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the President of Paraguay, the following At the beginning of the year 1868, the main memorandum :

force of the allies was still engaged in carrying Basis of Negotiations proposed to Marshal Lopez, on the siege of the Paraguayan fortress Hu

President of Paraguay, by Ur. Gould, British Seco maita. The forces of the allies and the Pararetary of Legation in Buenos Ayres, on mission to the billigerents' camp.

guayans were respectively estimated at 40,00

and 23,000, the relative advantages of position 1. A secret previous conference will assure the allied powers of the acceptance, on the part of the making the real strength of the Paraguayans Paraguayan Government, of the proposals they might about equal to that of the Brazilians. be disposed to make to it.

On the 17th of February three monitors 2. The independence and the integrity of the Re- passed Curupaity, and on the 19th six irocpublic of Paraguay will be formally recognized by clads succeeded in forcing the passage of 11the allied 3. All the questions relative to the territories, or

maita, which was defended by 180 pieces of boundaries, in dispute before the present war, will artillery. The ships were much battered, but either be reserved for an ulterior conference or sub

none lost. Ten men were wounded. On the mitted to the arbitration of neutral powers.

same day the Marquis de Caxias stormed a 4. The allied troops will retire from the Paraguayan

work north of Humaita, taking fifteen cannon territory, and the troops of Paraguay will evacuate the positions occupied by them in the territory of

and a quantity of stores. The loss on each the Empire of Brazil, so soon as the conclusion of side was about six hundred men. peace is assured.

On the 21st of February, three iron-elsk 5. No indemnification will be required for the ex

steamed on to Asuncion, the capital penses of the war.

6. The prisoners of war on both parts will be put Paraguay. On arriving in front of the city immediately at liberty.

they were received by shots from sixty-eizi: 7. The Paraguayan troops will be dismissed, ex- pounders in the port of Tocubi, to which the cepting the number of men strictly necessary to vessels responded, shelling the arsenal, the maintain the interior tranquillity of the Republic. 8. His excellency tho Marshal-President of the Re- custom-house, and the president's palace

, fiue public will, after the conclusion of peace, or after the

several hours. The division met with D preliminaries of the same, withdraw to Europe, obstacles, and the commodore reported that delegating the government to the vice-president, the city could easily be taken by effecting a who, by the constitution of the Republic, is in like landing at Santo Antonio, a few miles lower cases the person designated to take charge of it. (Signed) G. T, GOULD.

down. The defences of the place he reported Headquarters, Tuyucu, September 12, 1867.

to be unimportant, and the garrison to be

small. The reply of Mr. Caminos to this paper is dated headquarters in Paso-Puco, the same

On the 2d of March the Paraguayans muti day, September 12, 1867. The most important clads stationed between Curupaity and Ho

an attempt to capture the eight Brazilian in 1portion of it is as follows:

In the various clauses of this memorandum, I find maita. Before daylight, 48 boats with 1,90 a notable difference from those you had shaped to picked men, armed with carbines, rerollen serve as the object of the conference to which you hatchets, and hand-grenades, pulled quitis invited me, declaring that the Brazilian Minister in from the river bank, after covering thense ie Buenos Ayres, and President Mitre, and the Marquis do Caxias in the allied camp, had previously spoken A guard-boat detected the artifice, but before

with boughs so as to resemble a toating idei. upon it to you; however, the most salient is the condition, not only of the separation of his Excel

the crew of the nearest vessel could ens.ro leney the Marshal-President of the Republic from the themselves inside the towers, 14 boats Welt government of the State, but likewise, which is inore, alongside, and the Paraguayans boarding: 5 clause 3 of the memorandum presented to the allied captain and first officer were severely wound

short hand-to-hand fight ensued, in which to chiefs. For your personal satisfaction I must add that, as

The Cabral was also boarded from 12 boats to the vice-president is named by the President of the her crew had time to enter the casemate. ('s Republic, according to our institutions, he is not both vessels the desperate struggle was concompetent to assume the supreme command of the tinued through the port with fire-arms, ereti sion is limited, in such a case, to convoke an Electoral shot of the defenders telling in the dense m. Congress. As to the rest, I can assure you that the of the assailants, and the former suffering Republic of Paraguay will never sully its honors and verely from grenades thrown in. The plan di its glories by consenting that its president and de- simultaneous attack had, however, been trasfender, who has rendered it so glorious, and who fights for its existence, should be deposed from his trated in the excitement, and by the earttit. charge, and, still less, that he should be expatriated and the iron-clads Silvado and Ilerval opened from the land which is the witness of his heroism grape with deadly effect upon the boats what and sacrifices, tokens which are a sufficient guarantee the Brazil swept the decks of the boarded rein of the union that joins the lot of Marshal Lopez to that which God may have reserved for the Para

sels. The Paraguayans leaped into the botto? guavan nation.

