Examination papers in arithmetic. [With] Answers


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Σελίδα 91 - A person leaves £12670 to be divided among his five children and three brothers, so that, after the legacy duty has been paid, each child's share shall be twice as great as each brother's. The legacy duty on a child's share being one per cent., and on a brother's three per cent., find what amounts they respectively received.
Σελίδα 113 - The receipts of a railway company are apportioned as follows : — 49 per cent for working expenses, 10 per cent for the reserved fund, a guaranteed dividend of 5 per cent on one-fifth of the capital, and the remainder, £40,000, for division amongst the holders of the rest of the stock, being a dividend at the rate of 4 per cent per annum. Find the capital and the receipts.
Σελίδα 87 - If 20 men can perform a piece of work in 15 days, how many men must be added to the number, that the work may be accomplished in | of the time? Ans. 5.
Σελίδα 104 - ¿5000 stock when they have risen to 93!, and the remainder when they have fallen to 85. How much does he gain or lose by the transaction í If he invest the produce in 4% per cent.
Σελίδα 30 - If 1 pound of tea be equal in value to 50 oranges, and 70 oranges be worth 84 lemons, what is the value of a pound of tea, when a lemon is worth 2 cents ? 61.
Σελίδα 124 - If the estimated annual value of the property in a certain parish consist of the yearly rent paid to the landlord together with the rates, and the rates be calculated upon the rent after a reduction of 30 per cent. ; find the rateable value of a tithe-rent charge, the estimated annual value of which is £884 per annum, when the rates amount to 3s. in the pound. ARITHMETIC (A.) 1. How many pounds of tea at 4s. 2d. per Ib. can be bought for £12.
Σελίδα 32 - If 24 oxen require 6 acres of turnips to supply them for 10 weeks, how many acres would supply...
Σελίδα 102 - ... cent. of his gross receipts, and other trade expenses 20 per cent. The price of flour falls 50 per cent., and other trade expenses are thereby reduced 25 per cent. What reduction should he make in the price of a fivepenny loaf, allowing him still to realise the same amount of profit from it T 15.
Σελίδα 116 - If 5 men can reap a field whose length is 800 feet and breadth 700 feet in 3^ days of 14 hours each ; in how many days of 12 hours each can 7 men reap a field 1800 feet long and 960 broad?
Σελίδα 118 - ... the same effect on the value of the fraction, as multiplying the numerator. In all cases...

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