when the same can be, in the

tious application to duty as reasons why his the trustee for the Government of the United judgment of the Secretary, judiciously and proporly bill should prevail. [Laughter.] States. It has no right to levy any toll or to made.

The SPEAKER. He certainly has. Any acquire any money whatever, any revenue from Mr. JENCKES. Does the Chair decide that I gentleman bas a right to adopt the remarks of this work, except for the purpose of keeping this motion is in order before the bill is per another. it in repair and paying expenses of keeping it fected?

Mr. SCHENCK. Very well, sir. up. It was limited to that.

The SPEAKER. The Chair so rules. This Mr. ELIOT. If I remember aright, I had I will say further that the State of Michigan is a motion to recormit with instructions. The heard that same speech from the gentleman has borrowed itself the sum of $100,000, which bill is being acted upon in the House as in before yesterday and on occasions when the had to be laid out on this canal in addition to Committee of the Whole, with the Speaker in || House did pretty much the same thing as they the appropriations made by the General Gov. the chair. It is being considered section by ll did yesterday. (Laughter.] ernment to keep up this work. That is all the section under the rule allowing five minutes Now, Mr. Speaker, the House understands interest the State has in it.

to debate pro and con. on amendments. If that this matter pretty well. I have these two great I will add that the State of Michigan has no limitation had not been adopted, the gentle || objections to make to this unprinted amend. greater interest in this work than at least five man from Massachusetts [Mr. Eliot) might ment, which is sprung upon the House with or six other States which do business through I have demanded the previous question on the the concurrence of my friend from Mlinois,

It is a great national highway and needs bill without considering it by clauses, allowing | [Mr. WASHBURNE,] who had his substitute improvement whether this is appropriated or only one amendment and an amendment to the printed for the purpose of taking, it may be, not. The State of Michigan is simply the amendment. But as the rule in regard to strength from the bill reported by the committee trustee for the Government. The company

amendments and debate in Committee of the I have this to say concerning the upprinted which made this work used up all the lands for Whole has been adopted by order of the House bill. It appropriates $2,000,000 and turns

it is in order to move to recommit at any stage that sum over very kindly to whoever may be Mr. DRIGGS. I move to make it $45,000. as it would also be to lay the bill on the table. || Secretary of War to dispose of about as he I hold in my hand a proposition for surveys Mr. NICHOLSON. Will the gentleman yield shall think advisable; whether regularly in and estimates preparatory to a report on this

to allow me to offer an amenment to the instruc office or ad interim is of no consequence; he subject at the next session of Congress. I tions?

is to have the whole control of the disposition have had sent to me fifteen or twenty petitions

Mr. DELANO. I cannot yield. I desire of this money, expending it here or expending covering nearly all the shipping interests of to state that the substitute which I offer

appro it there, in this amount and in that amount, as the lakes, of the ports in my own State and of priates $2,000,000. It may vary a little from his judgment shall dictate. The gentleman other States interested in keeping up this

work, that amount. It appropriates for improve from Ohio distinctly, by his bill, gives the power and these petition's I have referred to the Com. mittee on Commerce. That committee has

ments of harbors on our northern lakes, at the to the Secretary of War. If he chooses to take

discretion of the Secretary of War, without the advice of the chief engineer he may do so. reported the appropriations in this bill. i identifying or naming the places, $500,000, If he chooses to apply the money according to propose to offer an amendment to them. The SPEAKER. It is not relevant.

and for the improvement of rivers and harbors, | his own discretion, he may do so. Mr. RANDALL. As it is manifest we can

especially naming the Des Moines rapids as Then, too, there is a provision in this unnot finish this bill this afternoon, I move that

aniong them, to be taken into consideration by printed bill that all the work shall be done by the Secretary of War, $1,300,000. But I del contract, which, as it stands in the bill, is not

sire it to be understood that all these appropria- ll only a vicious provision, but one that has been NI WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I suggest tions are left subject to the discretion of the found to be hurtful to the public interests ever to the gentleman from Pennsylvania to with. || Department.

