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on the happiness of inferior beings, we on the lynx. The bramin was near enough cannot on that account be justly accused of to hear the crashing bones, and was maka inhumanity. To set our foot on a worm ing off in great terror, when he met an needlessly; to crush a spider that in no English soldier, armed with his musket. way incommoded us, would be cruelty; He pointed eagerly to the place where the but to remain within doors, in a state of tiger was making his bloody repast. The idleness, lest we should tread on the count- soldier levelled his gun, and laid the tiger less creatures, too small to be perceived, dead. “ Brave fellow !” exclaimed the that throng our pathway, would justly en- bramin. “ I am very hungry,” said the title us to the charge of affectation and folly: soldier, “ can you give me a beef-steak ? It is necessary that we should eat and I see you have plenty of cows here." drink, but, in satisfying our appetite, what “ Horrible !" cried the bramin; “what! numberless creatures we destroy. To lay I kill the sacred cows of Brahma !” down a rule which would enable us to “Then kill the next tiger yourself,” said know precisely how far, in every case, to the soldier. carry our benevolence, would perhaps be impossible; but if, with a high and holy reverence to our heavenly Father for our

THE FAITH OF ABRAHAM. own personal blessings, we habitually re- Many and great were the trials with garded all creatures as His creatures, which Abraham was visited, and many there would be little danger of our erring circumstances would have led him, had he widely in the exercise of inhumanity, while not been possessed of a lively faith in God, a sincere desire to obey Him, in all things, to have despaired of the fulfilment of the would prevent our permitting an over- Divine promises respecting him. It was scrupulous refinement to interfere with the promised that his seed should be as the discharge of our several duties. The fol- stars of heaven for multitude, and yet he lowing tale is well calculated to reprove was at an hundred years old without any unreasonable fastidiousness :

children; but against all human hope and A venerable bramin, who had never in probability, he believed with a joyful hope his days eaten any thing but rice and milk, on the security of the Divine word. And and held it the greatest of crimes to shed when, at the Divine command, he was the blood of any thing that had life, was some years afterwards called to offer up his one day meditating on the banks of the son, yet his faith rose far above even Ganges. He saw a little bird on the ground parental affection, and he reasoned thus picking up ants as fast as he could swallow. with himself, that God was able even to

Murderous wretch !” cried he, “what raise him from the dead, and restore him to scores of lives are sacrificed to one glut- life again. Thus, he “staggered not at the tonous meal of thine !" Presently a spar- promise of God through unbelief, but was row-hawk, pouncing down, seized him in strong in faith, giving glory to God.” his claws, and flew off with him. The Let us also be strong in faith, remembramin, at first, was inclined to triumph bering that thus it becomes us to give over the little bird ; but, on hearing his glory to God. He who has promised, is cries, he could not help pitying him. able to perform. He has already done “ Poor thing !” said he, “thou art fallen that for us, which we had much less into the clutches of thy tyrant !" A stronger reason to expect, than we now have to tyrant, however, took up the matter ; for a hope for any thing that remains. He defalcon, in mid-air, darting on the sparrow- livered his Son Jesus for our offences, to hawk, struck him to the ground, with the redeem us by his blood from final and bird lifeless in his talons.“ Tyrant against everlasting ruin.

C. J. M. tyrant,” thought the bramin, “is well enough.” The falcon had not finished tearing his prey, when a lynx, stealing from

Love to CHRIST.-He that loveth Jesus behind the rock on which he was perched, Christ most, is like

unto God. Matt. iii. sprung on him, and, having strangled him, bore him to the edge of a neighbouring

17, 1 John v. 1.–Dr. Owen. thicket, and began to suck his blood. The bramin was attentively viewing this new JOHN DAVIS, 56, Paternoster Row, London display of retributive justice, when a sudden Price fr. each, or in Monthly Parts, containing Five roar shook the air, and a huge tiger, rush

Numbers in a Cover, 3d. ing from the thicket, came like thunder. W. TYLER, Printer, 4, Ivy Laue, St. Paul's.

