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factures from internal tax, and for other purposes, priations for the legislative, executive, and of Mrs. Julia Cody, mother of James Cody; approved March 31, 1868." JOUN SHERMAN,

judicial expenses of the Government for the which was read a first and second time, and JUSTIN S. MORRILL,

year ending 30th of June, 1869; when the referred to the Committee on Invalid Pensions, C. R. BUCKALEW,

Speaker signed the same.
Managers on the part of the Senate,


Mr. GARFIELD, I ask npanimous consent

Mr. DAWES presented the credentials of

to report back from the Committee on MiliManagers on the part of the House.

James H. Goss, claiming a seat as a Repre- tary Affairs, for consideration at the present Mr. NYE. I should like to inquire of the sentative from the fourth district of South Caro

time, a bill (S. No. ) providing for the sale Senator from Ohio if the meter system is lina; which were referred to the Committee of

of the lands, tenements, and water privileges Elections. retained ?

belonging to the United States at and near


Harper's Ferry, in the county of Jefferson, resentatives agree to the Senate amendment A message from the Senate, by Mr. GOR- West Virginia. on that point substantially as we had it. HAM, its Secretary, announced that the Senate The SPEAKER. The bill will be read for Mr. NYE. How is that?

had passed bills of the following titles, in which information, after which there will be an opMr. SHERMAN. The Commissioner of the concurrence of the House was requested: portunity for objection. Internal Revenue prescribes the kind of meters,

A bill (S. No. 207) for funding the national The bill, which was read, provides in the but the distillers are required to get them. It debt, and for the conversion of the notes of the first section for anthorizing and directing the takes away from the Commissioner the power United States;

Secretary of War to make sale at public aucof procuring them.

An act (S. No. 596) for the relief of Mrs. tion of the lands, tenements, and water priviMr. NYĚ. Is the distiller bound to get | L. T. Potter; and

leges belonging to the United States at and them before he distills ?

An act (S. No. 349) granting lands to the near Harper's Ferry, in the county of JefferMr. SHERMAN. No; that is all left to

State of California to aid in the construction son, West Virginia, except as hereinafter proregulation.

of a railroad and telegraph line from the town vided, in such parcels as shall, in his opinion, Mr. NYE. I understand it will take years of Vallejo to Humboldt bay, in the State of be best adapted to secure the greatest amount to supply the distillers with them. California.

of money therefor on a credit of one and two Mr. SÄERMAN. That is all left to regu- The message also announced that the Senate

years, taking bond and security from the purlations as under the present law.

had agreed to the amendment of the House to chaser or purchasers for the payment of the Mr. NYE. I think the whole meter system

the bill (S. No. 567) relating to the Freed. | purchase money. But no such sale is to be is a very great humbug, and the advantage of men's Bureau, and providing for its discontin- made until the time, terms, and place thereof it a great deal more delusive than real.

sball have been published in one of the prin. Mr. SHERMAN. If any Senator desires to The message further announced that the cipal newspapers in each of the cities of Washknow what disposition has been made of any Senate had passed House bill of the following ington, New York, and Cincinnati for sixty particular amendment I will answer.

title, with an amendment, in which the con- days prior to the day of sale. The proceeds state generally that the amendments of the currence of the House was requested:

of the sale are to be applied by the Secretary Senate have been almost entirely concurred An act (H. R. No. 1353) for the removal of of War as follows: first, in defraying the in, with a few modifications that have been certain disabilities from persons therein named.

expenses of making the sale; second, in remade. I will not stop to explain the amend. REMOVAL OF POLITICAL DISABILITIES, funding to the United States the principal sum ments unless some Senator has a question to

Mr. BOUTWELL. I ask unanimous con

of purchase-money paid for the lands, teneask in regard to particular items.

ments, and water privileges by the United sent that the bill just received from the Senate, The report was concurred in. with amendments, hill (H. R. No. 1353) for

States, and forthe erection of buildings thereon; MESSAGE FROM THE HOUSE.

and third, if any surplus remain, he is to the removal of certain disabilities from the A meseage from the House of Representa

deliver the same to such agent as the Legislapersons therein named, be taken from the tives, by Mr. McPherson, its Clerk, announced

ture of the State of West Virginia shall appoint Speaker's table and referred to the Committee that the House had passed the following bill

to receive the same; but upon condition that on Reconstruction, and joint resolutions, in which it requested the The SPEAKER. If there be no objection,

such surplus shall be received by the State of concurrence of the Senate: the bill will be so referred.

West Virginia, to be set apart, beld, invested, A bill (H. R. No. 541) making appropria- There was no objection.

used, and applied as a part of

the school fund tions for the service of the Columbia Institu

of that State, under and by virtue of, and in tion for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb,

2. M. HALL.

manner and form as provided in section first and establishing additional regulations for the

Mr. JUDD. My colleague [Mr. WASH

of the tenth article of the constitution of West government of the institution;

BURNE, of Illinois] has a bill which he is au- Virginia, and for no other purpose. And on A joint resolution (H. R. No. 341) for the thorized to report from the Committee on

making such sale of the lands, tenements, and relief of Z. M. Hall; Appropriations. I hope there will be no objec

water privileges, or any part thereof

, the SecA joint resolution (H. R. No. 342) for the tion to considering it now.

retary of War is empowered and required, on restoration of Commander Greenleaf Cilley

Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois, by unani

receiving the purchase-money in full, to exeand Commander Aaron K. Hughes, United mous consent, reported from the Committee

cute all necessary deeds therefor to the purStates Navy, to the active list from the retired on Appropriations a joint resolution (H. R.

chaser or purchasers thereof, on behalf of the list; and No. 341) for the relief of Z. M. Hall; which

United States. The second section authorizes A joint resolution (H. R. No. 343) to admit was read a first and second time.

and directs the Secretary of War to convey by free of duty certain statuary.

deed to Storer of learn The message also announced that the House of the Treasury, in his discretion, to refund to had agreed to the amendment of the Senate to Z. M. Hall, of Chicago, the sum of $104 10,

those certain portions of the aforesaid propthe bill (H. R. No. 1353) for the removal of being the tonnage tax paid on the schooner S. certain disabilities from the persons therein

erty, namely, the buildings, with the lots on M. Pomeroy, in error, by her master at the

which they stand, numbered thirty, thirty-one, named.

port of Bay City, April 21, 1868, the tax having and thirty-two, also building numbered twendis EXECUTIVE SESSION.

been paid by Hall at Chicago, April 16, 1868. The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The Indian

The joint resolution was ordered to be

to give a breadth of ten rods on High street, appropriation bill will now be resumed.

otherwise known as street

, all of Mr. TRUMBULL, The Indian appropria- | engrossed, it was accordingly read the third tion bill is a lengthy bill, and it will be impos.

time, and passed. sible to finish it between now and the hour of

Mr. JUDD moved to reconsider the vote by, | Department to the Bureau of Refugees, Freed

have heretofore been assigned by the War adjournment. I move that the Senate proceed

which the joint resolution was passed ; to the consideration of executive business.


