Foucault's Nietzschean Genealogy: Truth, Power, and the Subject

SUNY Press, 1992 - 255 σελίδες
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This is the first full-length study of the impact of Friedrich Nietzsche s writings on the thought of French philosopher Michel Foucault. Focusing on the notion of genealogy in the thought of both Nietzsche and Foucault, the author explores the three genealogical axes truth, power, and the subject as they gradually emerge in Foucault s writings. This complex of axes into which Foucault was drawn, especially as a result of his early history of madness, called forth his explicit adoption of a Nietzschean approach to his future work.
By interpreting Foucault s Histoire de la folie in the light of Nietzsche s genealogy of tragedy, Mahon shows how the moral problematization of madness in history provides the historical conditions from which the three axes emerge. After tracing the gradual emergence of the three axes through Foucault s writings of the remainder of the 1960s, especially Les Mots et les choses, Mahon turns to Foucault s explicit methodological statements and his notion of genealogy and offers a reading of Foucault s L archeologie du savoir, arguing that there is no chasm between Foucault s archaeological writings and his genealogies.
The work concludes with an analysis of Foucault s final writings on the genealogy of modern subjectivity and an examination of how truth, power, and the subject operate for the modern psychoanalytic subject of desire."

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Foucaults History of Madness
Language Time and the Death of Man
The Notion of Genealogy
The Practice of Genealogy The Genealogy of the Soul
The Genealogy of the Modern Subject
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Michael G. Mahon, who did his doctoral studies at Texas Christian University, has contributed 19 articles to The Encyclopedia of the Confederacy.

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