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Ectract from the Preface.

In this series of narratives we offer to the readers of the Rollo Books a continuation of the story of our little hero, by giving them an account of the adventures which such a boy ay be expected to meet with in making a tour of Europe. The books are intended to be cks of instruction rather than of mere amusement; and, in perusing them, the reader may el assured that all the information which they contain, not only in respect to the countries sited, but to the customs, usages, and moos of life that are described, and also in regard the general character of the incidents ar" adventures that the young travellers meet ith, is in most strict accordance with fact. The main design of the narratives is, thus, the immunication of useful knowledge ; and everything which they contain, except what is fictly personal, i.e. relation to the actors in the story, may be depended upon as exactly ld scrupayously true.

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Mr. Abbott has a singularly successful faculty of conveying instruction with entertainent, and of interesting all classes of readers, but more particularly the young. All will that the more we have of such useful and pleasant volumes the better.—Salem Register.

They give excellent lessons in Geography and History, in the most pleasing forms. They beautifully printed, and illustrated with fine engravings. – New Haven Palladium.

There is no wonder that, the “Rollo Books” are so extremely popular, for we doubt if ny of us “children of a larger growth” can escape their fascination. — Salem Observer.

1 careful perusal of the volume under notice (Switzerland) will give the young reader only as good a geographical knowledge of the country it describes as would be obtained * term at school, but will acquaint him with the habits, manners, and characteristics of people of Switzerland. — American Citizen.

to living man is his equal in story-telling for the young, and the book will find its way 3 thousands of homes. – Hartford Republican.

'hey contain a great deal of useful information, conveyed in a most pleasing and interng manner. — Boston Post.

Written by one who has made the tour through which he carries his young hero, and who, m long experience, knows how to please and instruct his young readers, those yolumes less just the qualities to attract those for whom they are intended.—Norfolk Co. Journal.

- - - - - - - he author has admirably combined the pleasing with the instructive, so that while the thful reader is charmed by the narrative, he also gains valuable information with regard lose far-off places famed in story and song. — Boston Olive Branch.

correspondent of the New York National Magazine says:– “The volumes are beauly illustrated, and written in the charming and instructive style of the author. We one of our New England governors, lately returned from a European tour, guitabld in the volume upon Paris, while travelling in a railway car, a short time since.

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One large 12mo volume, 450 pages. 48 Engravings.


This book contains twenty-eight stories of ocean life, told in a plain, off-hand manner by one who, for years, had his home in the forecastle ; of sketches sometimes drawn from the o imagination, but generally founded on fact ; sometimes grave, sometimes humorous, and sometimes descriptive : as illustrating, in a greater, or less degree, the amusements, superstitions, evils, vices and virtues of the sailor ; and sprinkles with tempests, shipwrecks,

hair-breadth escapes, piracies and battles, with occasional glimpses of scenes of another sort — life in the rural districts of New England.

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Beautifully printed and Illustrated. A beautiful gift-book for a teacher to his pupils.

This is a book of rare excellence. It is artistically, intellectually, morally, religiously beautiful — the product of sanctified genius. Precious lessons are drawn from flowers, from | birds, from hees, and meaner insects, – from natural phenomena, the domestic relations, &c., all in true poetry, with none of those trivialities which so often deform poetry sor children. A heart of Christian benevolence beats through the book. Ch. Mirror, Portland.

This volume Fo the peculiar characteristics of Miss Gould's poetry, in its purity, simplicity, sanciful imagery, and frequent felicity of expression. It is simple, lowly, and 'generally devotional in its course of thought and form of expression. —Boston Transcript.


20 volumes, 16mo. 500 beautiful Illustrations.

The whole forming a complete Library of Biography, History, Philosophy, Art, Science and Literature, embracing subjects of the most important kind, such as every one, in this age of progress, should know, and which can only be obtained elsewhere at great expense of books and time.

33ingraphical 33rpartment.

Famous osen of Modern Times. Lives of Benefactors...

Famous osen of Ancient Times. Jities of opious Américan Indian

Curiosities of Human Nature. Ilives of Celebrated Women.
ofgtorical Department. :

Lights & Shadows of American History. Lights and Shadows of African History. a
Lights & Shadows of European History IIistory of the American Indigns.
Lights & Shadows of Asiatic History. Manners & Customs of Amér. Indians.

3Literarm and $ricntific.

A Glance at the Sciences. JLiterature, Ancient and Modern. -
The Wonders of Geology. Enterprise, Industry, and Art of Åfan.
Anecdotes of the Animal Kingdom. Manners and Customs of Nations.
A Glance at Philosophy. The World and its Inhabitants.

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Part I. —Comprising the largest number of choice, Glees, Quartets, Trios, Songs, Opera Choruses, tc., ever before published in one Collection.

Part II. Consisting of Sacred Anthems, Choruses, Quartets, doc., for Select Societies and Concerts.

Part III. Containing nost of the old popular Continental Psalm Tunes.

Thus making the most complete collection, in all its features, ever before published. By I. B. WOODBURY, author of the “Dulcimer,” “The Cythara,” &c. &c.

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Here may be sound Glees, Quartets, Trios and Songs, suited to every occasion. If merry, here are pieces that will add to merriment; if sad, harmonies that will soothe sadness. If longing for home fill o mind, the dear scenes that cluster there are painted in many a song. Requiems to the loved departed are also here. Indeed, almost every scene to which the chequered life of man is subject is here made the refrain of song. For the Sabbath eve,

when *
“Softly fades the twilizhtray

Of the holy Sabbath day,” - *

and when music is particularly acceptable, the old tunes our fathers sang may be found in Part III. Part II. is somewhat more elaborate, and adapted to Sacred Concerts. That the book may tend to make man happier and better is the sincere desire of the author.


