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Ηλεκτρ. έκδοση

3 Rejoice in his Almighty name,

alone to be ador'd; And let their hearts o’erflow with joy

that humbly seek the Lord. 4 Seek ye the Lord, his saving strength

devoutly still implore; And, where he's eyer present, seek

his face for evermore. 5 The wonders that his hands have wrought

keep thankfully in mind; The righteous statutes of his mouth,

and laws to us assign'd. 6 Know ye, his servant Abra'm's seed,

and Jacob's chosen race; 7 He's still our God, his judgments still

throughout the earth take place. His cov'nant he hath kept in mind

for num'rous agcs past, Which yet for thousand ages more

in equal force shall last. 9 First sign’d to Abra’m, next by oath

to Isaac made secure; 10 To Jacob, and his heirs a law,

for ever to endure: 11 That Canaan's land should be their lot,

when yet but few they were; 12 But few in number, and those few

all friendless strangers there. 13 In pilgrimage, from realm to realm,

securely they remov’d; 14 Whilst proudest monarchs, for their sakes

severely he reprov'd. 15 “ These mine anointed are,” said he;

“ let none my servants wrong; 6 Nor treat the poorest prophet ill,

“ that does to me belong." 16 A dearth at last, by his command,

did through the land prevail; Till corn, the chief support of life,

sustaining corn, did fail. 17 But his indulgent providence

had pious Joseph sent, Sold into Egypt, but their death,

who sold him, to prevent. 18 His feet with heavy chains were crush'd,

with calumny his fame; 19 Till God's appointed time and word

to his deliv'rance came. 20 The king his sovereign order sent,

and rescu'd him with speed; Whom private malice had confin'd,

the people's ruler freed.

21 His court, revenues, realms, were all

subjected to his will ; 22 His greatest princès to control, and teach his statesmen skill.

PART II. 23 To Egypt then, invited guests,

half-famish'd Israel came; And Jacob, held by royal grant,

the fertile soil of Ham. 24 Th’ Almighty there with such increase

his people multiply'd, Till with their proud oppressors they

in strength and number vied. 25 Their vast increase th’ Egyptians' hearts

with jealous anger fir'd, Till they his servants to destroy

by treach'rous arts conspir'd. 26 His servant Moses then he sent,

his chosen Aaron too, 27 Empower'd with signs and miracles

to prove their mission true. 28 He call'd for darkness, darkness came,

nature his summons knew ; 29 Each stream and lake, transform'd to blood,

the wand'ring fishes slew. 30 In putrid floods, throughout the land,

the pest of frogs was bred; From noisome fens sent up to croak

at Pharaoh's board and bed. 31 He gave the sign, and swarms of flies

came down in cloudy hosts; Whilst earth's enliven'd dust below

bred lice through all their coasts. 32 He sent them batt'ring hail for rain,

and fire for cooling dew ; 33 He smote their vines, and forest plants,

and garden's pride o'erthrew. 34 He spake the word and locusts came,

and caterpillars join'd; They prey'd upon the poor remains

the storm had left behind. 35 From trees to herbage they descend,

no verdant thing they spare; But, like the naked fallow field,

leave all the pastures bare. 36 From fields to villages and towns,

commission'd vengeance flew; One fatal stroke their eldest hopes

and strength of Egypt slew. 37 He brought his servants forth, enrich'd

with Egypt's borrow'd wealth;

And, what transcends all treasure else,

enrich'd with vigʻrous health. 38 Egypt rejoic'd, in hopes to find

her plagues with them remov?d; Taught dearly now to fear worse ills

by those already prov’d. 39 Their shrouding canopy by day

a journeying cloud was spread; A fiery pillar all the night

their desert marches led. 40 They long'd for flesh; with ev’ning quails

he furnish'd every tent; From heaven's high granary, each morn,

the bread of angels sent. 41 He smote the rock, whose flinty breast

pour'd forth a gushing tide; Whose flowing stream, where'er they march'd,

the desert's drought supply'd. 42 For still he did on Abra'm's faith

and ancient league reflect; 43 He brought his people forth with joy,

with triumph his elect. 44 Quite rooting out their heathen foes

from Canaan's fertile soil, To them in cheap possession gave

the fruit of others' toil : 45 That they his statutes might observe,

his sacred laws obey : For benefits so vast, let us our songs of praise repay.