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AMONG the singular animals of the order | umbrageous foliage of the branches during quadrumana of Cuvier, the loris (loris the day, but rouses up on the approach of tardigradus) is one of the most interesting. darkness, and begins its ghostlike prowlin The quadrumana, of which the monkeys quest of food, which consists of fruits, are the prominentexample, are all arboreal large insects, and small birds. As in all in their habits, and generally distinguished nocturnal animals, its eyes are large and by their activity and rapid evolutions among full, and from the dilatation of the pupil the branches, bounding from one to another during twilight, glisten with a peculiar with inconceivable address and vigour. lustre. Not an insect, not a bird escapes They are here, and gone, before the eye the scrutiny of those glaring orbs. Slowly can mark them. To this description, how- and imperceptibly as the minute-finger ever, the loris is a striking exception, its traverses the dial-plate, does the loris admotions being slow, and languid in the ex- vance towards his prey; and not less surely treme. The loris is a small animal, of the is the fixed mark attained. What in the size of a half-grown cat, covered with deli- case of other animals is done by rapidity cately fine and thickfur, of a reddish brown of motion, is in this attained by a contrary colour, a dark mark encircling the eyes, proceeding. No abrupt motion, no quick and extending down the back, while a advance excites alarm, no noise of an white line passes down the forehead. It approaching foe rouses the slumbering inhabits the forests of Ceylon, Java, Hin- bird upon her perch; the victim is grasped dostan, &c., where it sleeps among the ' before the danger is suspected.

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In captivity, the loris is timid and Old Humphrey is no party man; he gentle ; its usual position, during the day, pleads not in particular for this or that while sleeping, is to hang suspended by its missionary institution. Support them all hands, the head being folded on the breast, if you like, if God has blessed you with and the body drawn together. On awaking the ability; but at least neglect not to do in the evening, which it does gradually, its something for one of them, lest you should first care is to clean its fur, by licking it in be held guilty of overlooking the ignorance the same manner as a cat. Its fur, indeed, and darkness of those who live without God which we have noticed as very fine, is in- in the world, knowing nothing of the grace tended, no doubt, to protect the animal of the Redeemer. from cold, to which the peculiar slowness Are you rich? If so, have a care; for of its motions may be supposed to render where much is given, much will be re-, it, even in its native climate, very suscep- quired. Riches have not only their power, tible. In our latitudes, it suffers much but their responsibility also. Have you from the reduced temperature and frequent never read how hard it is for a rich man changes, so that it is with difficulty kept to enter the kingdom of heaven? Have long alive. Its sense of hearing is very you never heard the injunction, “ Make to

yourselves friends of the mammon of unIn its general contour, the loris is mode- righteousness, that ye may be received into rately stout; but the limbs are slender, everlasting habitations ?" Come, come ! and, as in the monkey and lemur, furnished let Old Humphrey do vou a kindness, by with hands for grasping. The head is persuading you to be liberal to the misround and broad, with short pointed sionary cause. Never is a man more sucmuzzle ; the ears are wide, but concealed cessfully employed in promoting the welfare in the fur. The hinder limbs are larger of his own soul, than when engaged in than those before; the tail is wanting. doing good to the souls of others.

Though several accounts have been pub- Are you poor? Never mind that, you lished of the manners of these remarkable must be poor indeed if you have not a creatures, while in a state of captivity, little prayer in your heart for the heathen; and is known of the details of their instincts if you have a prayer for them in your and habits in their native woods. Night, heart, you will soon have a penny for them the period of their active existence, co-ope in your hand. I have just been reading of rates with their unobtrusive forms, and the an old woman who was so very poor that seclusion of their haunts, to shroud them she could not spare even a penny to assist from the observations of man. M.

the missionaries, though her heart was in

the cause ; but mind ye, where there is a OLD HUMPHREY ON AIDING THE MIS- will, there is a way.” She was a spinner