also moved that the motion to reconsider be The motion was agreed to; and after some

laid on the table, time spent in executive session, the doors were

The latter motion was agreed to.

purposes, and also to convey by deed to the reopened, and the Senate adjourned.


have heretofore been set apart by the proper Mr. WASHBURN, of Indiana, by unani- | authority for religious, charitable, and town mous consent, submitted the following res: olution; which was read, considered, and

purposes. agreed to:

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed approved.

to investigate into the disbursement of the contin-
gent fund of the House for tho years 1867 and 1868,

to provide the proceeds of this property shall
with power to send for persons and papers when the
same can be done without exponse to the Govern-

Mr. BARNES introduced a bill (H. R. No.
1432) to place upon the pension-roll the name

rated in the bill,

The joint resolution

authorizes the Secretary deedhar Sered by the State of West Virgin prope?

engrossed and

read a third time; and being sales en lahings and lots being citate de licen

per's Ferry aforesaid, being the same which

men, and Abandoned Lands, for educational proper persons all such other lands and buildings, portions of the aforesaid property, es


WEDNESDAY, July 15, 1868.
The House met at twelve o'clock m.
The Journal of yesterday was read and

ENROLLED BILL SIGNED. Mr. WILSON, of Pennsylvania, from the Committee on Enrolled Bills, reported that the committee bad examined and found truly enrolled a bill (H. R. No. 605) making appro

Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I will not object provided the gentleman will amend bis bill by striking out a portion of the bill

, so as go into the Treasury of the United States.

Mr. GARFIELD. I will allow the gentleman to offer it.

Mr. WASHBURNE, of Minois. I shall not withdraw my objection if that is not incorpo

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MIr. HUBBARD, of West Virginia. I want i orably discharged from Government service

SURVEYOR GENERAL IN UTAH. five or ten minutes to debate the proposed in pursuance of a telegram from Adjutant Gen- Mr. JULIAN. I ask unanimous consent to amendment of the gentleman from Illinois. eral's office dated May 12, 1865. That he take from the Speaker's table, for the purpose

Mr. SPALDING. I cannot yield if it gives returned to his father's, in Lewisburg, Penn- of concurring in the amendment of the Senate rise to debate.

sylvania, and being, in consequence of his treat- thereto, the bill (H. R. No. 202) to create the WIARVES IN OSWEGO HARBOR.

ment in rebel prison, broken down in health, office of surveyor general in the Territory of

and found by his physician to be incurable, Mr. CHURCHILL, I ask unanimous con

Utah, to establish a land office in said Terrimade application on the 14th of June, 1866, tory, and extend the homestead and preëmption sent for leave to the Committee on Commerce

for a pension; but before the evidence was laws over the same.
to report back a joint resolution.
There was no objection.

completed, to wit, on the 9th of July, 1866, Mr. RANDALL. I object, unless we take
died, so that all proceedings before the Com-

up the bills from the Speaker's table in their Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. The Com

missioner, in consequence of his death, were regular order. mittee on Commerce direct me to report back suspended. The object of this bill, Mr. Speaker,

HOMESTEAD AND PREËJPTION LAWS. House joint resolution No. 296, giving the is to authorize and require the Commissioner assent of the United States to the construction

Mr. JULIAN. I ask ypanimous consent
of Pensions to proceed to secure evidence and
of certain wharves in the harbor of Oswego, | determine whether said W. H. Cox was enti-

to offer the following resolution :
New York. The committee found no objec-
tled to a pension in same manner as if he was

Resolved, That the Committee on the Public Lands tion to its passage, but many reasons why it

be instructed to inquire into the expediency of restill living, and if he decide that he was so porting a bill extending the preemption and homeshould be passed. I am instructed to move a entitled, then the same, from date of his dis- stead laws of the United States over the territory of proviso to the joint resolution, that it shall be charge till death, be paid to his father, Charles

Alaska, establishing a suitable number of land dissubject to the approval of the engineer of the D. Cox, who wants to apply that money to:

tricts therein, and providing for the appointment of

registers and receivers therefor, and of a surveyor Ariny.

ward paying for a plain monument to mark the general for said territory.
The amendment was agreed to.
grave of his son, who lost his life in the cause

Mr. MOORHEAD. Mr. Speaker, is this the
The joint resolution, as amended, is as fol-
of our country. I trust, Mr. Speaker, that this

regular order?
bill may pass by a unanimous vote.

The SPEAKER. It is not.
Joint resolution giving the assent of the United The bill was passed.

Mr. MOORHEAD. I called for the regu.
States to the construction of certain wharves in

Mr. MILLER moved to reconsider the vote the harbor of Oswego, New York.

lar order. Whereas the common councilof the city of Oswego,

by which the bill was passed; and also moved The SPEAKER. The gentleman had left in the State of New York, by resolutions unanimously that the motion to reconsider be laid on the

the Hall after calling for the regular order. adopted April 7, 1863, and May 12, 1808, in pursuance table. of the authority granted them by the Legislature of

Mr. MOORHEAD. I did so, but I did not New York, in the charter of said city, hilvo given

The latter motion was agreed to.

withdraw the call. perinission to the owners of lots 11 and 12, also of


The SPEAKER. The gentleman must be lots 13, 14, 81, and 82, and of lots 15, 16, 17, and 18, in Fortification block, number two, in the first ward of On motion of Mr. SITGREAVES, by unani.

within the Hall if he insists on demanding the Faid city, to construct wharves in front of said lots, seventy feet in width, and extending northerly so mous consent,the Committee on Military Affairs

regular order.

Mr. MOORHEAD. I do insist.
that the north end of said wharves may be on a line were discharged from the further consideration
with the north line of the Ontario elevator pier, but

The SPEAKER. Then the resolution is not
of the petitions of Almira Ambler and Alex-
not less than two hundred and fifty feet distant froin
ander Moflitt, and the same were referred to

before the House.
the nearest point of the United States pier, which
wharves will extend into the navigable waters of the Committee of Claims.

saitl harbor: Therefore,
Beit resolved by the Senate and Tlouse of Represent-


The SPEAKER. The regular order is the atives of the United States of America in Congress assem

Mr. PIKE, by unanimous consent, from the

consideration of the bill pending at the adjournBled, That the assent of the United States be, and ihe firme is hereby given, so far as Congress has power Committee on Naval Affairs, reported a joint

ment yesterday (H. R. No. 541) making approto give the same, to the owners of the lots above- resolution (H. R. No. 312) for the restoration of || priations for the service of the Columbia Instimentioned to construct said wharves in accordance Commander Greenleaf Cilley and Commander

tution for the Instruction of the Deaf and with the terms of said resolutions, subjcct, however, to the approval of the engineer department of the Aaron K. Hughes, of the United States Navy,

Dumb, and establishing additional regulations: Army. to the active list from the retired list; which

for the government of the institution. The The joint resolution, as amended, was ordered was read a first and second time.

