School Science and Mathematics, Τόμος 7

School Science and Mathematics Assoc., 1907

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Σελίδα 322 - Square Measure 144 square inches = 1 square foot 9 square feet = 1 square yard 30£...
Σελίδα 71 - The following resolution was passed : Resolved, That it is the sense of the...
Σελίδα 341 - If two triangles have two angles of the one equal to two angles of the other, each to each, and also one side of the one equal to the corresponding side of the other, the triangles are congruent.
Σελίδα 286 - School full credit is given by all the other normal schools of the State and in addition by the Teacher's College of Columbia University and the School of Education of the University of Illinois. When institutions of this high character accept class-extension work, it will evidently be perfectly safe for other institutions to do likewise. EXTENSION SCHOLARSHIPS. Scholarships and prizes for extension students have usually taken the form of tuition or payment of some part of the...
Σελίδα 578 - science," because of my conviction that, for long to come if not for ever, it will be the remorseless enemy of mankind. I see it destroying all simplicity and gentleness of life, all the beauty of the world ; I see it restoring barbarism under...
Σελίδα 242 - ... the American Physical Society, the American Psychological Association, the American Physiological Society, the American Society of Vertebrate Paleontologists, the American Chemical Society, the American Society of Zoologists, the American Nature-Study Society, the American Mathematical Society, the American Federation of Teachers of the Mathematical and the Natural Sciences, the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, the American Alpine Club, the Association of American Geographers, the...
Σελίδα 421 - How far up the incline will it move before coming to rest ? 5. How may the weight of a stick be found by using a single weight, an edge upon which to balance the stick, and a meter rule ? Explain your method. Give a diagram. 6. Approximately how deep must a bottle, neck downwards, be sunk in water in order to reduce contained air to half its initial volume ? What law of gases applies to the case ? C — Answer two questions in this group.
Σελίδα 328 - ... it is better to present a few topics in such a manner that they are powerful examples of the method by which science obtains its results, than to try to teach a large number of more or less scattered facts and theories in such a way that they can only be committed to memory.
Σελίδα 106 - Two triangles are equal if two sides and the included angle of one are equal respectively to two sides and the included angle of the other...
Σελίδα 242 - Bibliography of science teaching, compiled by a committee of the American federation of teachers of the mathematical and the natural sciences.

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