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Σελίδα 342 - Moon, the inclination of the Moon's orbit, to the plane of the ecliptic, the...
Σελίδα 135 - Lecturer is to preach during his year of office not less than four sermons, in which he is to shew the evidence for revealed religion or to explain some of the most difficult texts or obscure parts of Holy Scripture, — or both.
Σελίδα 359 - ... how absolutely necessary it is for us to gain habits of virtue in this life, if we would enjoy the pleasures of the next.
Σελίδα 134 - The trustees and electors of Mr Hulse's bequest are, the ViceChancellor for the time being, the Master of Trinity college, and the Master of St John's college. If the Master of Trinity or St John's be Vice-Chancellor, the Greek Professor supplies his place. The Bishop of Ely is visitor, with power to determine, in reason and equity, in all disputes1.
Σελίδα 151 - MA who composed the best Dissertation in the English language, on the evidences in general, or on the prophecies or miracles in particular, or on any other particular argument, whether the same be direct or collateral proofs of the Christian religion, in order to evince its truth and excellence.
Σελίδα 141 - MA; — and the other two are open to all Undergraduates who shall have resided not less than seven terms at the time when the exercises are to be sent in. The subjects...
Σελίδα 252 - Dr Porteus, late Bishop of London, in 1807 transferred stock to the amount of £1200; the interest of which is to be expended in the purchase of three gold medals, to be contended for...
Σελίδα 285 - THIS noble and magnificent College, the Mastership of which is in the appointment of the Crown, was originally endowed by King HENRY VIII. and afterwards augmented by his daughter Queen MARY, for the maintenance of a Master, sixty Fellows, and sixty-nine Scholars.
Σελίδα 135 - Christian or revealed religion, or against the religion of nature, as may, in the opinion of the trustees, or any two of them, seem best, or most proper to deserve or require an answer, whether the same be ancient or modern objections, but chiefly such as are most modern, and especially such as have appeared in the English language of late years against Christianity, and which may not seem to have received a full and sufficient answer...

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