since it was first reported in a river and harbor from Ohio [Mr. DELANO) can move his sub- ll what Congress did during the prosecution of

In submitting this proposition we do just | bill two years ago. The difficulties of the sys;

tem have been insuperable, and in the hill

that purpose:

we adjourn.

the reci to so ch

to this



gress o


ital at

now to C

which the committee have this year reported to By Mr. O'NEILL: The petition of Edward tration the House it has been very materially changed. || W. Miller, Edward Gaskill & Co., and 93 I say that it would be hurtful to the country others, bookbinders in Philadelphia, Pennsyl

fer from and not helpful to it.

vania, representing that the customs duties If the House is prepared to instruct the which were sufficient to invite the investment point a Committee on Commerce to bring in such a of capital and labor in manufactures have

"Remo bill as that we shall bow gracefully to their become inadequate, and, in prospect of a con fully be judgment. Personally it is a matter that tinued decline in gold, must shorily prove ruin.

United does not concern me. I am rather working ious; that much of the distress now prevalent


"Rese for the West than for the East, for all parts and increasing daily, would be relieved by the of the country, and I believe that the interests | legislation suggested in the report of Special Speake of the commerce of the country and of the Commissioner Wells, and perfected in the

tions." revenues of the country demand that the bill | tariff bill (as passed by the Senate) which as we have reported it should pass. failed in the House of Representatives March,

The Mr. DELANO. I move to close all debate 1867, for want of time, and praying that Con

mittee on the pending motion.

gress will resume consideration of that meas printe Mr. PILE. Will the gentleman yield to me ure and enact it into a law at the earliest

Mr. to offer an amendment to the instructions? practicable moment.

King Mr. DELANO. No, sir; we may as well Also, the petition of Charles Guenther and Sincla take the vote on my motion. 42 others, lithographers, of Philadelphia, Penn:

and E Mr. ROBINSON. I move that the House | sylvania, representing that the depression of

vania, do now adjourn. the manufacturing industry of the country

ests of The motion was agreed to ; and the House affects disastrously every form of production | paraly (at four o'clock and tisty minutes p. m.) ad and business, and must reduce the revenues

again journed. and endanger the credit of the Government;

count and praying for such increase of protective


duties as will revive manufactures and restore The following petitions, &c., were presented

prosperity to the country.
Also, a memorial of Wolfe & Co., Hamp.

ture, under the rule, and referred to the appropriate shire Paper Company,

W. A. Wanhopp, Thomas i gold committees : C. Percival, William Shealds, George C. Ewing,

becor By Mr. BOYER: The petition of J. Wood Charles Spencer, and 97 other manufacturing pect & Brother, iron manufacturers, and of 46 iron companies and firms of Philadelphia, Penn

short workers of Conshohockon, Pennsylvania, com sylvania, complaining of the depression of

factu plaining of the depression of manufacturing industry caused by want of efficient protection | price industry, which affects disastrously every form to the labor of the country; and praying that of production and business, and praying for Congress will resume consideration of the gen. such increase of protective duties as will revive eral tariff bill which failed in the Thirty-Ninth

tarifi manufactures and restore prosperity to the Congress for want of time, and enact it into a

differ country, law at the earliest practicable moment.

inter By Mr. COVODE: The petition of sundry By Mr. PRICE: The petition of 266 citizens

affor citizens of Westmoreland and Alleghany coun of the State of Iowa, asking for a grant of

decl ties, Pennsylvania, for reduction of whisky | land to aid in the construction of the lowa and prev tax. Missouri State Line railroad.

lieve By Mr. CHANLER: The petition of John By Mr. SPALDING: The petition of H. B.