RENDER thanks to God above,

The fountain of eternal love; Whose mercy firm through ages past

Has stood, and shall for ever last.
2 Who can his mighty deeds express,

Not only vast, but numberless?
What mortal eloquence can raise

His tribute of immortal praise ? 3 Happy are they, and only they,

Who from thy judgments never stray:
Who know what's right; nor only so,

But always practise what they know. 4 Extend to me that favour, Lord,

Thou to thy chosen dost afford :
When thou return'st to set them free,

Let thy salvation visit me.
5 O may I worthy prove to see

Thy saints in full prosperity ;,
That I the joyful choir may join,
And count thy people's triumph mine.


6 But ah! can we expect such grace,

Of parents vile the viler race;
Who their misdeeds have acted o'er,

And with new crimes increas'd the score? 7 Ingrateful, they no longer thought

On all his works in Egypt wrought;
The Red Sea they no sooner view'd,

Than they their base distrust renew'd. 8 Yet he, to vindicate his name,

Once more to their deliv'rance came;
To make his sov’reign power be known,

That he is God, and he alone.
9 To right and left, at his command,

The parting deep disclos'd her sand;
Where firm and dry the passage lay,

As through some parch'd and desert way. 10 Thus rescu'd from their foes they were,

Who closely press'd upon their rear; 11 Whose rage pursu'd them to those waves,

That prov'd the rash pursuers' graves. 12 The wat'ry mountains' sudden fall

O’erwhelm'd proud Pharaoh, host and all;
This proof did stupid Israel move
To own God's truth, and praise his love.

13 But soon these wonders they forgot,

And for his counsel waited not; 14 But lusting in the wilderness,

Did him with fresh temptations press. 15 Strong food at their request he sent;

But made their sin their punishment; 16 Yet still his saints they did oppose,

The priest and prophet whom he chose. 17 But earth, the quarrel to decide,

Her vengeful jaws extending wide,
Rash Dathan to her centre drew,

With proud Abiram's factious crew. 18 The rest of those who did conspire,

To kindle wide sedition's fire,
With all their impious train, became

A prey to heaven's devouring flame.
19 Near Horeb's mount a calf they made,

And to the molten image pray'd; 20 Adoring what their hands did frame,

They chang'd their glory to their shame. 21 Their God and Saviour they forgot,

And all his works in Egypt wrought; 22 His signs in Ham's astonish'd coast,

And where proud Pharaoh's troops were lost. 23 Thus urg'd, his vengeful hand he reard,

But Moses in the breach appear'd;

The saint did for the rebels pray,

And turn'd heaven's kindled wrath away. 24 Yet they his pleasant land despis'd,

Nor his repeated promise priz'd, 25 Nor did the Almighty's voice obey,

But when God said, 'Go up, would stay. 26 This seal'd their doom, without redress,

To perish in the wilderness; 27 Or else to be by heathens' hands O'erthrown and scatter'd through the lands.

28 Yet, unreclaim'd, this stubborn race

Baal-Peor's worship did embrace;
Became his impious guests, and fed

On sacrifices to the dead.
29 Thus they persisted to provoke

God's vengeance to the final stroke:
'Tis come---the deadly pest is come,

To execute their gen'ral doom.
30 But Phineas, fir'd with holy rage,

Th’ Almighty vengeance to assuage,
Did, by two bold offenders' fall,

Th’ atonement make that ransom'd all. 31 As him a heavenly zeal had mov’d,

So heaven the zealous act approv'd ;)
To him confirming, and his race,
The priesthood he so well did

grace. 32 At Meribah God's wrath they mov'd,

Who Moses, for their sakes, reprov'd; 33 Whose patient soul they did provoke,

Till rashly the meek prophet spoke.
34 Nor, when possess'd of Canaan's land,

Did they perform their Lord's command,
Nor his commission'd sword employ

The guilty nations to destroy.
35 Not only spar'd the pagan crew,

But, mingling, learnt their vices too; 36 And worship to those idols paid,

Which them to fatal snares betray'd. 37, 38 To devils they did sacrifice

Their children with relentless eyes;
Approach'd their altars through a flood
of their own sons' and daughters' blood.
No cheaper victims would appease
Canaan's remorseless deities;
No blood her idols reconcile,
But that which did the land defile.

PART IV. 39 Nor did these savage cruelties

The harden'd reprobates suffice;

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