pending question is on the amendment of the to be engrossed and read a third time; and The joint resolution was reported. It author- | gentleman from Illinois, [Mr. Washburne,] to being engrossed, it was accordingly read the izes the President to appoint, by and with the add to the bill various sections. Pending that third time, and passed. advice and consent of the Senate, the aforesaid

motion the gentleman from Indiana (Mr. Mr. CHURCHILL moved to reconsider the commanders to the active list with the rauk || SHANKS] moved to reconsider the vote by which vote by which the joint resolution was passed; they may be entitled thereon.

the House disagreed to the substitute offered and also moved that the motion to reconsider The joint resolution was ordered to be en

by the gentleman from Illinois, (Mr. Washbe laid on the table.

grossed and read a third time; and being || BURNEI
The latter motion was agreed to.
engrossed, it was accordingly read the third

Mr. MAYNARD. I move to lay the motion time, and passed.

to reconsider on the table.
Mr. PIKE moved to reconsider the vote by

Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I hope it
Mr. MILLER, from the Committee on Inva- which the joint resolution was passed ; and also

will be reconsidered; it will save $40,000. lid Pensions, reported back flouse bill No. moved that the motion to reconsider be laid on

Mr. SPALDING. I hope it will not be 1420, directing the Commissioner of Pensions the table.

reconsidered. to proceed to hear evidence and determine the The latter motion was agreed to.

Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I demand right of W. H. Cox, deceased, late a sergeant

Mr. MOORHEAD. I call for the regular

the yeas and nays. in company F, second regiment Pennsylvania

The order.

nays were ordered. artillery, to a pension, in same manner as if

Mr. STEVENS, of Pennsylvania. Allow me

The question was taken ; and it was decided he was still living, he having died of disease to offer a joint resolution.

in the ailirmative-yeas 67, nays 49, not voting contracted while a prisoner of war at Ander


84; as follows:

I yield to my colleague
sonville, Georgia ; and if found to be entitled
to a pension, then the same from the time of

YEAS-Messrs. Archer, Arnell, Delos R. Ashley, on account of his ind position.

Baldwin, Banks, Barnes, Bingham, Blair, Boies, his discharge till death be paid over to his


Boyer, Brooks, Broomall, Roderick R. Butler, Dawes,

Dixon, Dockery, Donnelly, Driggs, Eckley, Eldridge, father, Charles D. Cox, with ihe recommenda- Mr. STEVENS, of Pennsylvania, by urani- Fox, Gartield, Higby. Hinds, Chester D. Hubbard, tion that it do pass, mous consent, introduced a joint resolution

Ingersoll, Jonckes. Alexander H. Jones, Kelsey,

Kerr, Kitchen, Knott, Koontz, Ladin, George V. Law The bill was ordered to be engrossed and (H. R. No. 342) to admit free of duty certain

rence, Mallory, Maynard, McKee, Miller, Moorhead, read a third time; and being engrossed, it was statuary; which was read a first and second Morrissey, Mungen, Myers. Nicholson, Perham, Peread the third iime. time.

ters, Phelps, Pile, Plants, Poland, Smith, Spalding, Mr. MILLER. Mr. Speaker, I will give a

Stark weather, Thaddeus Stevens, Stone, Taber. Tay

The joint resolution provides that the statue lor, Thomas, Lawrence S. Trimble, Twichell, Upson, brief explanation of this bill. W. H. Cox, a

representing the figure of Victory, intended to Van Auken, Van Trump, Henry D. Washburn, healthy young man of about twenty years of surmount the monument in memory of Penn

Thomas Williams, Stephen F. Wilson, and Wood

bridge-67. age, residing with his father, Charles D. Cox, ) sylvania soldiers who fell in the Mexican war,

NAYS-Messrs. Bailey, Baker, Beatty, Benjamin, in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, the town in which now about being erected on the capitol grounds Benton, Buckland, Benjamin F. Butler, Churchill I reside, on the 16th of February, 1864, was at Harrisburg, being in marble cut in Italy, Sidney Clarko, Cobb, Cook, Covode, Cullom, Delano, enrolled and sworn in as a sergeant in company and which will soon be ready for shipment,

Ela, Ferriss, Fields, Getz, Golladay, Grover, Hawkins,

Hopkins, Hotchkiss, Hunter, Judd, Julian, William F, second regiment Pennsylvania artillery. shall be admitted free of duty.

Lawrence, Logan, Lougbridge, Marshall, McCarthy, That the regiment to which he was attached The joint resolution was ordered to be

McClurg. Mercur, Moore, Mullins, O'Neill, Orth,

Paine, Pomeroy, Scofield, Shanks, Stokes, Trow. was ordered to the front, and on the 2d_of engrossed and read a third time; and being bridge, Van Aernam, Elihu B. Washburne, William June, 1864, at the battle of Coal Harbor, Vir- engrossed, it was accordingly read the third B. Washburn, Welker, William Williams, and James

F. Wilson--49. ginia, the said W. H. Cox was taken prisoner | time, and passed.

NOT VOTING – Messrs. Adams, Allison, Arres, by the rebels, conveyed to Andersonville, Geor- Mr. STEVENS, of Pennsylvania, moved to Anderson, James M. Ashley, Axtell, Barnum, Beagia, and there confined as prisoner of war for | reconsider the vote by which the joint resolu- man, Beck, Blaine, Boutwell, Boyden, Bromwell, about ten months. Then, being released, was tion was passed; and also moved that the Burr, Cake, Cary, Chanler, Reader W. Clarke, Co

burn, Cornell, Deweese, Dodge, Eggleston, Eliot, taken to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at which motion to reconsider be laid on the table.

Farnsworth, Ferry, Finney, French, Glossbrenner, place he was, on the 8th of August, 1865, hon- The latter motion was agreed to.

Gravely, Griswold, Haight, Halsey, Hamilton, Hard40TH Cong. 2D SESS.- No. 256.

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yeas and

ing. Jill, Holmnn, Hooper, Asahel W. Hubbard, Taylor, Trowbridge, Van Aernam, Elihu B. Wash- ard D. Hubbard, Ingersoll. Jenckes, Keises, Kerr, Richard D. Hubbard, Hulburd, Humpbrey, John- burne, William B. Washburn, Welker, Thomas Wil- Kiichen, Koontz, George V, Lawrence, Mallory, son, Thomas L. Jones, Kelley, Ketebam, Lincoin, liais, William Williams, James'. Wilson, and John Marsball, Marvin, Maynard, McClurk, Melice, Loan, Lynch, Marvin, McCormick, McCullough, T. Wilson--63.