Con T. Conover, president of the Traders' and Tuttle and others, citizens of Cleveland, Ohio, peri Mechanics' Association, Abraham J. Felter, for an appropriation by Congress for the

Sen: and others, citizens of New York city, for an improvement of the river and canal at the appropriation for the removal of rocks and Sault Ste. Marie.

time other obstructions which impede the naviga Also, a memorial of sundry citizens of Cleve. tion of the East river entrance to New York | land, Ohio, in regard to the tax on cigars. harbor at Hell Gate, and for the removal of

suga rocks in the barbor, known as Battery, Dia.


prad mond, and Coenties reefs. Also, the petition of Horatio Allen and oth

WEDNESDAY, June 17, 1868.

T ers, for the same purpose.

Prayer by Rev. A. D. GILLETTE, D, D. Also, the petition of William Searls, presi On motion of Mr. WILSON, and by unanident New York Stock Exchange, and other mous consent, the reading of the Journal of syly members thereof, for same purpose.

yesterday was dispensed with. Also, the petition of A. W. Greenleaf and

EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATIONS. others, citizens of New York, for the same


The PRESIDENT pro tempore laid before purpose. By Mr. DODGE: The petition of citizens the Senate a letter from the Secretary of War,

aga of Wayne county, Iowa, asking grant of lands communicating a draft of a proposed law relato aid in constructing the Iowa and Missouri tive to the judge advocates of the Army; which State Line railroad. was referred to the Committee on Military

fail By Mr. McCARTHY: The petition from Affairs and the Militia.

Co the cigar-makers of the State of New York,

He also laid before the Senate a letter of under the seal and signature of the president || the Secretary of War, transmitting a commu. of the Cigar-makers National Union, against nication from General Sheridan, commanding

AL alterations of the revenue laws as proposed in

the department of Missouri, urging that the the bill now before Congress on the manufac

Central Pacific Railroad Company be required del ture of cigars. to extend their road from Atchison to Fort

ind By Mr. MERCUR: The memorial of Grove Leavenworth ; which was referred to the Com.

uta Broihers and 84 others, manufacturers of mittee on the Pacific Railroad.

wl iron, and workingmen at Danville, Pennsyl


Fi vania, complaining of want of efficient protec

The PRESIDENT pro tempore laid before tion against the cheaper labor and capital of the Senate resolutions of the constitutional

iro foreign countries, and praying for reconsidera

convention of Texas, in favor of the transfer tion of the tariff bill which failed in the Thirty

du Ninth Congress, and that it may be enacted

from the military commander of the fifth mili-
tary district to that convention the power and

ho into a law at the earliest practicable moment. By Mr. NICHOLSON: A memorial of W.

authority to appoint and remove registrars for Jones & Co. and others, morocco manufac

ascertaining and recording the qualified voters

of that State. turers of Wilmington, Delaware, complaining

Mr. DRAKE. I ask for the reading of the of the inadequacy of customs duties to pro

ch resolutions. tect the productive interests of the country The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The reso th against the cheaper labor and capital of forlutions will be read.

in eign countries, and praying for the reconsid

The Chief Clerk read as follows:

lic eration and passage of the general tariff bill "Resolved, First, That in the opinion of this conwhich failed in the Thirty-Ninth Congress. vention it is necessary in this State, to a fair adminis al













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just precedent for similar action on the part for Alabama; the bill (S. No. 348) declaring amendment of an act entitled "An act to estabof our Government with reference to the war the State of Alabama restored to the right of lish a uniform system of bankruptcy through. commenced by Spain in 1864 on the repub- representation in Congress; the bill (S. No. out the United States," approved March 2, lics of Peru, Chili, and Ecuador, and which | 463) to provide for a temporary and provisional | 1867; the bill (S. No. 401) to amend an act was prosecuted with more or less activity until government for Alabama, and the joint resolu- entitled “An act to establish a uniform sysMay, 1866, but which these petitioners repre tion (S. R. No. 112) to restore Alabama to tem of bankruptcy throughout the United sent has now for upward of two years past representation in Congress, to report the sameStates,and a joint resolution (S. R. No. 142) entirely ceased, with no prospect of resumption. back adversely, because the subject has already to refer the claim of George Chorpenning and Therefore these petitioners submit that they been acted upon; and I move to take them off former act of Congress for his relief to the have the right as citizens of the United States the Calendar that they be indefinitely post Court of Claims, reported adversely thereon, to deal with either of those Powers heretofore poned.

