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strain of the preacher's messages losophy of the age 110. Sixth
421. Not enough to touch the cause, neglect of the doctrine of
sensibilities merely 423. The ser- justification by faith 113. Luther
mon has fallen from the respect strongly affected by it 115. Royal
paid to it by our fathers, The road to heaven 116. Missionary
pulpit the preacher's throne 424. spirit the foundation of individual
Profit and Honor, by Mrs. Copley, power 118. Self-culture and self-
noticed 235.

discipline important 120. Youth
Protestant Memorial, by T. Horne, a germinating period 121.
noticed 234.

Reviero of Haight's Guide and Mc-
Psalms I. II Notes on the Septua- Ilvaine's Solemn Responsibility of

gint Version of, by Prof. J. W. Ministers, by Rev.J. W. McLane,
Gibbs, notice (1) Deviations from 1.
the Hebrew text, with their rea- Review of Boré's Travels in Turkey
sons; (2) Peculiarities of Greek and Persia, by Rev. H. A. Homes
usage and construction ; (3) Re-
fer to analagous usages and con- Review of Gresley's Treatise on
structions in the New Testament Preaching 408.

—Psalm I., 44). Psalm II., 444. Robbins, Red. R. D. C. Language
Punchard, George. View of Con- of Ancient Egypt 137.
gregationalism by, noticed 235.

Reformation, Burnet's History of the Sacraments, The Christian, by Rev.
English, noticed 231.

Enoch Pond, D. D. 369. Signifi-
Reformation, The Necessity of the, cation of the term sacrament 370.

by John Calvin, noticed 472. How used by Tertullian 371.
Religion of Experience and that of Distinguishing marks of a sacra-

Imitation, by Rev. George ment 372. The number of the
Cheever 92. Religion of imita- sacraments 373. The five addi.
tion, churchianity ; religion of tional sacraments of the Romish
experience, christianity 93. Reli- church, confirmation, ordination,
gious characteristic of this age auricular confession 374. Ex-
rather that of imitation than of treme unction, marriage 375.
experience 94. Causes of this- Baptism and the Lord's Supper
want of the habit of living in and alone entitled to be called Chris-
upon God's word 97. A new tian sacraments. Nature, import
baptism from heaven needed 98. and meaning of the Sacraments
Power of God's word to be real-

376. Regeneration not effected
ized 99. Second cause, preva- in baptism, proofs 378. Is the
lence of low and indistinct views sacrament of the Lord's Supper a
of divine Inspiration 100. Con- proper

sacrifice ? 380. Objections
sequence, false philosophy inter- to the theory of the literal change
meddling with the scriptures 101. of the bread and wine 381. Ob.
Third cause, desertion of the jections against con-substantiation
Bible as the only rule of faith and 382. Nearly all protestants agree
practice 102. Fourth cause, de- that the sacraments are signs or
ference to human authority 103. symbols 384. Christ's presence
Advance in theology only by ex- is of a spiritual nature 386. Effi-
perience 106. Right of private cacy of the sacraments 387, T e
judgment to be maintained 108. sacraments for Christians only
Fifth cause, prevalence of a phi- 388. Benefits of the sacraments
losophical system unfavorable to 389. The great benefit the pres.
faitli 108. Theology always in- ence of Christ 391.
fluenced by the speculative phi. Santa Expedition, Narrative of,


by George Wilkins Kendall, no- other Fragments from the Study
ticed 469.

of a Pastor, noticed 465.
Scotland, History of the Church of, Spring, Gardiner, D. D., Disserta-

by Rev. W. M. Hetherington, no. tion on the Rule of Faith, noticed
ticed 460.

Sherman, Henry. Governmental Stowe, Prof. C. E., D. D. Writings

History of the U. S. America, by, of Martin Luther 241.
noticed 234.

Student, The Young, or Ralph and
Slavery, Biblical Argument on, by Victor, by Madame Guizot. From

Rev. William C. Wisner-T. D. the French by Samuel Jackson,
Wells, “ Bible against Slavery noticed 465.
302. Plan of the present Article Summerfield, Reo. John, Memoirs of
-What is Slavery? 303. Slavery the Life and Ministry of, by John
existed among the Hebrews in Holland, noticed 469
Old Testament times 304. Maid.
servants held as property 305.

