New... Method of Learning the German Language: 1st & 2nd Courses

D. Appleton & Company, 1871

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Σελίδα 69 - Pray tell me what time it is. It is one o'clock. It is past one. It has struck one. It is a quarter past one. It is half past one. It wants ten minutes of two.
Σελίδα 72 - I wish you a good morning. I am happy to see you. I have not seen you this age. It is a novelty to see you. Pray, sit down. Sit down, if you please.
Σελίδα 83 - Language is composed of eight kinds of words, called the pwts of speech. They are : the Article, the Substantive, the Adjective, the Pronoun, the Verb, the Adverb, the Preposition, and the Conjunction. § 2. There are in German two numbers: the Singular and the Plural ; three genders: the masculine, the feminine, and the neuter; four cases: the Nominative, the Genitive, the Dative, and the Accusative.* OF THE ARTICLE.
Σελίδα 70 - It thaws. It is very windy. The wind is very high. There is no air stirring. It lightens. It has lightened all night. It thunders. The thunder roars.
Σελίδα 67 - I am speaking to you. I am not speaking to you. What do you say ? What did you say ? I say nothing. Do you hear ? Do you hear what I say ? Do you understand me?
Σελίδα 2 - ... child, repeating to it a hundred times the same words, combining them imperceptibly, and succeeding in this way to make it speak the same language she speaks. To learn in this manner, he says, is no longer a study, it is an amusement 8.— The Merchants' and Bankers
Σελίδα 74 - Which piece do you like best ? I hope this piece is to your liking. Gentlemen, you have dishes near you. Help yourselves. Take without ceremony what you like best. Would you like a little of this roast-meat 1 Do you choose some fat ? Give me some of the lean, if you please.
Σελίδα 120 - A New Method of Learning to Read, Write, and Speak the German Language.
Σελίδα 68 - I was eighteen years old last week. You do not look so old. You look older. I thought you were older. I did not think you were so old. How old may your uncle be ? He may be sixty years old. He is about sixty years old. He is more than fifty years old.
Σελίδα 76 - Have I put sugar enough in your tea? It is excellent. I do not like it quite so sweet. Your tea is very good. Where do you buy it? I buy it at .... Have you already done? You will take another cup? I shall pour you out half a cup. You will not refuse me.

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