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considerations, Logistie de

aving sion for more than forty years, and get thing during to which so little appears to be cere * the further consideration of a memorial of the constructed, and its cost of said improvement paid Illinois would have us strike out this provision

for, no more tolls shall be collected than an amount Legislature of the State of California, asking

for the Louisville canal. I hope, Mr. Speaker, special communicatio of in Utrechtda

suficient to keep the canal in repair, and pay for all that it will not be done. I trust we shall not almost wholly in the lark." indemnity for property destroyed by Indians,

necessary superintendence and management." and that the same be referred to the Committee

continue to tax the commerce of fifteen States prand The same report shows that the game

Mr. EGGLESTON. In accordance with of ten on Indian Affairs.

to sustain this work which should be made free of hauling freight from the Popular de of the The motion was agreed to.

that resolution the directors of that canal by the action of the General Government. I the Louisville Wharf, and rice with

company borrowed $1,567,000.

trust we shall not inflict, the injustice proposed one of

ELLA M. GUY. Ehteen dollar

[Here the hammer fell.] per tou. Present rate oi par print

upon the commerce of the Ohio river. by the Louisville and Pordland cate:

Mr. GARFIELD also moved that the Com. Mr. GROVER. I withdraw the amendment [Here the hammer fell.] cents per ton; and the sappeai den

mittee on Military Affairs be discharged from to the amendment. i from

Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. Mr. Chairing freight by the canal alter is com the further consideration of the petition of Ella

Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois, obtained man, I rise to oppose the amendment to the and free use except as to the coloca M. Guy, praying relief for supplies furnished the floor.

amendment. I am opposed to this section, s in a enough to operate it and ketpil tages

the United States Army, under the command Mr. EGGLESTON. I hope the gentleman not because of the economical streak" which aters, ten cents per ton.

of Lieutenant General Grant, in 1862, and that from Illinois will yield to me, that I may con- the gentleman says has come over me particutransIt is the matured jodgment of the ne the same be referred to the Committee of

clude my remarks. He can obtain the floor larly at this time, but for various other reasons. a the

Claims. believed to know that the amous ir

afterward. The motion was agreed to.

In the first place, this is a section which has no transported on the Ohio river in de art

Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I yield to business in this bill. It has no proper place M:4. including rafts of timber and luck. RIVER AND HARBOR BILL. the gentleman.

in a river and harbor bill. It is a maiter be8,733.120 tons; that the average ca The House resumed the consideration of the

Mr. EGGLESTON. I renew the amend. longing expressly to the Committee on Roads which said freight was carried van river and harbor bill, the third section being ing to the statement of the gentleman from

ment to the amendment. Mr. Speaker, accord- and Canals, and to that committee the subject by dred and sixty-seren mies: to take under consideration.

should have been referred for examination and would require thirty-fre nainas The question was upon the amendment of Kentucky [Mr. Grover] these bonds will come for full and elaborate report. If the matter dred miles long, running foar det Mr. GROVER. due in equal amounts in 1871, 1876, 1881, and

had been referred to that committee it could trains each day. Mr. EGGLESTON. I am sorry there bas

1886. By this section of the bill the Govern- not have been “log.rolled” with the river and mille, It is suggested that the eart been made a motion to strike out this section ment assumes the payment of the bonds. Gen.

harbor bill which we have now before us. canal upon the basis proposent the " in relation to the Louisville and Portland canal.

eral Weitzel was ordered by the Secretary of Now, sir, I am opposed to it, not only be. the price of freight at least to try I am also sorry that the inotion was inade by

War, under a resolution of Congress, to make cause it is not right in this place, but I am dred pounds upon the Ohio and in:

my colleague, (Mr. SPALDING,] who enjoys one a survey and ascertain the cost of the enlarge- opposed to it because it takes from the Treasries, thereby saving to the people of the finest harbors on the lakes, and made

ment of the canal. General Weitzel reports ury $450,000 and assumes an indebtedness of a ted States in one year from fios so by Government appropriations. It is now

that it will cost $900,000 to make the enlarge- $1,567,000, demanding of us here, who repre. much greater tban the cost of in perfect order. He is from the northern part

ment. The company will be compelled to go sent the people, under a five-minutes debate 1,57 entire work of the enlargement (2. of the State, while this section relates to an on and do this work, if we do not make this

to add over two million dollars to the burdens and tv and liquidating the existing det

improvement a little further south, and below appropriation. Now, Mr. Speaker, the five of the already oppressed people of this country.

the boundaries of the State of Ohio. I hope gentlemen who have charge of the canalthat great commercial center

Yes, sir, in a five-minutes debate, without any f the my colleague, after hearing the debate on the

Mr. SPALDING. honor to represent upon tus felis

Do they not own the report from the Committee on Commerce, goSi is, at the head of this great wat subject, will withdraw his motion. work?

ing over this whole subject, we propose to buy Mr. SPALDING.

Mr. EGGLESTON. They do not own the

Does not this section
navigation of the Ohio. r

this canal from the State of Kentucky and tax
contemplate purchasing a work from a private
work. The Government owns it.

our constituents for that purpose in a section of advantage , bat perhaps be honest company ?

Mr. SPALDING. They have the control of seventeen lines. Why, sir, if this should Livro bere big the proposed en argement of an Mr. EGGLESTON. No, sir; and that of it.

pass at all it is a subject which should have transfer of its franchises to bez shows how much the gentleman knows about

Mr. EGGLESTON. No, they have not the been most thoroughly considered, most thor: with the l'nited States. But

, Tees ****
the matter.

control of it. The Government can take it out oughly and elaborately provided for in a bill Mr. SPALDING. Is not this canal the

of their hands whenever it may please. With | by itself, and previously a commission should while the great State whose cose property of a private company?

the same propriety the gentleman might say have been appointed to examine into the whole Mr. EGGLESTON. It is not; and I am that the Secretary of War owns this Govern. | subject and report to Congress. But, sir, that glad the gentleman has asked the question. ment because he has charge of the War De

was not considered necessary. It was sup If the gentleman will call for Miscellaneous partment.

posed if they got it into a bill with seventy-five Document No. 83—my five minutes' time will But, Mr. Speaker, I do not wish to be diverted or eighty other items, in which every section not allow it to be read-he will find that the

from my argument.

These five individuals was interested, it would go through, as I pre-
Louisville and Portland canal to-day belongs have no personal interest in this work. The sume it will go through this House.
to the United States, except $500 owned by
Government of the United States owns the

Mr. MUNGEN rose. for the purpose of concludae bise

canal. five individuals, who have that much stock in

We propose in this bill that the Gov. Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I cannot order to enable them to become directors of ernment shall take charge of the canal, pay off | yield now. In the year 1855 the accounts

the indebtedness, and finish the enlargement, Mr. Speaker, let me say to my friends on this between the United States and this canal were so that the largest boats may go through.

side of the House--I know my friends ou the L its Secretary, allnounced that

balanced. By examining the document I have Now, sir, I desire for a few minutes the at- other side may go for these appropriationsreferred to it will be found that the United

tention of the gentleman from Illinois, [Mr. that we are piling up wrath against the day of States have received $24,278 more than it ever

WASHBURNE,] the chairman of the Committee wrath at the hands of the people. invested there. Then they owned the canal, on Commerce. I ask that gentleman why he | responsible for it, and no man on this side of and it is free and clear, except enough belong? should oppose the improvement of the canal the House who votes for these extravagant

ing to these five individuals to enable them to around the falls at Louisville, when Congress appropriations can go home without being The message further sonur'S

manage its affairs. From 1855 down to 1860 has granted an appropriation to improve the called upon to defend himself from votes of Senate had passed the joint reke these directors managed the canal economic- rapids at Des Moines? If, when we made the

this character. ally and accumulated some three or four hun. | appropriation for the Des Moines rapids, the What, sir, is proposed here? Look at the

dred thousand dollars. How was that obtained ? | appropriation for the Louisville canal had been bill before the House. It is to carry on works The message tarber antes By putting a toll upon the commerce of the

proposed, I know the gentleman would not || already begun-at least it is so advocated. great Ohio valley fitty cents per ton upon the have undertaken to oppose the latter appro.