Miller, Moorhearl. Mungen, Myers, Nicholson, Morrell, Newcomb, Niblack, Nunn, Pike, Polsley, NAYS-Messrs. Anderson, Archer, Arnell, Delos O'Neill, Perham, Peters, Phelps, Pike, Plants, Po: Price, Pruyn, Randall, Raum, Robertson, Robinson, R. Ashley, Baldwin, Banks, Barnes, Beck, Blair, land, Raum, Smith, Spalding, Stark weather, ThadRoots, Ross, Sawyer, Schenck, Selye, Shellabarger, Boles, Boyden, Boyer, Brooks, Dawes, Dixon, Dop- deus Stevens, Stewart, Stokes, Stone, Taber, l'homas, Sitgreaves, Aaron F. Stevens, Stewart, Taffe, John neily, Driggs, Eckley, Eldridge, Fox, Garfield, Gloss- Twichell, Upson, Van Aernam, Van Auken. Burt Van Trimble, Burt Van Horn, Robert T. Van Horn, Van brenner, Golladay, Griswold, Hamilton, fligby, Horn, Van Trump, llenry D. Washburn, William B. Wyck, Ward, Cadwalader C. Washburn, John T. Hinds, Chester D.' Ilubbard, Ingersoll, Jenckes, Washburn, Thomas Williams, Stephen F. Wilson, Wilson, Windom, Wood, and Woodward--84.

Alexander H. Jones, Kelsey, Kerr, Kitchen, Knott, Windoin, and Woodbridge-8...

Koontz, Loan, Mallory, Maynard, McKeo, Miller, NAYS--Messrs. Bailey, Beatty, Benjamin, BenSo the motion to reconsider was laid on the

Moorhead, Morrissey, Mungen, Myers, Niblack, ton, Sidney Clarke, Cobb, Cook, Corode, Collom, table.

Nicholson, O'Neill, Perhon, Peters, Phelps, Pike, Ferriss, Fields, Golladay, Ilaight, Hamilton, Hoteh. The question recurred on the amendment of Pile, Plants, Poland, Raum, Schenck, Smith, kies, llunter, Judd, Loan, Logan, Mercur, Voore,

Spalding, Starkweather, Thaddeus Steyens, Stone, Mullins, Orth, Paine, Pomeroy, Randall, Sawyer, Mr. WASHBURXE, of Illinois, to add to the bill

Taber, Thomas, Twichell, Upson, Van Auken, Burt Scofield, Shanks, Taylor, Trowbridge, Elina B. the following:

Van Horn, Van Trump. Stephen F. Wilson, and Washburne, William Williams, James F. Wilson, SEC.-, And be il further enacted, That the SecreWoodbridge-71.

and John T.Wilson-35. tary of the Interior, the chief justice of the supreme

NOT VOTING--Mesers. Adams, Allison, James M. NOT VOTING-Messrs. Adams, Allison, Ames, court of the District of Columbia, the Surgeon Gen- Ashley, Barnum, Beaman, Bingham, Blaine, Broom- James M. Ashley, Axtell, Barnum, Beaman, Blaine,

all, Burr. Roderick R. Butler, Chanler, Reader W. cral of the Army, the chief of the Bureau of Medieal

Bromwell, Buckland,

Burr, Benjamin F. Butler, Cake, Surgery of the Navy, and the chief engineer of the

Clarke, Coburn, Cornell, Deweese, Dockery, Dodge, Chapler. Churchill, Reader W. Clarke, Cornell, De

Eygleston, Eliot, Farnsworth, Ferry, Finney, French, Army, shall constitute a commission, which shall be

lano, Deweese, Dockery, Dodge, Driggs. Egglesin, known and designated as the "Commissiou of Chari

Halsey, Harding, Hill, Holinan, tlooper, Asabel W. Ela, Farnsworth, Ferry, l'indey, French, Griswold, ties for the District of Columbia."

Hubbard, Richard D. Hlubbard, lulbard, Humphrey, Grover, Halsey, Harding, Hawkins, Hill, Holman, SEC. –. And beit further enacted, That the said oom

Johnson, Thomas L. Jones, Kelley, George V. Lap- Hopkins, Asahel W. Hubbard, lluiburd, Humphrey. mission shall organizo immediately upon the passago

rence, Lincoln, Lynch, Marshall, Marvin, McCor- Johnson, Alexander II. Jones, Thomas L. Jones, of this act, and the Secretary of the Interior shall be mick, McCullough,

Newcomb, Nunn, Pulsley, Price, Julian, Kelley, Ketcham, Knott, Latin, William the president thereof, and lie shall designate as sec

Pruyn, Robinson, Russ, Sawyer, Selye, Shellabarger, Lawrence, Lincoln, Louglıridge, Lynch, McCarthy, retary of the said commission a clerk of his Depart- Sitgreaves, Aaron F. Stevens, Stewart, Taffe, John McCormick, McCullough, Morrell, Morrissey, Nera ment, who is of the fourth class, and who shat keep Trimble. Lawrence S. Trimble, Robert 'T. Van Horn, comb, Niblack. Nuud, Pile, Polsley. Price, Pruyn,

Van Wyck, Ward, Cadwalader C. Washburn, Henry a record of all the proceedings and trafsactions of

Robertson, Robinson, Roots, Ross, Schenck, Selve, the said commission.

D. Washburn, Windom, Wood, and Woodward-60. Shellabarger, Sitgreaves, Aarop F. Stevens, Tate, SEC. –. And be it further enacted, That the said So the amendment was not agreed to.

Jobo Trimble, Lawrence S. Trimble, Robert T. Van cominission shall havo the full control and direction

Horn, Van Wyck, Ward, Cadsealader C. Washburn, of all the appropriations made by Congress to the The question was upon ordering the bill to Welker, Wood, and Woodward-83. charitable institutions of the said District of Column- be engrossed and read a third time.

So the bill was ordered to be engrossed for bia, and of all such appropriations as may be made Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I move a third reading for the purposes of charity in the said District, and

that the bill be laid on the table. shall have the power of visitation and examination

The question being on the third reading of of all the institutions in the said District, to the The SPEAKER. Before it has been ordered the bill, support of which appropriations shall be made by

to be engrossed ? Congress. No money shall be drawn from the appro

Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I call for

Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois, priations made to the charitable institutions of the

Has the the reading of the bill in full. District, or for the purposes of charity in said Dis- bill been engrossed yet? I object to it if it The bill was read. trict, except upon the requisition of the president of

has not. the commission, made upon an order of the commis

Mr. GARFIELDand Mr. MAYNARD called

The question being on the passage of the sion, duly epicred in the journal of their proceedings,

bill, and all the accounts of the said commission shall be for the yeas and nays on the motion to lay the Mr. SPALDING called for the previous audited by the First Auditor of the Treasury. And

bill on the table. it is hereby provided that the provisions of this act

question. xhall not be deemed to include the Government hos- The yeas and nays were ordered.

The previous qnestion was seconded and the pital for the insano in the District of Columbia.

