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PRINCIPIA. With Notes and Illustrations. Also a Collection
of Problems, principally_intended as Examples of Newton's
Methods. By PERCIVAL FROST, M.A., late Fellow of St. John's
College, Mathematical Lecturer of King's College, Cambridge.
Second Edition. 8vo. cloth, jos. 6d.
The author's principal intention is to explain difficulties which may be en-

countered by the student on first reading the Principia, and to illustrate
the advantages of a careful study of the methods employed by Newton, by
showing the extent to which they may be applied in the solution of prob-
lems; he has also endeavoured to give assistance to the student who is
engaged in the study of the higher branches of Mathematics, by repre-
senting in a geometrical form several of the processes employed in the
Differential and Integral Calculus, and in the analytical investigations of


GEOMETRY. By PercivAL FROST, M.A., and the Rev. J.
WOLSTENHOLME, M.A., Fellow and Assistant Tutor of Christ's
College. Svo. cloth, 18s.
The authors have endeavoured to present before students as comprehensive

a view of the subject as possible. Intending as they have done to make
the subject accessible, at least in the earlier portion, to all classes of
students, they have endeavoured to explain fully all the processes which
are most useful in dealing with ordinary theorems and problems, thus di-
recting the student to the selection of methods which are best adapted to
the exigencies of each problem. In the more difficult portions of the sub-
ject, they have considered themselves to be addressing a higher class of
students; there they have tried to lay a good foundation on which to build,
if any reader should wish to pursue the science beyond the limits to which

the work extends. GODFRAY.-A TREATISE on ASTRONOMY, for the use of

Colleges and Schools. By Hugh GODFRAY, M.A., Mathematical
Lecturer at Pembroke College, Cambridge. 8vo. cloth. 125. 6d.
“We can recommend for its purpose a very good Treatise on Astronomy

by Mr. Godfray. It is a working book, taking astronomy in its proper
place in mathematical science. But it begins with the elementary de-
finitions, and connects the mathematical formulæ very clearly with the
visible aspect of the heavens and the instruments which are used for ob-

serving it.”Guardian.
With a brief Sketch of the Problem up to the time of Newton.
By Hugh GODFRAY, M.A. Second Edition, revised. Crown

8vo. cloth. 55. 6d. HEMMING.-AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE on the DIF

FERENTIAL AND INTEGRAL CALCULUS, for the use of Colleges and Schools. By G. W. HEMMING, M.A., Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. Second Edition, with Corrections and Additions. Svo. cloth. 9s.


gressively arranged. By the Rev. C. A. JONES, Y.A., and C. H.
CHEYNE, MA, Mathematical Masters of Westminster School.
New Edition. 18mo. cioth, 25. 6d.
This little book is intended to meet a Escy which is probably felt more

or less by a engaged a teaching Algebra to beginners. It is that while
new ideas are being acceed, oid ones are forgottenIn the belief that
constant practice is the very remedy for this, the present series of miscel-
lazeves exercises has been prepared Their pecaiarity consists in this,
that thouse iscedesus ses are yet progressive, and may be used by
the poc a'zost fra te condescendent of his studies. They are not in-
tended to supersede the systematicaly aztaszed examples to be found in

ordinary treasses oe fizera te rader to seppiesent them The book beag intended tedy is Schools and injor Studeats, the higher

parts of Ligebra have not been aciaded JORGAN-A COLLECTION OF PROBLEMS and EXAMPLES

in Mathematies With Aaswers By H. A. MORGAN, M.A.,
Sadlerian and Mathematical Lecturer of Jesus College, Cambridge.
Crowa Sro. coch. Os. Os
This book cvetains a sumber of problems. y elementary, in the Mathe-
satical satjects prezi a carrige. They have been selected
from the papers et tag se veas at Jeesoolega very few of them
are to be set whice electices and see the larger number are
due o sae of sie zätased Mahesabcians in the University.

PARKİNSOV- Works br S. Parkinson, B.D., Fellow and Præ

lector of St. John's Coüege, Cambridge: -AX ELEVENTARY TREATISE ON MECHANICS. For

the use of the Tanzar Cases & the Carrersity and the Higher
Classes in Schools With a Coüectica of Examples. Third
Edition, revised Crowa Sra doch, Q. 67.
The author is endeavored to reader the present volume suitable as a

Na tezi daca tuesda and the higher classes in
Sous la uze

nada sera zabocal propositions have been iscrporated the write a readering it more complete,

and the Collection of Eumpa sess as beea largely increased. A TREATISE ON OPTICS Second Ession, revised. Crown Sra doch, tos, o A lection Frames and Paris has been appended to this work we are starters and manes a character to afford useful

sur dhe ater at of them recourse has been had the Funnie Papes Lane University and the several Col

Sutined to the aira Table Coresis the author has ventured to indi

cate an elegantan Nyable for the requirements of the Me Three les in the Caminige Senate-House Examinations.


Examples. By J. B. PHEAR, M.A., Fellow and late Assistant
Tutor of Clare College, Cambridge. Fourth Edition. Crown 8vo.
cloth, 5s. 6d.
“An excellent Introductory Book. The definitions are very clear ; the de-

scriptions and explanations are sufficiently full and intelligible; the in-
vestigations are simple and scientific. The examples greatly enhance its
value."-English Journal of Education.


H. PRATT, M.A., Archdeacon of Calcutta, Author of “The
Mathematical Principles of Mechanical Philosophy.” Third
Edition. Crown 8vo. cloth, 6s. 6d.


IONS and ALGEBRAIC GEOMETRY. With Easy Examples,
progressively arranged ; especially designed for the use of Schools
and Beginners. By G. H. PUCKLE, M.A., St. John's College,
Cambridge, Head Master of Windermere College. Third Edition,
enlarged and improved. Crown 8vo. cloth, 75. 6d.
The work has been completely re-written, and a considerable amount of new

matter has been added, to suit the requirements of the present time.


