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Four Vols. 16mo, in Box. $6. THE COLOR-GUARD. Being a Corporal's Notes of Military Service in the Nineteenth Army

Corps. By Rev. JAMES K. HOSMER.

"There has not appeared, since the war began to show its influence on literature, a book which gives us so vivid a sketch of the soldier's life, so sharp and yet gracefully outlined a drawing of the transport, the camp, the march, the hospital, the fight.” - New-York Evening Post. THE WHIP, HOE, AND SWORD; or, The Gulf Department in '63. By Rev. GEORGE H.


" It is a book of very deep interest, giving a clear picture of the state of the country, physical and moral, and the impression it made upon its observer, especially with regard to the subject of slavery." — Boston Daily Allvertiser.

" The whole book is readable, instructive, and exceedingly interesting; one of the most valuable of the literary contributions of the war.” Chicago Covenant. CHAPLAIN FULLER; Being a Life-Sketch of a New-England Clergyman and an Army

Chaplain. 12mo. Portrait.

“A most attractive and inspiring volume. No one possessing a true and loyal heart can rise from its perusal without a strengthened faith, and fresher and brighter views of life and character.” – New-England Farmer. THE THINKING BAYONET. By J. K. HOSMER, author of “ The Color-Guard."

“The story is one of the Rebellion and its antecedents. A high, patriotic, Christian moral pervades it, which is at once timely and enduring. One of the chief merits of the book is, that its teachings, as well as its interest, will outlive the adventitious circumstances of the hour, and instruct and amuse hereafter." - Buffalo Advertiser.

MARTIN'S GREAT HISTORY OF FRANCE. Now in course of publication. The parts (each complete in itself) now ready, are THE DECLINE OF THE MONARCHY, – 1715-1789. 2 vols. royal 8vo. With portrait (on

steel) of Louis XVI. and a map of France. THE AGE OF LOUIS XIV., – 1661-1715. 2 vols. 8vo. With portrait (on steel) of Louis and

Colbert. Published by subscription. Price per vol., $4, in cloth; $5 in Roxburg; $6 in half calf.

"One of the best-printed, as well as one of the most valuable, works ever issued in the United States." Boston Transcript. “* The great literary enterprise of the day." Boston Post.

" Whoever takes up these volumes will be loath to lay them down, and whoever goes through them will look eagerly for the remainder of the series." - Springfield Republican.

"Martin's History of France is one of the most elaborate and valuable histories of that or any other country which has ever issued from the press. It is learned, eloquent, and of thrilling interest, and, notwithstanding its elaborateness, has the elements of popularity.Hartford Post.


Large 12mo. $2.00. "Senator Wilson is admirably qualified to record the antislavery legislation in which he has borne so prominent and honorable a part. The volume is a labor-saving machine of great power to all who desire or need a clear view of the course of Congressional legislation on measures of emancipation." - Atlantic Monthly.

" His book ought to be in the hands of every intelligent citizen. It fully justifies the most cheerful anticipations of the patriot, and presents an instructive illustration of the progress of opinion.” – New York Tribune.




12mo. $2.00 each. These two remarkable volumes form, together, the most complete and ex

haustive History of Slavery, and of the effects of abolishing it, ever published.


Four Vols. Post 8vo., with full Index. Cloth, $10.00; half calf, $18.00.

This important work is based upon a History of the Thirty - Years' Peace, 1815-1846, commenced

by CHARLES KNIGHT, and completed by Miss HARRIET MARTINEAU. To the original work, Miss MARTINEAU has prefixed an Introduction, 1800-1815, with a valuable American Preface, and added an entire New Book ; bringing the work down to the actual termination of the Peace by the Russian War. The present publication is, therefore, a COMPLETE HisTORY OF ENGLAND from 1800 to 1854. The work is printed from clear type, on laid and tinted paper, and substantially bound.

“We know of no living writer who can be placed above Miss MARTINEAU, and very few are the writers who can be called her equals; and we esteem it a fortunate circumstance that she was led to prepare this llistory of her country in her own time, and which is, to a considerable extent, a history of the world in its most interesting years." - Boston Traveller.

“We must urge upon all Americans who desire to attain any enlightened knowledge of their own government, the necessity of an acquaintance with the later periods of English history, and earnestly recommend these volumes to their attention." - Boston Ailcertiser.