The question was taken; and it was decided SEC.-. And be it further enactell, That no inoney in the negative-yeas 4%, nays 8t, not voting |tion thereof the bill was passed.

main question ordered; and under the opera. shall be expended for the Columbia Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, for the Columbia Hospital for 74; as follows:

Mr. SPALDING moved to reconsider the Women and Lying-in Asylum, and for the Provi- YEAS-Messrs. Ames, Bailey. Beatty, Benjamin, dence Jlospital, unul the title to the property, real Benton, Cake. Churchill, Sidney Clarke, Cobb. Cook,

vote by which tbe bill was passed; and also and personal, of such institutions shall be transferred Covode, Dockery, Ela, Ferrisd, Fields, Golladay,

moved that the motion to reconsider be laid on to the United States by couveyances, certitied as Grover, llaisht, Hiuds, llopkins, llotchkiss, Hulburd,

the table. .being valid by the Attorney General of the United llunter, Judd, Knoti, Lourliridge, Marshall, Mc- The latter motion was agreed to. States, and conveying all the right, title, and interest Carthy, Mercur, Moore, Mullins, Orth, Paine, Perof the said institutions in the property conveyed. ham, Pomeroy, Sawyer, Scofield, Shanks, Trowbridge,

ENROLLED BILL SIGNED. SEC. –And be it further enacted, That it shall be Elihu B. Washburne, William Williams, and James the duty of the said commission to make a full F. Wilson--42.

Mr. WILSON, of Pennsylvania, from the report to Congress, at the December session of cach NAYS-Messrs. Anderson, Archer, Arnell, Delos R. Committee on Enrolled Bills, reported that year, of all its transactions and of all the expendi- Ashley, Axtell, Biker. Bunuwin, Banks Barnes, they liad examined and found truly enrolled a tures made under its direction, together with a state- Biogham, Blair, Boles, Boutwell, Boyer, Bromwell, ment of the condition of the charitable institutions Brooks, Buckland, Cary, Dawes, Dison, Donnelly,

bill of the following title; when ihe Speaker of the District for which appropriations shall have Eckley, Eldridge. Eliot. Tox, Garlicia, Getz, Glossa | sigued the same, namely: been previously made, and which shall have been brenner, Gravely, llamilton, lligby, Ilooper, Chester expended under its direction. D.Hubbard, Richard D. llubbard, Ingersoll, Jenckes,

An act (S. No. 567) relating to the FreedMr. SPALDING. Is that debatable? Alexander Jl. Jones, Julian, Kelsey, Kerr, Ketcham,

men's Bureau and providing for its discontinKitchen, Koontz, George V, Lawrence, Mallory, uance. The SPEAKER. It is not, the previous Marvin, Maynard, McClurg. McKec, Miller, Moor

DIESSAGE FROM THE SENATE. question having been ordered.

head, Morrissey, Mungen, Myers, Niblack, NicholMr. SPALDING. The Committee on Ap

son, O'Neill, Peters, Phelps, Pike, Plants, Poland,
Randall, Raum, Roots, Schenck, Smith, Spalding.

A message from the Senate, by Mr. GORHAM, propriations do not recommend these amend. Stark wonther, ThaddeusStevens, Stokes, Stone, Taber,

its Secretary, announced that the Senate insisted ments.

Taylor, Thomas, Twichell, Upson, Van Aernam, Van on its amendments to the amendments of the Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. Does the

Auken. Van Trump, William B. Washburn, Thomas House to Senate bill No. 352, to authorize the

Williams, Steplien F. Wilson, and Woodbridge--84. gentleman object to the amendment?

NOT VOTING-Messrs. Adams, Allison. Janics M.

temporary supplying of vacancies in the ExecMr. SPALDING. I do, and the majority Ashley, Bartium, Bcaan, Beck, Blainc, Boyden, utive Departments, and agreed to the conter: of the committee object to it.

Broomall, Burr, Benjamin F. Butler, Roderick R.
Buller, Chanler, Reader W.Clarke, Coburo, Cornell,

ence asked by the House, and had appointed Mr. STEVENS, of Pennsylvania. I ask the Culiom, Delany, Deweese, Dodge, Driggs, Eggles

Mr. TRUMBULL, Mr. Edmunds, and Mr. Pickgentleman if he will allow me to have a paper ton. Farnsworth, Terry, Finney, French, Griswold,

Ers, as the conferees on the part of the Senate. read

Ilalsey, Haruins. Hawkins, Hill, Holman, Asahej
W. llubbarid, liumphrey, Johnson, Thouias L. Jones,

The message further announced that the
Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I should
Kelley, Lullin, Williain Lawrence, Lincoln. Loan,

Senate requested the House to return to the be glad to have this matter open to debate. Logan, Lynch, McCormick, McCullough, Morreil,

Senate its resolution of concurrence in the reMr. STEVENS, of Pennsylvania. Oh, no; Newcomb, Nunn, Pile, Poisley, Price, Pruyn, Robertson, Robinson, Ross, Selye, Sheilabarger, Sit

port of the committee of conference on the the gentleman has not heard me through. greaves, Aaron F.Stevens, Stewart, T: fie, John Trim

disagreeing votes of the two Houses on House Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I object to bie, Lawrence S. Trimble, Burt van Horn, Robert T. bill No. 818, making appropriations for sundry debate unless I can have a chance.

Van forn, Van Wyck, Ward, Cadwalauer C. Wash-
kuru, llenry D. Washburn, Welker, John T. Wilson, ending June 30, 1869, and for other purposes:

civil expenses of the Government for the year The SPEAKER. Debate is not in order.

, . Mr. STEVENS, of Pennsylvania. The gen- So the motion to lay on the table was not

for the purpose of making a motion to recontleman has debated it more than any one else.

sider the same. agreed to. Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I demand The question recurred upon ordering the

REPRESENTATIVE PROY NORTH CAROLINA. the yeas and nays on the amendment,

bill to be engrossed and read a third time. The yeas and nays were ordered. Mr. SPALDING and Mr. GARFIELD

Mr. SCHENCK presented the credentials of The question was taken; and it was decided called for the yeas and nays.

David Heaton, claiming to be a Representativein the negative--yeas 63, nays 71, not voting

elect from the second district of North Caro.

