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soul has a perception of his glorious lovliness, as a Holy being; as one that unchangeably delights in that which is right, and hates and condemns that which is wrong-Love also to his commandments describing duty, and love to all the possible subjects of happiness.

All the accountable inhabitants of our world, and you among the rest, are by nature, children of wrath. Instead of loving God, you hated and oppos

' ed him and his ways. He said concerning you all, * There is none that doeth good, no not one.' If you are now righteous, it is because you have been regenerated by the operations of his holy spirit in your hearts. It is matter of mere grace through the merits of Christ, that you are not this moment, travelling the broad road to destruction. If you have thus, through infinite grace, been made righteous, humility, before God, is one leading exercise of your hearts. You have abasing views of yourselves; for you see, that you have acted most unreasonably, as well as most criminally, in all your wickedness of heart. Behold I am vile,' is the language of every regenerate soul. ; At the same time while humbling yourselves, you will exalt and magnify God, for the display of his boundless compassion in the plan of redeeming grace, and in plucking you, as brands, from cverlasting burnings.

You are loathing yourselves, as sinners. You are hating all known iniquity. You see the odiousness, no less than the deadly nature, and fatal consequences of wickedness. And in such a view of sin, together with cordial resolutions in favor of a righteous life, arising from this view of it, you exercise that

Godly sorrow, which is unto salvation, needing no repentance.

While you behold your entire ruin by sin, you are led to the Lord Jesus Christ. In him you see a propitiation for sin. You read with holy exultation, God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten

Son, that whosoever believeth on him, may not perish, but have everlasting life. He is able to save, unto the uttermost, the chief of sinners, Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died; yea, rather that has risen, who is even now at the right hand of God, and who maketh intercession for us.' You behold, in the Lord Jesus such a Saviour as you need ; a Saviour from the love and dominion, as well as from the misery of sin. You are pleased with all that you can learn of his character and atonement, You are charmed with the kind of salvation which he offers. You affectionately receive him, as your Redeemer and your guide. You cast your souls upon him for spiritual healing and sanctification.You go to him for that bread of life, which alone can nourish and invigorate you amidst the difficulties you must meet, in travelling to the mansions made ready in your heavenly father's house. This your faith works by love to God and duty. It renders you vic- . torious over the world. The world's numberless en: ticements and dangers are, by this grace, overcome. It makes you more than conquerors, through him that hath loved you, and given himself for you.'

This holy temper of heart, begun in regeneration, , and increased by progressive sanctification, is the foundation of your righteousness. From this will certainly proceed an outwardly righteous life. With the holy charity of the gospel, loving your neighbor as yourselves, you will be just, and merciful, and kind;

doing good unto all men as you have opportunity.' Your conduct before God, will be moved by his fear and love. You will delight in the word, the sabbaths, the worship, and the ordinances of the Lord. Self examination, devotion, prayer, submission and meekness, will be the habits of your life. Such is

-- . the character, of those designated in the text. Such is your character, hearers, and such is your manner of life, if God owns you, as righteous. If this be

your character, it shall certainly be well with you. God orders his ministers to declare it in his name. And you may place unlimited confidence in the truth of the declaration. Only find gospel evidence that you possess the character of the righteous, and you will infallibly partake of all their glorious privileges. Do you ask, what these privileges are ? For an answer behold,

SECONDLY, The manner in which it shall be well with the Righteous.

And here, all the blessings, that penitent sinners are capable of receiving, come into view. Much is said about blessings. Do you ask the meaning of the term ? Be it thus defined. Whatever. God will make the means of rendering you, during the whole of your existence, more happy than you could otherwise be, is to you personally, a blessing. This is as clearly true, as it is that happiness itself is desirable. Let this thought be kept in your minds, and it will assist you in perceiving the truth of the sentiments, which occur in this part of the discourse. But here also it may be proper to discriminate. .

First, Repenting sinners--the righteous of our perishing world, have, in the text, no promise, that while they continue on trial for eternity they shall be preserved from all natural evil. Righteousness will indeed save you from suffering the infamy and wretchedness that by the very constitution itself, according to which God governs the world, are inseperable from drunkenness, lewdness, lying, profanity, and all other visible vices. Nevertheless according to that constitution you must in the body, suffer pain, disease, and dissolution. Dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return,' is a sentence equally applicable to the righteous and the wicked. ! Once to die, is appointed unto men; is appointed unto you. Natural evils in this world; not excepting death itself; must pass. upon all; for all have sinned.'

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Nor have you here, any promise of preservation from disappointment in your lawful earthly calcula. tions and labors. Nor is there so much as an implied intimation, that because you are righteous, God will give you worldly wealth or power. Neither have you a promise, that your best beloved relations ; your most precious created possessions ; shall be continued in your enjoyment. Neither is it to be understood that God will preserve you on account of your righteousness from being stript of every worldly comfort, which you may have called your own. He does not here tell you that your righteousness shall keep your tenderest and most affectionate natural ties from being dissolved. He does not say, that your heart shall never by the breaking of these be filled with sorrows, which utterly refuse to be comforted by the world.

On the contrary, you know, that your firmest hold, upon creatures, must be broken.

Of all this you are assured, by the uniform experience of the world and by the declarations of God. • In the world ye shall have tribulation ; but be of good cheer I have over. come the world. The moment, grace made you righteous, your idolatrous attachment, to the world, was in a degree, overcome. When, therefore, you feel these connexions and attachments breaking, you can triumphantly say, “The will of the Lord be done. It is right, it is best, as he ordains.' This is the victory that overcometh the world, even your faith'your faith in the all-perfect government of God.This victory, however, is not complete in the present life, for your righteousness is not, on earth, complete. Therefore,

Secondly, There is found, in the text, no promise, that the righteous shall, in this world, be preserved from all moral evil, all wickedness. You are not to expect complete deliverance from sin, till you reach the assembly of the just, made perfect,' before the


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throne of God. In the all important work of regeneration, you experienced a change, from a state of entire sin, to a state of only begun holiness. It is a very humbling truth, that the dominion of sin, in your hearts, is only in a degree, subdued, while you remain in a depraved world. This, you are assured, on divine authority, is according to the constitution of providence and grace, by which God governs the world and his church.

Be it, however, remembered, that this fact furnishes neither excuse nor palliation for wickedness remaining in the righteous. Wickedness is, at least, as criminal in the righteous, as it is in the unrighteous. It is always, in all creatures, and in all worlds, perfectly inexcusable.

Your knowledge of the fact that you are not, on earth, to be entirely delivered from moral evil, is so far from furnishing you with an excuse, that it is your most solemn and alarming admonition of danger. The remaining corruptions of your own heart, joined with principalities and powers, and the rulers of the darkness of this world,' are formidable foes. Against these, you must pray, and watch, and strive. There is in the christian warfare, no rest from the annoyance of enemies; and enemies, too, that are long experi enced and artful; enemies by whose numerous and deep laid devices, you are constantly exposed to be ' cast down wounded. Your calling and election' are to be made sure by diligence in the pious life. Your salvation must be daily wrought out, with the deep anxiety implied in fear and trembling.' You must be evermore, intent on that business, which your Father in heaven assigns you. The moment, of your regeneration, begins your spiritual conflict; and, thenceforward you are to fight against sin, in yourself, and in the world around you. It is by constant exertion, that you are to grow in grace and in the knowledge of Christ.' Sloth, indifference, a disposi


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