of yarn, and, knowing no better plan, she As I hold the highest title on earth to determined to spin an extra bank of yarn be that of a servant of God, and the most every week, and thus contribute her penny important employment that of making to the good cause. Come, come! let us known to sinners the salvation that God imitate the old woman in her labour of has wrought for them through his Son love; let us spin another hank of yarn, and Jesus Christ, so I cannot but estimate very give another penny to the missionary cause. highly the character of an humble-minded, There are hundreds among us, who, zealous, conscientious missionary. Men when invited to make themselves useful, undertake, endure, and achieve much when when required to put their shoulder to the riches and honours and reputation are to be wheel, their hand to the plough, or their attained, but where is the worldly reputa- fingers into their purses, begin“ with one tion of him who goes, with his life in his consent to make excuse. They really have hand, to make known to barbarous lands so many things to attend to, and already the glad tidings of salvation ? Where are give so much away, that it is not in their the honours and the money-bags of the power to do or bestow more for the glory missionary ? In many cases toil and anx- of God, and the welfare of their fellowiery, hunger and thirst, reviling and vio- men. Now if it be really the case with lence, danger and death await him; but you, that you go to the extent of your where is his earthly reward ? I want you means, Old Humphrey has not another o ply yourselves with these questions, and word to say about the matter ; but if you then I will ask you if you have ever done talk thus merely to excuse yourselves, if any thing for the missionary cause ? you cavil at the cause you are urged to




support, merely to prevent the parting with | lence, and tell them that you are men and a small portion of your abundance, look brethren by your exertions in their favour? to yourselves, for you stand in slippery Yes, yes! you may never be moved by the places.

feeble voice of Old Humphrey, but you Over and over again have I observed, will not, you must not, you cannot resist that they who are the first to tell the aged the appeal of millions of fellow-beings from beggar to go to his parish, are the last across the heaving ocean, who are destitute to pay the parish rates ; and that they of the means of grace, and the hope of who are forward to condemn the missionary glory. cause abroad, saying “ charity begins at home,” are the most backward to assist in spreading the gospel, or in opening their purses for the benefit of the poor of their own neighbourhood. Depend upon it, you will never have your sick bed, nor your

NITROGEN is a substance very com: dying hour embittered by the thought that monly found to be a component part of you have done your part to send the mis- bodies, and as it has resisted every effort sionary, and the Bible, to the heathen that has been made to decompose it, is world, though I am not quite so certain considered an elementary principle. It that the consciousness of having neglected is somewhat lighter than atmospheric air, to do so will not create a parting pang.

of which it is the chief ingredient, and is Many have I known who have done too distinguished by its negative qualities, much for their own selfish gratifications, which are in many respects directly opbut never have I met with one who had posed to those of oxygen. An atmosdone too much for God's glory. Show me phere of pure oxygen would excite a vioa man that loves his bible, and I will show | lent action of all the animal functions, you one that would delight to spread bibles and nitrogen, or azote, as it has been all over the world. Show me a man whose sometimes called, is incapable of supportsoul magnifies the Lord, and whose spirit ing life at all; but the union of the two rejoices in God his Saviour, and I will is exactly adapted for the purpose; for show you one whose heart will leap within the nitrogen acts as a neutralizer of the him to lend a helping hand to the mis- properties of oxygen, and renders it fit sionary, that he may go forth and proclaim for respiration. Oxygen is a supporter of glad tidings of great joy to all the people combustion, so energetic and rapid, that on the face of the earth. If, then, you have the eye can scarcely bear the intensity; any pity for the sinner, and love for the but nitrogen is incapable of supporting Saviour, promote the missionary cause. combustion, and a lighted taper plunged

It is a glorious sight to see a mer- into this gas is immediately extinguished; chantman under weigh, her sails filled with it therefore acts, in atmospheric air, by its the breeze, and her colours flying in the negative properties, as a corrective of the winds of heaven! She goes not forth car- energy of oxygen. Nitrogen exists in all rying thunder and lightning to blast the animal substances, and is the principal image of God in desolating war, but to agent in converting vegetable into animal bear abroad the blessings of peace. Her matter. cargo is to benefit the bodies and souls of To obtain nitrogen, mix iron filings men; our merchandise and our mission with a little sulphur, and moisten them aries may go together. Here may be seen with water, which being done, place the on board the same ship, a wrapper of fan- compound in a glass bottle or other vesnel and a bundle of religious tracts; there sel, and cork it so as to prevent the access a bale of cloth, and yonder a box full of of atmospheric air. The oxygen of the bibles !

enclosed air will be absorbed by the inOld Humphrey cannot help urging you gredients, in a few days, and nitrogen will to join hand and heart in the missionary be the residium. This gas may also be

Shall the negro lift up his emanci- made by digesting animal flesh in diluted pated hands in prayer, and the Hottentot nitric acid. and the Caffer unite in praise ? Shall the HYDROGEN resembles the two substances Hindoo and the Ceylonese forsake their to which we have already referred, in idolatry, and the inhabitants of the southern being only found in a gaseous state. It sea rejoice in the hope of eternal life, and is the lightest body in nature, and in the you have no share in the work? Will not doctrine of definite proportions, it has you bid them God speed by your benevo- | been designated by some chemists as 1.



