The Life of Napoleon I: Including New Materials from the British Official Records, Τόμος 2


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Σελίδα 387 - Never quit my son ; and keep in mind that I would rather see him in the Seine than in the hands of the enemies of France!
Σελίδα 54 - So spake the seraph Abdiel, faithful found, Among the faithless faithful only he; Among innumerable false unmoved, Unshaken, unseduced, unterrified, His loyalty he kept, his love, his zeal ; Nor number nor example with him wrought To swerve from truth, or change his constant mind, Though single.
Σελίδα 396 - ... The allied powers having proclaimed that the Emperor Napoleon is the only obstacle to the re-establishment of peace in Europe, the Emperor Napoleon, faithful to his oath, declares that he renounces for himself and his heirs, the thrones of France and Italy, and that there is no personal sacrifice, even that of life, •which he is not ready to make for the interests of France.
Σελίδα 407 - cried a Royalist. Not a shot was fired. " Soldiers," cried a well-known voice, "if there is one among you, who wishes to kill his emperor, he can do so. Here I am.
Σελίδα 421 - Paris of the 10th, on which day he was still there ; and I judge from his speech to the Legislature that his departure was not likely to be immediate. I think we are now too strong for him here.
Σελίδα 479 - I place myself under the protection of their laws, which I claim from your Royal Highness, as the most powerful, the most constant, and the most generous of my enemies.
Σελίδα 157 - Mourn for the man of amplest influence, Yet clearest of ambitious crime, Our greatest yet with least pretence, Great in council and great in war, Foremost captain of his time, Rich in saving common-sense, And, as the greatest only are, In his simplicity sublime.
Σελίδα 125 - England. That one of the three Courts which refuses shall be treated as an enemy; and in the case of Sweden refusing, Denmark shall be compelled to declare war on her.
Σελίδα 97 - ... prohibited all commerce with them from the ports of France and her dependent states, confiscated all British merchandise in such ports, and declared all British subjects in countries occupied by French troops to be prisoners of war. Howick replied by further orders in council in January, 1807, forbidding neutrals to trade between the ports of France and her allies, or between the ports of nations which should observe the Berlin decree, on pain of the confiscation of the ship and cargo.
Σελίδα 163 - ... talents, being raised to the highest military posts by birth and long life. This is the explanation of the great inferiority in culture of the officers to all other classes. And this is why the army was regarded as a state in the State, hated and in some degree despised by the other classes, whereas it ought to be the union of all the moral and physical energies of the nation.

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