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Foreign Politics, English Radicals and,

Foul, The Cult of the-Aischro-Latreia,

332-340; reply to, 547-556

Fourth of June celebrations at Eton,

Franco-German Crisis of 1911, The
Truth about the, 1046-1058
Franco-German negotiations concern-
ing Morocco, 233-251

Fraser (Sir Andrew), The Changes in
India, 48-57; Sectarian Universities
in India, 719-729

French Art and the Grafton Exhibition,

French Revolution, The Action of
Women in the, 1009-1016

French Society in time of Chateau-
briand, 1147-1163

Frodsham (Dr. G. H., Bishop of
North Queensland), Some Australian
Experiences of the Organisation of a
Disestablished Church, 1089-1097
Funk, The Rule of, 853–867

YAMBLE (Rev. H. R.), 'The Church

and Celibacy' Reply to Mrs. Huth
Jackson, 303-306

Game preserves and native reserves in
East Africa, 312-331
Gay (H. Nelson), Fifty Years of Italian
Independence from Naples to Tri-
poli, 148-164

Gerard (Dorothea), see Longard de
Longgarde (Mme.).

German alliance, French Entente, and
English Radical policy, 589-598
German influence on the English
stage, 783-784

German Fiction, Recent, 881-900
German territorial aspirations, how

they might be satisfied, 191-200
Germany, France, Morocco, and our

foreign policy, 217-232, 233-251,


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Handel's oratorios and modern musical
fashions, 767-782, 1000-1008
Harrison (Alfred H.), The Control of
British Polar Research, 756-766
Harrison (Frederic), Aischro-Latreia-
the Cult of the Foul, 332-340
Harrison (Mr. Frederic), Ugliness,'
Beauty,' and, 547-556

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Hartog (Prof. Marcus), Scholarships
or Millstones? 1185-1191

Hawkes (Arthur), The Imperial Emi-
grant and his Political Religion,

Heredity and variations, 511-531
Hewlett (William), Oratorio versus
Opera a Reply to Mr. Statham,

Hindoos, How King George could
win the Hearts of the, 58-74
Hindu and Mohammedan Universities,

Home defence, compulsory training,
and the Labour party, 86-97
Home defence, our national insecurity,

Home Rule and Federalism, 1230-1242
Home Rule and Irish finances, 1-23
Home Rule and Irish Unionists,

Home Rule Bill, The Third Edition of,

Home Rule in Ireland, and fiscal
autonomy, 643-656

Home Rule, Is it for the Good of Ireland,

Horace and the Social Life of Rome,
688-705, 1028

Horace, Metrical Versions of the Odes
of, 1107-1120

Hung League and Chinese secret
societies, 667-687

Contribution, 821-828

MPERIAL defence, Canada's naval

Imperial Emigrant, The, and his
Political Religion, 112–132
Imperial Preference, and Royal Com-
mission on Trade, 919-929
Imperial Preference Scheme, A New,

India and the Royal Commission on
Imperial Trade, 919-929

India, Sectarian Universities in, 719-


India, The Changes in, 48–57
India's grievances, cow-killing and
Western education, 58-74
Inheritance of Acquired Characters,


Insecurity, Our National, The Cause

of, 795-803

International Prize Courts and capture
of merchant ships, 435-444
Ireland, Home Rule and Federalism,

Ireland, Is Home Rule for the Good
of? 267-273

Ireland, Justice to, 252-266

Ireland, The Real Issue in, 643-656
Ireland's progress under the Union,

Irish agriculture and rival land poli-
cies, 1134-1146

Irish Government, The Finance of

a Retrospect and a Prospect, 1-23
Irish Home Rule, alternative schemes,

Italian Independence, Fifty Years of:
from Naples to Tripoli, 148-164
Italy, Tripoli, and Senussi confra-
ternity, 1216-1229

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KING Hearts of the Hindoos, 58-74
Kingston (Gertrude), Wanted:

ING GEORGE, How he could Win


Ministry of Fine Arts, 557-567
Konstam (E. M.), The Next Attack
upon the Land, 989-999
Kotzebue's influence on English play-
wrights, 783-794
Kropotkin (Prince), Inheritance of
Acquired Characters, 511-531

LABOUR Unrest as a Subject of

Official Investigation, 1029-1045
Lagden (Sir Godfrey), Our Public
Schools and their Influences, 568–581
Lance, sword, and rifle, 966-975
Land Policies, Rival, 1134-1146
Land, The Next Attack upon the,

Lathbury (D. C.), English Radicals and
Foreign Politics, 589-598

Latin lyrical poetry, Horace and his
translators, 1107-1120


Lethbridge (Sir Roper), India and the
Royal Commission on Imperial Trade,

Liberal Party, Woman Suffrage and
the, 599-608

Liddon (Dr.) and the Oxford Move-
ment, 133-147, 341-356

Lilly (W. S.), Cardinal Newman and
the Catholic Laity, 445-465; The
Rule of Funk, 853-867
Lincolnshire (Marquess of), Rival Land
Policies, 1134–1146

Liquor laws and the ideal public-house,

Literature, The Nobel prize for, 98-111
'Littler' England? A, 483-496
Loathsomeness in Art, the new craze,

Longard de Longgarde (Mme.), Recent
German Fiction, 881-900

MACCOLL (D. S.), The National

Gallery its Problems, Resources,
and Administration, 24-39; A Year
of Post-Impressionism, 285–302;
Ugliness, Beauty,' and Mr. Frederic
Harrison, 547-556

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MacDonnell of Swinford (Lord), The
Finance of Irish Government : a
Retrospect and a Prospect, 1-23
Macnamara (N. C.), A Physiological
Basis for Education, 945-965
Mæcenas and Roman society in the
days of Horace, 688-705

Maeterlinck (M.), Is he critically
estimated? 98-111

Malcolm (Ian), Justice to Ireland,

Mallet (Charles E.), Woman Suffrage
and the Liberal Party, 599-608
Mallock (W. H.), Socialistic Ideas
and Practical Politics, 804-820;
Labour Unrest as a Subject of Official
Investigation, 1029-1045

Manchu Emperors and Chinese native
dynasties, 667-687

March-Phillipps (Evelyn), The Treat-
ment of Feeble-minded Children,

Marconi Company, General Post Office,
cables and wireless telegraphy, 1076–

Married clergy and celibate priests,
165-173, 303-311

Marriott (J. A. R.), The Third Edition
of Home Rule a First Impression

of the Bill, 829-848
Mentally deficient children, treatment
of, 930-944

Metrical Versions of the Odes of Horace,

Mill (Mrs. John Stuart) a Vindication
by her Granddaughter, 357-363


Millet (Philippe), The Truth about the
Franco-German Crisis of 1911, 1046-


Milton, The Theology of, 901-918
Miners, colliery owners, and coal-
consumers, 378-384

Ming Dynasty, The Triad Society and
the Restoration of the, 667-687
Money (L. G. Chiozza), A‘Littler'
England? 483-496

Morel (E. D.), The True Story of the
Morocco Negotiations, 233–251; criti-
cised, 1046-1058

Morgan (J. H.), Home Rule and
Federalism, 1230-1242
Morocco, France, and Germany, 233-
251, 1046-1058

Morrell (Philip), Our Persian Policy,

Moslems and Buddhists, An Approach
between, 657-666

Musical taste, opera and oratorio,
767-782, 1000-1008

NATION to Ransom, Holding a,


National Army, The Working Classes
and a, 86-97

National Gallery, The its Problems,

Resources, and Administration, 24-39
National Insecurity, The Cause of our,

National valuation of land and the
new taxation, 989-999

Naval War Staff and the Admiralty,

Naval warfare and the Declaration of

London, 435-444
Newman (Cardinal) and the Catholic
Laity, 445-465

Nobel prize for literature, awarded to
M. Maeterlinck, 98-111
North Queensland (Bishop of) on
connexion between Church and
State in Australasia, 1089-1097
Norway, The Legal Position of Women
in, 364-377