and recommended their indefinite postpone. belligerent, or with their citizens or subjects, The motion was agreed to.

ment. upon the same footing and to the same extent Mr. EDMUNDS, from the Committee on the

SALE OF HAY IN THE DISTRICT. as if a formal treaty of peace had been ratified | Judiciary, to whom were referred resolutions

Mr. PATTERSON, of New Hampshire. and exchanged; and they now address Con- | adopted at a meeting of Republicans held in

The Committee on the District of Columbia, gress and ask some action on their part to pro- Dennopolis, Alabama, in favor of the passage

to whom was referred the bill (8. No. 540) to tect them in that asserted right of commerce. of an act declaring the constitution of that regulate the sale of bay in the District of I move the reference of this petition to the State ratified; a memorial of citizens of Jones, Columbia, have had it under consideration, Committee on Foreign Relations. Fayette, and Warren counties, Alabama, pray;

and have directed me to report the bill favorThe motion was agreed to.

ing Congress to pass a law setting aside and Mr. VICKERS. I present a memorial of declaring null and void the ordinance of the ably, and to ask action upon it at this time.

It will take but a moment. citizens of Baltimore, remonstrating against late convention of that State; and a petition

By unanimous consent, the Senate, as in of Rufus Andrews, of New York, inclosing reduction of the duty on coal. I move that any this remonstrance be referred to the Committee petition relative to the clause in the Alabama Committee of the whole proceeded to con

sider the bill. It provides that all hay and on Finance; and as it contains many valuable constitution concerning wharfage, asked to be

straw which may be sold by weight in the Disfacts in a brief space I move that it be printed. discharged from their further consideration;

trict of Columbia shall be sold by the net hunThe motion was agreed to.

which was agreed to.
Mr. WILLEY, from the Committee on the

dred, and every two thousand pounds net
Mr. CATTELL presented a petition of citi-
District of Columbia, who were, by a resolu-

weight shall be a ton. zens of Philadelphia and Cincinnati, praying tion of the Senate of February 12, instructed to

The bill was reported to the Senate without an extension of the law allowing the free entry

amendment, ordered to be engrossed for a of steam-plowing machinery into the United | inquire into the facts connected with the forcible

third reading, read the third time, and passed. States; which was referred to the Committee l ejection from the cars of the Alexandria and

Mr. PATTERSON, of New Hampshire. I Washington railroad of one of the employés on Finance.

am also directed by the same committee to Mr. DAVIS. I ask leave to present a petiof the Senate on account of race, on Saturday,

report back two other bills on the same subtion. As it is short I will ask to bave it rear, February 8, 1868, and to inquire what legisla

ject, and to move that they be indefinitely that the Senate may be put in possession of tion, if any, is necessary to protect the rights

postponed. its contents, and then it can be referred to the of passengers on that road, submitted a report;

The motion was agreed to ; and the bill (S. which was ordered to be printed. Committee on the Judiciary to make inquiry

No. 271) to regulate the sale of hay and straw into the subject.

Mr. YATES, from the Committee on Terri.

in the District of Columbia, and the bill (S. The PRESIDENT pro tempore. Is there tories, submitted an additional report to accom

No. 461) to regulate the sale of hay in the any objection to the reading of the petition ? || Colorado into the Union; which was ordered pany the bill (S. No. 11) to admit the State of

District of Columbia, were postponed indesiNo objection being made it will be read.

