The Insurance Law Journal, Τόμος 8

D.T. & L.H. Potter, 1879
Reports of all decisions rendered in insurance cases in the federal courts, and in the state courts of last resort.

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Σελίδα 24 - Company that the foregoing is a just, full and true exposition of all the facts and circumstances in regard to the condition, situation, value and risk of the property to be insured, so far as the same are known to the applicant and are material. to the risk...
Σελίδα 178 - If the property be sold or transferred, or any change takes place in title or possession, (except by succession by reason of the death of the insured,) whether by legal process, or judicial decree, or voluntary transfer or conveyance, . . . then, and in every such case, this policy shall be void.
Σελίδα 337 - Act, for a removal of the cause to the circuit court of the United States, on the ground that they were citizens and residents of the state of Pennsylvania, which application was granted.
Σελίδα 270 - And it is further provided in the policy that "if the interest of the assured in the property be any other than the entire, unconditional and sole ownership of the property for the use and benefit of the assured, or if the building insured stands upon leased ground, it must be so represented to the company, and so expressed in the written part of this policy; otherwise, the policy shall be void.
Σελίδα 202 - Appeal from judgment of the General Term of the Supreme Court, in the Third Judicial Department, affirming a judgment in favor of plaintiff, entered upon a decision of the court on trial without a jury (reported below, 10 Hun, 511).
Σελίδα 804 - It is a part of this contract that any person other than the assured, who may have procured the insurance to be taken by this company, shall be deemed to be the agent of the assured named in this policy, and not of this company, under any circumstances whatever, or in any transactions relating to this insurance.
Σελίδα 297 - The powers of the agent are prima facie co-extensive with the business intrusted to his care, and will not be narrowed by limitations not communicated to the person with whom he deals.
Σελίδα 924 - ... if the assured shall have, or shall hereafter make, any other insurance on the property hereby insured, or any part thereof, without the consent of the company written hereon...
Σελίδα 498 - The British and Foreign Marine Insurance Company, Limited, of Liverpool. New York Branch. "Crew-Levick Company, on account of whom it may concern.
Σελίδα 298 - Where the agreement as reduced to writing omits or contains terms or stipulations contrary to the common intention of the parties, the instrument will be corrected so as to make it conform to their real intent. The parties will be placed as they would have stood if the mistake had not occurred.

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