the river, and sought to escape. The boats of The other articles of the memorandum shown to the squadron were sent off to sare the site the allied chiefs may serve as a point of departure mers, but they refused to surrender, and out for a discussion, as I have already had the honor of 13 prisoners were taken. The Paraguayan lov the discussion some dificulties cannot avoid arising, found on the decks

of the two resseis 02 was estimated

400 men, 140 bodies ter which, however, the interests of peace may reduce to more convenient terms.

part of the Brazilians, 32 were reported bil ed

and wounded. On the morning of the 3d of the garrisons of Humaita and Timbo only boats March the two wooden gunboats Beberibe and to effect their communications with. On the Mage forced the pass of Curupaity with tri- same day all the shipping at Curuzu was fling injury, and only one man wounded. brought up to Port Elisiario above Curupaity.

Marshal Lopez, seeing that after the passage On the 8th of May General Rivas, having of Humaita it was necessary to change his been informed that the Paraguayans were contactics, transported all his war material and all structing an advanced redoubt, sent a Brazilian his guns to the Tebicuari, fortifying this inland battalion to dislodge them. In the engagement, position. On the 21st of March the Brazilians which lasted an hour and a half, the Argentook possession of the fortifications at Tuyuti, tines did not take part, and the result was the and, on the 23d, Curupaity, having been complete defeat of the Paraguayans, leaving abandoned by the Paraguayans, was occupied one hundred and eleven corpses on the field. by the allies. The works taken possession of Their total losses were calculated at two hunby the allies were found to be very strong. dred and fifty to three hundred men put hors At Paso-Pocu these consisted of: First line, de combat. The Brazilians had nine killed and a ditch 18 feet wide and as deep. The parapet sixty-five wounded. A column of Paraguayan within was 6 feet 3 inches high and so much cavalry that was coming to protect the first in breadth on top, and was covered with sods. one was also driven back, and in their retreat Behind this parapet were the deposits for toward Timbo the two columns, who took the powder, extending for about four miles, at a road by the river side, were decimated by the distance of 36 to 42 feet from each other. grape-shot of one of the iron-clads that folBetween each was a well-constructed terre- lowed them in a parallel line. pleine, 14 feet 6 inches square and 3 feet 6 On the 16th of July the allies suffered a severe inches high, intended for a cannon, but on repulse before Humaita. An account written which, for some time before the advance was from Paso-Pocu on the evening of the 16th, made, a palm-tree log covered with hides was states that Osorio, with 10,000 men, attacked placed to simulate the real military engine. the part of the works of Humaita known as the The second line was more or less the same, "triangle;" that the two battalions forming the and the ditches of both were full of water, and vanguard got close to one of the redoubts withhad a few bridges thrown over them. The out opposition, but when within short range reredoubt called Sauce, at the angle nearest ceived a terrible fire of grape and musketry, Tuyuti and Lake Piris, besides its natural which threw them into disorder; that two other defences of overflowed lands and ponds, had battalions were then brought up to their supan antefosse, through which ran a watercourse port, and the redoubt was carried with the baythat drained those overflowed tracts, whose onet, but with considerable loss; that he then waters were shut off by a sluice. This ante- sent word to the Marquis de Caxias that he held fosse was over half a mile long, about 30 feet a redoubt, and wanted all the reserves at once wide and 17 feet deep. Between this and the to enable him to hold it and pursue the advanfosse of the intrenchment was a space about tage gained so dearly, but that Caxias ordered 130 yards wide and half a mile long. This him to retreat; that on this order being given inner ditch was 7 feet 6 inches deep and wide, the troops fell into confusion, and in their rewith its parapet the same height above the treat were swept by grape, falling dead in hunterre-pleine, and with a banquette of 20 inches dreds, and that Osorio, who had two horses in height. Fortunately for the Brazilian as- killed under him, and lost most of his staff, was sailants they came upon the antefosse soon unable to control them in their retreat. Two after the defenders had raised the sluice to fill battalions were almost entirely destroyed in ty and they were thus able to cross it, but lost less than 40 minutes, and the writer says the nuch ammunition. The Paraguayans had there Brazilian loss was at least 1,000 men, most of our or five hundred men and two light field- them killed. pieces, and its assault cost 13 officers and 184 Another repulse was suffered by the allies ank and file in killed and wounded.

