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in hope that a better generation will rise out of them: as it 9 follows; And I will bring forth a seed out of Jacob, and

out of Judah an inheritor of my mountains : and mine

elect shall inherit it, and my fervants shall dwell there. 10 And Sharon shall be a fold of flocks, and the valley of

Achar a place for the herds to lie down in, for my people that have fought me."

But ye [are] they that forsake the Lord, that forget my holy mountain, that prepare a table for that troop, for Gad, and that furnish the drink offering

unto that number, that is, to Meni. But because ye II choose a number of idols, Therefore will I number you

to the sword, and ye shall all how down to the slaughter: because when I called, ye did not answer ; when I fpake, ye did not hear ; but did evil before mine eyes, and did

choose [that] wherein I delighted not, what was most 13 odious to me. Therefore thus faith the Lord God, Be

hold, my servants, true believers in Christ, shall eat, but

ye, unbelievers, shall be hungry: behold, my servants i Thall drink, but ye shall be thirsty: behold, my servants 14 fhall rejoice, but ye shall be ashamed: - Behold, my fer

vants shall sing for joy of heart, but ye shall cry for

forrow of heart, and shall howl for vexation of spirit. 15 And ye shall leave your name for a curse unto my

chosen ; according to the proverb, · He is as miserable as a jew;' or the execration, God make thee like a jew:' for the Lord God shall flay thee, and call his servants by

another name, that is, Christians ; or in general it may 16 mean, that he will Arow them peculiar favour: That he

who blefleth himself in the earth fhall bless himself in the God of truth; and he that sweareth in the earth fhall swear by the God of truth; becaufe the former troubles, or when the former provocations, are forgotten, and because they are hid from mine eyes; there shall be an utter extirpation of idolatry, superstition, and wickedness,

from among ihem. 17 For; behold, I create new heavens and a new earth :

Sharon lay to the west, and Achor to the east ; fo that it intimates, that the whoie country should be peopled and become fruitful.

• It is uncertain what particular idols these were.

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and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into

mind; the final conversion of the jews Mall be a new and 18 glorious state of things, superior to any before. But be

ye glad and rejoice for ever, or, for the age to come,

(in that) which I create: for, behold, I create Jerusa19 lem a rejoicing, and her people a joy. And I will re

joice in Jerusalem, and joy in my people: and the voice

of weeping shall be no more heard in her, nor the voice 20 of crying, the former occasions of grief shall cease. There,

shall be no more thence an infant of days, nor an old man that hath not filled his days : for the child shall die an hundred years old, but the finner [being] an hundred years old shall be accursed; (figures taken from the antediluvian state:) men Mall live to a great age, and not die when they begin to grow old; he that is an hundred years old shall be reckoned but as a child; and if a man die at an hundred years, he shall be esteemed a grievous sinner, who hath provoked God by some aggravated

offence to shorten his 21 days. And they shall build houses, and inhabit (them;]

and they shall plant vineyards, and eat the fruit of 22 them. They shall not build, and another inhabit;

they shall not plant, and another eat : for as the days of a tree (are] the days of my people, they shall revive as a

tree does in the spring, and mine elect shall long enjoy the 23 work of their hands. They shall not labour in vain,

nor bring forth for trouble; for they [are] the seed of the blessed of the Lord, and their offspring with them;

their children shall live, shall be well provided for, and be a 24 holy feed. And it shall come to pass, that before they

call,' I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I

will hear ; I will prevent them with the blessings of my 25 goodness. The wolf and the lamb fhall feed together,

and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock; and duft [shall be the serpent's meat. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, faith the Lord; there shall be no perfecution nor severity among them, but perfe&t harmony and friendship; the serpent shall not fly upon men

and bite them, but appear as an innocent reptile." P Bp. SHERLOCK understands it as referring to the sentence on the serpent at the fall, that fatan shall be subdued and bound, be ftripped of his influence over the souls of men, and the curse of God executed upon him and his feed.



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ET us bless God that he hath fulfilled his promise

to the gentiles. They knew not God, nor did they feek after him ; but he made himself known to them; invited them to seek him, and return to him. This is the happy case of our land. O that we may be duly sensible of the divine goodness herein. When he calls to us, let us hear his voice and learn his ways; and let not our minifters have reason to complain of any of us, that they have stretched out their hands to a disobedient and rebellious people.

