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We proceed to give some details respecting Lichtenfels to England. On the 15th July. the various inis:ions of the Brethren,

1812, the nineteenth anniversary of his ar1. GREENLAND.

rival in Greenland, lie set out in an umiak or Neuherrnhut, 181%, Aug. 14.- -" The woman's boat for Newherrnhut, a distance work of the Lord among our Greenlanders of 100 miles, with his five children, the proceeds with his blessing. During last foungest, Hannah, only 15 weeks old (her winter 21 person have been made par- nother liaving died suon after its birih), for fakers of the holy Conmunion, and many, whose use he took a inilch goat with him. who were formerly excluded on account of For thice days the voyage was very agreeatransgressions, have returned as penitent ble. On the 17th, on approaching Newsinners to the congregation, and were re-ad- berrnhut, they were mel by such a quantity of mitted. Thiry persons became candidates drift ice, as barred their progress, and obligfur the Lord's Supper, and 13, baptized as ed them to land and spend the nigbt on an children, were received into the congrega- island. The difficulty of the navigation was tion.

so great, that four days more passed before · On Maundy Thursday, we had 170 they could make their way to Newherrn. Greenland communicants present at the ce- hut, through such openings as were made by lebration of the Lord's Supper. These were the shifting fields of ice. Frequenily the days of great blessing both for us and our

boat was jaimed between them, and in danpeople.”

ger of being crushed ut perforated, and Aug. 20.-" Where shall I find words to

they were obliged to cut their way through express myself, and 10 declare our gra. titade! At lengih you have succeeded,

I was, however," observes the Mise dearest brethren, in sending us provisions sionary, “ delighted and filled with gratiand other necessary articles of subsistence! tude, to see the cheerful alacrity with which The slip Freden bus salely arrived here, on

our Greenlanders Icaped upon the ice, exertthe 16th of this month.

ing ihemselves to the utmost of their power u We are all well in health, and are now

to help us forward; and when I sometimes employed in dividing the provisions and begged them not to expose themselves to so stores sent by you, into three parts, to give much danger, they pointed to the children, to each of the other setilements its share.

and said, • 'l hese little ones are worthy of Lichtenfels is 100 English miles,

At length, after much tacking, we Lichtenau 500, to the southward of New- reached Newherrnhut on the 21st, glad aud Gerrnliut. Every thing must be sent by sea thankful to have performed this perilous in a woman's hoat, which can only take

voyage in safely. place during the short summer months.

“ Here 1 delivered the little infant to the • Present our warmest acknowledgments faithful care of Sister Menzel, according to to altour dear friends and benefactors. May the dying request of my dear wise, and she the Lord reward yon all for your great kind. accepted of the charge with tears of sympagjess to us! We have now a supply of pro. thy and joy, out of love for her deceased vision for two years. We were in great friend and fellow-servant in the Lord's want of clothes; those you sent were there work." fore very welcome. You have kindly con.

It was not before the latter end of Sepsidered all our wants. Tell the Bretliren of

tember that he left the coast of Greenland the Elder's Conserence of the Unity, that

with his four children. The children bad they need not mourn over us ang longer spoken before hand with much pleasure of for itrat we shall feel no want for two years the 29th, and how on that memorable day 10) conte. We now mean soon to celebrate they would sing hynns concerning the holy vive Lord's Supper with our people, and our

angels. On that day, however, there arose hearts overflow with thanks to our Saviour

a tremendous storm fron the north-west, for all His mercies towards us."

which raged for thiee dayo and two nights. la No. Ixvi is contained an account of a

In the evening of that day, when the storm vnyage of one of the Greenland Missionaries,

was at its heighth, while all the passengers Brother Kleinschmidt, and his family from

were assembled in a cabin, the ship was

struck with lighning, which produced !! Chuch of the l'uiias Frauum from its com- dreadful crash, and threw down two sailors, mencemeni, which he has requested us to one of whom was killed on the spot. All insert. But he probably is not aware thai' were filled with consterpation. The captaina ve me alieady inserted such an account sushed on deck, exclaiming,

* We are all in a summer l'uloina.

lust, and there is nothing near to save rs

and is.'