W bat is this here? For a breakwater at Block tonnage that passed through the canal. In priation. But when I brought the subject up Island, Rhode Island; $74,000, a new work 1860 the company had accumulated in the before the Committee on Commerce it was said, 1 entirely, and yet in this haste we of the West

“There has been no survey." So I had to neighborhood of three hundred thousand dol. ia default for the percent of the

are called upon now to initiate these new lars. Between 1850 and 1860 they frequently

content myself with going before the Depart- works in the East. I am willing to go as far came to Congress and asked Congress to do

ment and asking a survey, which, under a res- as any man in this direction. I am in favor of something with the work. Nothing could be

olution of Congress, has now been made. We protecting our commerce and clearing out the done up to 1860. On the 24th of May, 1860,

now come and ask this Congress to do for the rivers where these are national works; but, the Coogress of the United States passed a res.

Louisville canal just what it did for the canal | sir, I am opposed to taking money out of my olution which I ask the Clerk to read.

around the Des Moines rapids. When the constituents' pockets for the purpose of buildThe Clerk read as follows:

canal aroupd the Des Moines rapids is com- ing a harbor for lumbermen in the district of "Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives

pleted the navigation is to be free. Yet, when Lease of abseure for ten dan LS

my friend from Michigan, [Mr. FERRY.) I am of the United States in Congress assembled, That the boats traversing the Ohio river pass through the opposed to such appropriations. We have president and directors of the Louisville and Port- Louisville canal they must pay a toll of fifty some meritorious works provided for in this land Canal Company be, and they are hereby, authorized, with the revenues and credits of the company,

cents per ton. And the chairınan of the.Com: bill, and therefore I have ted against laying to enlarge the said canal, and to construct a branch mittee on Commerce proposes that this state the bill upon the table, hoping that we may so capal from a suitable point on the south side of the of things shall continue. I know be would adjust it as to secure all our yotes in its favor. present canal to a point on the Obio river, opposite

not bave made such a proposition in the Thirty. (Here the hammer fell.] Sand Island, sufficient to pass the largest class of steam yesseis navigating the Ohio river: Provided, Ninth Congress when the appropriation for the Mr. GROVER. I withdraw the amendment That nothing herein contained shall authorize said Des Moines rapids was asked.

to the amendment. president or directors, directly or indirectly, to use

Without going into the figures I undertake Mr. CARY. I renew it. or pledge the faith or credit of the United States for

the said enlargement or construction, it being hereby to say that three steamboats pass through the Mr. Chairman, whatever may be thought of That the same de taiera

expressly declared that the Government of the Uni; Il canal or over the falls at Louisville for every other appropriations in this bill, there can be ted States shall not be in any manner liable for said

one that passes around the falls or over the no improvement more national in its character enlargement or constructiun: Provided further, That

rapids at Des Moines. Yet the gentleman from wheu said caual is enlarged, and its branch canal is

or more far-reaching in its results than this. IN DEPREDAMUS IX/176

she is, the whole of the grea: Wie west, as well as the best interest l'mon, imperatively demand obe 2.2 the third section of the bill er det House for consideration.

During his remarks Nr. GROTE ** forma to increase the appariz."


i mescrae from the Senate, bokser --3 agreed to the amendments of the most

bullis, No.522/ 60 authorizetbe ( 23 d

of the Hevenue to settle the Hill hdrew S. Core.

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the company;

We are

No. 316 extending the liner tion of the Northern Pacike radioni

Single had passed a joint resort 4) directing the secretari de whenever any State shall have been

cipal on inrestments in its stocross hi the United States in trust

, 1971 ja lo such State from the latest

LLAIT OF ABZ Indetinite leare of absence. after is CIT. was granted to Wr. Hores

Dext, was granted u Ita Leave of absence for ten das rauled to Jr. Brooks

R DEBT OF ET YET? E. GARFIELD. DE BESTEE ste'd back from the l'ancient rs House bill Ja DLE 10 MA ment of the war der Veen

Appropriations i ona


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Not those only who live on the borders of the five per cent. per annum, on the entire cost of Chester, Pennsylvania; at Waukegan, Illinois; at Ohio, which is navigable for over one thouthe work. It is reasonable to suppose that the

the Illinois river, from its month toward the western sand miles, but those on the upper and lower commerce would be increased one half, which

terminus of the Illinois and Michigan canal; at the Mississippi and its tributaries, who require the would, at the same rate, yield $750,000 per

mouth of Menomonee river. dividing the States of

Wisconsin and Michigan; at the barbor of Port manufactures of Pittsburg, Cincinnati, and annum, paying the entire cost of the work in Washington, in Wisconsin; at the Osage river, Misthe countless cities and villages on either side three years. With or without tolls this impedi

souri; at Reedy Island and Liston's Tree, in Delaof the Ohio--those who use lumber, coal, iron,

ware river and bay; at and above the mouth of ment in this great national highway should be Schuylkiji river, in view of the removal of bars. and salt--those who consume the grains and at once removed.

And the Secretary of War shall make full report fruits and vegetables so abundantly produced Mr. SHANKS. Mr. Chairman, my purpose

thereof to Congress, with plans and estimates of cost,

and with such recommendations in regard thereto along this great highway of commerce, require in taking the floor at this time is not so much as the interests of navigation shall require. that this obstruction should be removed. The to oppose the amendment as to call attention Mr. HINDS. I move to amend by inserting commerce of the Ohio the past year, two thirds to the latter part of this section where it is pro- | after the word "breakwater," in line six, the of which must pass the falls at Louisville, posed to retain the present tax on the com- words at Ouachita river, Arkansas." amounted to $398,000,000. There are upon this merce of the country of the upper Ohio and its The amendment was agreed to. river (without including some large boats which tributaries. I think it is a great wrong done to Mr. WASHBURN, of Indiana. I move to never get above the falls) three hundred and the people of that vast region watered by the insert at the end of line fourteen the words sixty-six steamboats and ninety-one model Ohio river. I think it is unjust that while the " and at and above the mouth of the Wabash barges, with a capacity of 183,372 tons They Government is spending money in all parts of make an average of eighteen trips per annum,

river as far as Lafayette, Indiana." the country, opening rivers, clearing harbors,

The amendment was agreed to. transporting 3,300,696 tons of merchandise. and making other public improvements with By reason of the limited length of the present

Mr. CORNELL. I move to insert after the money taken from the public Treasury of the locks boats of only eight hundred tons capacity people, that there should still be a tax imposed

word “Jersey,'' in line seven, the words "at can pass through-by the enlargement of the upon the commerce of the Ohio river. I hope

the entrance of Rondout harbor, on the Hudcanal to correspond with the new locks now the provision will be stricken out, and that the

son river, New York." completed and ready for use boats of a capacity

The amendment was agreed to. commerce of that river shall be unrestrained. of thirty-two hundred tons will be accommo- Strike out all after the word "tribute" in the

Mr. AXTELL. I move to insert after the dated. These eight hundred ton boats are now fourteenth line of third section of the printed word “ bars,” in line fifteen, the following: necessarily constructed solely with reference bill.

