Reformatory Education: Papers on Preventive, Correctional and Reformatory Institutions and Agencies, in Different Countries

F.C. Brownell, 1857 - 363 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 340 - Sir, said the woman to whom I was speaking, could you take a view of this part of the town on a Sunday, you would be shocked indeed ; for then the street is filled with multitudes of these wretches, who, released on that day from employment, spend their time in noise and riot, playing at • chuck, and cursing and swearing in a manner so horrid, as to convey to any serious mind an idea of hell rather than any other place.
Σελίδα 340 - Ah ! sir,' said the woman to whom I was speaking, ' could you take a view of this part of the town on a Sunday...
Σελίδα 134 - ... deeds, the remembrance of which this good old man is about to carry into another world ! Do we not need a new spirit in our community, and especially in our schools, which shall display only objects of virtuous ambition before the eyes of our emulous youth ; and teach them that no height of official station, nor splendor of professional renown, can equal in the eye of heaven, and of all good men, the true glory of a life consecrated to the welfare of mankind ? CLASSIFICATION.
Σελίδα 53 - ... with an energy approaching that of the ancient prophets, the solemn duties which Divine Providence had imposed upon them, in committing to their charge the present and future destinies of their fellow-beings.
Σελίδα 39 - ... each. Then they took letter by letter of the words, and by getting acquainted with them in this way, the child gradually learned to read. This was a difficult method for him ; a very difficult one. Years usually passed before any facility had been acquired ; many did not learn in four years.
Σελίδα 53 - As an illustration of this, it may be mentioned that, on one of those occasions, frequently occurring, on which he was reduced to extremity for want of the means of supplying his large family, he borrowed four hundred dollars from a friend for the purpose.
Σελίδα 91 - Immediately a place Before his eyes appear'd, sad, noisome, dark, A lazar-house it seem'd, wherein were laid Numbers of all diseased, all maladies Of ghastly spasm, or racking torture, qualms Of heart-sick agony, all feverous kinds, Convulsions, epilepsies, fierce catarrhs, Intestine stone and ulcer, colic pangs, Demoniac frenzy, moping melancholy, And moon-struck madness, pining atrophy, Marasmus, and wide-wasting pestilence, Dropsies, and asthmas, and joint-racking rheums.
Σελίδα 204 - Lacordaire, which he had inserted in his work on prisons. * * * * He went for the volume, and was reading the passage to the friends that were around him, when the book dropped from his hand ; he was dead.* "Thus,
Σελίδα 115 - A change of assistants has caused much difficulty. The superintendent of the girls' house had left, and her place was not immediately supplied. The old sin quickly reappeared among them with a few consolatory exceptions. All our regulations, and the efforts of three plain tradesmen's wives, selected one after the other to superintend them, proved unavailing. The utmost that could be attained was superficial decorum, which might have partially deceived me, had I not lived so entirely among the children....
Σελίδα 65 - In his school amongst his children, with them in the house of God or in the family circle, and wherever he can be giving or receiving instruction. A great man has expressed, perhaps too strongly, ' I never wish to see a teacher who can not sing.

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