** These words, announcing to us immediate tears. I surrendered her to flim i ho fad death, penetrated our very hearts. I im- already in her infancy filled her soul with Bediately addressed the poor terrified chit- bis love, and out of the mouth of this dres dren, and said, “We shall now all together babe had pertected his praise." go home to our Saviour; we will therefore This Missionary returned in Greenland in prepare ourselves to meet him, and comme the summer of 1313. The caplain had mend our souls to him.' Upon which they engaged to land him and his companions at all began to weep aloud. One said, “0 Lichtenfels or Newherrliut. Ile reiused, yes, we will all go to our Saviour, if he will bowever, to do this, thouzh passing near receive us;' another, . Let us reluru to those places, buit carried them to Godhaya, Lichtenfels, or go directly to England;' a 600 miles further of than Newherrabat third, . We will pray to our Saviour to help the northernmost of their settlements. Exer us. I comforted tliem, and represented to his crew remonstrated with him on the cruthem the passage out of this world as plea- elty of his conduct. AH he said, was, “ Xcos santly as my painful feelings would let me. ver min ; the summer is hetore then." Tlie Sister Walder and I assured each other of inspector Motzletat, of Gorhayil, wisella our deparing in peace with God, and with deavouring to procure a conveyancı furthem each other; and we then sung some verses,

to New hermuhul. ruore indeed with tears than voices, treat- The last accounts from Newhermalme are ing of the happiness of departing to the dated in May, 2013. The felter is full of Lord, and being with him for ever: duriug acknowledgment for the larges supplies tomt which we were so richly comforted by a sense had been sent them from England, throng! of the peace and presence of God, our Al- the liberal indulgence of ihe British Gero mighty Saviour and Deliverer, that, amidst

The winter Imad been tencuri all the dreadful noise and raging of the monly severe.

Reaumui's the moment waves, by which we seened overwhelmed, stood generally from 18 to 22 below the we felt perfectly calm, wailing for the mo- freezing point. But notwithstanding this, ment when it would please him to take us it is observed, We spent last winter in the bomc to himself."

enjoyment of much blessing, through the The first alarm of this danger having sub gondness of our Lord and Saviour towardly • sided, the ship was hovc !o without any sail us and our Greenland congregation. Hle set, and in that state was tossed up and has shewed the great mercy. - Iwelve per. down in a merciless manner during the

sons have been admitted to the Lord's Supwhole of that and another nigbt, the storm per, and a considerable number have becontinuing to rage with unabated fury. The come candidates for it. Three were received concern now was, how to secure the child into the congregatio. At Easter, four perdren from being dashed from one side of the sons, who had been some time excludod, hav"ship to the uther. Air. Kleinschmidt sat up ing truly repenied of their transgressions, while the storm lasted, through three days and returned to as, were readmitted to their

and two ni;hts, serving the company as well privileges. Our communicant congregation as he could." This,” he says,

here amounts in nuwberto 170. long and tedious time, during which we “ The ajopment of the Lord's Supper were all, as it were, iminured in darkness. has always proved a season of refreshing We were, however, much relieved and from the presence of the Lord; and our strengthened by frequently singing hymns.' dear people often came to tis to express The storm abated on the evening of ihe 1st their thankfulness for the peculiar blessing of October. They encountered several bestowed upon them on those solemn occiaolher very severe gales, and much contrary sions, and that he has given then trachers, wind, so that they did not reach Leith till who, under all dificulties, remain with them, the 10th of November. During five days of and speak to them daily of the sutteringi that time they were put upon short allow- and death of Jesus, to utone for, and deliver ance of water, which was peculiarly trying thein from the power of sio.” to the children, living as they did on salt provisions. On approaching Leith, the dif