The yeas and nays were ordered. 66; as follows:

lina; which were referred to the Committee of

The question was taken ; and it was decided Elections.
YEAS - Messrs. Ames, Axtell, Bailey, Baker, in the affirmative--yeas 82, nays 35, not voting
Beatty, Benjamin, Benton, Boutwell, Bromwell,

IMPROVEMENT OF YILWAUKEE RARBOR, Buckland, Benjamin F. Butior. Cako, Cary, Churchia

93; as follows: ill, Sidney Clarke, Cobb. Cook, Covode, Cullom, De- YEAS-Messrs. Anderson, Archer, Arnell, Delos

Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois, by unanilano, Ela, Ferriss, Fields, Getz, Gravely, Grover, R. Ashlcy, Baker, Baldwin, Banks. Barnes, Beck.

mous consent, submitted the following report Haight, Hawkins, Hopkins, Hotchkiss, Hunter, Binghan, Blair. Boles, Boutwell, Boyden, Boyer, Judd, Julian, Ketcham, Loflin, William Lawrence,

from the Committee on Commerce; which was Brooks, Broomall, Roderick R. Butier, Cary, CoLogan, Loughridge, McCarthy, McClurg. Mercur, burn. Dawes. Dixon, Donnelly, Eckley, Eldridge,

laid on the table: Moore, Morrell, Mullins, Orth, Paine, Pomeroy, Eliot, Fox, Garfield,' Getz, Glossbrenner, Gravely, Randall, Robertson, Roots, Scofield, Shanks, Stokes. Higby, Hinds, Hooper, Chester D. Hubbard, Ricb

The Committee on Commerce, to whom was referred the

memorial of the city of Milwaukee for re

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imbursement for certain expenditures on the harbor Mr. MULLINS objected, but afterward with- The question was taken; and there were of that city, with accompanying documents, report drew his objection.

yeas 111, nays 20, not voting 71; as follows: that they have postponed the further consideration thereof until the first meeting of the committee in

The bill was read. It provides for the repeal

YEAS-Messrs. Ames, Anderson, Archer, Bailey, December next, and h.ve referred the same to a sub- of so much of the second section of an act enti- Baker, Banks, Beatty, Benjamin, Benton, Blair, coinmittee consisting of Hon. T. D. Eliot and Hon. tled “An act for the relief of certain drafted Boles, Boutwell, Boyden, Brooks, Brootpall, BuckP. SAWYER, with instructions to ascertain the facts

land, Benjamin F. Butler, Roderick R. Butler, Cake, and to report at such meeting. men,'' approved the 28th day of February, A.

Churchill, Cook, Cullon, Dawes, Delano, Dixon, D. 1867, as provides that said section “shall Dockery, Donnelly, Driggs, Eliot, Farnsworth, FerCIVIL APPROPRIATION BILL.

apply only to claims received at the War riss, Fields, Fox, French, Gartield, Getz, GlossbrenThe SPEAKERlaid before the House thefolDepartment prior to its passage;

ner, Griswold, Haight, Hamilton, Heaton, Higby, provided

Hill, Hinds, lluoper, Liopkins, Chester D. Iubbard, lowing message from the Senate of the United

that all claims under said second section of Hulburd, Hunter, Ingersoll, Jenckes, Alexander il. States: said act shall be presented and filed within two

Jones, Judd, Kelsey, Ketcham, Koontz, Latlin, Wil-

July 15, 1908.
years from the date of the final passage of this

liam Lawrence, Lour hridge, Lynch, Mallory, Mar

shall, Marvin, McCarthy, McKee, Miller, Moore, Resolved, that the Secretary bedirected to request act and not afterward.

Moorhead, Morrell, Mullins, Muogen, Myers, Nibthe House of Representatives to return to the Senate Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. Does that

lack, O'Neill, Paine, Peters, Phelps, Pike, Pile, Plants, its resolution of concurrence in the report of the 1 give anything to the District of Columbia ?

Poland, Pomeroy, Randall, Raum, Robertson, Roots, committee of conference on the disagreeing votes

Sawyer, Schenck, Shankis, Smith, Spalding, Starkof the two Houses on the bill (H. R. No. 818) mak

The SPEAKER. It does not.

weacher, Stokes, Stone, Taylor, Lawrence S. Trimble, ing appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I want

Twichell, Upson, Van Aernam, Van Auken, Burt Government for the year ending June 30, 1869, for the District of Columbia included.

Van Horn, Elihu B. Washburne, Henry D. Washithe purpose of making a motion to roconsider the

burn, William B. Washburn, Welker, James F. Wil1.e SPEAKER. That would not be in son, John T. Wilson, Stephen F. Wilson, Wiudom, order'o this bill.

Woodbridge, and the Speaker-111.
The SPEAKER, The House has agreed

NAYS-Messrs. Adams, Arnell, Barnes, Bromwell, to the report of the committee of conference

Mr. "VASHBURNE, of Illinois. Then I

Cary, Cobb, Coburn, Eldridge, Golladay, Ilawkius,

object. on this bill, and the motion to reconsider has

Hotchkiss, Johnson, Julian, Loan, Mercur, Nicholbeen laid on the table. The Chair is therefore

Afterwi.d the objection was withdrawn.

son, Orth, Taber, Thomas Williams, and William The hill

Williams--20. of the opinion that it is not within the power or

vas ordered to be engrossed and NOT VOTING-Messrs. Allison, Delos R. Ashley, the House to comply with the request of the read a thir. time; and being engrossed, it was

James M. Ashley. Axtell, Baldwin, Barnum, Deaaccordingl read the third time, and passed.

mau, Beck, Bingham, Blaine, Buyer, Burr, Chanler, Senate, except by unanimous consent. Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I object.

Mr. BOWER moved to reconsider the vote

Reader W. Clarke, Sidney Clarke, Cornell, Covode,

Deweese, Dodge, Eckley, Eggleston, Ela, Ferry, Fine The SPEAKER. A message will be sent

by which thabill was passed; and also moved ney, Gravely, Grover, Halsey, Harding, lolman, that the motiv to reconsider be laid on the

Asabel W. llubbard, Richard D. llubbard, Humto the Senate stating that, under the rules, the


phrey, Thomas L. Jones, Kciley, Kerr, Kitchen, House is unable to comply with the request.

The latter moion was agreed to.

kuoit, George V. Lawrence, Lincoln, Logau, May

nard, McClurg, McCormick, McCullough, Morrissey, REPRESENTATIVE FROM NORTH CAROLINA.

Mr. BOYER, from the same committee, also

Newcomb, Nunn, Perham, Polsley, Price, Pruyn, Mr. DAWS. The Committee of Elections, reported back the following as having been

Robinson, Ross, Scofield, Selye, Shellabarger, Sit

greaves, Aaron F. Stevens, Thaddeus Stevens, Stewto whom were referred the credentials of David provided for

the general bill just passed;

art, Taffe, Thomas, John Trimble, Trowbridge, Robert Heaton, claiming a seat in this House as a

and the same ere laid on the table:

T. Van Iorn, Van Trump, Van Wyck, Ward, CadRepresentative from the second district of An ad (H. 1, No. 186) to extend an act

walader C. Washburn, Wood, and Woodward-71. North Carolina, have directed me to report entitled "An acfor the relief of certain drafted

So (two thirds having voted in favor thereof) that they have examined the credentials and

men,'' approved February 28, 1867;

the amendment of the Senate was agreed to. find them in due form of law; and they there. An act II. R. No. 463) to amend an act

Mr. BOUTWELL moved to reconsider the fore recommend that he be admitted to a seat

for the reliebt cetain drafted men, approved

vote by which the amendment of the Senate upon taking the oath of otlice prescribed by February 23 867

was agreed to; and also moved that the motion the act of 1862.