At the mouth of Eel river; and at the port of San to capacity, and all advantages of models, so Mr. ELIOT moved that all further debate

Pedro or Wilmington, on the coast of California, with

reference to the improvement of said harbors; and at as to secure speed, are sacrificed. By the en- on the pending section be closed.

the point near the mouth of the Sacramento river largement of the canal the tonnage capacity The motion was agreed to.

known as the "Hog's back"with reference to remov

ing said bar. of the boats may be quadrupled, but with better Mr. CARY withdrew his amendment to the model their speed, will be greatly increased.

Mr. ELIOT. I hope that amendment will amendment. Now, from ten to fourteen days are required

Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I demand

not prevail. I think we have now about as to make the trip from New Orleans to Cincin. the yeas and nays.

many points in the section as the money apnati, when with improved model, which is now The yeas and nays were ordered.

propriated will cover. sacrificed to pass this obstruction, the trip

Mr. AXTELL. As a member of the Com. The question was taken ; and it was decided could be made in eight or nine days.

mittee on Commerce I hope the gentleman in the negative-yeas 44, nays 78, not voting who has charge of this bill will not object to Again, the expense of running a boat of

72; as follows: eight hundred tons capacity is nearly as great

my amendment. I desire to say to him that

YEAS-Messre, Bailey, Baker, Baldwin, Banks, as the running of one of thirty-two hundred Beatty, Benton, Boutwell, Bromwell, Sidney Clarke,

the Senate has passed a joint resolution, which tons. The officers are the same. The larger Cobb, Covode, Culloin, Delano, Ela, Farnsworth, Fer- has been referred to our committee, including boat requires more fuel, an increase in the

riss, Getz, Haight, Halsey. Hinds, Hulburd, Ketcham, these points, together with some others on the

George V. Lawrence, William Lawrence, Loughridge, number of the crew, and a larger supply Marvin, Miller, Morrell, Pomeroy, Randall, Ross,

coast of California. They are points of very of stores. The principal difference is in the Scotield, Sunith, Spalding, Starkweather, Aaron F. considerable importance, and particularly Wil. expense of loading and unloading cargo. All

Stevens, Taffe, Taylor, Thomas, Trowbridge, Van mington or San Pedro. I regret that my absence

Wyck, Cadwalader c. Washburn, Elibu B. Washthese disadvantages are more than overcome burne, and Stephen F. Wilson-44.

in California prevented my meeting with the by the increase of speed, and consequent saving

NAYS–Messrs. Adams, Anderson, Archer, Arnell,

committee at the time when these points were Delos R. Ashley, Axtell, Barnes, Beck, Boles, Buckof time; so that the freights could be reduced

being considered. At San Pedro Che Govern. land, Roderick R. Butler, Cary, Churchill, Coburn, three fourths without diminishing the profits Dixon, Driggs, Eggleston, Eldridge, Eliot, Ferry, Gar

ment ships all its goods to Arizona, and some of the steainboat owners. The large boat field, Golladay, Grover, Harding. Hawkins, ligby, || improvements there would save to the United would have the same margin of profit with Jenckes, Johnson, Jones, Julian, Kerr, Loan, Mallory: | landing goods. The point on Eel river has

States a great deal of money now expended on freights at twelve and a half cents per hundred Marshall, Maynard, McClurg, McCormick, Mckee, pounds as the small boats now have with Moorhead, Mungen, Myers, Newcomb. Niblack, been recommended by our Legislature as well

When the

O'Neill, Orth, Paine, Perbam, Phelps, Pike, Pile, freights at fifty cents per hundred.

as San Pedro. My friend from the second disPlants, Poland, Polsley, Price, Raum, Robinson, Obio river is high, so that large boats can pass Sawyer, Shanks, Shellabarger, Stewart, Stokes, Law

trict [Mr. HIGBY] presented the resolutions the falls without using the canal, the price of

rence S. Trimble, Twichell, Upson, Van Aernam, Van of the State Legislature in relation to both

Auken, Burt Van Horn, Robert T. Van Horn, Van carrying cargo from Cincinnati to New Orleans, Trump, Henry D. Washburn, Welker, William Wil

these points. The point on the Sacramento a distance of fifteen hundred and ninety miles, liams, John T. Wilson, and Woodward-78.

river where it enters into the bay of San Franis only twenty five cents per hundred pounds, NOT VOTING-Messrs. Allison, Ames, James M.

cisco relates to the whole commerce of that Ashley, Barnum, Beaman, Benjamin, Bingham, and corresponding rates are charged between

great stream, and is constantly needing and Blaine, Blair, Boyer, Brooks, Broomall, Burr, Benotber cities using this river as a high way. Let jamin F. Butler, Cake, Chapter, Reader w. Clarke,

receiving from private companies some assistthis improvement be completed, and the aver- Cook, Cornell, Dawes, Dodge, Donnelly, Eckley, ance. We bring down from the mountains such

Fields, Finney. Fox, Glossbrenner, Gravely, Grisage freights through the year would be greatly

vast amounts of earth by means of our mining wold, Hill, Hooper, Hopkins, Asabel W. Hubbard, reduced and the commerce greatly enlarged. Richard D. Hubbard, Hunter, Ingersoll, Judd, Kelley,

that a bar is being formed there that certainly The East, as well as the West and South, are Kelsey, Kitchen, Knott, Koontz. Laflip, Lincoln: ought to be removed and looked after by the deeply interested in this enlargement. The

Logan, Lynch, McCarthy, McCullough, Mercur, General Government for fear we should lose

Moore. Morrissey, Mullins, Nicholson. Nunn, Peters, price charged for carrying cotton from Mem- Pruyn, Robertson, Roots, Schenck, Selye, Sitgreaves,

the navigation of that great river. My amendphis to Cincinnati is $1 50 per bale; complete

ment asks simply for a survey, and I think it ihis work and it could be transported at forty

William 1. Washburn, Thomas Williams, James F. | ought not to be objected to. I hope the House

Wilson, Windom, Wood, and Woodbridge-72. cents. With this reduction in expense im

will pass favorably upon it.

So the motion to strike out the third section mense amounts of this staple would find its

Mr. ELIOT. I ask a vote on the amendway through this channel to its eastern or was disagreed to.

ment; and I move that all debate upon this European market, avoiding the perils of a

ENROLLED JOINT RESOLUTION SIGNED. section be closed. voyage by sea. Sugar, molasses, and other Mr. HOLMAN, from the Committee on

The motion to close debate was agreed to. productions would also be distributed to the Enrolled Bills, reported that the committee

The question was then taken on Mr. AxTELL'S points of trade at less expense.

had examined and found truly enrolled the amendment; and it was agreed to. The entire expense of this enlargement, joint resolution (H. R. No. 316) extending

Mr. McCORMICK. I move to insert after including what has been expended and the the time for the completion of the Northern

the word "river," in line thirteen, the words appropriation contemplated, will be $2,017,000. Pacific railroad; when the Speaker signed the

“ and at Big Black river.'' The section provides that hereafter there

The amendment was disagreed to. shall be no tolls charged except a pittance to


Mr. LYNCH. I move to amend this section operate the locks and keep them in repair; but the value and importance of the enlargement

The Clerk then read the fourth and last sec.

by adding to the first sentence, after the words tion of the bill, as follows:

"removal of bars," the words at the barbor may be seen from a comparison of the tolls if

of Cape Porpoise, Maine."