on the 18th of July. A new Paraguayan batOn the morning of the 23d of March three tery of two guns opening upon the allied posiBrazilian steamers, the Barroso, Rio Grande, tion in the Chaco, and, thus placing it between nd Pará, descended below the Paraguayan two fires, that of the battery and that of Hu'attery of Timbo in the Chaco. The Paraguay- maita, the Marquis de Caxias ordered General in steamer Igurey was seen hidden behind in Rivas to attack and dismantle the new work. in inlet, and after several shots were fired at By General Gelly y Obes's dispatch to Genler a seventy-pound shot from the monitor Rio eral Mitre it appears that the battery lay irande struck her below water, and in two or beyond a deep stream, and that the ground hree bours she sunk in very deep water, which was almost flooded. Colonel Martinez was orovered even her chimney. On going further dered to advance and reconnoitro the ground in, the other steamer, the Taquary, was per- with the Rioja battalion, forty or fifty skirmisheived in the narrow channel between the ers, and two Brazilian battalions, with instrucsland of Araca and the Chaco. The Bahia tions not to pass the bridge which the Parantered the channel, and in a short time her guayans had on the stream. Rivas, with the re sunk the Paraguayan steamer, thus leaving main forces, had not started when he received


word from Martinez that he had arrived at the battery, and from infantry posted in the woods, that point indicated, and had killed forty or fifty they were forced to retire after losing 400 men in the Paraguayans, and had learned from prisoners tween the allies and the garrison, aided in their at

vain attempt. Fights continued daily and nightis krema that the Paraguayans were in force. Rivas tempts to escape by the Paraguayans of Timbo, and sent word that he was coming, but before he on the night of the 29th the last sent over some 3) had mounted received information that Mar- boats to transport part of the garrison across and carry tinez had advanced. Orders were sent to him cooked meat to the rest. Only a few succeeded it to retire, but when Rivas arrived he found the getting over, because of the fire poured in from desen

cannon and a large number of troops. On the night vanguard already routed and pursued. Check- of the 31st some 12 boats made an attempt to escape, ing the pursuit, he obtained reënforcements of but were beaten back by the armed boats station 1 two battalions, and drove the Paraguayans

on the lake. They, however, returned suddenly, ani over the bridge, after a severe fight. The loss overpowering one of the boats, succeeded in passing es of the allies were severe, being stated in other affair occurred: eight or ten Paraguayan brats

and escaping. At midnight of the 1st of August athe dispatch at 350 killed and wounded. Mar- making the attempt to pass the line of armed bekata tinez and Campos were either killed or prison- their movements were seen, and the one in which

General Rivas's dispatch states the loss Colonel Hermosa went was run down and destrorei to have been as follows: Argentines, 94 killed their crews mostly killed or drowned. On brini

Eight boats were captured, ar ] and 224 wounded; Brazilians, 60 killed and the boats to land and examining the bodies, sube 208 wounded; total, 586.

dead women were found dressed in soldiers' clothes, Notwithstanding these repulses, the allies,

Of the 25 or 30 wounded two or three were work, only a few days later, on the 25th of July, ob- ball. Some other young children were likewise amor

one with an infant, whose arm was trarersed by a tained possession of Humaita. The events, in the saved. Up to the 4th, the night fighting Ons connection with the evacuation of Humaita by ued, but on that day Father Ignacio Esmerats, a casthe Paraguayans and the subsequent surrender, lain in the Brazilian hospitals, obtained permission te after a struggle of more than a week's duration try if he could effect communication with the Pargar. of the remainder of the garrison, are thus de- ans, as two officers previously sent to summon them

to surrender had been driven off with bullets. In scribed by the Anglo-Brazilian Times of Rio that he was successful, and on the 5th the Paragur (August 22):

ans on the peninsula surrendered, to the number a To evacuate Humaita the Paraguayans had 80 or 100

