Laws of the State of Wisconsin, Τόμος 1

R. A. Bird, printer, 1889

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Σελίδα 445 - An act to enable the State of Arkansas and other States to reclaim the 'swamp lands
Σελίδα 667 - One member of said board shall be appointed for one year, one for two years, one for three years, one for four years, and one for five years.
Σελίδα 471 - ... provide for the collection of a direct annual tax sufficient to pay the interest on such debt, as it falls due, and also to pay and discharge the principal thereof within twenty years from the time of contracting the same.
Σελίδα 434 - ... in all cases where a lien shall be filed under this act for work done or materials furnished to any contractor, he shall defend any action brought thereupon at his own expense; and during the pendency of such action the owner may withhold from the contractor the amount of money for which such lien is filed...
Σελίδα 226 - They shall bear interest at a rate not exceeding five per centum per annum, and shall be negotiated for not less than their par value.
Σελίδα 228 - Such bonds may not exceed in amount twenty-five thousand dollars, with a rate of interest not to exceed five per cent per annum and the principal shall be paid within ten years.
Σελίδα 740 - SECTION 1. The supervision of public instruction shall be vested in a state superintendent, and such other officers as the legislature shall direct.
Σελίδα 119 - The several officers of said association, at the time of the passage of this act shall continue to hold their respective offices as officers of...
Σελίδα 149 - ... to have and use a common seal, and to alter the same at pleasure; to...
Σελίδα 498 - ... of this act, shall be audited and paid in the same manner as the salaries and expenses of other .State officers...

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