A New School Dictionary of the English Language: Embracing a Carefully Prepared Vocabulary of Words in Popular Use, Together with Tables Exhibiting the Pronunciation of Ancient and Modern Bibliographical and Geographical Names, Scripture Proper Names, Christian Names, &c., &c

J.B. Lippincott, 1908 - 391 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 387 - CUBIC MEASURE 1728 cubic inches = 1 cubic foot 27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard...
Σελίδα 378 - Edinburgh MRCVS . . Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons MRI . . Member of the Royal Institution MRIA . . Member of the Royal Irish Academy...
Σελίδα 375 - Bachelor of Arts. Bart, or Bt., Baronet. BC, Before Christ. BCL, Bachelor of Civil Law. BD, Bachelor of Divinity.
Σελίδα 382 - Three. IV, Four. V, Five. VI, Six. VII, Seven. VIII, Eight. IX, Nine. X, Ten. XI, Eleven. XII, Twelve.' XIII, Thirteen. XIV, Fourteen. XV, Fifteen. XVI, Sixteen. XVII, Seventeen. XVIII, Eighteen. XIX, Nineteen. XX, Twenty. XXX, Thirty. XL, Forty. L, Fifty. LX, Sixty. LXX, Seventy. LXXX, Eighty. XC, Ninety. C, One hundred.
Σελίδα 383 - The sign of division is written thus, -7-, and, placed between two numbers or quantities, shows that the one on the left is to be divided by the one on the right.
Σελίδα 8 - The sound of e is generally suppressed in the preterites of verbs, and in participles, in ed, when the e is not preceded by d or t ; as feared, praised, tossed, &c., pronounced feard, praisd, tost.
Σελίδα 369 - A husbandman, but afterward king of Phrygia, remarkable for tying a knot of cords, on which the empire of Asia depended, in so intricate a manner, that Alexander, unable to unravel it, cut it asunder.
Σελίδα 372 - Clymenc,who asked the guidance of his father's chariot for one day, as a proof of his divine descent ; but unable to manage the horses, set the world on fire, and was therefore struck by Jupiter with a thunderbolt into the river Po.
Σελίδα 386 - The length of a pendulum beating seconds in a vacuum at the level of the sea in the latitude of London.
Σελίδα 379 - ... qe, quod est, which is QED, quod erat demonstrandum, which was to be demonstrated QEF, quod erat faciendum, which was to be done...

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