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shake the moral world to its foundation. Before the knowledge of the Lord shall fill the earth, the contest betwixt truth and error, will probably be mighty and terrible. The trumpet sounds. Soldiers of Emanuel! prepare for battle. Is christianity then in danger? No. Impregnable walls surround the beloved city : Zion's God is wiser...is mightier than all her foes. He will take care of his own cause ; but not by niiracles. He will not set the elements to work to print bibles : he will not bid the winds blow stone and timber into temples of worship: he will not appoint the rocks or trees to preach the gospel :...No; he will fulfil his own promises by his own means. He will cause christianity to triumph and spread over the earth, by awakening its friends to united activity and prayer, and by raising up gospel ministers, full of faith and the Holy Ghost, who shall be ready both to be bound and to die also for the name of the Lord Jesus.'

The subject will be finished with four reflections.

Ist. Christians are not sufficiently awake and engaged in the service of their divine master.

The petty pursuits of private interest, the applause, emoluments or contests of this transitory world, enkindle our burning zeal; while alas, our dull hearts are often indifferent to the honor of the immortal king, and the blessings of his everlasting kingdom! We crawl like reptiles; when we should stand up like men, and run, like christians, the race set before

How do the children of this world rebuke our timidity and our indolence! See what waging of wars, enlisting armies and equipping feets ! what rapid journeys...what buying and selling...what industry, in the shop, in the field, in the market! Whence all this exertion? Do men spend days and nights of anxious toil... traverse the ocean and dig in the earth for the empty, fleeting happiness of time? They are in earnest. And should not men be in earnest that


seek the honor of Christ, and hope for solid, induring happiness in heaven? We go about our business with two much indifference. We read our bibles, as though we read them not. We pray, as though we prayed not. We preach, as though we preached not. We hear, as though we heared not. If the love of Christ dwell in the soul, it will burn and shine so that its warmth and light may be perceived by others. Brethren, shall the enemies of the cross longer triumph in our luke-warmness? Let us put them to silence by holding fast our profession and living like Christians.

2dly. Fellow Christians, are too great strangers. They are not free and familiar enough in religious conversation. A more perfect acquaintance with each other's spiritual circumstances would much better enable them to perform all the important duties of Christian fellowship. How many who meet at the same communion table here, and expect to meet in the same heaven hereafter, reside but a few miles, or perhaps rods asunder, and yet from year to year, do not spend an hour in friendly, unreserved interchange of views and feelings concerning the greatest of all subjects---the interest of the redeemer's kingdom and the salvation of their own souls. Is such the influence of Gospel Love? In no wise. The heart lies at the root of the tongue out of its abundance, the mouth speaketh. On this principle, I affirm, some reasonable conclusion may be drawn, as to the state of vital piety in a church, from the freedom which its members enjoy, among themselves, in religious conversation. Can the business or trifles of this earth always employ our tongues, if our hearts are in heaven? Can we make those our chosen companions who expect from us so dreadful a compliment to their characters or our own, as to forbear speaking of him whom our soul loveth? The example of antient saints, recorded in God's holy book, demands our

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imitation, Then they that feared the Lord spake of ten, one to another.'

3dly. We are not faithful enough in maintaining discipline. Solemn are our vows of allegiance to Christ terrible the consequences of slighting his authority. Alas, brethren, that the order, peace, beauty and prosperity of his church should so. often be marred by the careless or wilful negligence of his disciples! Alas, that when men point to his suffering cause, saying What are these wounds? we are so often compelled to answer Those with which he was wounded in the house of his friends.' The world joins with the bible in demanding that the visible friends of Christ should do more than others.' Shall we cast a stumbling block before blind sinners to endanger their everlasting interests? Shall we tempt them to the false and fatal conclusion, that the church of God is a house divided against itself? Shall we mourn at the prevalence of bold impiety, and sigh over the decline of vital Godliness, while our own backslidings contribute to its decline? In plain truth, the discipline of our churches is awfully relaxed. In too many cases, it is nothing but a name, How can churches be in health and prosper, when the cords, with which Christ has bound them, are cut or untied... When the sacred inclosures of our Zion are laid open to the rude assaults of its enemies?

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4thly. Humble, united, persevering prayer is a duty in which the visible family of Christ are too defi. cient. We pray indeed; but do we preserve the spirit of the duty? Do we pray as though we expected to be heard? Through the coldness of our hearts, do not our devotions often die on our tongues? If the inspection of our own characters and wants, does not furnish sufficient motives to animate our prayers, can we not feel for a world of sinners around us? Can we not feel for our guilty country---overspread with prayerless families, despisers of the gospel? Are we



blind also to the signs of this time, and deaf to the '

' voice of heaven which cries in our ears, People of America ! Choose ye this day whom ye will serve...

ус Choose ye between Jehovah and Baal...between reformation and ruin.

Professed disciples of Jesus! what think you of this subject? The great, the momentous question, whether you love Christ or not, must soon be decided. If you serve him here, you will reign with him here. after. If you are penetents on earth, you will soon be saints in glory. There, faith will be swallowed up in vision, and hope in consummate, endless enjoyment. There, christians from every clime and country will gather around their father's table; patriarchs and prophets ; apostles and martyrs; the pious and faithful of every age, kindred and tongue will have a happy meeting, and that happy meeting will last forever. There, millions of redeemed souls will raise their joy. ful hosannas to the Lamb, while they look back on earth and time, where they were born to God, and trained for immortal bliss.

Sinners in Zion! what think you of this subject ? Can you still live at ease, without Christ and with. out hope ? Can you still shut the Saviour from your hearts, trifle with his authority and trample on his blood ? Will you scorn the grace which he has pure chased, and the glory which he offers? Then know assuredly that he will debar you from the blessings which

you have so awfully undervalued, and consign you to the misery, which you have so foolishly refus. ed to escape. "To day if ye will hear his voice, har. den not your hearts.'

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