Hydrogen, or inflammable air, as it was into contact with it. The gas will conformerly called, is one of the constituents tinue to burn with a blue lambent flame, of water, that compound being formed of as long as the decomposition goes on. one volume of oxygen to two of hydro- It is necessary to proceed with care in gen; but in consequence of the extreme making this experiment, for if the atmoslevity of the latter substance, it requires pheric air enters the bottle, either through eight parts of oxygen, by weight, to one the cork or otherwise, an explosion will of hydrogen, to form this measure.

It take place. must not, however, be supposed that these two gases will combine and form water, when they are merely presented ON THE HEART, AND CIRCULATION OF to each other, for they are then only mixed in the same way as oxygen and The arteries of the system may be all nitrogen in atmospheric air. But if an regarded as ramifications of one great ignited taper be applied to the mixed trunk, the aorta. An artery is easily known gases, they will explode with great vio- by the character of its structure, its parietes lence, and, entering into chemical combi- being firm and stout, and consisting of three nation, produce water. When oxygen layers ; an inner, which is very smooth; a and hydrogen, in the proportions to form middle, which is by far the most considerwater, are mixed together, and forced able, and of a tough fibrous texture; and through a small jet, upon a burning sub- an outer, which is simply membranous. stance, the most intense light and heat

After ramifying more minutely than we are produced It is in this

that the

can well comprehend, so minutely, indeed, light now used in some places for the ex- as to spread like the finest network over hibition of the microscope, is produced. every part of the body, they gradually ter

Hydrogen is one of the principles that minate in veins ; but so imperceptible is the enter into the composition of oils, fats, transition, that it would be hard to say at gums, and resins. It resembles nitrogen what precise point the artery terminated, in its property of extinguishing combus- and the vein began. tion and destroying animal life, though it Veins are not, however, the only termiis itself capable of combustion. This gas, nations of arterial tubes : on the skin, and being so much lighter than atmospheric on various external membranes, multitudes air, is used for the purpose of filling bal- open into what are termed exhalent vessels, loons. If a light bag of any substance which pour out a serous fluid ; the mouths impervious to gas, or in other words, air- of these minute vessels, which are abuntight, be filled with hydrogen, it will be- dant on the skin, are termed the pores, come lighter than the atmospheric air, whence the perspiration insensibly exudes, bulk for bulk, and will consequently as- which is essential to the maintenance of cend, in obedience to the laws that govern health. It is also by these extreme ramifloating bodies. A thin bladder or the fications, termed capillaries, that the various craw of a turkey will make a very good secretions are elaborated from the blood in hydrogen balloon.

a manner which leaves us entirely in the The following method of making hy- dark. Let a bone be fractured, it is by drogen gas may be easily practised by these minute tubes that the osseous matter the chemical student. Take a small quan- is furnished in order to effect a re-union ; tity of sulphuric acid, and add to it four nay, the bone grows from youth to matimes its weight of water, and place it in turity by the supply deposited from these a large phial. “The temperature of the agents, which permeate the bones themmixture will be so much raised by the selves, and are infinitely spread over the union of the water with the acid, as to membrane (periosteum) which envelopes enable the iron to decompose a part of them. But why do we speak of the bones? the water. If a hole be neatly made not these only, but the flesh, the skin, every through a cork, which fits the mouth of part of the body, the transparent humours the bottle, and a piece of tobacco-pipe, of the eye, all are derived from the with a very small orifice, be fitted into it, blood, ali are deposited at its expense, all and the whole cemented into the bottle are elaborated by minute arterial ramiwith a mixture of resin and bees' wax, fications. The various glands of the body, the hydrogen gas, as it is separated from as the salivary, for instance, where peculiar the water, will pass in a continued stream secretions are effected, are organs where through the pipe, and may be set on fire coils and meshes of arterial tubes are conby the flame of a candle being brought centrated to carry on their work; so that the

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