Military Avionics Systems

Wiley, 5 Απρ 2006 - 542 σελίδες
Ian Moir and Allan Seabridge

Military avionics is a complex and technically challenging fieldwhich requires a high level of competence from all those involvedin the aircraft design and maintenance. As the various systems onboard an aircraft evolve to become more and more inter-dependentand integrated, it is becoming increasingly important for designersto have a holistic view and knowledge of aircraft systems in orderto produce an effective design for their individual components andeffectively combine the systems involved.

This book introduces the military roles expected of aircraft typesand describes the avionics systems required to fulfil these roles.These range from technology and architectures through tonavigations systems, sensors, computing architectures and thehuman-machine interface. It enables students to put togethercombinations of systems in order to perform specific militaryroles.
* Sister volume to the authors' previous successful title 'CivilAvionics Systems'
* Covers a wide range of military aircraft roles and systemsapplications
* Offers clear and concise system descriptions
* Includes case studies and examples from current projects
* Features full colour illustrations detailing aircraft displaysystems

Military Avionics Systems will appeal to practitioners in theaerospace industry across many disciplines such as aerospaceengineers, designers, pilots, aircrew, maintenance engineers,ground crew, navigation experts, weapons developers andinstrumentation developers. It also provides a valuable referencesource to students in the fields of systems and aerospaceengineering and avionics.

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After 20 years in the Royal Air Force, Ian Moir went on toSmiths Industries in the UK where he was involved in a number ofadvanced projects. Since retiring from Smiths he is now in demandas a highly respected consultant. Ian has a broad and detailedexperience working in aircraft avionics systems in both militaryand civil aircraft. From the RAF Tornado and Apache helicopter tothe Boeing 777, Ian’s work has kept him at the forefront ofnew system developments and integrated systems implementations. Hehas a special interest in fostering training and education inaerospace engineering.

Allan Seabridge is the Chief Flight Systems Engineer atBAE SYSTEMS at Warton in Lancashire in the UK. In over 30 years inthe aerospace industry his work has included avionics on the NimrodMRA 4 and Joint Strike Fighter as well as a the development of arange of flight and avionics systems on a wide range of fast jets,training aircraft and ground and maritime surveillance projects.Spending much of his time between Europe and the US, Allan is fullyaware of systems developments worldwide. He is also keen toencourage a further understanding of integrated engineeringsystems.

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