The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, Emperor of the French: With a Preliminary View of the French Revolution, Τόμος 9

Ballantyne and Company, 1827

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Σελίδα 68 - I place myself under the protection of their laws, which I claim from your Royal Highness, as the most powerful, the most constant, and the most generous of my enemies.
Σελίδα clxi - It is my wish that my ashes may repose on the banks of the Seine, in the midst of the French people whom I have loved so well1 3.
Σελίδα clxvi - Moskwa, of Montmirail. In this point of view it is my wish that it may be precious in the eyes of my son. (It has been deposited with Count Bertrand since 1814.) 3. I charge Count Bertrand with the care of preserving these objects, and of conveying them to my son when he shall attain the age of sixteen years.
Σελίδα 81 - Bonaparte,' he added, pointing with his finger to the offensive epithet in Lord Melville's letter. ' I am Prince, or Consul, and ought to be treated as such, if treated with at all. When I was at Elba, I was at least as much a sovereign in that island as Louis on the throne of France. We had both our respective flags, our ships, our troops. Mine, to be sure,' he said with a smile, ' were rather on a small scale.
Σελίδα cxliii - I was under shelter of the British people. If the government, in giving orders to the captain of the Bellerophon to receive me as well as my suite, only intended to lay a snare for me, it has forfeited its honour, and disgraced its flag.
Σελίδα clxxv - Revolution, the sum of one hundred thousand francs, as a memento of gratitude for the care which that brave general took of us when we were lieutenant and captain under his orders. 2. Item. To the son or grandson of General Dugomier, who commanded in chief the army of Toulon, the sum of one hundred thousand francs. We, under his orders, directed that siege, and commanded the artillery: it is a testimonial of remembrance for the marks of esteem, affection, and friendship, which that brave and intrepid...
Σελίδα 70 - Lordships' secret order, I have acceded to the proposal, and he is to embark on board this ship tomorrow morning, That no misunderstanding might arise, I have explicitly and clearly explained to Count Las Cases, that I have no authority whatever for granting terms of any sort, but that all I can do is to carry him and his suite to England, to be received in such manner as his Royal Highness may deem expedient.
Σελίδα clxxv - We bequeath to the son or grandson of Baron Dutheil, lieutenant-general of artillery, and formerly lord of St Andre, who commanded the school of Auxonne before the Revolution, the sum of one hundred thousand francs, as a memento of gratitude for the care which that brave general took of us when we were lieutenant and captain under his orders.
Σελίδα clxxiii - Rhine, under the directions of my executors, and upon their orders, one hundred thousand francs. 22. To be distributed amongst those who suffered amputation, or were severely wounded at Ligny or Waterloo, who may be still living, according to lists drawn up by my executors, to whom shall be added Cambrone, Larrey, Percy, and Emmery. The guards shall be paid double ; those of the Island of Elba, quadruple ; two hundred thousand francs.
Σελίδα xxiv - Noire, in order to go on a bucaniering party into England. Excepting some little errors in the locality, which, after all, may seem errors to me from my own ignorance, the instructions are incomparably well drawn ; they are done, or at least corrected, by the General himself, and if Tate be a dashing fellow, with military talents, he may play the devil in England, before he is caught. His object is Liverpool, and I have some reason to think...

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