The Chief Clerk read as follows:

to be printed.
Mr. HARLAN, from the Committee on the

To the honorable Senate and
District of Columbia, to whom was referred

Mr. WILSON asked, and by unanimous con-
House of Representatives of the United States:
the bill (S. No. 526) to amend an act incorpo.

sent obtained, leave to introduce a joint resoYour petitioner, William S. Chipley, respectfully states that be is a citizen of the United States, and a rating the Washington and Georgetown Rail lution (S. R. No. 148) to authorize the Secreresident of the city of Lexington, in the State of Ken road Company, reported adversely thereon, tary of the Treasury to remit the duties on iueky. That he is tbe father of William Dudley Chipley, a citizen of Columbus, Georgia, who has and moved its indefinite postponement; which

certain religious books donated to the people been arrested and imprisoned by order of the mili was agreed to.

of the United States; which was read twice tary authorities of the United States without cause He also, from the same committee, to whom by its title, and referred to the Committee on and in disregard of the provision of the Constitution

Finance. of the United States, and carried out of the district

was referred the bill (H. R. No. 480) in relain which any offense charged against bim was com tion to the pay of grand and petit jurors in the

He also asked, and by unanimous consent mitted to Atlanta, Georgia, some two hundred miles District of Columbia, asked to be discharged obtained, leave to introduce a joint resolution distant from his home, and is now confined there in a cell which is wholly unfit for the confinement, even

from its further consideration, and that it be (S. R. No. 149) authorizing the sale of dam.' as punishment, of a condemned criminal. He is referred to the Committee on the Judiciary ; aged or unserviceable arms, ordnance, or ordthe privilege of seeing or consulting with which was agreed to.

nance stores ; which was read twice by its title, either his family, his friends, or his counsel, and deprived of all information as to the nature of the

Mr. WILLIAMS, from the Committee on and referred to the Committee on Military
charge against him, without power to summon or Finance, to whom was referred the joint reso Affairs and the Militia.
procure the attendance of witnesses in his defense.
In short, he is utterly at the mercy of his persecu-

lution (H. R. No. 96) for the relief of John
tors, and denied every right which the Constitution
Sedgwick, collector of internal revenue third

Mr. FERRY. I offer the following resolu.
and laws secure to the citizen. He is not, and has district California, reported it without amend-
not been, either in the naval por military service of

tion, and ask for its present consideration:
the United States. He is a commission merchant in

Resolved, That the Secretary of the Senate he
Columbus, a married man, and a good citizen, as all
Mr. TRUMBULL, from the Committee on

directed to request the House of Representatives to
who know him will testify. Your petitioner does not
know eertainly what the charges against his son are,
the Judiciary, to whom was referred the bill return to the Senate the bill to amend the act of

March 3, 1865, providing for the construction of cerand can only surmise, from the statements of dis(H. R. No. 347) to amend an act to divide

tain wagon-roads in Dakota Territory, being House charged negro witnesses who were arrested.confined,

the State of Illinois into two judicial districts, bill No. 650.
and examined touching his connection therewith approved February 13, 1855, reported it with
that he is imprisoned for complicity in the murder

There being no objection, the Senate pro.
of one G. W. Ashburn, who was killed in a house of

ceeded to consider the resolution.
He also, from the same committee, to whom

Mr. FERRY. Mr. President, the bill re-
Mr. HOWE. That communication seems
was referred a petition of Miss G. C. Smith,

ferred to by the resolution came from the House to me a very lengthy one, and it is from a pri asking

an amendment of the bankrupt law so

of Representatives, and was amended in the vate citizen I understand. If it calls for any that her mother will not be deprived of the

Senate owing to a mistake made by the Secre. action at all I suppose the Judiciary Commitamount of property allowed an insolvent; three

tary of the Interior in a communication fortee can tell us what action it calls for. Ithere. petitions of citizens of Illinois, praying the

warded to the Committee on Territories, from fore move its reference to the Committee on establishment of two annual terms of the Uni

which the bill was reported. That mistake ted States circuit and district courts at Quincy,

having been corrected, it is desirable to get Ir. DAVIS: I have no objection to that | Illinois ; the resolutions of the constitutional

back the bill in order to correct the bill itself. course. I desired it to be read merely that it

convention of Virginia, in favor of extending The resolution was adopted.
should attract the attention of the Senate, so

the period during which the first clause of the
as to draw tbe consideration of the Senate to
bankrupt act shall operate; a memorial of citi-

