The Baxter Manuscripts, Τόμοι 9-24

James Phinney Baxter
Lefavor-Tower, 1908

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Δημοφιλή αποσπάσματα

Σελίδα 301 - If any controversy or difference at any time hereafter happen to arise between any of the English and Indians, for any real or supposed wrong or injury done on either side, no private revenge shall be taken for the same, but proper application shall be made to his Majesty's government, upon the place for remedy or redress thereof, in a due course of justice.
Σελίδα 456 - Province what might not we expect from them when the approaching Winter deprives us of the former, and when the Troops which are only hired from New England occasionally and for a small time have returned home. As by this...
Σελίδα 213 - Thursday of the next Sitting of this Court, why the Prayer thereof should not be granted.
Σελίδα 443 - After mature consideration it was unanimously Agreed, That, to prevent as much as possible their attempting to return and molest the Settlers that may be set down on their Lands, it would be most proper to send them to be distributed amongst the Several Colonies on the Continent, and that a sufficient number of Vessels should be hired with all possible Expedition for that purpose.
Σελίδα 427 - Priests, and had been protected in their Trade and Fishery, and had been for many Years permitted to possess their Lands ( part of the best Soil of the Province ) tho...
Σελίδα 428 - Province ) tho' they had not complied with the Terms, on which the Lands were granted, by Taking the Oath of Allegiance to the Crown. They were then asked whether they could produce an Instance that any Privilege was denied to them, or that any hardships were ever imposed upon them by the Governmen.t They acknowledged the Justice and Lenity of the Government. Upon the Paragraph where " They desire their past Conduct might be considered.
Σελίδα 456 - Government, and while one part have abetted the French Encroachments by their Treachery, the Other have countenanced them by Open Rebellion, and three Hundred of them were actually found in Arms in the French Fort at Beausejour when it surrendered.
Σελίδα 427 - The deputies were then brought in and told that if they had not submitted the second memorial they would have been punished for their presumption. ' They were severely reprimanded for their audacity in subscribing and presenting so impertinent a paper, but in compassion to their weakness and ignorance of the nature of our constitution,' the Council professed itself still ready to treat them with leniency, and ordered the memorial to be read paragraph by paragraph. When the question of the oath came...
Σελίδα 263 - Plantations, and remove to Places of more Safety. — The Confidence of the French in this Undertaking seems well grounded on the present disunited State of the British Colonies, and the extreme difficulty of bringing so many different Governments and Assemblies to agree in any speedy and effectual Measures for our common Defence and Security; while our Enemies have the very great Advantage of being under one Direction, with one Council, and one Purse.
Σελίδα 288 - Who sit present here, we will just give you a short relation of the long friendship which hath subsisted between the white people of this country and us. Our forefathers had a castle on this river. As one of them walked out he saw something on the river, but was at a loss to know what it was. He took it at first for a great fish. He ran into the castle and gave notice to the other Indians. Two of our forefathers went to see what it was, and found it a vessel with men in it. They immediately joined...

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