Old and new. Designed for the Church, the Westry, or the Parlor.

Adapted to every variety of metre in common use, and appropriate to every occasion where Géd is worshipped and men are blessed. From the costons of £iilings, Holden, Maxim, Edson, Holyoke, Read, Kimball, Morgan, Wood, Swo, &c. &c., and eminent American authors mow living, as well as from distinguished European composers. Embracing a greater variety of Music for Congregations, Societies, Singing Schools, and Choirs, than any other collection extant.


The publishers have received, unsolicited, the highest recommendations from gentlemen of musical education ; and they respectfully call the attention of leaders of choirs and teachers of singing schools throughout New England, to this work, before purchasing their books for fall and winter schools. Nearly one hundred thousand copies have been sold since it

was first published.

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Comprising PsALM AND HYMN Tunes, of every variety and metre, ANTHEMs, - CHANTS, an ORATORIO, SET PIECEs, ETC.

Author of the “Dulcimer,” of which more than 140,000 copies have been sold.

Mr. Woodbury's long residence in Europe, and his intimate acquaintance with the music and musical people of every section of our country, their wants and predilections, have inarted to him advantages hardly vouchsafed to any other man. To these qualifications he trings the vigor and elasticity of early manhood, find, aster years of untiring and energenc devotion to this one subject, he has produced a volume of Sacred Music, rich in melody, chaste and harmonious in composition, simple in arrangement, and thoroughly adapted to

the wants of his own country. * ...

vv. J. R. & Co. have for sale all the Music Books published. Traders, Teachers, and

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j others supplied at the lowest cash price. *

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COLBURN’S FIRST LESSONS. Intellectual Arithmetic, upon the

Inductive Method of Instruction. BY WARREN Colbur N.

“Colburn's First Lessons, the only faultless school book that we have, has made a great change in the mode of teaching Arithmetic, and is destined to make a still greater. It should be made the basis of instruction in this department.”—From the School and Schoolmaster.

“Warren Colburn's First Lessons has had many imitators, but no equals.” – From the Massachusetts Common School Journal for April, 1852.

“I have always considered Colburn's First Lessons in Arithmetic the most valuable school book that has made its appearance in this country. Constant use of it for more than twelve years has entirely confirmed my opinion. – George B. Emerson. |

“I have no hesitation in saying that this book is not only the best in this country, but, so far as my information extends, the best in the world.”— Thomas Sherwin, Esq., of the Bos

ton High School. WORCESTER’s HISTORY. Elements of History, Ancient and Modern.

By J. E. WoRCESTER, LL.D. A new edition, brought down to the Present

Time, and printed from entirely new stereotype plates. 43.8 pp.

Worcester's History has for many years occupied a high place among text books. The new edition, being printed from entirely new stereotype plates, is a great improvement upon former editions. Applicants for admission into the Freshman class at Harvard College are examined in this book.

SMELLIE’s PHILOSOPHY. The Philosophy of Natural History. By WM. SMELLIE. With an Introduction and Addition by Dr. John Ware, of Cambridge, Mass. 12mo, 360 pp. Smellie's Philosophy is a valuable book for High Schools and Academies, and is used extensively in every part of the country.

NORTHEND’S BOOK KEEPING. The Common School Book Keeping ; being a simple and practical system, by Single Entry. Designed for the use of Public Schools, and adapted $o the wants of Mechanics, Farmers, and Retail, Merchants; containing various forms of Notes, Receipts, Orders, Bills, and other useful matter; in two books, a Day-book and Ledger. By Charles Northend, author of “National Writing Book,” “National Speaker,” etc.

In preparing this system the author has endeavored to make a plain, practical, and economical work, suited to the wants of common schools and retais merchants in every

department of business. *

CUSHING'S MANUAL. Rules of Proceeding and Debate in Deliberative Assemblies. By LUTHER. S. Cushing, for twelve years Clerk of Massachusetts House of Representatives.

BENTLEY'S PICTORIAL PRIMER. For beginners. One of the

most beautiful school books published.

Copies of all the above books will be sent to school committees, for examination, on application.



Consists of Two Lve volumEs, elegantly bound, and Illustrated with upwards of

1. Arthur Ellerslie, or The Brave Boy. 8. Fretful Lillia, or The Girl who was com2. Redbrook, or Who'll buy my Water&resses? pared to a Sting-nettle. 3. Minnie Brown, or The Gentle Girl. 9. Minnie's Pic-nic, or a Day in the Woods.

4. Ralph Rat!er, or The Mischief Maker. 10. Cousin Nelly, or The Pleasant Visit. 5. Arthur's Temptation, or The Lost Goblet: |11. Minnie's Playroom, or how to Play Calis.

6. Aunt Amy, or How Minnie Brown Learned thenics. to be a Sunbeam. 12. Arthur's Triumph, or Goodness Re7. The Runaway, or Punishment of Pride. warded.

The books are so written that, while ench number is a complete story in itself, there is, nevertheless, a connection between the whole series.

In addition to their own publications, W. J. R. & Co. are supplied with a large stcck of

School Books, Music Books, and stationery, which they offer to purchasers at toucest prices.

- -- - –

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