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the Secrepresent rates were imposed. Astwo thirds of the merchandise transported tary of War is hereby directed to cause examinations

The amendment was agreed to. or surveys, or both, to be made at the following on this river passes this point, or two million

Mr. MILLER. I move to amend this sec. points, namely; at the harbor of Black Rock, Contons per annum, or one million custom-house nccticut; at the entrance of Cuttyhunk barbor, Vine

tion by inserting at the proper place the follow yard sound, in view of the erection of breakwater;

ing: measure at the present rate of tolls, (Gifty cents

And also from the mouth of the Susquehanna Bey; at Christiana river, Delaware; at the harbor of

river at the Chesapeake bay, to Lake Ontario, in the

at Passaic river, and at Absecom inlet, in New Jerper ton,, we would realize $500,000, or twenty



same. .

Chester, Pennsylvanis: at Wantepu. Tieto the lilisois river, from its sonth terard in the terminus of the Illincis and Michiga cha mouth of Menomonee riser, dividing the one 123sin and Michigua: at the barbie Washington, in Wisconsin; at the lan med souri; at Reedy Island and Lister' Teile ware river and bay; at and abre se Shulkill river, in vies of the remaid And the Secretary of Warshall pane thereof Lo Contas, with plans and esti84944 ari with such recommendation in require a as the interests of navigation gall is

Mr. HINDS. I move to amend to get after the word "breakwater." in be words at Ouachita river. Astara

The amendment was agreed to.

Mr. WASHBURN. of Indiana in insert at the end of line fourteen in "and at and above the mouth of them river as far as Lafayette, Indiana"

The amendment was agreed to.

Mr. CORNELL. I move to ligger word *Jersey," in line seren, the rest the entrance of Rondout barbor, a ai



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son river, New York."

The amendment was agreed to

Mfr. AXTELL. I move to jest d word "bars," in line fifteen, their

Al the mouth of Bel river: sed to Pedrs or Wilmingtos, as the online reference to the improvement of said lapsi be peint near the mouth of the kuin as the "Hog's back" with remai 197 sad bar.

Mr. ELIOT. I hope that asarlar ed

not prevail. I think we hate ortal wany points in the section as of my propriated will cover.

Mr. A.ITELL. As a member ok? ed

mittee on Commerce { bore by who has charge of this bill wil ning my amendment. I desire to sto e the Senate has passed a joint meaningen has been referred to our comE01 these points, together with some "

coast of California. They are noen." F.

considerable importance, and parents

mington or San Pedro. I regre' 08 DE

in California prevented my necht il. committee at the time when they

being considered. At San Pedas com ment ships all its goods to Årga

State of New York, to ascertain tho probabilities of a amount of money is appropriated by this bill The yeas and nays were ordered.
slack-water navigation between said points for steam-
as it now stands?

The question was taken; and it was decided boats, &c.

Mr. ELIOT. As originally reported by the in the affirmative--yeas 63, nays 60, not voting
The question was taken on the amendment

Committee on Commerce, about four million 71; as follows:
of Mr. MILLER ; and, upon a division, there were
one hundred and thirty thousand dollars.

YEAS-Messrs. Adams, Allison, Anderson, Arnell, -ayes twelve, noes not counted.

Mr. RANDALL. How much has been added Delos R. Ashley, Axtell, Banks, Roderick R. Butler, So the amendment was not agreed to. by the House?

Churchill, Cobb, Cornell, Dixon, Donnelly, Driggs, Mr. SAWYER. I move to amend this sec

Eggleston, Eldridge. Eliot, Ferry, Garfield, Harding,

Mr. ELIOT. I have not the aggregate of Hawkins, Higby, Hinds, Hotchkiss, Humphrey, Intion by striking out the words "Menomonee

the figures; I should say from one hundred and kersoll, Jenckes, Loan, Loughridge, Maynard, Mcriver, dividing the States of Wisconsin and fifty to one hundred and seventy thousand dol.

Clurg, McKee, Miller, Moorhead, Mullins, Newcomb, Michigan," and inserting the words “Ocontee

Niblack, O'Neill, Paine, Perham, Peters, Pike. Pile, lars.

Plants, Poland, Pomeroy, Price, Pruyn, Sawyer, river, Wisconsin." The clause in this section, Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. How does Stark weather, Stewart, Stokes, Lawrence S. Trimas it now stands, was inserted by mistake.

ble, Twichell, Upson, Van Aernam, Van Auken, Burt the gentleman make out only $4,000,000 ? My amendment is merely for the purpose of

Van Horn, Robert T. Van Horn, Cadwalader C. Wash

Mr. RANDALL. Does the gentleman in. burn, Henry D. Washburn, James F. Wilson, and
correcting that mistake.
clude in his statement the Louisville canal

Theamendinent of Mr. SAWYER was agreed to. bonds?

NAYS- Messrs. Ames, Archer, Bailey, Baker,

Beatty, Benjamin, Benton, Bingham, Boutwell, Mr. ROOTS. I move to insert after the Mr. ELIOT. They are not included.

Bromwell, Buckland, Cary, Coburn, Cullom, Delano, amendment just adopted the following:

Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. That makes Eckley, Ela, Farnsworth, Ferriss, Getz, Golladay. At the White river in Arkansas, from its mouth the amount over six million dollars.

Haight, Holman, Chester D. Hubbard, Hulburd,

Jones, Julian. Kelsey, Ketcham, Kitchen, George V. to Batesville, and the Black river from its mouth to Pocahontas, in the same State.


Lawrence, William Lawrence, Mallory, Marshall,

Marvin, Mereur. Morrell, Myers, Orth. Randall, This is for a river eight hundred miles long, Indefinite leave of absence was granted to

Raum, Ross, Scofield, Sbanks. Shellabarger, Spaldand the natural channel of commerceMr. Polsley.

ing. Arron F. Stevens, Taffe, 'Taylor, Tuomas. Van

Trump. Van Wyck. Elihu B. Washburne, William Mr. SPALDING, I object to debate.

Leave of absence was granted to Mr. Ran- B. Washburn, Welker, Thomas Williams, Williain The SPEAKER. Debate is not in order. DALL for one week after Thursday next.

Williams, Stephen F. Wilson, Woodbridge, and WoodThe amendment of Mr. ROOTS was agreed to. Indefinite leave of absence was granted to


NOT VOTING-Messrs. James M. Ashley, Bald-
Mr. ARNELL. I move to amend this sec.

win, Barnes, Barnum, Boaman, Beck, Blaine, Blair, tion by adding to the first sentence the words Leave of absence was granted to Mr. Haigut

Boles, Boyer. Brooks Broomall, Burr, Benjamin F.

Butler, Cake, Chanler, Reader W. Clarke, Sidney to survey the Harpeth shoals, on the Cam- for ten days after to-morrow.

Clarke. Cook, Covode. Dawes, Dodge, Fields, Finney, berland river, with a view to the improvement

Indefinite leave of absence was granted to Fox, Glossbrenner, Gravely, Griswold, Grover, Halof said river. Mr. ELDRIDGE after Wednesday next.

sey, Hill, Hooper, Hopkins, A-ahel W. Hubbard,

Richard D. Hubbard, Hunter, Johnson, Judd, Kelley, The question was taken; and upon a division

Indefinite leave of absence was granted to

Kerr, Knott, Koontz, Laflin, Lincoln, Logan. Lynch, there were-ayes thirty. Mr. Woodward after Tuesday next.

