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Diary of the Churches.

TRUSTEES' MEETING. The Half-yearly Meeting of the Trustees of the EVANGELICAL MAGAZINE was held at the Guildhall Coffee House, on Tuesday, January 20. The Revs. H. Allon, T. W. Aveling, S. B. Bergne, J. Fleming, H. J. Gamble, J. C. Harrison, A. M. Henderson, T. James, J. Kennedy, W. P. Lyon, E. Mannering, I. V. Mummery, E. Prout, R. Redpath, G. Smith, J. Spence, D.D., W. M. Statham, J. Stoughton, S. Thodey, and A. Tidman, D.D. were present, and took part in the proceedings. Sixty-four grants were voted, amounting to £488.

A hope was expressed that some more of the Churches would make a Sacramental Collection during the sum

immer months for the Magazine Fund, as many Widows are still waiting to be added to the list of Grantees. Nov. 25. – Hertfordshire Congrega- , ations and repairs. The Rev. J. A. tional Association. A meeting of mi- Spurgeon preached in the afternoon. nisters and delegates of the Hertfordshire In the evening a meeting was held, J. Churches, was held at Church Street Lush, Esq. presiding, when Mr. Clarke, Chapel, Ware, to form a Congregational on behalf of the church and congregation Association for the county of Hertford, welcomed the Rev. E. J. Newton, as C. A. Bartlett, Esq. in the chair. The pastor. Addresses were delivered by project met with unanimous and cordial the Revs. E. H. Jones, W. Gill, E. P. approval. The resolutions were moved Erlebach, and T. Skinner. The Rev. and seconded by the Revs. W. Griffiths, W. Gill preached on the following evenP. Law, J. Vine, Thomas Hill, J. Wood, ing. Samuel Davis, W. Braden, C. G. Haynes, Dec. 9.-Barnsley. The Rev. Joseph H. Maidment, D. Davies, B. Culpin, J. Oddy, late of Dogley Lane, near HudWonnacott, and Woodham Denth, Esq. dersfield, was publicly recognised as the The Rev. S. Davis was elected chairman pastor of the Congregational Church, A of the Union for the year; the Rev. J. public meeting was held, when the deWannacott and the Rev. T. Hill were votional exercises were led by the Rev. sppointed secretaries, and Woodham G. Wood. _The chair was taken by John Death, Esq., was requested to act as Crossley, Esq., Mayor of Halifax, who

expressed his great interest in the place. Nov. 27.-Colonial Missionary. The Speeches were delivered by the Revs. R. Rev. J. Gibson, late of Street, Somerset, Skinner, R. Bruce, M.A., J. Falding, was ordained to the ministry at the D.D., S. Oddie, J. Compston, J. Boyd, Weigh House Chapel, The Rev. T. and J. Cummins. James gave an address and asked the Dec. 16, --- Stepney. The Rev. W. tusual questions; the Rev. J. Fleming Hardie of New College, B.A., was oroffered the ordination prayer; and the dained pastor of the church assembling Rev. T. Binney gave the charge. The in Wycliffe Chapel. The Rev. T. Aveling destination of Mr. Gibson is Angaston, read the scriptures and offered prayer; South Australia.

the Rev. Professor Newth, M.A., gave Dec. 1. -- Ireland. Northern Congre- the introductory discourse; the Rev. G. gational Association. This Union met Smith asked the usual questions; the in Belfast on this and the two following Rev. Dr. Halley gave the charge; and the days. The Rev. R. Sewell was chosen Rev. J. Kennedy, M.A., concluded with chairman, and the Rev. J. Kydd secre- prayer. The Rev. S. Martin preached in tary. The Revs. J. G. Short and J. T. the evening, and the Rev. J. C. Harrison Lane were admitted to the Association. conducted the devotional services, The annual sermon was preached in Dec. 18.—City Road Chapel. The Donegal Street Chapel by the Rev. Rev. Alexander Hannay, late of Dundee, James Bain. On Tuesday evening a was recognized pastor of the church asmeeting was held, when addresses were sembling here. The devotional exercises delivered by the Revs. R. Fletcher, W. were conducted by the Rev. John Pillans J. Wylie, &c.

and the Rev. Samuel Martin; and adDee. 2. - Bruton, Somersetshire. dresses were delivered by the Rev. W. Services were held in connexion with S. Edwards, the former pastor; the Rev. the re-opening of the Chapel after alter- Dr. Spence, and the Rev. H. Allon.


was addressed by

Dec. 18.- Bishop's Waltham. A new | ceedings. A meeting was held in the Bicentenary Chapel was opened for public evening, addressed by the Revs. W. worship. The Rev. W. Maunsell, the Kingsland, Dr. Fraser, Professor Hartley, 1 pastor, gave out a hymn; the Rev. J. M.A., and Mr. Alderman Kenion. The Woodwark read the scriptures and cost of the schools will be about £1,100. prayed; the Rev. T. Adkins preached Jan. 6.-Beaconsfield, South Berks. from Isa. lx. 13; and the Rev. J. Hill A public meeting was held in Bethesda concluded the service with prayer. In Chapel for the purpose of welcoming the the evening a public meeting was held, Rev. James Duthie, as pastor of the S. Morley, Esq. in the chair. The Revs. church. The chair was taken by the W. H. Bower, H. H. Carlisle, W. G. Rev. J. Hayden, and the meeting was Lankester and others took part in the addressed by the Revs. T. H. Brown, D. proceedings. The total cost is £1,560. Pledge, J. Snell, D. Mossop (late pastor)

