The secret history of the court of England, from ... 1750 to the reign of William the fourth


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Σελίδα 26 - Ye friends to truth, ye statesmen who survey The rich man's joys increase, the poor's decay, 'Tis yours to judge, how wide the limits stand Between a splendid and a happy land.
Σελίδα 73 - That the influence of the Crown has increased, is increasing, and ought to be diminished"?
Σελίδα 52 - Resistance to your acts was necessary as it was just ; and your vain declarations of the omnipotence of Parliament, and your imperious doctrines of the necessity of submission, will be found equally impotent to convince or to enslave your fellow-subjects in America, who feel that tyranny, whether ambitioned by an individual part of the legislature, or the bodies who compose it, is equally intolerable to British subjects.
Σελίδα 90 - Calonne's presence, who interrupted them, by asking, how they came to know any thing of the matter, then set them right in two or three particulars which they had misstated, and afterwards begged them, for God's sake, not to talk of it, because it might be their complete ruin. "I am going to Bulstrode — but will return at a moment's notice, if I can be of the least use in getting rid of this odious engagement, or preventing its being entered into, if it should not be yet completed. "Yours ever,...
Σελίδα 96 - Provided always, and these presents are upon this express condition, that if the said party of the first part, their heirs, executors, or administrators, shall well and truly pay, or cause to be paid, to the said...
Σελίδα 120 - I have had her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales's commands to desire, that as you did not go to Brunswick, you should return the packet which she had given you. I wrote accordingly, about a fortnight ago. Her royal highness not having received the packet, is uneasy about it, and desires you to inform me how you sent the letters to her, and where they were directed. If left at Carlton House, pray call there, and make some inquiries respecting them.
Σελίδα 51 - I wish, my Lords, not to lose a day in this urgent, pressing crisis ; an hour now lost in allaying ferments in America may produce years of calamity.
Σελίδα 77 - Thus much of this will make black white, foul fair, Wrong right, base noble, old young, coward valiant. Ha, you gods! why this? what this, you gods? Why, this Will lug your priests and servants from your sides, Pluck stout men's pillows from below their heads...
Σελίδα 130 - Upon this I went out, and she came immediately to me and said, " I believe you are Lady Douglas, and you have a very beautiful child ; I should like to so;e it." I answered that I •was Lady Douglas. Her Royal Highness then said, " I should like of all things to see your little child.
Σελίδα 9 - Princess had hitherto been an open and ingenuous character, such expositions, intimations, and dark mysteries were ill-calculated to nourish honourable feelings, but would rather operate as a check to their further existence. To the public eye the newly married pair were contented with each other ; alas ! it was because each feared an exposure to the nation. The King reproached himself that he had not fearlessly avowed the only wife of his affections ; the Queen, because she feared an explanation...

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