SON, M.A. Edited by EDWARD STURGES, M.A., of Emmanuel
College, Cambridge, and late Professor of the Applied Sciences,
Elphinstone College, Bombay. Crown 8vo. cloth. 45. 6d.
Published under the authority of H. M. Secretary of State for use in the

Government Schools and Colleges in India.
This Manual may take its place among the most exhaustive, yet clear and

simple, we have met with, upon the composition and resolution of forces, equilibrium, and the mechanical powers.”-Oriental Budget.


of a SYSTEM of RIGID BODIES. With Examples. By
EDWARD John Routh, M.A., Fellow and Assistant Tutor of
St. Peter's College, Cambridge; Examiner in the University of
London. Crown 8vo. cloth, 10s. 6d.


J. H. SMITH, M.A., Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.
Svo. 55. 6d.

SMITH.-Works by Barnard Smith, M.A., Rector of Glaston,

Rutlandshire, late Fellow and Senior Bursar of St. Peter's College,
Cambridge :-
ARITHMETIC and ALGEBRA, in their Principles and Ap-
plication, with numerous Systematically arranged Examples, taken
from the Cambridge Examination Papers, with especial reference
to the Ordinary Examination for B. A. Degree. Tenth Edition.
Crown 8vo. cloth, Ios. 6d.
This work is now extensively used in Schools and Colleges both at home and
in the Colonies. It has also been

found of great service for students preparing for the MIDDLE-CLASS AND CIVIL AND MILITARY SERVICE ExAMINATIONS, from the care that has been taken to elucidate the principles

of all the Rules. ARITHMETIC FOR SCHOOLS. New Edition. Crown 8vo. cloth, 45. 6d. COMPANION to ARITHETIC for SCHOOLS. [Preparing. A KEY to the ARITHMETIC for SCHOOLS. Fifth Edition. Crown 8vo., cloth, 8s. 6d. EXERCISES in ARITHMETIC. With Answers. Crown 8vo. limp cloth, 25. 6d. Or sold separately, as follows :-Part I. 15.; Part II. 15. ANSWERS, 6d. These Exercises have been published in order to give the pupil examples in

every rule of Arithmetic. The greater number have been carefully com

piled from the latest University and School Examination Papers. SCHOOL CLASS-BOOK of ARITHMETIC. 18mo. cloth,

35. Or sold separately, Parts I. and II. iod, each ; Part III. Is. - KEYS to SCHOOL CLASS-BOOK of ARITHMETIC. Com

plete in one Volume, 18mo., cloth, 6s. 6d. ; or Parts I., II., and SNOWBALL.-PLANE and SPHERICAL TRIGONOMETRY.


and ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS. 18mo. cloth. Or separately,
Part I. 2d.; Part II. 3d.; Part III. 7d. ANSWERS, 6d.
THE SAME, with Answers complete. 18mo. cloth, Is. 6d.

45. 6d.

XAMINATION PAPERS in ARITHMETIC. In Four Parts. 18mo. cloth, Is. 6d. THE SAME, with Answers, 18mo. Is. 9d. KEY to EXAMINATION PAPERS in ARITHMETIC. 18mo. cloth, 4s. 6d.

With the Construction and Use of Tables of Logarithms. By

J. C. SNOWBALL. Tenth Edition. Crown 8vo. cloth, 75. 6d. TAIT and STEELE.-DYNAMICS of a PARTICLE. With

Examples. By Professor Tair and Mr. STEELE. New Edition.
Crown 8vo. cloth, 10s. 6d.
In this Treatise will be found all the ordinary propositions connected with
the Dynamics of Particles which can be conveniently deduced without the
use of D'Alembert's Principles. Throughout the book will be found a
number of illustrative Examples introduced in the text, and for the most
part completely worked out; others, with occasional solutions or hints to

assist the student, are appended to each Chapter. TAYLOR.-GEOMETRICAL CONICS; including Anharmonic

Ratio and Projection, with numerous Examples. By C. TAYLOR,
B.A., Scholar of St. John's College, Cambridge. Crown 8vo.

cloth, 7s. 6d. TODHUNTER.-Works by I. Todhunter, M.A., F.R.S., Fellow

and Principal Mathematical Lecturer of St. John's College, Cambridge : THE ELEMENTS of EUCLID for the use of COLLEGES and SCHOOLS. New Edition. 18mo. cloth, 3s. 6d. ALGEBRA for BEGINNERS. With numerous Examples. New Edition. . 18mo. cloth, 25. 6d. Great pains have been taken to render this work intelligible to young students

by the use of simple language and by copious explanations. In accord-
ance with the recommendation of teachers, the examples for exercises are

very numerous.
KEY to ALGEBRA for BEGINNERS. Crown 8vo., cl., 6s, 6d.
Examples. 18mo, cloth, 25. 6d.
Intended to serve as an introduction to the larger treatise on Plane Trigo-

nometry, published by the author. The same plan has been adopted as in
the Algebra for Beginners: the subject is discussed in short chapters, and

a collection of examples is attached to each chapter. MECHANICS for BEGINNERS. With numerous Examples. 18mo. cloth, 4s. 6d. Intended as a companion to the two preceding books. The work forms an

elementary treatise on Demonstrative Mechanics. It may be true that this part of mixed mathematics has been sometimes made too abstract and speculative; but it can hardly be doubted that a knowledge of the elements at least of the theory of the subject is extremely valuable even for those who are mainly concerned with practical results. The author has accordingly endeavoured to provide a suitable introduction to the study of applied as well as of theoretical Mechanics.

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