Dec. 21.--Cheriton, Hants. The new and Mr. C. Lever. Congregational Chapel was opened, when Jan. 7.–Rotherham College. The the Rev. J. Gooby preached in the after- usual half-yearly meeting of the Comnoon, and the Rev. Mr. Jacobs in the mittee of this college was held, James evening. The building is to seat 200 Yates, Esq., treasurer, in the chair. It persons, and to cost £450.

was reported that the finances were in a Dec. 28.--Silloth near Carlisle. The healthy state; there being a balance of new chapel was opened for Divine wor- upwards of £400. Two students were ship. The Rev. W. Brewis preached admitted on probation, making the full morning and evening. A meeting was number the house can contain. held on the following evening, Mr. Buck

Jan. 14. Peckham Rye Congre. in the chair. The Revs. H. Perfeet, N. gational Church.

A new lecture and Wight, W.A. Wrigley, E. Young, G. T. school-room, connected with the above Wallace, and — Bouch spoke. The build- place of worship, was opened. The pasing has cost about £560.

tor, the Rev. J. Hiles Hitchens, presided. Dec. 29. — London Congregational Prayer was offered by the Rev. T. J. Association. A meeting was held in Cole, and the meeting Ebenezer Chapel, Ratcliffe Highway, on the Revs. C. Gilbert, R. Robinson, G. the occasion of appointing Mr. Benn as Martin, D. Nimmo, and by W. H. Watan evangelist to labour in that locality. son, F. Allport, and J. Taplin, Esqrs. The Revs. J. Kennedy, M.A., S. Eastman, Jan. 16.—Sleaford. A public recogJ. De Kewer Williams, J. E. Richards, nition service was held to welcome the J. H. Wilson and others delivered ad- Rev. G. R. Bettis, as pastor of the Con, dresses.

gregational church. After an historical Dec. 30.-Alderholt, near Fording- statement of the church, addresses were bridge. A meeting was held in the delivered by the Rev. Messrs. Salt, Shaw, chapel here, recently erected by the friends Metcalfe and others. at Fordingbridge, to celebrate the extinction of the debt. Addresses were delivered by the Revs. W. H. Bassett, J.

PASTORAL NOTICES. 1. Jackson and others.

The Rev. J. G. Roberts, of Liverpool, Jan. 2.—Dublin, Zion Chapel. A has accepted the invitation of the Church meeting was held to take leave of the at Howden to become their pastor. Rev. D. Harding, on his retirement from The Rev. J. W. Coombs, B.A., late of the pastorate. P. D. Hardy, Esq. was Portobello, has accepted a call to be cor called to the chair. The devotional ex- pastor with the Rev. John Curwen, of ercises were conducted by the Rev. J.G. Plaistow. Manly, after which, Mr. W. Thomson, senior” deacon, read an address to Mr. pastorate of the Independent Church,

The Rev. C. Harrison has resigned the Harding, accompanied by a presentation Southmolton, Devon. of several books. The Rev. W. L. Giles, G. Foley, Esq., and Messrs. Hope, Brien, vitation of the church at Zion Chapel


The Rev. T. Orr has accepted the inand Warren, also spoke.

Mitcham, Surrey, to become their pastor. Jan. 3.-Manningham. The foundation stone of schools to be erected in moved from Highbury Chapel, Portse

The Rev. W. Young, B.A., has reconnexion with Greenfield Independent mouth, and accepted a call from the Chapel was laid by Alderman Brown. church The Rev. J. G. Miall delivered an ad-Gloucester.

at Southgate-street Chapel, dress in the chapel, and the Revs. W. The Rev. A. L. Mitchell, late of Jackson, H. Dowson, D. Sim, and T. Hackney, has accepted Gasquoine, B.A., took part in the pro- from the church, Brigg, Lincolnshire.

an invitation


Missionary Magazin



MADAGASCAR. SINCE the date of our last number no additional intelligence has been received from MADAGASCAR. This is attributable to the interruption and almost suspension of intercourse between that island and Mauritius, from the tempestuous state of the weather, during the months of our winter and early spring. Should, therefore, no letters be received for the next two or three months, it need not create surprise or apprehension. In the meantime, from the facts already before us, we may indulge the most cheering expectations, redouble our exertions in behalf of our Christian brethren and their benighted countrymen, and sanctify all by fervent and dependent prayer that God would be pleased still to extend His Church in that favoured land in which His power and grace have been so wonderfully displayed.

