Subsonic versus Supersonic Business Jets - Full Concept Comparison considering Technical, Environmental and Economic Aspects

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Inhaltsangabe:Introduction: On the 26th of August 2010 the new ultra-large-cabin ultra-long-range Gulfstream G650 business jet reached Mach 0.995 during its flight test campaign (1). This is almost the speed of sound (Mach 1) and inspires one to say, why not fly faster than the speed of sound! Reduce travelling time in the commercial business aviation segment. This is, however not a completely new vision. Many companies and research facilities have already spent a lot of time and investment in studies to investigate the feasibility of supersonic flight. Entry Into Service (EIS) for the new Gulfstream G650 is scheduled for 2012. In the following the main performance parameter of the G650 aircraft will be summarised. The parameters range, cruise speed, MTOW, etc. have been selected and serve as a basis to allow an appropriate comparison between the G650 as the latest high end Subsonic Business Jet and potential in future Supersonic Business Jets (SSBJ) within this subject Master Thesis. With the impressive maximum range of nearly 13,000 km the G650 can connect Dubai with New York or London with Buenos Aires within almost 14 hours. Maximum Range @ Normal Cruise Speed: 7,000 nm/12,964 km. Normal Cruise Speed Mach: 0.85/904 km/h. Mmo (Maximum Operating Mach Number): Mach 0.925. Maximum Cruise Altitude: 51,000 ft/15,545 m. Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW): 99,600 lb/45,178 kg. Maximum Fuel Weight: 44,200 lb/20,049 kg. Passengers: 11 18. Price: appr. 60-70 million USD. Gulfstream business rival Bombardier Aerospace also announced in October 2010 two new high end models, the Global 7000 and 8000 with a maximum range of 7,300 nm (13,520 km) and 7,900 nm (14,631 km) at cruise speed Mach 0.85. Entry Into Service is scheduled for 2016 (Global 7000) and 2017 (Global 8000). A comprehensive overview of business jets in service and in development is given in attachment 13.1. A Supersonic Business Jet flying at Mach 2 cruise speed could virtually halve the travelling time, which would enormously enhance the mobility and flexibility. In order to achieve this ambition a paradigm shift is required. New technologies must be established, the impact on the environment must be understood and minimised, existing regulations must be changed to permit overland flight restrictions and the product still needs to be economically viable. All of the above aspects must be considered and will be subject for discussion within this Master Thesis (See also figure [...]

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Table of Contents
Technical Aspects
Environmental Aspects
Politics and Regulations
Concept Comparison Subsonic vs Supersonic Business Jet

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