Mr. RAMSEY. I move that the Senate
. ! move that the petition, with the accom-

proceed to the consideration of House bill panying papers, be referred to the Committee any extension of the time limited in the law

No. 867. for commencing proceedings in bankruptcy; a memorial of citizens of Boston, in relation to Mr. EDMUNDS. What is the title of it?

and two memorials of citizens of Mr. RAMSEY. "A bill for the relief of


New York, in relation to bankruptcy, asked to Jonathan Jessup, postmaster at York, Penn.
Nr. EDMUNDS. I am instructed by the be discharged from their further consideration;

Committee on the Judiciary, to wbom were
referred the bill (H. R. No. 970) to provide
which was agreed to.

The motion was agreed to; and the bill was lor a temporary and provisional government

He also, from the same committee, to whom considered as in Committee of the Whole. It was referred the bill (H. R. No. 1021) in proposes to authorize the Auditor of the Treas.

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on the Judiciary.
The motion was agreed to.

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live per

are per

ury for the Post Office Department to allow | Every crisis which has broken up the banks

men from Jonathan Jessup, of York, Pennsylvania, the of the country has begun with the city banks industry. sum of $1,307 36, in the auditing of his accounts on account of their speculations in stocks, the

As I sai for the fiscal year of 1867. facilities they have for loaning their money by

ate, and I The bill was reported to the Senate without the day or by the hour, as they often do, at a

to postpo amendment, ordered to a third reading, read | large rate of interest. The country banks because tl the third time, and passed.

have no such temptation. A large portion of condition


year they need all their funds at home, and I well in reg

their customers and their stockholders would it be the Mr. VAN WINKLE. Imove that the Senate compel them to use them there if they were

bill I thin take up for consideration Senate bill No. 522,

otherwise inclined. It is only when their cap out. reported from the Committee on Finance. It

ital is of necessity in the possession of the Mr. SII is a bill of only five lines, and will not lead to

city banks that it is proposed that the city nays on tl any discussion:

banks should pay them for the use of it. tion. Mr. EDMUNDS. What is the title of it?

This whole sulject of banking is one which Mr. VAN WINKLE. "A bill to authorize is so much talked about that we generally lose

Mr. CI the Commissioner of the Revenue to settle the sight of the main matter of a bill when any;

will be st accounts of Andrew S. Core.!! The circum

thing comes up connected with it. The old Jersey [.. stances are such that a settlement cannot be banking system was a good one in its day. The || large am made without this authority. early banking system of this country, which

banks we The motion was agreed to ; and the bill was

has been so much abused, was one of the most considered as in Committee of the Whole. It important schemes ever invented for a new

upon des

words, a directs the Commissioner of the Revenue to

country like ours. We had a rich soil; we had permitted settle and close the accounts of Andrew S.

a vigorous people; we had an extended coun from Nes Core, late collector of internal revenue for the

try; but we had no capital. The original authorizi second district of Virginia, (now West Vir:

country banks got their life from an act of cates into ginia,) upon principles of justice and equity.

incorporation which generally included within and to br The bill was reported to the Senate without

its machinery the best men of the community: hing shape amendment, and ordered to be engrossed for a

These men together staked their character and The Se third reading. It was read the third time, and their property, and they issued their notes compelle passed.

which passed as money. That did very well

until the country becaine rich, and then the in lawfu Mr. SHERMAN. I move that the Senate system, as a matter of course, fell down from twenty-fi resume the consideration of the unfinished its own weight.

Mr. C. business of yesterday.

