Human-powered Vehicles

Allan V. Abbott, David Gordon Wilson
Human Kinetics Publishers, 1 Ιαν 1995 - 279 σελίδες
This is the first comprehensive book ever written about human-powered vehicles (HPVs). Filled with 180 impressive photographs, detailed drawings, and tables, Human Powered Vehicles explains the history of HPVs, offers practical insights into their design, and considers future possibilities of human-powered travel. Allan V. Abbott and David Gordon Wilson, HPV designers and former presidents of the International Human Powered Vehicle Association, have assembled a list of contributors representing a who's who of leaders in human-powered vehicles. They review the development of human-powered water, land, and air vehicles, focusing on the innovations that have significantly improved performance in recent years. Inside this book, you'll find applications of human power in history; a discussion of all major factors that enhance or limit the performance of the "human engine"; design issues for rowing shells, hydrofoils, bicycles, human-powered aircraft, and other HPVs; descriptions of famous human-powered vehicles, such as the Gossamer Condor; and an examination of the economic and environmental advantages of human-powered travel. A fascinating read for bicyclists, inventors, hobbyists, and sports enthusiasts, this book is also an excellent human factors reference for sports medicine and exercise science professionals.

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