98 officers and 1,230 men, the commander, Coed! boats, and the evacuation was going on for a week Martinez, being among the number. They were the before it was completed. First, the families were re

days without food, and some 200 were prostrated his moved; then, the sick, the prisoners, a large quantity

exhaustion ; 300 were sick or wounded. The mai of munitions, the remainder of their food, and finally

tions of capitulation stipulated that the partie the garrison, the outposts being maintained to the should not be forced to serve against Lopez and tas last moment to deceive the allies. Almost all the the officers might keep their swords and choose the non-combatants, and probably at least a third of the

allied nation in which to reside. The cominala garrison, passed through the lake in the middle of the says that the effective force of the garrison, wtra : narrow peninsula without exciting suspicion; and it evacuated Humaita, was 2,500 men. was only on the withdrawal of the outposts at Humaita that the allies became aware of the fact that the

The abandoned fortress of Humaita was de garrison was withdrawing to Timbo. The allied forces scribed as inferior in its position and constra in the Chaco were then raised to 10,000 men, and tion to Curupaity. The form was an irregular, the gunboats were brought up, and grape was poured almost circular, polygon, with a perimeter of into the narrow peninsula, which, however, being covered with bush, thickets, and tall reeds, favored some 75 miles in length, mounted with a the concealment of the Paraguayan movements.

200 cannon. The works followed the course Hidden in the thickets, the Paraguayans had some which the nature of the soil pointed out sai heavy cannon, which played on the vessels; while, rendered so defensible. The ditch was 16 fest opposed to the allied position, they had a strong bat- wide and 13 feet deep, in general. The pars tery which guarded them from attack on that side. They transported boats overland to the lake, and pet was 64 feet wide, and, on the side of the sarmed some with small cannon, and during the night lied positions, was sustained inside by trus of the 25th of July no doubt many escaped, being as- and palms, and showed signs of age. The els sisted by the Paraguayans in 'T'imbo. During the cis was natural, and the abatis on it was of 26th the escape continued, but the allies made great little strength, being merely boughs of trees small cannon over to the commanding points. In without connection or fastenings, without condoing this they were frequently attacked by the armed bination with the palisade, or protected břs boats. At night on the 26th a great etfort was made terre-pleine from projectiles. The line that is 30 to 40 boats and 600 to 800 men. Being discovered opposed to the allied armies was corerai with a heavy firo was kept upon them, and some of the salient angles, to give cross fire upon asserboats were forced to return; but others, with the sup- ants. On the south side the works were port of the armed boats of the Timbo Paraguayans, naturally defended by lakes, which coveral suceeded in passing, but with heavy loss. Gelly ý them to the river. Obes says they lost 500 out of 1,000. Two more flats

On this side only sa with cannon were brought from Timbo and placed in

cannon were placed, and the abatis was b3 the lake, and on the 27th the Brazilians dragged over a sham of branches. On the river side the best some from the river to contend with them on the lake. works and the heaviest cannon were foulu. After a reconnoissance on the 27th, in which loss The former consisted of six large and well-cy*

experienced, on the 25th an assault was attempted structed batteries, of which the London bare by the Brazilians, to the number of 3,000 to 4,000 men, upon the battery which the Paraguayans had, was the only one casemated. No large centri but they were received with so severe a fire from the redoubt existed inside the fortress. It had ise side a very large exercise-ground, round which wounded seriously, 18; slightly, 8; soldiers buildings were ranged, with barrack-room for killed, 78; wounded seriously, 169; slightly, 6,000 men. Furniture was found in all, and in 9.” The loss of the Paraguayan troops was the officers' houses quantities of preserves, oil, estimated to have been 400 killed, wounded, wines, and pickles, were left behind. As the and prisoners. buildings were in comparatively good condi- Another engagement occurred on the 1st of tion, all the hospitals and deposits were being October. The allied army, under General moved from Corrientes to it, and it was made Viscount de Herval, was ordered to effect a the basis of future operations. The works reconnoissance of the positions occupied by were immediately razed to the ground. the Paraguayan forces at Villeta. The vis

