Electronics Simplified

Xlibris Corporation, 23 Ιαν 2016 - 48 σελίδες
This book explains in simple physical terms how all electronic systems operate and so will hopefully remove their mysteries.

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The Electronic Environment
Annex A Printed Circuit Boards
Annex B Computer Security
Annex C Formula 1 Racing Cars
Annex D Sailplane Electronics
Annex E Memory Joggers
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Maurice Cook 1952–1958 Aircraft Engineer apprentice at Vickers Armstrings Ltd, Weybridge. After a year the engineering apprenticeship was changed to electronics. 1958 Joined the Royal Navy for National Service. 1963 Obtained a permanent commission as an Instructor Officer. 1963–1965 Served as an electrical officer in an aircraft carrier. 1965–1974 Appointed to the Royal Naval Colleges at Greenwich and Plymouth to lecture on electrical engineering. 1974-1981 Promoted to commander and had several appointments at RN establishments and one loan posting to the Royal Air Force. 1982–1987 Worked for the government at the Ministry of Defence, London. 1989 Awarded the OBE by HM Queen Elizabeth.

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