State Printers, 1909
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Σελίδα 766 - An Act to apply a portion of the proceeds of the public lands to the more complete endowment and support of the colleges for the benefit of agriculture and the mechanic arts, established under the provisions of an Act of Congress approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two...
Σελίδα 780 - An Act regulating the holding of elections and declaring the result thereof in cities, villages, and incorporated towns in this State...
Σελίδα 373 - When a message shall be sent from the Senate to the House of Representatives, it shall be announced at the door of the House by the door-keeper, and shall be respectfully communicated to the Chair, by the person by whom it may be sent.
Σελίδα 417 - An Act for the assessment of property and providing the means therefor, and to repeal a certain Act therein named,' approved February 25, 1898, in force July 1, 1898.
Σελίδα 110 - An Act to provide for the printing and distribution of ballots at public expense, and for the nomination of candidates for public offices, to regulate the manner of holding elections, and to enforce the secrecy of the ballot...
Σελίδα 398 - An Act to provide for the setting apart, formation and disbursement of a police pension fund in cities, villages and incorporated towns...
Σελίδα 602 - ... an Act to revise the law In relation to the commitment and detention of lunatics, and to provide for the appointment and removal of conservators, and to repeal certain acts therein named" approved January 21, 1893, In force July 1, 1893.
Σελίδα 23 - Representatives," who shall, immediately after the organization of the. House, and before proceeding to other business, open and publish the same in the presence of a majority of each House of the General Assembly, who shall, for that purpose, assemble in the hall of the House of Representatives.
Σελίδα 789 - All judgments, mortgages, assurances, bonds, notes, bills, specialties, promises, covenants, agreements and other acts, deeds, securities or conveyances, given, granted, drawn or executed, contrary to the provisions of this act, may be set aside and vacated by any court of equity, upon bill filed for that purpose, by the person so granting...
Σελίδα 938 - AN ACT To regulate the State charitable institutions and the State Reform School, and to improve their organization and increase their efficiency.

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