“This History is certainly a study for the American statesman, - a text-book for the advocates of democratic institutions. Miss MARTINEAU possesses a masculine mind, and grapples strongly with the facts of English history, and makes them yield their meaning readily to our understanding.” — Boston Post.


Founded on the Universal Laws of Being, and including Ontology, Theology, and Psychol

ogy, made one, as Spirit, Soul, and Body. By E. L. and A. L. FROTHINGHAM.

The Ontological System, complete in itself, is now ready. Octavo, elegantly printed, and substantially bound. $3.50.

“It deserves to be carefully read and deeply pondered; for it is a well-considered and pow. erful attempt to reinstate Philosophy on its ancient spiritual throne, and restore to it its supremacy over the minds and the lives of men." - North American Review.


By Rev. FREDERIC H. HEDGE, D.D. 12mo. Cloth, $2.00.

“On evity theme, Dr. HEDGE evinces a profound earnestness of purpose, choice, and well. digested erudition, and a style of great dignity and weight. His volume will commend itself to contemplative and thoughtful minds.” – New-York Tribune.

“The volume can hardly be opened at any page without impressing the reader with the advantage the author enjoys in being master of ile scholarship and literature of the subjects he discusses." — Boston Transcript.

By his Wife. 1 vol. elegant 8vo. Second edition, with full index. $3.00. " It is a sterling Biography, which no educated American can afford not to read. It is only partial praise to call the book deeply interesting. It vivifies and inspires.Atlantic Monthly.

“The subject of this memoir was no ordinary man; and this book portrays his character truthfully, and furnishes us with the key to his eminent usefulness. Every teacher in America ought to secure this book. It is issued in admirable style, and the whole volume is a Doble tribute to the memory and worth of the greatest educator of modern times." — Massachusetts Teacher.

Speeches, Lectures, and Addresses of Wendell Phillips.

8v0., elegantly printed, with exquisite steel portrait of Mr. Phillips. $2.50. “No ancient oratory was ever more brilliant with keen sarcasm, splendid invective, or destructive satire, scattered like diamonds, handfully in every direction. book to the perusal of all, but especially of our young men. It is throughout a noble lesson.” Methodist Quarterly.

We commend this

Hymns for Mothers and Children.

New series. Selected and cdited by one of the compilers of "Hymns of the Ages.” Printed

on tinted paper, and adorned by an appropriate titlepage and frontispiece, and twelve ex. quisite full-page designs by Miss Greene. Tastefully bound. $3.

“ The selections are all admirable, suited to every phase of childhood, and exquisite in taste, feeling, and sentiment.”- Newo-Bedford Mercury.

“Whatever the price of such a book as this, we can only say, that one who loves children and beautiful things will pay it, with sincere thanks to the seller." – Chicago Journal.

"The book is an education in taste as well as in good affections, and charms as well as purifies, elevates, and inspires." — Boston Transcript.

“Full of genuine home poetry, sweet and sacred, tender and motherly.” - Springfield Republican.


Youth's History of the Rebellion.

By the author of “The Pioneer Boy.” Complete, from the Capture of Fort Sumter to Lee's

Surrender. In 4 vols. With spirited Mustrations. In neat box. $6.00.
“This excellent publication is worthy of liberal encouragement.” — Boston Post.

The work is accurate, and has been done with fidelity and care. It abounds also in stirring facts and incidents of personal experience, and the narrative is spirited and vivacious."New-York Commercial Advertiser.

“Mr. Thayer has published many most commendable volumes for the young; but we esteem the above one of his most instructive and useful.” Home Journal.

The President's Words.

Being a selection of the most eloquent sentences, and the most terse, condensed, and weighty

passages, from the Speeches, Addresses, and Public Documents of President LINCOLN. 1 vol. 12mo. Edited by Rev. E. E. HALE. $1.25.

"The book is timely and acceptable, and is sure to be valued now and lastingly.” – Phila. Lutheran.

" Contains many golden words of weight and sagacity, and of such a deep humanity as the world will not easily lose memory of.” - Portland Press.

“Will most surely meet with popular acceptance.” Troy Times.

“No word of commendation is needed for this book, containing words that will live as long as literature shall live, embalmed in the memories and hearts of a great people." - Vew-York Teacher.

“Golden words, to become classic; and to be texts for many speeches and sermons." — New-Bedford Mercury.

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