McCarthy, McCormick, McCullough. Moore, MorBefore the result of the vote was announced,

Indefinite leave of absence was granted to

rissey, Mungen, Nicholson, Nunn, Phelps, Polsley,

Robertson, Robinson, Roots, Schenck, Selye, Sit-
Mr. ARNELL called for the yeas and nays.
Mr. HUMPHREY after Wednesday next.

greaves, Smith, Thaddeus Stevens, Stone, Taber, The questiou was taken upon ordering the

Indefinite leave of absence was granted to John Trimble, Trowbridge, Ward, John T. Wilson,

and Wood-71. yeas and nays; and, upon a division, there were

Mr. KERR after Thursday next. five in the affirmative.

Mr. NIBLACK. I ask leave of absence So the clause was ordered to be engrossed. So (the affirmative not being one fifth of the after Tuesday next.

Mr. RANDALL. I think that we have last vote) the yeas and days were not ordered. Mr. MAYNARD. Will the gentleman from

wasted money enough to day. I move that The amendment of Mr. ARNELL was not Indiana (Mr. NIBLACK] inform us how long he

the House adjourn.
agreed to.
expects to be absent?

Mr. ELIOT. I hope the motion will not
Mr. McKEE. I move to amend this section Mr. NIBLACK. That depends very much

be agreed to. We want to pass this bill to-day by adding to the first sentence the words

and get it out of the way.
on circumstances.

On the motion there were-ayes 53, noes 54.
Big Sandy river, from its mouth to Piketon.' Leave was granted.
The amendment was not agreed to.
Mr. TRIMBLE, of Kentucky, asked and

Mr. RANDALL. I call for tellers. obtained indefinite leave of absence after to

Tellers were ordered ; and Mr. RANDALL and Mr. McCORMICK. I move to amend this

Mr. Eliot were appointed. section by adding to the amendment adopted day.

The House divided; and the tellers reported on motion of the gentleman from Arkansas Mr. BARNES and Mr. GROVER asked

ayes 57, noes 62.
and obtained indefinite leave of absence after
(Mr. Roots) the words “and to Poplar Bluff,

So the motion to adjourn was not agreed to.
on Black river. !!
Wednesday next.

The Clerk resumed the reading of the bill, The amendment was agreed to.

Mr. BECK asked and obtained indefinite

and read the following:
Mr. MILLER. I move to amend the bill leave of absence after to-morrow.
Mr. TROWBRIDGE. Mr. Speaker, I desire

For improvement of Marquette harbor, Lake Suby adding what I send to the Clerk's desk to

perior, $20,000.
be read.

to inquire how far the members now in attend-
The Clerk read as follows:
ance exceed a quorum?

Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I call for
Sec. -

a separate vote on the engrossment of that -. And be it further enacted, that the Secre

The SPEAKER. Considerably more than tary of War be, and is hereby, authorized and directed a quorum are in attendance,

clause. It will take $385,000 to finish that to cause a survey to be made from the mouth of the

Mr. ELDRIDGE. If gentleman on the other

work. Susquehanna river at the Chesapeake bay to Lako

Mr. ELIOT. The work is now under way, Ontario, in the State of New York, in order to ascer

side think they cannot get along without us,
tain the practicability of a slack-water navigation they had better adjourn over. We want to attend

and this appropriation is needed.
for steamboats, &o.
the Democratic convention.

On a division there wereayes 54, noes 46.
Mr. MILLER. Is this amendment debat-

Mr. WASHBURNE, of Minois, called for able?


the yeas and nays. The SPEAKER, It is not. After the pre- Mr. HOLMAN, from the Committee on The yeas and nays were ordered. vious question has been ordered on the last Enrolled Bills, reported that the committee had Mr. FARNSWORTH. I move that the section of a bill, all additional sections are examined and found truly enrolled a bill of the House adjourn. regarded as amendments to that section. following title; when the Speaker signed the The motion was not agreed to; there being Mr. MILLER. I ask unanimous consent same:

ayes 58, noes 65. to have a memorial read.

An act (S. No. 522) to authorize the proper The question recurred on ordering the enMr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I object. accounting officers of the Treasury to settle the grossment of the clause for the improvement Mr. MILLER. My amendment does not accounts of Andrew S. Core.

of Marquette harbor, Lake Superior. call for any appropriation.


The question was taken ; aud it was decided The SPEAKER. No debate is in order.

in the affirmative-yeas 75, nays 49, not voting
The amendment of Mr. MILLER was not
The SPEAKER, The House resumes the

70; as follows:
agreed to.
consideration of the river and harbor bill. In

YEAS--Messrs. Adams, Allison, Ames, Anderson,
No further amendment was offered to the

accordance with Rule 121, relating specially | Arnell, Delos R. Ashley, Axtell, Banks, Barnes. Beck bill. to bills making appropriations for internal Boles, Buckland, Roderick R. Butler, Churchill,

Cobb, Coburn, Cornell, Dixon, Donnelly, Driggs, Mr. ELIOT. I call the previous question improvements, a separate vote may be de

Eggleston, Eliot, Farnsworth, Ferry, Garfield, Groon the bill as amended. manded on the engrossment of any item. The ver. Harding, Higby, Hinds, Hotebkiss, Chester D.

Hubbard, Humphrey, Ingersoll, Jenckes, Kerr, The previous question was seconded and the portions of the bill on which a separate vote is not demanded will be regarded as ordered to be

Loan, Lynch, Maynard, McClurg, McCormick, Mcmain question ordered.

Kee. Moorhead, Morrell, Mullins, Myers. Newcomb, The question was upon the engrossment of engrossed. The Clerk will report the bill.

O'Neill, Paine, Perham, Peters, Poland, Pomeroy, the bill.

The Clerk proceeded to read the bill.

Price, Pruyn, Raum, Robinson, Roots, Sawyer,
The SPEAKER. The gentleman from Illi-
Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois, called for Scofield, Smith, Spalding, Starkweather, Aaron F.

Stevens, Stokes, Trowbridge, Twichell, Upson. Van
nois (Mr. WASHBURNE] has reserved the right
a separate vote on the engrossment of the fol.

Aernam, Burt Van Horn, Robert T. Van Horn. Cad

walader C. Washburn, Henry D. Washburn, Thomas to demand, under the rule, a separate vote on lowing clause:

Williams, James F. Wilson, and Windom-75. each item of appropriation contained in the For improvement of the Wisconsin river, $40,000.

NAYS- Messrs. Bailey, Baker, Bentty, Benton, first and third sections of this bill.

On a division, there were-ayes 48, noes 42. Bromwell, Benjamin F. Butler, Cake, Cars, Cullom, Mr. RANDALL. I would ask the gentle- Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois, called for

Delano, Eckley, Ela, Ferriss, Getz, Golladay, Haight,

Hawkins, Holman, Hulburd, Johnson, Jones, Julian, man from Massachusetts (Mr. Eliot] what the yeas and nays.