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Roman Catholic Church and Cardinal
Newman, 445-465, 741-755
Rome, King Victor Emmanuel, and
King Humbert, 466-482

Rome, Social Life of, Horace and the,

Rousseau and John Stuart Mill,

Roxby (Percy M.), Rural Depopulation
in England during the Nineteenth
Century, 174-190

Royal Academy, At the Salon and the,

Royal Commission on Imperial Trade,
India and the, 919-929

Royal Geographical Society and Arctic
research, 756-766

Russia, Persia, and British policy,

SALON and the Royal Academy, At

the, 1202-1215

Scholarships or Millstones? 1185-1191
Schools, Public, and their influences,

Scot, The Ulster, in the United States,


Sectarian Universities in India, 719-

Selwyn (Rev. E. G.), The Future of
the Oxford Movement, 532-546
Senussi, The, and the Military Issue
in Tripoli, 1216-1229


Turkey, English Radical attitude
towards, 589-590

Tyrrell (Dr. R. Y.), Metrical Versions
of the Odes of Horace, 1107-1120

Seton-Karr (Sir Henry), Some British UGANDA and East African game

East African Problems, 312-331; ' We
are the Government now,' 609-622
Sichel (Edith), Pauline de Beaumont,

Simeon (Sir John), Dr. Newman,
and the Catholic Mission at Oxford,

Slessor (Capt. A. K.), Oxford and the
Army, 1164-1175
Smith (F. E.), The True Lines of

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preserves, 312-331

Ugliness,'' Beauty,' and Mr. Frederic
Harrison, 547-556

Ulster Scot in the United States, 1121-

United States, Federalism, and Irish
Home Rule, 1230-1242
Universities and Officers' Training
Corps, 1164-1175
Universities in India, 719-729

An Approach

SoTemperance Reform, 730-7rease in AMBERY (Prof. A.), 4n Aprit,

poverty, 1029-1045

Socialism, Syndicalism, trade unions,
and strikes, 609-622, 623-631, 853-


Victor Emmanuel and Italian unity,

ALKER (George Blake), The Coal

Socialistic Ideas and Practical Politics, WALe and after, 623-642


Socialists and national defence, 86-97
Stage, English, A Forgotten German
Creditor of the, 783-794
Statham (H. Heathcote), Oratorio
versus Opera, 767-782
Statham (H. Heathcote), At the Salon

and the Royal Academy, 1202–1215
Strikes, Recent, and syndicalist trade-
unionism, 401-410

Submerged Subaltern, The, 706-718
Swami Bâbâ Bharati, How King
George could win the Hearts of the
Hindoos, 58-74

Sword, The, and the Lance versus the
Rifle, 966-975

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Ward (Mr. Wilfrid), his life of Cardinal
Newman, 445-465

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We are the Government now,' 609-622
Wealth and poverty, Socialist fallacies,

Welldon (Bishop), The Theology of

Milton, 901-918

Welsh Disestablishment Some Aus
tralian Experiences of the Organisa-
tion of a Disestablished Church;
The Clergy and Disestablishment,

White (A. Silva), The Senussi and the

Military Issue in Tripoli, 1216-1229
White (Sir William H.), Recent Changes

in Admiralty Administration, 201-216
Wilson (Hon. Mrs.), The Passing of
the Chaperon, 582-588
Wireless Telegraphy, Cables versus,

Woman Suffrage and the Liberal
Party, 599-608

Women in Norway, The Legal Position
of, 364-377

Women, The Action of, in the French
Revolution, 1009-1016

Working Classes, The, and a National
Army, 86-97

Wyatt (Harold F.), The Cause of our
National Insecurity, 795-803

YELLOW Peril, The, 1017-1028





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