2. We may observe, how offensive spiritual pride is to God. A black character is here given of the Jews, and no part of it is represented to be so offensive to God as their hypocrisy and self-conceit, which generally go together, This is illustrated by our Lord's reproof of the pharisees. They trusted that they were righteous, and despised others; looked upon all who did not observe their superstitions, as un clean. A temper much resembling this is too common among christians, which discovers itself in their unreasonable attachment either to some peculiar notions which they term orthodoxy, or to some unscriptural rites, in which they place the whole of religion; and are too ready to say to others, We are holier than you. But such a temper as this is highly displeasing to God, v. 5. Those are often, yea, generally, the most unholy, who think themselves most holy. Let us beware therefore, left, being lifted up with pride, we fall into the condemnation of the devil,

3. We fee what a difference God makes and will make between his servants and his enemies. This difference is here specified, and their respective conditions are set one overagainst the other. His servants have comfort in their earthly enjoyments ; true peace, pleasure, and joy; and they are really honourable. While his enemies are strangers to true pleasure ; are, and will be, contemptible. Let God's servants therefore be thankful for his grace manifested to them; and let his enemies tremble to think, how much worse their state will be hereafter, when the righteous shall be comforted, while they are tormented.

4. When


4. When God is doing great things for his church, it becomes us to observe and rejoice in them, v. 18. He is able to do great things for them; as great, as making a new heaven and a new earth; and he will do it in his time. He will rejoice over his people himself; and it becomes us to rejoice with them, and take a part in their pleasure and gratitude. In the mean time, let us rejoice in the assurance and prospect of this happy period, and in every instance in which religion revives, and there are added to the church such as shall be saved.


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This chapter confifts of two parts; v. 1-7, is a reproof to

the jews for laying such a stress on the temple and temple wor-
ship in Christ's time, with an intimation that God would
change it. In this view Stephen quotes it, Aets vii. 49, 50,
ITHUS faith the Lord, The heaven [is] my

throne, and the earth (is) my footstool : where [is] the house that ye build unto me? and where [is] the place of my rest? where is the temple that suits my

majesty, and where I may take up my rest without any 2 thought of a departure ? For all those [things] hath mine

hand made, and all those [things) have been, or rather, are mine, faith the Lord: but to this (man) will i look, [even] to [him that is] poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at my word; who posteles habitual

humility and seriousness, and revereth my word. Without 3 this devout temper, He that killeth an ox [is as if ) he

slew a man; he that sacrificeth a lamb, [as if ] he cut off a dog's neck;' he that offereth an oblation, [as if he offered] swine's blood; he that burneth incense, [as if ] he blessed an idol ; the sacrifices of the unbelieving jews will not be acceptable to God, but very provoking to hini. Yea, they have chosen their own ways, and their soul

delighteth in their abominations, or, their superstitions. 4. I also will choose their delusions they shall be saves to

tradition 9 This was one of the sacrifices used by the heathens at the death of their friends, as mentioned by Homer.

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tradition and be deluded by false Christs, and will bring their fears upon them ; probably the Romans, for fear of whom they crucified Christ; because when I called, none did answer ; when I fpake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose [that] in which I

delighted not. Ś Hear the word of the Lord, ye that tremble at his

word; Your brethren that hated you, that cast you out for my name's fake, said, Let' the Lord be glorified:

but he shall appear to your joy, and they shall be 6 ashamed. A voice of noise from the city, a voice from

the temple," a voice of the Lord that rendereth recompense to his enemies ; to the unbelieving jews, who shall be left to perish in the destruktion of the city, while the christians, being warned by Christ, mall fly to the mountains and be securė. –The remainder of the chapter refers, I think, to the glorious state of the jews in the latter day.

Before the travailed, she brought forth; before her 8 pain came, she was delivered of a man child. Who

hath heard such a thing? who hath feen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth, to produce fruit in all its perfection, in one day ? [or] shall a nation be born at once? without growing up, without any pain and

difficulty, or any ill accident? for as soon as Zion travail9 ed, she brought forth her children. Shall I bring to

the birth, and not cause to bring forth? faith the LORD: - shall I cause to bring forth, and shut (the womb ?] faith

thy God; Shall I disappoint the expectations of my people, and fail to perform my work, when every thing is ripe for execution?

Then follows an address to gentile christians, who had mourned over the calamitious state of the jews for 10 many ages. Rejoice ye with Jerusalem, and be glad

with her, all ye that love her, rejoice for joy with her, 11 all ye that mourn for her : That ye may suck, and be

fatisfied with the breasts of her consolations; that ye may milk out, and be delighted with the abundance of her glory, or stores; as if he had said, That ye may be

edified • This is addressed to the believing jews, who were excommuni. cated under a pretence of zeal for God, and persecuted in every city to which their enemies had access.

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