On the 26th of August the vanguard of the count pushed forward, and engaged the enemy Brazilian army crossed the Jacaré, a stream at several points, took a redoubt at the point flowing into the Tebicuari, and routed a force of the bayonet and drove the Paraguayans beof 300 Paraguayan cavalry on the other side, fore him. The object of the reconnoitring killing forty-five men and making some pris- expedition being successfully accomplished, oners, together with 126 equipped horses. On allied rces returned to their encampthe 28th the same force attacked and carried ment. a redoubt on the bank of the Tebicuari, which On the 15th of November, the allied forces, was defended by some 400 Paraguayans with under the command of Marshal Caxias, made a three small cannon. It was also protected by desperate attack on Villeta, the stronghold of abatis, secured to the ground by stakes. The as- President Lopez, but were repulsed with a loss saulting force consisted of two brigades of infan- of 1,500 killed and wounded. After the failure try, a brigade and two half corps of cavalry, six to carry Villeta, the Brazilian iron-clads atcannon, and a contingent of sappers. The strug- tacked, but with no better success, and were gle, though short, was severe, and the official re- obliged to retreat beyond range of Lopez's batport gives the Paraguayan loss at 170 killed and teries. 81 prisoners, and that of the Brazilians at 21 killed The month of December witnessed some of and 132 wounded. The three cannon were cap- the severest and most decisive fighting of the tured, together with arms, ammunition, horses, whole war. On the 6th of December, the and oxen. Four monitors were then ordered to Brazilians, under the command of Marshal enter the Tebicuari, which were able to go up Caxias, fell upon the rear-guard of the Paratwo leagues without difficulty, and on the 1st guayans, composed of about 4,000 men, and of September the crossing of the Tebicuari was commanded by General Caballero. The attack made, and it was found that the Paraguayans was very impetuous, and the defence very had abandoned all the lines there, leaving a brave. After several hours of severe fighting, dismounted cannon, large deposits of munitions. the Paraguayans were completely routed. and food, etc. The battery on the Paraguay General Caballero himself was killed. A Parwas also dismounted, the pieces being thrown aguayan colonel, taken on the 11th, stated that into the river. In the march of the Brazilian the Paraguayan forces consisted of four briarmy from Humaita to the Tebicuari no less gades of infantry of about 900 men each, and than 900 draught oxen were killed in the trans- about 1,000 cavalry, making a total of about porting of the baggage and munitions, notwith- 4,600 men, with 12 cannon. Of these forces standing that much was sent by water. he estimated the loss at 1,200 killed and

After abandoning the position on the Tebi- wounded on the 6th. This force was incuari, Lopez established his headquarters at structed to withstand the Brazilian advance Villeta. His army, at this time, was reported to wherever practicable, and received orders to number about 15,000 men. The new position maintain the bridge of Itororo. Lopez ordered was of considerable strength, owing to the dense them to retire on the night of the 10th to Lowoods, deep ravines, and the extensive marshes mas Valentinas, but the commander, fearing that surround it. The natural position of to be cut off by the numerous Brazilian cavalVilleta was in fact much stronger than it was ry, determined to hold the ground, on which at first generally anticipated. The Paraguay- consequently another battle was fought on ans were posted upon high hills, where they the 11th. The Paraguayans were again demounted their artillery. The allies threw up feated, and Lopez was thus compelled to leave earthworks to fortify their positions.

his camp at Villeta and to withdraw to Cerro On September 23d, a fight took place for the Leon. possession of the bridge on the stream Pici- The occupation of Villeta by the Brazilians quires, which lasted several hours, and ended was on the 17th of December. On this occain the defeat of the Paraguayans, the allied sion another cavalry engagement took place, in forces taking full possession of the bridge, as which the Paraguayans again lost about 100 men well as of a very important position beyond killed, and 50 taken prisoners. The Marquis it. The losses of the allies on this occasion de Caxias was delayed by the necessity of reare announced by General Caxias, in his order ceiving supplies by the Chaco. He united with of the day to the army, dated September 26, his other forces three battalions stationed in 1868, as follows: “Our losses are: 234 men the Chaco, fearing no attack on that side of put hors de combat-being, officers killed, 12; the river. In a reconnoissance of the batteries


of Angostura, Captain Augusto Netto de Men- gained on all sides, and the chief redoubt in the donça, commander of the iron-clad Mariz e rear was carried, the enemy retreating into his Barros, was killed by a splinter which struck last defence, leaving 14 cannon, large quantihis head. On the morning of the 21st, how- ties of food, powder, and other munitions, arins ever, the three Brazilian army corps prepared etc., together with the personal bagcase of to attempt the assault of the Paraguayan po- Lopez. Lopez, however, escaped toward Cersitions, and orders had been sent to the squad- ro Leon, with Mrs. Lynch, General Resquin, ron and to the forces, principally Argentines, and a small escort of cavalry. Among the left in the camp at Palmas, to coöperate as far many who came in and surrendered were Dr. as possible. The Paraguayans were posted in William Stuart (English), and Colonel Cister their intrenchments on the hills called Lomas (Hungarian), who brought his family with him. Valentinas, about nino miles from Villeta, and Colonel Ernesto Augusto da Cunha Mattos, e among the works connecting the Lomas with artillery, taken prisoner at Tuyuti on VoreAngostura, which lies on the river Paraguay ber 3, 1867, succeeded in making his escape at a distance of six miles from Lomas Valenti- and rejoining the Brazilian forces. On the