Memorial Herry Tibby, of Ohio, for the

to reconsider be laid on the table.
The report was agreed to.
return of comutation money ;

The latter motion was agreed to.
Memorial of W. Kirker, praying for the

Mr. David Heaton presented himself at the
Speaker's desk and was duly qualified by tak-

passage of an a for return of commutation Indefinite leave of absence was granted to ing the oath prescribed by law.

Mr. JULIAN on account of sickness ; also leave Mr. MOORHEAD. I call for the regular Petition of J. Jack, praying for return of of absence to Mr. Barnes till Monday next. order. commutation mon


The SPEAKER, by unanimous consent,

Mr. BOUTWELI I am directed by the

Leave to print a speech on irrigation, inlaid before the House the following communi

tended to have been made last evening in ComCommittee on Recon

quction to report back cation from the Secretary of the Interior. the amendments of thSenate to House bill

mittee of the Whole, was granted to Mr. Don.
The Clerk read as follows:
No. 1353 for the remol of certain disabili-

[See Appendix. ]
ties from persons therein.med. The Senate

WASHINGTON, D. C., July 15, 1368. strike out eight names
SIR: I have the lionor to acknowledge the receipt

add some others. Mr. POLAND obtained the floor on a quesof a resolwion of the lIonse of Representatives, of

The committee are of

opinion that the

tion of privilege, being the contested-election the 13th instant, in the following words, namely:

amendments are proper 1 reasonable. I case of Switzler vs. Anderson, but yielded to "Resolvell, That the Secretary of the Interior be, shall demand the previous stion,

Mr. JULIAN, who asked unanimous conand he is hereby, directed to furnish to this llouse copies of ali treatics made by the peace commis

Mr. BROOKS. The parding of rebels is sent to report back from the Committee on the sioners with the several tribes of western Indians so important that I ask the nat

s be reported. Public Lauds a bill (I. R. No. 1276) for the during the last and present years."

The Clerk proceeded to res the amend. sale of the Hot Springs reservation in ArkanIn reply I have to state that allthe treaties referred to, which have been reported to this Department

ment. have been laid before the President and by him

Mr. BROOKS. I will not

all these Mr. BENJAMIN. I object if it gives rise transmitted to the Senate for its constitutional action names be read if we have some in mation of

to debate.
thereon, and that none of said treaties are now in the
possession or under the control of this Department.

who they are.
Who is Mr. Moore)

The bill was read. It recites that the public Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Mr. BOUTWELL. The report

reservation known as the Hot Springs reserva. 0. H. BROWNING. the Committee on Recoustruction;

tion, in the State of Arkansas, is now held and Hon. SCHUYLER COLFAX,

is in the original bill.

occupied without color of title by various perSpeaker House of Representatives.

Mr. BROOKS. Mr. Dyer is an old bel; sons, whose claims have never been acknowl. The communication was laid on the table.

I would like to know something about edged by the United States Government, and

Mr. BOUTWELL. The gentleman

that the public interest and humanity require Mr. MOORHEAD,

the Committee on Reconstruction, and a

There is so much

that said springs be made available for public

to know as much as the rest of us. pressure upon me that I will withdraw my

use, and the weifare and settlement of the demand for the regular order of business.

Mr. BROOKS. They do business so fast

State will be promoted by the sale of lands Mr. POLAND. I will yield, then, to the

is impossible for me to keep up with them adjacent thereio; and provides that chairman of the Committee of Ways and Means.

There is one Beatty in the list; is it the poet passage of this act the Secretary of the Inte, Mr. SCHENCK. I ask unanimous consent Beatty?

rior shall cause to be surveyed, platted, and to take from the Speaker's table Senate bill

Mr. ELDRIDGE. It is very good reading; Lid out into streets, blocks, and lots, or parNo. 207, for funding the national debt and for

I hope it will all be read; we want to know els of ground of such form and area as will the conversion of the notes of the United

all these men who have been born again. facilitate the construction of a town, a cerStates in order that it may be referred to the [Laughter.]

taie portion of the public domain known as the Committee of Ways and Means.

The Clerk resumed, and concluded the read- Hot Springs reservation. The bill makes furMr. RANDALL. I object. ing of the names.

ther provision in regard to the appraisement, Mr. BROOKS. I call for the yeas and nays &c., of she lots and parcels of ground.

on agreeing to the amendment of the Senate. Mr. BROOKS. Unless the gentleman from Mr. BOYER. I ask unanimous consent to Mr. FARNSWORTH. This is a substitute Indiana ju sists on the reading of that long bill report back from the Committee of Ways and for the House bill, and requires a two-third I tell himna Means House bill No. 421 amendatory of an act

now that I shall object, and I object vote. The Journal should show that it passed on the ground that it refers only to " loyal entitled " Anact for the relief of certain drafted by a two third vote.

persons, which means Republicans, and exmen."

The yeas and nays were ordered.

cludes all Democrats.

money; and



me from



upon the



and pays,

Mr. JULIAN. If the gentleman objects I fore, that if the Committee on Accounts under- The question was taken upon ordering the llave no power to press the bill. take the job they will do it thoroughly.


and upon a division there were Mr.WASHBURNE, of Illinois. Before the Mr. BROOMALL. The Committee on Ac- seventeen in the affirmative. gentleman from New York makes his objec- counts are in the habit of doing their duty con- So (the affirmative not being one-fifth of the tion, I would like to have read an amendment scientiously.

last vote) the yeas and nays were not ordered. which I propose to offer to the bill.

Mr. RANDALL. They ought to have done The amendinent was then agreed to. The SPEAKER. The bill is not before the it for two years.

Mr. BROOYALL moved to reconsider the House.

Mr. BROOMALL They had no power,

vote by which the amendment was agreed to; Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I ask that Mr. FARNSWORTH. Have the committee and also moved tliat the motion to reconsider the amendment may be printed and referred 10 asked for that power ?

be laid on the table. the Committee on the Public Lands.

Mr. BROONALL. During the last Con

The latter motion was agreed to. Mr. BROOKS. I object. gress the committee tried upon various occa

The resolution, as amended, was then CONTINGENT FUND OF THE HOUSE. sions to get the floor, but failed to do so. adopted. Mr. RANDALL.' They are a privileged

Mr. BROOMALL. I desire to enter a mo-
tion to reconsider the vote by which the House

Mr. BROOMALL. No; they are not all of the United States, was delivered to the

A message in writing, from the President this morning adopted the resolution offered by

privileged committee as to such matters. the geutleman from Indiana, [Mr. WASHBURN,]

The SPEAKER. The Committee on se

House by Colonel William G. Moore, his irecting the appointment of a committee to

Secretary. counts are not privileged to report at any

tine. inquire into the disbursement of the contingent Mr. ELDRIDGE. ȘI understood the gatle

HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS. expenses of the House. My object is to amend man from Pennsylvania (Mr. BroomA] to

Mr. JULIAN. The gentleman from New the resolution so as to direct the Committee on

say that the Committee on Accounts hve been York [Mr. BROOKS] withdraws his objection Accounts to make the investigation. in the habit of investigating these ccounts;

to the consideration of the bill providing for The SPEAKER. The Chair will state that and yet he says they have not had he power

the sale of the Hot Springs reservation in motions to reconsider entered now may pos

for two years. Now, I would like /o ask the Arkansas. sibly not be reached if Congress shall adjourn gentleman what he means?

