A Mathematical Miscellany in Four Parts: I. An Essay Towards the Probable Solution of the Forty-five Surprizing Paradoxes in Gordon's Geography. II. Fifty-five New and Amazing Paradoxes, Some in Verse, Some in Prose, with Their Solutions. III. Answers to the Hundred Arithmetical Problems, Left Unanswered in Hill's Arithmetick, and Alexander's Algebra. IV. Miscellaneous Rules about Forming Aenigma's, Questions, the Doctrine of Eclipses, of Pendulums, the Equation of Time, Concerning Easter, &c

M. Cooper, 1751 - 220 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 118 - If you take away 5 from my years, and divide the remainder by 8, the quotient will be £ of your age ; but if you add 2 to your age, and multiply the whole by 3} and then subtract 7 from the product, you will have the number of the years of my age. What was the age of the father and son ? Ans.
Σελίδα 164 - If the sun moves every day one degree, and the moon thirteen degrees, and at a certain time the sun be at the beginning of Cancer, and in three days after, the moon in the beginning of Aries, the place of their next following conjunction is required (Newt.
Σελίδα 35 - ... of the other three, that a man may travel on foot from it to any of the other three, in the...
Σελίδα 215 - ... supports the hinges of the rudder; so that this water bears more directly on the rudder by an angle of about 30 degrees: hence, in the above case, the angle under which the water impels the rudder will be nearly 60 degrees...
Σελίδα 208 - Years, but fhall be taken to be common years, confifting of 365 days and no more ; and that the years of our Lord 2000, 2400, 2800, and every other fourth hundredth year of our Lord from the...
Σελίδα 4 - The 45 paradoxes will be reproduced in two chapters. 1. There are two remarkable places on the globe of the earth, in which there is only one day and one night throughout the whole year. 2. There are...
Σελίδα 7 - There are three remarkable places on the globe, that differ both in longitude and latitude, and yet all lie under one and the fame meridian.
Σελίδα 121 - ... were there-? 47. A general who had fought a battle, upon reviewing his army, whofe foot was thrice the number of his horfe, finds that before the battle...
Σελίδα 105 - Цоте are 140 Miles : A Traveller fets out at the fame time from each of the two Cities, one goes 8 Miles a Day, the other 6. In how many Days from their firft fetting out will they meet one another, and how many Miles did each of them go ? ... 14.
Σελίδα 77 - Offices of Life : For in the Beginning of its Life, it fheds its Coat ; and that being done, and the poor little Animal thereby rendered light and agile, it fpends the reft of its...

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