Kelsey, Ketcham, Kitchen, George V. Lawrence,

[ocr errors][merged small]

y, improvements there would saren

Staies a great deal of money biterm landing goods. The point on E ** been recommended by our Legenden as San Pedro. My friend from the other trict [Mr. H!GBY] presented the sea of the State Legislatore in realitat these points. The point on the next

river wbere it enters into the bar 1. cisco relates to the whole code

great stream, and is cons'autely pertam receiving from private companies et ance. We bring down from the scene vast amounts of earth hy means

[ocr errors]

that a bar is being formed there are not

[ocr errors]

ought to be remored and looken General Government for fearest the navigation of that great rirer

. ment asks simply for a sarrer, este ought not to be objected to will pass favorably upon it ment; and I move that all de barco section be closed.

The question was then taken oa 4:53 amendment; and it was agreed to

[ocr errors]

Vr. ELIOT. I ask & rote ng the

The motion to close debate Fli

[ocr errors]

Mr. McCORMICK. I more to store te

disagree in

[ocr errors][ocr errors]

the word "river," in line thirtes, in 'and at Big Black river.

The amendment was

Mr. LYNCH. I more to see by adding to the first sentence, ale te of Cape Porpoise

, Maine The amendment was agreed to

Vr. VILLER. I move to see tion by inserting at the proper plate

remoral of bars. "the words "223"

Im from the mouth of the

bar, no Late lang

[merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors][ocr errors][ocr errors][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors][merged small][ocr errors]

William Lawrence, Loughridge, Marvin, Mercur,
Miller. Niblack.Orth, Phelps, Randall, Ross, Shanks,
petitions of Howard Iron Company and Valen-

Mr. DRAKE. The honorable Senator from
Shella borger, Taffe, Taylor, Thomas, Lawrence S.

tine & Co., iron manufacturers in Centre Wisconsin says that the ordinance of the State Trimble, Van Auken, Van Trump, Elibu B, Washburne, Welker, William Williams, Stephen T. Wil- ' operation, 260 workmen, 100 of whom are now

county, Pennsylvania, employing, when in full is there ratifying the constitutional amendment. son, and Woodward-49.

I suggest that we know nothing of the ordi-
NOT VOTING-Messrs. Archer, James M. Ashley,

idle, setting forth that the industry of the coun- nance of a State passed by a State Legislature.
Baldwin, Barnum, Beaman, Benjamin, Bingham, try is paralyzed for want of efhcient protection || I wish to have the ratification of the constitu-
Blaine, Blair, Boutwell, Boyer, Brooks, Broomall,
Durr, Chanler, Reader W. Clarke, Sidney Clarke,

against the cheaper capital and labor of foreign tional amendment, if it exists at all, read,
Cook. Covode, Dawes, Dodge, Eldridge, Fields, Fin-
countries; that much of the distress now preva-

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. It will be
ney. Fox, Glossbrenner, Gravely. Griswold, Halsey, lent and daily increasing, would be relieved by read if there be no objection.
Jill, Hooper, Hopkins, Asahel W.Flubbard, Richard
D. Hubbard, Hunter, Judd. Kelley, Knott, Koontz,

the passage of the tariff bill, which failed in the The Secretary proceeded to read the paper; Laflin, Lincoln, Logan, Mallory, Marshall, McCar

House, March, 1867, and praying Congress to but before concluding, thy, McCullough. Moore, Morrissey, Mungen, Nich- resume consideration of that measure and

Mr. DRAKE, I do not care to have the olson, Nunn, Pike, Pile, Plants, Polsley, Robertson, Schenck, Selye, Sitgreaves, Thaddeus Stevens, Stew

enact it into a law at the earliest practicable whole of that document read through. The art, Stone, Taber, John Trimble, Van Wyck, Ward, moment,

point upon which I wished information was William B. Washburn, John T. Wilson, Wood, and

that which was involved in the statement of Woodbridge-70.


the Senator from Wisconsin, that the ordinance So the clause was ordered to be engrossed.

of that State was here. I presume that that Mr. HOLMAN moved that the House do

TUESDAY, June 30, 1868.

is a ratification of the constitutional amend. now adjourn.

Prayer by Rev. E. H. GRAY, D. D.

ment; but I would rather that the document The House divided; and there were--ayes

On motion of Mr. CONNESS, and by unan- should be referred to a committee to ascertain 60, noes 56.

imous consent, the reading of the Journal of and report upon that fact before these Senators Mr. JULIAN demanded tellers. yesterday was dispensed with.

are admitted. It may be that the constituTellers were ordered; and Mr. JULIAN and


tional amendments are there set out correctly; Mr. Haight were appointed.

The PRESIDENT pro tempore presented

it may be that they are not; but this is too The House again divided ; and there were resolutions of the constitutional convention of

grave a matter to be left to any doubt or uncerayes 67, noes 57.

tainty; and as that investigation could be made Texas, asking Congress to authorize that conMr. PRICE demanded the yeas and nays. vention to organize a militia force in that State

in the course of an hour or two, or less perThe yeas and nays were not ordered.

haps, I move that the credentials of the Sen. to act in conjunction with and under the miliThe SPEAKER The Chair will state that

ator or Senators elect from Florida, together tary commander therein for the protection of this bill will be resumed immediately after the

with the document now purporting to be a ratithe lives and property of the citizens; which reading of the Journal to-morrow. were referred to the Committee on Military | produced before us, be referred to the Com

fication of the constitutional amendment, and So the motion was agreed to ; and (at four

Affairs and the Militia. o'clock and thirty-eight minutes p. m.) the

mittee on the Judiciary, merely for the purpose

SENATOR FROM FLORIDA. House adjourned.

of examining whether all the facts exist which Mr. HOWE. I desire to submit to the Sen. entitle these gentlemen to be sworn in, The

ate a certified copy of an ordinance of the committee can better examine it than we can PETITIONS, ETC.

Legislature of Florida ratifying the thirteenth in open session. The following petitions, &c., were presented and fourteenth amendments of the Constitu- Mr. FESSENDEN. There is another ques. under the role, and referred to the appropriate

tion of the United States, and to submit with tion whether the ratification has been, accord. committees ;

that the credentials of Hon. T. W. Osborn, a ing to law, communicated to the Department By Mr. PRUYN: The petition of John Senator-elect from that State. I ask that the of State. I believe the Secretary of State is Ahern, of Albany, asking indemnity for the credentials be read, and that the oath of office | by law required to announce when a sufficient loss sustained by him in furnishing certain be administered to the Senator-elect.

number of States have ratified a constitutional supplies to the Army in the year 1863.

The PRESIDENT protempore. The creden. amendment to make it a part of the constitution. By Mr. ROBINSON: The petition of John tials will be read.

Mr. HOWARD. I do not think that ancient T. Hildreth, of Brooklyn, asking an appropri- The Chief Clerk read as follows:

statute applies to the seceding States. ation to erect a monument in Fort Green,


Mr. FESSENDEN. It is a general statute, Brooklyn, to the memory of the victims of the

TALLAHASSEE, June 18, 1868.

and must apply to all the States.