Mr. ARCHER. I renew the objection. next week, as seems to be probable.

Mr. BROOMALL. I understrid my colMr. BROONALL. Then the motion to

UNITED STATES CONSULAR SYSTEM. reconsider had better be disposed of now.

league (Mr. RANDALL] to imply uat the com:
mittee might not investigate fris matter. I

The SPEAKER laid before the House the The SPEAKER. Does the gentleman from replied to him that the Commitee on Arcounts

following message from the President of the Vermont (Mr. POLAND] yield for that purpose ?

United States:
Mr. RANDALL. If he yields he must yield

were in the habit of doing their duty cully and

To the Senate and House of Representatives : the floor finally.

I herewith transmit to Congress a report, with the

Mr. MAYNARD. If the objed is to have Mr. ELDRIDGE. I insist on the regular

accompanying papers, received from the Secretary the contingent fund of the Housefully investi. of Staie, in compliance with the requirements of the order. It is time this gentleman, Mr. Switzler,

gated the Committee on Accoats can do it eighteenth section of the act entitled "An act to reguwas admitted to his seat or rejected.

late the diplomatic and consularsystems of the United The SPEAKER. It depends on the gentle be organized. The only prachcal question, inore fully than any special committee that can

States," approved August 18, 1856.

ANDREW JOHNSON, man from Vermont, whether he calls up the

conceive, is whether we have sufficent confi. WASHINGTON, July 15, 1868. report of the Committee of Elections or not.

dence in their honesty and capacity. If I had Mr. BANKS. I move that the message and Mr. POLAND. I yield to the gentleman sufficient confidence in then to believe that

accompanying documents he referred to the froin Pennsylvania. they would go to work and make this investi

Committee on Foreign Affairs, and ordered to Mr. BROOMALL. All I desire to say is gation honestly and faithfully, I vould vote for

be printed. ibat the gentleman from Indiana, (Mr. WASH- their amendment; if I had no, then I would The motion was agreed to. BURN,] who otiered the resolution, is satisfied vote against it. I shall vote for the amend.

FUNDING THE NATIONAL DEBT, that the proper committee is the one I have

ment. mentioned, the Commitee on Accounts. I

Mr. RANDALL. I understand that the

Mr. SCHENCK. I now ask unanimous see no objection to its going to the regular

gentleman has pledged himelf in advance to consent to have taken from the Speaker's table standing committee, in preference to a select vote for it.

the bill of the Senate No. 207, för funding the coinmitiee to be raised.

Mr. BROOMALL. Ifi thought tbere was

national debt, and for the conversion of the Mr. WASHBURN, of Indiana. I did not a member in this Hous who really had not notes of the United States, in order that it in offering the resolution propose to censure enough confidence in th honesty of the Com- may be referred to the Committee of Ways any coinmittee of the House. I do ibink that mittee on Accounts to be willing to permit

and Means. an examination is necessary, and that it ought them to examine and sport upon a matter of No objection was made, and the bill was to be had. If the House thinks it better to this sort, I would befre night get out of the taken up and read the first and second time. send the matter to the Committee on Accounts | position of the chairaan of that committee.

Mr. SCHENCK. I now move that the bill I am perfectly satisfied. I do not court a select Mr. NIBLACK. I beg leave to assure the

be referred to the Committee of Ways and committee so that we have an examination.

gentleman, as this matter has come before the Means, and ordered to be printed. Mr. BROOMALL. All I want is that the House, that som of these irregularities are

The motion was agreed to. examination shall be in the regular way. 1 by common rumor and report charged to some

ELECTION CONTEST-SWITZLER YS. ANDERSON. call the previous question.

extent at the door of the Committee on Ac. The previous question was seconded and the

Mr. POLAND. I rise to a question of counts itself They therefore assume to do main question ordered; and under the opera.

what is to them a very delicate task. It is privilege, and call up the resolutions reported tion thereof the motion to reconsider was

charged that in their examinations they have I by the Committee of Elections upon the conagreed to. done nothing more than make merely formal

tested-election case of Switzler v8. Anderson, The question recurred on the adoption of the examinations, taking the statements that are

from the ninth congressional district of Mis

sonri. resolution.

submitted to them without further examinaThe Clerk read the resolution, as follows:

The Clerk read the resolutions, as follows: tion.

Resniced, That George W. Anderson is not entito investigate into the disbursement of the con

tled to a seat in this house as » Representative in and I do not think any member of this House tingent fund of the louse for the years 1867 and 1808,

the Forlieth Congress from tbe ninth congressional with power to send for persons and papers where the will venture upon making any such charge as

district of Missouri. saire can be done without expense to the Guvern- | that. No committee of this House has ever

liesolveu, That William F. Switzler is entitled to a workod barder and tried more to get at truth,

seilt in this llouse as a Representative in the Fortieth

Congress from the ninth congressional district of Mr. BROOMALL. I now move to strike out l justice, and exactness than the Committee on Missouri. the words “ a committee of five be appointed" Accounts. If any gentleman wants to be satis- Mr. POLAND. Mr. Speaker, at this period and insert the Committee on Accounts be fied whether or not I state the truth, he can of the session, and especially in this tempera: directed." have access to all onr records at any time, and

ture, I do not propose to take very much of Mr. WASHBURN, of Indiana. I would can attend our sessions at any time.

the time of the House in discussing the ques; ask the gentleman if it has not been their duty

Mr. SPALDING. Does the committee pro

tion that is raised by these resolutious reported for the last two years? pose to report at this session ?

by the Committee of Elections. Any gentle Mr. BROOMALL. No; it has not. The Mr. BROOMALL. I presume we will; we

man upon this boor who has taken interest Committee on Accounts have had no power of will if we can. I now call the previous ques

enough in this case to read the report of the inquiring into what I understand to be the tion.

committee which has been before the House irregularities. They have desired it, but it The previous question was seconded, there

for several months, a report which is very full has never been conferred on them by the | being, upon a division-ayes eighty-three, noes

and elaborate, will have learned more about House, pot counted.

the case than I should be able to tell bim in Mr. RANDALL. What are the irregálar- The main question was then ordered,

the short time which I propose to occurs; ities.

The question was upon the amendment of Mr. BROOMALL. I do not know; I never Mr. BROOMALL, to substitute the Committee

interest enongh io read the report of the heard of them till this morning.

on Accounts" for a select committee." Mr. RANDALL. Common rumor says they Mr. RANDALL. Upon that question I ask extend to very large amounts. I hope, there

for the yeas and nays.

[ocr errors]

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed Mr. BROOMALL. All that is new to me,


and, as to any gentleman who has not felt committee, I can hardly expect he will take interest enough to listen to what I shall have to say upon the subject.

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