Our readers will be gratified to find that the List of Contributions for the erection of the proposed Churches in ANTANANARIVO has been considerably enlarged during the past month, and now exceeds Six Thousand Pounds. This large amount has been raised by the liberality of comparatively few donors, as, in consequence of the pressing and continued claims upon our Churches on behalf of the suffering multitudes in the Northern Districts, the Directors have felt it unsuitable hitherto to apply for Congregational Collections. But they hope that ere long the urgent calls of Madagascar may be presented by our Ministerial Brethren from their pulpits, and the object advanced by the general Contributions of thousands who, it cannot be doubted, would be willing to render aid according to their ability.

The important intelligence conveyed last month in reference to the number of Malagasy Christians found at great distances from the capital, and in different districts of the island, has induced the Directors to determine to strengthen the Mission by the appointment of four additional labourers, and we trust that in the course of the spring the Great Head of the Church may supply men of suitable qualifications and Christian devotedness for this sacred work.



On the 22nd of December ult. the Directors gave expression to this deliberate purpose in the following Resolution, in which they feel confident they will share the deep sympathy and generous support of the friends of the Society throughout the country:

“ That the very interesting and encouraging intelligence received by Mr.

Ellis as to the number of Native Christians in distant parts of
Madagascar, particularly in the Betsileo country, and their urgent
request for Missionaries, render it most desirable that four additional
Missionaries be sent to Madagascar at the earliest practicable period.”

But although it is necessary, and indeed essential at the present moment to increase the number of Protestant Missionaries, yet our hope for the evangelization of Madagascar rests mainly on the instrumentality of Native Christians. Many of these God has highly qualified for the service by spiritual endowments; men who, with suitable educational training will, we trust, under the Divine blessing, prove the most effective agents in diffusing the blessings of the Gospel among the millions of their unenlightened countrymen.



We have much pleasure in announcing the publication of several interesting and instructive volumes, presenting the past history and the future prospects of the work of God in Madagascar. In addition to a small Publication which the Directors have issued, entitled, “MADAGASCAR, ITS MisSION AND ITS MARTYRS,” they are gratified to announce the preparation of an interesting little work by Mes. ELLIS, styled, "MADAGASCAR, ITS SOCIAL AND RELIGIOUS PROGRESS ;” and a third volume, published by Messrs. Seeley, Fleet Street, entitled, “THE GOSPEL IN MADAGASCAR." Each of these productions, though the subject is the same, is written in varied style and form, and we most earnestly hope that they will be read by thousands with pleasure and instruction. Such publications are greatly required, for the history of the Martyr Church is comparatively little known. This can scarcely excite surprise, as its earlier events occurred more than forty years since, and the continued and aggravated sufferings of the Native Christians were unknown in their fearful variety and amount, until the removal of the late Queen. We trust, therefore, that the volumes enumerated will be attentively read, and familiarize multitudes with the sufferings and the triumphs of the Malagasy Christians, awaken devout thanksgiving to their Divine preserver, and lead to enlarged and vigorous exertions for the extension of His kingdom throughout the island.



WITH feelings of thankfulness to God, we have received from three of our Missionary Brethren intelligence of the same cheering character-the renunciation of idolatry by three young Hindoos, and their public profession of the faith of Christ. These happy events occurred in different spheres of labour. The first, in CALCUTTA, the capital of India, is the result of the labours of our Brethren in the Bhowanipore Educational Institution. This young convert appears to have been influenced by wbat he had seen and heard in the conversion of a fellow pupil. The second youth was brought to the knowledge of the Saviour in the city of BENARES, in connection also with the educational labours of our Missionaries in that city. The third, a Brahmin, had been associated as a teacher in the Mission School at BangaLORE. Thus the good seed, widely scattered in different soils, and watered by the same Divine influence, brought forth good fruit. All the converts had to endure the same test of sincerity—the bitter reproaches, and even the personal violence, of their nearest earthly connexions. Yet they were able by Divine grace to prove that they loved their Saviour more than father, mother, or wife, or home, or lands, and, in obedience to His command, each youthful disciple took up his cross, and suffered the loss of all things that he might follow Christ. May they prove faithful unto death, and then receive from their Redeemer the crown of life!


"DBAR SIR,-On Sabbath morning, January 12th, I had the gratification of baptizing a young man at Cooly Bazaar Chapel, in whose history you may feel interested.

" Koilas Chunder Dass is about seventeen years of age. He was a pupil in our Institution when his cousin Nundolal Dass was baptized, five years ago.

This occorrence, as usual in such cases, led to his removal, and he was sent to a school belonging to the Church Missionary Society, a short distance from us. After remaining there for about a year he returned to onr Institution, where he continued two years, and then, after a brief interval, he obtained a situation in a Government office, which he still holds.

“ The conversion of his cousin called his attention to Christianity, though he was then too young to act for himself in such a matter; it led him, however, to attend our Bhowanipore Bazaar Chapel, where he heard much instruction from our Native Preachers. One thing especially struck him. He often heard the Hindoos oppose the preachers, and call them opprobrious names, and he thought how much better it would be if they would rather go home and think over what they heard. He pursued the latter course, and often after he had retired to rest, reflected on the solemn truths he had heard. This deepened his desire for more religious instruction, and to unfold to some other heart the new-born wishes of his own; but he found it difficult to do this, and though he often followed the preachers as they retired from the Chapel to their homes, he never had courage sufficient to speak to them.

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