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Mr. Justice SIEBECKER took no part in the decision of the cases reported in this volume on pages 1 to 72, 107 to 120, and 455 to 461.


VOL. 156.

Page 359, line 18. For 22 Wis. 24, read 22 Wis. 234.
Page 360, line 3. Same correction.
Page 409, lines 4-8 should read:

For the appellants the cause was submitted on a brief signed by J. E. & J. F. Malone.

For the respondent there was a brief by Flanders, Bottum, Favsett & Bottum, attorneys, and Paul O. Husting, of counsel and oral argument by F. L. McNamara.




Althen, State ex rel., v. Klein....

308 Anderson v. Firemen Relief Association of Milwaukee... 199 Firemen relief association: Membership and beneficiary

rights: Forfeiture: Insanity of member. Arnold, Breen v....

528 Arnold, Hathaway v....

22 Arnold, State ex rel., v. Common Council of Milwaukee.. 505 Athanasiou 1. Garton Toy Co....

280 Master and servant: Elevators: Negligent maintenance: In

jury to servant: Contributory negligence: Special verdict:

Harmless errors: Instructions to jury: Excessive damages. Attorney General, State ex rel., v. Northern Pacific R. Co. 73

360 565

Badger Box & Lumber Co., Tomscyk v...
Baird v. Carle...
Husband and wife: Alienation of wife's affections: Justifica-

tion: Right of brother to advise her: Pleading: Presump-
tions: Burden of proving malice: Evidence: Competency:
Communications to brother by physician and attorney: In-
structions to jury: Harmless errors.


Baraboo, City of, v. Stone...
Municipal corporations: Baraboo city charter: Appeal from

police justice: Affidavit of good faith.


Barkhausen Coal & Dock Co., Schaut v..
Baumgarten v. Matchette....

Appealable orders: Suppressing examination of adverse party.
Beaver Dam Manufacturing Co., Thomas v.
Belstner v. Town of Sumner...
Highways: Defect causing death: Spinal meningitis as result

of fall: Proximate cause: Instructions to jury: Excessive

427 556

Besnys v. Herman Zohrlaut Leather Co......

203 Master and servant: Injury from unsafe machinery: Insuffi

cient guard: Contributory negligence: Methods permitted

by employer: Questions for jury. Boettger v. City of Two Rivers...

60 Municipal corporations: Harbor improvements: Docks and

breakwaters: Special assessments: Requisites and validity: Reassessment, when ordered: City not concluded by brief of

counsel: Declaration as to purpose of work, when binding. Breen v. Arnold......

528 Vendor and purchaser: Breach of contract by vendor: Rescis

sion: Recovery of money paid: Settlement of claim by one

of several purchasers: Costs: Time for perfecting judgment. Brennan v. Healy.

37 Attorney and client: Contracts, express and implied: Trial:

Submission of case to jury: Instructions: Harmless errors. Brittingham & Hicon Lumber Co. v. City of Sparta..... 345 Constitutional law: Police power: Regulation of weights and

measures: Classification: Coal dealers: Equal protection of the laws: Municipal corporations: Ordinances: Weighing of coal: Construction: Reasonableness: Partial invalidity: Penalties.

[ocr errors]

Budzisz, Illinois Steel Co. v....


Cardine v. Schaffenbuhl.....

319 Trespass: Title to land: Adverse possession: Findings of fact:

Appeal: Review. Carle, Baird v...

565 Carlson, Gosczinski v.

551 Carthew v. City of Platteville.

322 Nuisances: Abatement: Damages: Action, at law or in equity?

Misjoinder of causes: Municipal corporations: When claims,

etc., need not be presented. Chain Belt Co., Przybyla v...

216 Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul R. Co., Hanson v... 455 Chicago, M. & St. P. R. Co. v. Railroad Commission..... 287 Railroads: Regulation: Milk stations: Stopping trains: Pow

ers of railroad commission: Reasonableness of order. Chicago & Northwestern R. Co., Sweet v...


[ocr errors]

... 635

Christensen v. Christopher.....

525 Gifts causa mortis: Certificates of deposit: Evidence: Suffi

ciency: Executors and administrators: Judgment. Christopher, Christensen v...

.. 525 Citizens National Bank of Pocomoke City, Thomas v.... Citizens Telephone Co. v. Railroad Commission..... 498 Public utilities: Railroad commission: Orders, when set aside:

Evidence: Telephone companies: When engaged in furnish

ing local service. Common Council of Milwaukee, State ex rel. Arnold v... 505 Covault v. Nevitt....

113 Infants: Liability for torts of employees: Contracts: Valid

ity: Necessaries.


Culver v. Marx....
Slander: Words actionable per se: Imputing crime: Pleading:

Questions for jury.

390 32

De Longe, Yawkey-Crowley Lumber Co. v.....
Derouso v. International Harvester Co...
Corn shredders: Safety devices: Removal by owner: Liability

of seller: Proximate cause of injury.


Donovan v. Hoenig..
Vendor and purchaser: Failure to perfect title: Reasonable

time: Recovery of money paid and deposited in escrow: In-

Firemen Relief Association of Milwaukee, Anderson v... 199 Franke v. H. P. Nelson Co....

241 Pleading: Demurrer: Sufficiency of complaint: Misjoinder of

causes: Defect of parties: Equity: Quieting title to securi.
ties: Preventing multiplicity of actions: Proper and neces.

sary parties. Franke, Wildes v....

... 189


Garton Toy Co., Athanasiou v....
Gauger v. Gauger..
Divorce: Division of property: Discretion of trial court: Pro-

portion to be awarded to wife: Unnecessary appeal: Costs. George, Knudson v.


Goldstine v. Tolman...

141 Contracts: Requisites: Meeting of minds: Preliminary agree

ments: Incompleteness: Practical construction by parties:
Agreement to lease: Specific performance: Breach by both

Gosczinski v. Carlson....

551 Sheriffs: Shooting to prevent escape of prisoner: When justi.

fied: Assault: Liability: Damages: Inadequacy. Grand Rapids, City of, Pomainville v...

384 Great Northern R. Co., Salus v... ..

546 Green Bay & M. C. Co. v. Kaukauna Gas, E. L. & P. Co.. 412 Public utilities: Acquirement by city: Liens: Assumption:

Liability for unpaid rent: Landlord and tenant: Renewal
term: Fixing rental: Arbitration: Accord and satisfaction:
Interest on rental not paid when due.

Green Bay Paper & Fiber Co., Pulp Wood Co. v...
Gumney, Polly v....

604 362

466 514


Haas, Ripon Hardware Co. v...
Hansen v. Milwaukee Coke & Gas Co....

Nonsuit: Affirmance on appeal: Power to grant new trial.
Hanson v. Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul R. Co...
Railroads: Death of employee: Interstate commerce: Waiver

of objection that federal statute governs: Negligence: Fly-
ing switch: Violation of rule: Questions for jury: Appeal:
Harmless error: Evidence: Admissions: Opening statement
of counsel.

Harper, State ex rel. Ringer v....
Hathaway v. Arnold......
Fraud: Conveyances of land: Bona fide purchaser: Husband


and wife: Principal and agent: Imputed knowledge: Evi-
dence: Relevancy and materiality: Forgery: Pleading:

Amendment: Reopening case: Notice of lis pendens.
Healy, Brennan v.....
Heineman v. Old National Bank..
Banks and banking: Payment of deposit to third person: Neg-

ligence: Validity of receipt: Signature procured by fraud:
Evidence: Competency: Burden of proof: Instructions to
jury: Appeal: Prejudicial error.

37 289

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