A Treatise on Criminal Pleading: With Precedents of Indictments, Special Pleas, &c., Adapted to Practice, Τόμος 1

W. Clarke and Sons, 1814 - 803 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 102 - in every presentment or indictment prosecuted against any person for perjury, it shall be sufficient to set forth the substance of the offence charged upon the defendant, and by what court, and before whom the oath was taken, averring such court or person to have competent authority to administer the same...
Σελίδα 103 - ... assigned, without setting forth the bill, answer, information, indictment, declaration, or any part of any record or proceeding, either in law or equity, or any affidavit, deposition, or certificate, other than as hereinbefore stated, and without setting forth the commission or authority of the court or person before whom the perjury was committed.
Σελίδα 34 - But if it appear before the defendant has pleaded, or the jury are charged, that he is to be tried for separate offences, it has been the practice of the judges to quash the indictment, lest it should confound the prisoner in his defence, or prejudice him in his challenge of the jury ; for he might object to a juryman's trying one of the offences, though he might have no reason to do so in the other.
Σελίδα 126 - Pounds, to be applied to the relief of the widows, orphans, and aged parents of our beloved American fellow-subjects, who, faithful to the character of Englishmen, preferring death to slavery, were, for that reason only, inhumanly murdered by the King's troops, at or near Lexington and Concord, in the Province of Massachusetts, on the 19th of last April.
Σελίδα 272 - One of the Judges of the said Court in Vacation; and the Recognizance to be thereupon taken shall be returned and filed in the said Court, and shall continue in force until such Person shall have been acquitted of such Offence, or in case of Conviction, shall have received Judgment for the same, unless sooner ordered by the Court to be discharged...
Σελίδα 121 - For an innuendo means nothing more than the words, ' id est,' ' scilicet,' or ' meaning,' or
Σελίδα 218 - Esquires, and others their fellows, justices of our said Lord the King, assigned to keep the peace in...
Σελίδα 227 - The charge must contain such a description of the crime, that the defendant may know what crime it is which he is called upon to answer ; that the jury may appear to be warranted in their conclusion of ' guilty' or ' not ' guilty' upon the premises delivered" to them ; and that the Court may see such a definite crime, that they may apply the punishment which the law prescribes.
Σελίδα 272 - ... lawful for such judge to issue his warrant under his hand and seal, and thereby to cause such person to be apprehended and brought before him, or some other judge of the same court, or before some one of...
Σελίδα 255 - Law of the Land. IV. And in the eight and twentieth Year of the Reign of King Edward the Third, it was declared and enacted by Authority of Parliament, That no Man of what Estate or Condition that he be, should be put out of his Land or Tenements, nor taken nor imprisoned, nor disherited, nor put to Death, without being brought to answer by due Process of Law : V.

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