2. LABRADOR, ference between the appearance of the Okkak, July 27, 1812.--"We hare liard Greenland coast and the Fritl of Forth was cauce to rejoice, that the Lord has bestowed very striking to enu children, and their on us the tavour to know aurong our people questions and lively remarks very amusing. many, who have found reiuission of their a few days after their arrival at Leith, one sius in the blood of Jeste! There are inof the cbildren, a girl of about losee years deed exceptions ; but we can truly say, that ett, was taken ill and died. " With many among alin v. "pevnoje«table member of Es

\ was a

quimaux who live with us, we know of few on the 28th of July, “ breathed bis last, in who are not seriously desirous to profit by a most gentle and peaceful manner, in prewhat they hear, and to experience and enjoy sence of the family gathererl around his themselves, that which they see their country. bed. During this transaction, a powerful men possess. Our communicants give us feeling of Divine peace prevailed among us pleasure, for it is the wish of their very and many tears were shed by us, who are hearts to live unto the Lord; and their con- left behind, to follow the example of this duct affords provfs of the sincerity of their devured servant of Jesus. He had attained professions; thus, for example, Esquimaux 10 the age of 69 years. May the Lord sisters, who have no bout of their own, ven- supply his place by a man after his own ture across bays some miles is breadth, sit- heart ! ting behind their husbands on their natrow " In consequence of this vacancy, and kajaks, in order to be present at the holy the age of iwo others of us, who are fast Sacrament, though at the peril of their lives, approaching their serentieth year, we are The baptized, and candidates for laptism, not able to do any great things by manual alsu testify to us, whenever they have an op- Jabodr; however, we contrive to perform portunity of speaking privately with us, that whint is absolutely requisite, and intend, with They seek satisfaction in nothing but in lir- the Lord's blessing, to prepare for the building to Jesns, and that their favourite occu. ing of a new church, as the present is much pation in leisure hours, consists in singing tuo small, and gone 10 decay. We thank verses and reading in the books whieh you you for your readiness to assist us with the have sent them. Their Christian deport- necessary help." ment has tliis natural consequence, that Hrpedole, 1812, Aug. 82." With thanks Esquimaux, who live with them, but have not to Hiin, we are able to say, that the walks yet joined us, are excited to wish to become of most of our Esquimaux has been such as equally happy and contented. Our young to give us heartfelt joy. Our Saripur lias people are a constant subject of our most led them, as the good Shepherd, in the way earnest supplication unto the Lord, That He of liie everlasting, assd, by His Spirit, tauglit would reveal himself to their hearts as their them to know, that, without Him, they cata Saviour ; nor have we been withont proofy do nothing good. They set a value upon that his grace las reached the hearts of se. the word of God, and desire, in all respects, veral of them.

to live mpore in conformity to it. The love “The schools, which have been kept without of our Saviour towards them excites their interruption during the winter, have been wonder; and they sometimes complain with well attended by diligent scholars, who make tears that they do not love Him, and give considerable progress in reading and in wri. joy unto Him as they ought, for His great ting. All these blessings, which we can only mercy vouchsaled unto them. The word briefly touch upon, afford, both 10 us and of His cross, sufferings, and death, melts you, abundant cause of the sincerest thank their hearts, and causes i hem traly to repent Tulness to the Lord for past favours. We of and abhor sin, whieh nailed Him to the most willingly devote ourselves, with soul cross, and to mourn and cry for pardur. and body, 10 His service; and if we may Instances of this blessed effect of the docbe permitted to bring one stone (however trine of a crucified Saviour, we have seen in åmall in comparison with His great work our public meetings, in our private converse npon earth), to the building of his Jerusa. willa them, and in the schools. The latter lem below, how great will be our joy." have been kept with all possible punctuality

