Pilgrimage: The Spirit of Place

Chronicle Books, 2003 - 131 σελίδες
The authors of Beaches take a breathtaking photographic journey to places that have the ineffable power to revive and inspire the human spirit. We are transported to the severe beauty of Richard Misrach's desert, the haunting moodiness of Joel Meyerowitz's seascape, the twisted and searing reds of Eliot Porter's sandstone caves. Gideon Bosker and Lena Lencek pair the images with poetry and reflections on the history and nature of pilgrimage. At the back of the book, they include a wish list of far-flung outposts from which to embark on a pilgrimage of one's own. With 90 full-color photographs of the most evocative and soul-stirring spots on earth, Pilgrimage is both a celebration of the spiritual trek and a destination of note in itself.

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Gideon Bosker is a writer, photographer, and devoted pop culture connoisseur who has collaborated on many fine books. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Lena Lencek has collaborated with Gideon Bosker on a wide range of projects, from Fabulous Fabrics of the 50s and Patio Daddy-O (0-8118-0871-8) to Pilgrimage: The Spirit of Place (0-8118-3473-5). They live in Portland, Oregon.

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