This is to certify that in accordance with the proJersey prison ship. visions of the act of Congress entitled "An act to regu

Mr. HOWARD. I think the papers had By Mr. STEVENS, of Pennsylvania: The late the times and manner of holding elections for

better be referred to the committee. petition of 48 citizens of Columbia, Pennsyl. Senators in Congress, approved July 25, 1800, the Mr. FESSENDEN. And I wish the com. vania, setting forth that the productive inter

Senate and Asseinbly of the State of Florida, chosen
under and by virtue of the constitution frained in

mittee to inquire into that fact also.
ests of the country are suffering and its indus-
accordance with the reconstruction acts of Congress,

Mr. HOWARD. I beg also to call the attentry paralyzed for want of efficient protection did this dayconvene in jaint Assembly and proceeded tion of the committee especially to the language against the cheaper labor and capital of for- to elect a Senator in the Congress of the United States to fill the term expiring on tlic 3d day of March, A.

in which this ratification is couched. The Con. eign countries, and praying that Congress will D. 1873.

stitution requires the Legislatures of the severesume its consideration of the tariff bill, which And I do further certify that Thomas Ward Osborn ral States to "ratify

an amendment of the passed the Senate and failed in the House received a majority of the votes of the said joint Assembly, a majority of all the members elected to

Constitution of the United States. I observe March, 1867, and enact it into a law at the both houses being present and voting.

that in the present instance the Legislature of earliest practicable moment.

And I do further certify that the said Thomas Florida bave used the word “ adopted:" Also, the petition of 47 iron-workers in St. Ward Osborn has been nine years a citizen of the

United States and two years a citizen of the State of Resolved by the people of the State of Florida in Charles furnace, Columbia, Pennsylvania, setFlorida, and is a registered voter.

Senate and Assembly represented. That the following ting forth that, owing to foreign competition, Therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me, proposed amendments to the Constitution, known as their industry is greatly depressed, and many and in pursuance of the requirements of the constitu- articles thirteen and fourteen, be, and ihe same are

hereby, adopted." tion of the State, I do hereby accredit the said Thomas of the trade are out of employment, and pray- Ward Osborn, as Senator in the Congress of the Uniing for additional protective duties. ted States, to fill the said term expiring on the 3d day

I should rather think upon first blush that Also, the petitions of 148 iron-workers at of March, A. D. 1873.

would be a sufficient ratification, but still I In witness whereof, I have bereunto sct my hand Marietta, Pennsylvania , setting forth that,owing

desire to call the attention of the Judiciary

and affixed the great seal of the State of to foreign competition, their industry is greatly

Committee particularly to that language, in depressed and many of the trade are out of


order that we may be informed whether that employment, and praying for additional pro

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. If there word is a perfect compliance with the constitutective duties.

be no objection, the Senator-elect from Florida tional requirement. Also, the petition of 28 workers in Lancaster will advance to the desk and take the oath. Mr. FERRY. The motion now is that the cotton mills, Pennsylvania, setting forth that,

Mr. FESSENDEN. I am not aware of all credentials of the Senators-elect, and the ratiowiog to foreign competition, their industry is the facts with reference to the State of Florida, fication of the constitutional amendments, bę greatly depressed and many of the trade are whether it is in a condition to have a Senator both referred to the Judiciary Committee. ! out of employment, and praying for additional | admitted. I will inquire if that matter has

would suggest to the Senator from Missouri protective duties.

been examined into by any committee? There that the credentials lie upon the table, and the Also, the petition of 100 nickel miners in are certain conditions to be complied with. I

ordinance of ratification alone be referred to Gap mines, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, wish to be informed about it.

the Judiciary Committee, as we refused the praying for such increase of protective duties Mr. HOWE. I have just laid on the table

other day to refer the credentials of the Senators as will revive manufactures and restore pros- the evidence that the State hud complied with

from Arkansas. I move that amendment. perity to the country. the conditions. The act specified that they

Mr. DRAKE. There is a reason for referring Also, the petition of W. H. Eagle and 42 should be admitted when they had ratified the

the credentials along with the supposed resolaothers, citizens of Marietta, Lancaster county, fourteenth article. The ordinance of the State

tion of ratification. An act of Congress rePennsylvania, praying for additional protective ratifying the thirteenth and

fourteenth articles quires that in the election of Senators the brain duties. I bave just laid upon the table.

houses of the Legislature of any State shall By Mr. VAN AERNAM: The petition of Mr. FESSENDEN. If the Senator has Emily B. Bidwell, widow of Brigadier General examined the subject, and is satisfied that Daniel D. Bidwell, for increase of pension.

to this state as well as every other. Now, the everything is right about it, I shall not object. By Mr. WILSON, of Pennsylvania: The Mr. HOWE. I have no doubt about it.

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors][merged small]

[L. s.) Florida.

first vote separately for Senators. That applies question is presented here whether the Senate will recognize credentials of Senators which do

1 Wr. DRAKE. The honorable Beer's

Wisconsin says that the ordinance design is there ratifying the constitutional impre I suggest that we know norking day nance of a State passed by a State Larsen I wish to have the ratification of bene tional amendment, if it exista at el The PRESIDENT pro tempore

. La read if there be no objec'ion,

The Secretary proceeded to read ten but before concluding,

Mr. DRAKE. I do not care to la whole of tha: document read the

point upon which I wished informan that which was involved in the durat the Senator from Wisconsin, there are of that State was here. I presca: 1. is a ratification of the construca ment; but I would rather that the dire

should be referred to a countz 2 & f and report upon that faet beide de

are admitted. It may be that is

tivnal amendments are there is d

it may be that they are noi; tadi. of

grave a matter to be left to andre tainty: and as that investigation :

in the course of an hour or 180 ке

haps. I move that the credit des is of

stor or Senators elect from Flarda

with the document dos punterus terang ch

tication of the constitutional sa y

produced before us, be referred to it.
mittee on the Judiciary, zeren tar
of examining whether all the best pri

entitle these gentlemen to be seen a
he committee can better examine AUT
kb in open session.
Cu ; Mr. FESSENDEN. There was
th tion whether the ratification has been

ܕ ܕ

[ocr errors]

not show that fact. These credentials, if I Mr. MORTON. The credentials make this the word "adopted" covers the whole ground; heard them read correctly, indicate that the statement:

but still it is not the constitutional phrase, and Legislature of Florida, in the first instance, met In accordance with the provisions of the act of I wish the Committee on the Judiciary to look in joint session for the election of a Senator. Congress entitled 'An act to regulate the times and

into that particularly. While I am up I will manner of holding elections for Senators in ConI wish that matter to be investigated by the

gress,' approved July 25, 1866, the Senate and Assem- say further that I have observed in the proCommittee on the Judiciary. I wish it dis- ll bly of the State of Florida, chosen under and by virtuo ceedings of some of the other reconstructed tinctly understood, though, Mr. President, that

of the constitution framed in accordance with the
I do not make this motion for the purpose of
reconstruction acts of Congress, did this day convene

States propositions containing similar language, in joint Assembly and proceeded to elect a Senator in " adopting the amendment instead of * ratiinterposing any difficulty in way of the admis- the Congress of the United States."

fying' it. Perhaps it is tantamount to " ratify;' sion of Senators from Florida; all that I want Mr. DRAKE. “Proceeded to elect!" possibly it is not. is that we should see and know what we are Mr. MORTON. Yes, sir. I suppose they Mr. SUMNER. I think that is the popular about; that we should know that they are regarded the declaration or election made in term now. entitled to admission, and as soon as we know the joint convention of the Legislature as the Mr. HOWARD. It is not the constitutional that fact admit them. I think it is better that thing to be referred to. It says the election term. both the credentials and the supposed resolu- was held in accordance with the act of Con: 1 Mr. CONKLING. I wish merely to make tion of ratification go to the Committee on the gress. It may have been that there was no a suggestion as to the economy of time. Sev. Judiciary.

election the first day; the two houses may eral Senators prefer a reference of these creMr. HOWE. Mr. President, I dare say the not have agreed.