I remember very well when I had charge of

gan misu The motion was agreed to; and the Senate, a little bank with $100,000 capital, and we had of their c as in Committee of the Whole, resumed the an average circulation of $100,000, and we capital a consideration of the bill (S. No. 410) supple never failed to meet our notes, and nobody Mr. C. mentary to an act entitled "An act to provide ever doubted that we could meet them. So pository a national currency secured by a pledge of long as we did so they were just as good as United States bonds, and to provide for the money. The old system broke down, as I

on hand circulation and redemption thereof,'' approved say, because the country became rich and the June 3, 1864.

banks accumulated and men became specula of liiteer The pending question was stated to be on tors outside of the banks and broke them down. Now, the the motion of Mr. Cameron, to amend the bill The New York system of banking, which was safer it by striking out the first section, in the follow the next one, was better than the old system

Will the ing words: of banking, and much better than the system

it is safe That it shall be unlawful for national banks located

we have now. That system made circulation these da in the cities of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, or perfectly secure, because the stocks of New than tha any of the cities named in section thirty-one of an

York and the stocks of the General GovernAct entitled "An act to provide a national currency

est of fu secured by a pledge of United States bonds, and to ment were the basis of it, and under that sys Mr. C provide for the circulation and redemption thereof," tem everybody that desired to bank might bank. answer approved June 3, 1501, to pay interest on the deposits

Mr. or balances of any other national banking associa

We shall some day come to that and have a tion, or to offer any inducement, other than the general free-banking system based on our Gov. to hear prompt and correct transaction of business, in order

ernment loans, and then every man who desires Mr. C to secure such deposits; and it is heruby made the duty of the Comptroller of the Currency to see that

to bank will do so, and when he finds it | There is this act is observed ; and upon a violation thereof by unprofitable will quit it. That is the system city of any national banking association, bo is hereby au you will ultimately come to, and such discus

which o thorized and required to proceed, as in other cases of default, to appoint a receiver to wind up the

sions as we had yesterday and the day before Mr. " affairs of such association according to the provis will bring us to it sooner, because there is now directly ions of section finty of said act.

a desire and a competition all over the country | of my a Mr. CAMERON. Mr. President, I do not to get banks, as it having banks in a particular point ye think it necessary to occupy the time of the quarter made money plenty there. It is not

ern bau Senate in discussion this morning, because the You might just as well say that you should the citi simple question now pending is between the have a mint to coin your gold in every county

Hence country banks and the city banks. The Sena or in every State of the Union. Money is an

same bi tor from New Jersey (Mr. CATTELL] spent half | element of trade, which flows where it is paid un an hour or an hour yesterday on the principles wanted; and after it has been used and done that it of banking. The general principles which he its duty in a particular quarter it goes back

retaines laid down were pretty correct; but the princi to the centers of trade. It is just like the water || deposit pal matter, the marrow of this case, he did not flowing to the ocean and again reaching the

great ( touch at all. I have said from the beginning || clouds and coming down to us. We do not

long al that this is a bill gotten up for the purpose of reflect upon the working of this machinery, | it. 11 using the funds of the country banks without || but we all seem to have a special knowledge | try to paying them for them. It is very natural, per: of banking.

compro haps, that gentlemen situated as he is, repre. The Senator from New Jersey [Mr. CATTELL] senting banking corporations in the cities, | read yesterday from the Comptroller of the

maken should desire to get all the funds of the country Currency a very learned report, which he copied those possible without paying for them. The coun: from some reports published in England and

even i iry banks do not send their deposits to the France; but they were all statements of gen.

tenths ciiies for the purpose of speculating, but they | eral principles that had nothing to do with the

draft are compelled to send them there. In the first question before us. It is, I repeat, simply cannot place, they are coinpelled by the banking law to whether you shall allow these banks to manage

shut u keep a reserve fund there, and then in the their business in their own way as shall seem course of trade their funds go there as a matter to them best, relying on their integrity and of course. Tbey now get a small interest while

their intelligence to preserve their own credit, must s they are there, and they suffer them to remain and thus preserve the interests of the public, is mad there only when they cannot be used at home. or whether you will compel them to throw My It is fair that they should be allowed to receive their money into the city banks, where specu to be, compensation for that use. On the other hand, lators may use it in inflating stocks and pro almost the city banks are the great speculators. ducing a system of gambling which prevents Il deposi

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