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faith, I pray thee, let me live. And the submission was not only accepted, and his life spared, but he was treated with marks of friendship and respect.

Go and do thus, finner : submit to mer. cy, without indenting and making terms with God. You have much greater en. couragement to submit to the God of Heaven, than they had to the prelent king of Israel, There was but a bare peradventure in that case. They had heard only in the general that the kings of Israel were merciful kings; but whether this king Abab was of such a disposicion, they knew nor; and yet they adventur'd upon it to seek to him. But thou halt heard that the king of heaven is a merciful king. He has proclaim'd his name, The Lord, tbe Lord God, gracious and merciful, . long Suffering, and abundant in goodness and trutla. He has actually pardon'd thousands and millions in the like condition ; and his reconciling work is not yet at an end. A gracious mediator is provided to incroduce you into his presence, and to make interceflion for you : If you will not then apply and seek, Surely you deserve to perish.

O man, woman, whoever thou art, I must tell you before I leave you, Your election of God need not lie long at such uncertainry with you. Yea, I may venture to

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tell you, it may possibly be bro’t to a happy conclusion at this very time, that you are of this number. I must repeat those words of our saviour, John 6. 37. All that the father giveth me, shall come to me; and bim that comeib ro me, I will in no wife cast out. Coming to Christ then is the fruit and evidence of election; and so this important matter may be decided by it. Now the call of

Christ to you in the gospel this day is; 113cline your ear, and come unto me; bear and your roul Mall live : and I will make an everlasting covenant with you even the sure mercies of David. Come to me, O sinner, for such bleflings as I have to bestow on the people of God. Put your loul over into my hands, to be wash'd in my blood, justified by my righte. ousness,fanétified by my spirit and preserv'd by my power. Let me henceforth be your prophet to teach and enlighten you, your prieit to atone and interceed for you, and your king to rule you for my self ---. If any soul of you do now comply with this call: If you can make this answer, Lord, I am willing to come to thee, for i beje ends and fure poses. Thou hast made me willing I consent te thine now if I never did before, and take tbee for my faviour leader, owner, and ruler for ever --- The matter is then at this time bro't to an iflue. The secret decree of


ele&ion this day opens upon you. You may now know you were first given to Christ by the father, or you wou'd never have been inclined and enabled thus to come to him ; and henceforch you may read your name written in the lamb's book of life.

5. The last use may be to put those who have any good ground to hope that they are of this number, upon some special duties agreeable to their state and privileges.

1. You shou'd thankfully acknowledge and adore the riches of distinguishing grace, eminently illustrated in your election. The disciple was so affected with the diftinguishing favour of heaven, to hiirelt and others, as in a rapture to cry out, John 14. 22. Lord, bow is it, that thou wilt manifest thy self to us, and not unto the world! A believer may say, How is it Lord, that thou Thou'd chuse me! That thou shou'd set thine everlasting love upon me, when lo many others, fallen men as well as fallen angels, are pass’d by! And so many of the learned, rich, and honourable of the world! And this before I had any thing good in me ; upon no fore-seen merit ; nay, notwithstanding thou sawelt how I shou'd disa honour and provoke thee by my sins ! O glorious, sovereign, & distinguishing grace

I can never eno' admire it! Eternity will nor be too long to praile thee for it ! -...Peculiar favour calls for special thankfulness. I thank thee, O father, Lord of beaven and eartb, skat thou haft bid these things from the wife and prudent, and bast revealed them unto babes : Even fo, father, for so it seemetb good in tby sighe! Here, here, says one, are * thanksgivings of the most elevated strain os in christianity They are words, to lift up the born. They found high in our

devocions. A thankful Christian rai. « ses his thanksgivings to the highest 66 notes, when he comes hereabouts. 'Tis « a melody peculiarly acceptable to hea. ven ; 'tis the very beginning of heaven.'

2. Love him who has first loved you, in such a manner as may something answer his love.co you. He lov'd you before you bad a being; and you should love him while you have any beireg. He lov’d you above many others;& you mutt love him above all creatures, more than houses and lands, brotber or fifter, father or mother, husband, wife, or children ; or you are not worthy of him, or of that love which he has plac'd upon you.

3. Always remember you are under the bigbeft obligations to holiness and obedience, For ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an boly nation, a peculiar people, that we fou'd


Mhew. forth the praises of him, who bas called you out of darkness, into bis marvellous ligbr. Put on iberefore as the ele&t of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercy, kindness, bumbleness of mind, meekness, long-suffering, forbearing one other, if any man bave a quarrel against any; even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye. * Do nothing to disgrace this holy doctrine. Be blameless, and harmeless, the Sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom ge fine as lights in the world. [ Let your watchful, exemplary, fruitful conversation, serve to confute them who say this doctrine tends to licentiousness. Dury, gratitude and interest, all conspire to make you abound in the work of tbe Lord. You are favour'd above others, and therefore shou'd often think on that question which our Lord once put, Mat. 5. 47. What do you more than otbers ?

4. Cheerfully acquiefce in all the dealings of God with you. For all his providences are the effect of his purposes, and are best luted to carry on his design of grace concerning you. We know, says the apostle, in the verse before our text, That all things

to Pet. 2. 9. * Col. 3. 12, 13. || Phil. 2. 15;


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