dentials. The Judiciary Committee meets in Senator from Florida, now on the floor and Mr. WILSON. That was the case. They the morning to-morrow, and can make a report bwaiting admission, has no particular objection | voted separately on the first day, and there to-morrow, so that no delay will ensue. I to having his credentials and this act referred was no choice ; and they then went into con- suggest that as half the morning hour has gone to any committee of the Senate, if the Senate vention the next day.

already on this subject, it might be agreeable sees fit to do so. I believe that step was not Mr. MORTON. So that that makes the to everybody, as the committee is to meet so taken in the case of the representatives who | language perfectly exact and legal in accord- soon, to allow the credentials to be referred appeared here the other day from the State of ance with the act of Congress. If the two and reported back, as they will be, promptly. Arkangas. It is not ordinarily done with cre- houses fail on the first day, then they come

Mr. TRUMBULL. I have looked at these dentials which are brought here by the repre- together in joint convention, and if a majority papers, and I see no earthly object in referring sentatives of States. It should not be done of both houses are present they then proceed them. We may as well act upon them now as except upon some grave doubt as to the pro- to elect according to the old manner of hold- to-morrow. priety of the individuals taking their seats. ing the election. The language is perfectly

Mr. CONKLING. We shall save time at The Senate will remember that I have not been correct.

least by referring them. one of those who have hungered and thirsted Mr. HOWARD. I do not understand that Mr. TRUMBULL. I do not know that we for representatives from these southern States. the act of 1866, relating to the election of Sen- shall. I do not know that the Judiciary ComThe two Houses have declared solemnly, how. ators to Congress, is applicable to the recon. mittee can satisfy the Senator from Michigan ever, that when they did ratify, not as the Sen. structed States. All these proceedings which whether the "adoption" of the constitutional ator from Maine [Mr. FESSENDEN] seemed to have resulted in elections, so far as there have amendment by a Legislature means its “ ratisuppose when the fourteenth article became a been elections in the recently rebel States, i fication” or not. The credentials are here in part of the Constitution of the United States, but have been taken under the reconstruction laws, due form. I do not see myself why the act of when these several States by their Legislatures | all of which were passed subsequently to the 1) Congress relative to senatorial elections canshould ratify the fourteenth article, they should general act of 1866, and it is impossible to give not apply to States lately in rebellion as well be admitted and have the same right to represent. that act a strict application to the state of as any others. It provides for the election of ation that New York or any other State had. things existing in those States. These elec- Senators, and this paper recites that in pur. I have submitted what I supposed was evidence tions are had under the reconstruction acts, suance of that act of Congress these persons that the Legislature of Florida had ratified the and not under the act of 1866, that I enter- have been elected. We have presented here fourteenth article; I have submitted what I sup: tain myself no doubt at all as to the right of in an authentic form the evidence of the ratifiprosed were the credentials of that State attest- one of these rebel States to elect their Sena. cation of the constitutional amendment. Now, ing the election of the gentleman whose name tors according to their own ideas without any what is the Committee on the Judiciary to is borne on the face of the paper. If Senators strict reference to the act of 1866. Then the inquire into? Has anybody suggested any. who hate insisted on having this State admit- question comes up before the Senate regularly thing? The Senator from Michigan has sug. ted at once still say they doubt the right of this as to the fairness and propriety of the elec- gested that the adoption" by the Legislature man to represent the State, or doubt the right tion. We are not bound, and I do not think of Florida of the constitutional amendment may of the State to have a representative, I shall those States are bound, by the statute of 1866, not be a “ratification” of it. If that is the give way to that doubt, and in order to solve in reference to the election of Senators. But opinion of the Senate, I do not think it can it shall consent to let these credentials and this still I care but very little about the form of the be changed by a report. It seems to me we act go to a committee; but nntil a Senator he credentials. What concerns me most at the may as well dispose of this subject now as to does doubt the propriety either of one or the present time is the peculiar form of the ratifi- refer it. I see nothing in the world to be made other. I think you ought to treat it as a State, cation which comes before us. The Legisla- || by referring these papers. The only object of and this gentleman as the representative of ture of Florida do not say that they “ ratify's referring the papers is to inquire into some. that State.

these amendments to the Constitution, but that thing. There are no facts here to be inquired Mr. POMEROY. I think the credentials they adopt” them. That is not strictly con- into which are not perfectly open to the whole do not show that the Legislature of the State stitutional language, and I wish to have a ref- country. Everybody knows the condition of went into joint convention on the first ballot. erence of the papers to the Committee on the Florida and the terms of the act we have reing. They show that they went into a joint || Judiciary for the very purpose of calling their cently passed. I think we had better dispose convention according to the act of Congress, 11 attention to the peculiar phraseology of this of the question now. and therefore it could not have been at first. ratification. If it is all right I shall be quite Mr, DRAKE. Mr. President, this is one The language of the credential is that under content to admit the Senators. That is a point of those questions in regard to which time is the act of Congress they proceeded in joint of great importance to me.

a matter of no consequence. The question is, convention to elect Senators; and if they pro- Mr. SUMNER. I will remind my friend, whether a State has complied with the terms ceeded under the act of Congress of course the Senator from Michigan, that though the of the act upon which it was to be admitted they voted the first day in separate houses. I Constitution uses the term “ ratify,” yet com- into the Union again. I ain satisfied in my have no objection to the matter being referred mon usage does use the term "adopt.” We own mind, and should so vote now if called to & committee if we can bave an immediate fainiliarly speak of the "adoption of the con- upon, that the resolution which has been prereport. I do not want any unfriendliness man- stitutional amendment; and I think we may sented here, as adopted by the Legislature of ifested when any State comes now to be rep- reasonably conclude that the Legislature of Florida, is not a ratification of the constituresented under our system and form. I hope Florida in using the common language meant tional amendment. this will not be regarded as an unfriendly act; the constitutional idea. Indeed, I cannot doubt Now, sir, I wish to call the attention of the and if it is simply to see that everything is that they have used language which is opera. Senate to this fact: the law, as it stands correct I have no objection to its being referred, tive for the purpose ; and yet, as a learned now, requires those resolutions or acts of ratibut I want an early report.

Senator has suggested a doubt on the subject, fication to be deposited in the office of the Mr. DRAKE. 'I expressly stated that it || I think it is well worthy of inquiry. I agree Secretary of State ; and most strangely and was not unfriendly on my part.

with him, therefore, in thinking it better that unaccountably he is the individual who is to Mr. MORTON. These credentials evidently | this document should be referred to the Judi- | promulgate the final adoption of the constiturefer to the joint convention provided by the ciary Committee for a report. It is the first tional amendment. The Congress of the act of Congress to take place on the second of a series, and we cannot be too careful in United States, according to the law as it stands, day. Perhaps it was not thought necessary to seeing that it is right.

has nothing to do with declaring the amendset forth that they had met in separate houses Mr. HOWARD. The language of the Con- ment adopted or ratified by the requisite on the first day and proceeded to vote, but it stitution is, that an amendment " when ratified number of States. He is the individual who refers only to the joint convention which | by the Legislatures of three fourths of the sev- is to declare the thing and to authorize its declares the election,

eral States, or by conventions in three fourths publication as a part of the fundamental law Mr. WILSON. They did vote the first day | thereof,'' shall become a part of the Constitu- of the land, as any gentleman will find who in separate houses, and made no choice. tion. I am not sure by any means but that will consult the statutes on that subject. Now,

ing to law, communicated to the Lopes he of State. I beliere the Secretary ce by law required to announce vale

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