Their mistresses claimed their Tractarian and Evangelical Sys-
children as their ownTestimo-

tems, by George Sydney Smith,
ny of Josephus 306. Servants D D., noticed 471.
bought with money 307. Mean- Training of the Will, by Rev. Phar-
ing of the word to buy 308. Mr. cellus Church 839.
Wells s definition of bought ser- Travels in Turkey and Persia,
vants 313. Objections to it 316. Boré's, reviewed by Rev. H. A.
Case of Joseph 319. Distinction Homes. M. Boré's education and
in the Bible between bought and purpose 28. His studies at Con-
hired servants; the former slaves stantinople 29. His journey-
321. Hebrews commanded to free Designs of the Romanists on the
their servants every fiftieth year- Armenians 30. Plan for convert-
Language of Paul'in Galatians 4.

ing them to the Romish faith 31.
1 327. Existence of slavery un. State of the Nestorian church 33.
der the old dispensation no apol- False charges against American
ogy for slave-holding at the pres- missionaries 34. Who are trying
ent day 326. The Old Testament to gain the Nestorians by means
does not uphold nor sustain a of money 37. Grounds of com-
system of slavery-proofs 327. plaint by M. Boré against the
8. Q. Case of the Canaanites- Oriental churches 38. Celibacy
Saul and the Amalekites 329. of the clergy 40. M. Boré's views
Examination of Genesis 9. 24, 25 on the national origin of the Nes-
-A prophetic curse 331. This torians 41. Facts confirming those
curse confined to Canaan 332. No views 42. The Nestorians still
right to enslave a fellow man retain the name of Chaldean 43.
without a special warrant from Still living in the proper country
the Almighty 334. God did all of the Chaldeans 44. Their lan.
he could consistently in that dark guage also claims to be Chaldean
age to meliorate the condition of 45. Their physiognomy Chal-
the slave 336. Condition of slaves dean 47. M. Boré's melancholy
in the East mild 337.

lucubrations 50. Strong preju-
Smith, Hugh, D. D., Heart delin- dices against gospel truth 54.
eated, etc., noticed 463.

Romish schemes for seizing on
Smith, George Sydney, D.D., Trac- the Oriental churches 56. The

tarian and Evangelical Systems, Lazarists 58. Love of French
noticed 471.

glory 63.
Spring, Gardiner, D. D., The Trial of the Pope of Rome, noticed
Church in the Wilderness, and



eral mistake as to what constitutes
Uncle Barnaby, noticed 235.

a good education 354. Submis.

sion an important element in the

will's training 355. The manner
View of Congregationalism, noticed of the will's training-It requires

power by exercise 358. By keep-
Voice of the Church one, D'Au- ing in view our duties and the
bigné's, noticed 230.

motives to their performance 359.

A sense of dependence on God

360. The spirit's indwelling the
Westminster Assembly, History of sole basis of continued right action

the, by Rev. W.A. Hetherington, in the will-Much to be gained
noticed 469.

by passing from names to things
Will, Training of, by Rev. Pharcel- 361. Strictly speaking but two

lus Church 339. What has departments of mental phenom-
brought Metaphysical Science ena-sensations and volitions
into disrepute 340. Relation of 362. Objective sensations and
the will to the other faculties sensations of spontaniety 363.
341. Related to them as the Many theological errors founded
cause of their activity-Psycho- in a false anthropology 364 Does
logical reduced to sensations and not the doctrine of necessity, as
volitions 342. The heart a foun- applied to the will, merge it in
dation for the sensations of feeling the sensations ? 365. The doc-
343. Apart from volitions in the trine of necessity a virtual reduc-
mind, nothing remains but simple tion of the moral, to a level with
sensations 344. The will is re- the physical government 367.
lated as
to whatever is

The true philosophy of mental
blame or praiseworthy in the and moral discipline 368. Con.
other faculties 346. Related to trast between a well-disciplined
our other facultics as the basis of and a neglected will 369.
their union in an individual con- Wisner, Red. William C. Biblical
scious agency 348. Related as Argument on Slavery 302.
the governing power 349. The Woman's Worth ; or Hints to raise
will has no power to alter the the female character, with a notice,
character of our simple sensations by Emily Marshall, noticed 467.
350. The exercises of intellect Women, The Wrongs of, by Char-
contain in themselves no right of lotte Elizabeth, noticed 466.
control over the will 351. The Woods, Rev. Leonard, D. D. Divine
object of the will's training 252. Agency aud Government together
Our wills educated to velocity with Human Agency and Gov-
but not to fixedness 353. Gen- ernment, 23.


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