About 50 cannon were mounted in the 28th a summons to surrender within 12 boon various works, and some 7,000 Paraguayans was sent to the Paraguayans in Angostura were ready to defend them against the assail- but the flag was refused reception. Orders ants, whó numbered only 15,000 to 18,000 were then given for an assault nest morning men after the heavy losses in the previous As, however, a flag of truce came out of 1?fights. On the 21st the fighting commenced, gostura, advantage was taken to send 8 suzand a division of Brazilian troops assaulted the mons to surrender by 4 P. m., and by noon alt lines of Pequisiri, uniting Angostura with ply came that the commandants wished to scal Lomas Valentinas, and forced them, cutting off five officers to verify whether Lopez had been the communication between those two works, driven from his position. This was granted and capturing 30 cannon.

At the same time a and the commissioners were escorted throci column of cavalry encircled the Paraguayan the camps, hospitals, and works. At 51. X right at Lomas Valentinas, and, falling upon next morning (30th) a reply came offering i Potreiro Marmoré, captured 3,000 head of fat yield, and at 11 A. M. the garrison marched ca cattle. In the afternoon a reconnoissance in with the honors of war and stacked arins si force was made on the heights of Lomas the appointed place, the officers retaining the Valentinas, where the Paraguayans were in- swords upon parole not to serve in the presei trenched on the summit of a high and extensive Lieutenant-Colonels Lucas Carillo an! hill. By 6 P. M. the Brazilians succeeded in George Thompson (English) were respectives overpowering the defence at the first line, and first and second in command of the garmina in crossing the ditch, but the terrain, being which numbered 1,200 men, exclusive of v covered with groves of wood and with huts, wounded and sick, and women. A Brazilia rendered it impossible for the cavalry to pro- corps occupied Asuncion on the 24 of Jantas ceed. It was determined to maintain the po- 1869, finding it deserted, and on the 5th the sition reached, and all through the night con- main body of the Brazilian forces entered i tinued fighting went on in the endeavors of also, the Argentines being left in charzec the Paraguayans to recover it. However, after Angostura. All the Paraguayan wounded ani severe fighting, the Brazilians succeeded in non-combatants had been transported to 1st their purpose, and captured 14 cannon, includ- cion, and many families were returning this ing the 32-pounder Whitworth, and two others and to Villeta; but the Marquis de Carias y captured at Tuyuti. During the same night posed holding Asuncion as a fortress for tár also, 650 head of cattle were cut off while present. A naval expedition set out is leaving the Paraguayan camp. From the 22d Asuncion on the 4th of January, 1869. to the 26th bombardments of Angostura and Matto-Grosso, to expel any Paraguayas sy Lomas Valentinas were kept up, and the Ar- in the province, and, if practicable, prevent gentine, the Uruguayan, and Brazilian forces possible flight of Lopez to Bolivia. Vegeu left at Palmas were brought to headquarters, were also searching the lakes and rivers a their cannon coming afterward. On the 24th the Paraguay, to capture or destroy the si Lopez was summoned to surrender, to prevent Paraguayan steamers remaining of Lopez: dunnecessary effusion of blood, but his reply tilla. Of Lopez himself nothing was ka was, that he and all his troops were deter- since his escape after the rout at Lomas Tu mined to defend the cause of Paraguay to the entinas, except that he had passed the last. On the morning of the 27th, all the cannon Cerro Leon with a small escort. and rockets of the allied armies opened upon Leon no garrison was found by the Brazilian Lomas Valentinas. Marshal Caxias, with 6,000 cavalry corps in pursuit, only a large nu:alen Brazilians and Argentines, marched at day- of wounded, and many families from Vileta break to attack the rear, while Generals Gelly y Asuncion, and the country round about the Obes and Castro seconded the attempt by attack- General McMahon, the United States minister ing the front. A storm of missiles was rained was reported to be resolved on suppordica on Lomas Valentinas, and all the allied troops Lopez, and on establishing the seat of t. advanced against its works. Ground was American Legation wherever Lopez's best


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