Nain, August 2, 1812.-" With respect and diligence. 10 the adults, we have again abundant cause " We can declare with trorh, that Jesus for thankfulness, in reporting what the Lord Christ our Suvioar has been the heart's desire has done for them in the year past. The of us all, towards whom we wish to press for greater part are advancing to a more per- ward, that we may live 10 Him, and enjoy ject knowledge of themselves, and the power more of His sweet cornmunion." of his grace, and afford thereby a proof 10 Okkak, 1813, Aug. 4.-" We return oor others of the necessity of conversion. The most cordial thanks for the Gospels of St, schools hare been attended, during the past Matthew, St. Mark, and St. Luke, in the winter, not without blessing, to which the Esquimaux language, which the worthy Bribooks printed in the Esquimaux language, tisti and Foreign Bible Society hare caused and sent 10 us by you, have contributed to be printed, and presented to this mission. much."

Dlay the Lord bless, and grant success 10 An account is given of the death of one that venerable Institution, which sends of the Missionaries, brotlaer Burghardt, who, fortly the Word of God in all languages, and


1814.] Religious Intelligence Yearly Meeting of Quakers. to every part of the globe. Please to ex- Since the departure of the ship lase press to them our most sincere acknow- year to the present time, 3' persons have Ledgments; and be assured that we fera been admitted to the Lord's Supper; 4 to the yently join in your prayers, that the Lord class of candidates; i nian and 4 children would bestow, upon them an eternal aud have been baptized. Our Esquimaux conheavenly reward.”

gregation consisted, at the close of the year “The congregation of Christian Esqui- 1812, of $2 communicants, 5 candidates, 11 maux at Okkak, consisted, at the close of baptized adults (not yet communicams), 6 the year 1812, of 28 communicants, (two candidates for baptisin, and 33 baprized care excluded); 32 baptized adults, (one ex. boys and girls In all, 87 persons : 35 uncluded); 38 baptized children; 30 candi- baptized persons dwelt on our land. Total dates for baptism, (four excluded). Besides of inhabitants, 122.” these, there dwell on our land, 132 Esqui

(To be continued.) maus, , In all, 255 persons. “ The last winter was severe, with a

YEARLY MEETING OF QUAKERS. continuation of cold weather. We got a

From the Epistle which has been circulated great wany, bares, and riepes (or partridges). by the Yearly Meetiag held in London fronu which proved an agreeable substitne for

the 19th to the 19th of May, we extrací salt provisions.com

the following passages : “ Our summer weather has been warm

" Whilst we lament that many amongst and fruitful, till within these few days, when

us are still too much engrossed with the pur potatoes were all frozen. In the coldest fading enjoyments of this lite, and are reseason Fahrenheit's thermometer was from fusing to follow our Holy Pallern in the 28 to 30 ånder 0, (or the artificial freezing path of self-Jenial, we wish they nay not poim), and in the warmest it rose from 70

be deprived of that encouragement to turn to 80 abuve 0.".

into the right way which often results fruin Nair, 1813, Aug. 14.

the faithful adivonitions of those who have

u One person has been admitted to the holy Communion, 2 to

known the benefits of greater circumspecbe candidates for it:11 adults and 5 children tion. Though, from a sense of their own have been baptized; 9 become candidates fur weakness, some of the riglily concernect baptism: 2 adults and one child departed among us may be ready to shrink from the this life. Our congregation consists, at pre- thein, that by snus evincing their love 19

performance of this duly, we would remind sent, of 97 persons, 24 of whom are commu. sicants, besides whom, 36 Esquimanx dwell strength themselves; and that such acts of

their friends, they will receive additional on our land. la all, 133."

dedication will contribute to their own ad" We beg to express our most sincere and

vancement in the Christian course, sordial thanks to the venerable British and

" We desire, dear friends, that such of Foreign Bible Society, for the valuable pre- you as often nieet in small companies for the sent they have sent us, of the Gospels of solenin purpose of worship, may not relax in St. Matthew, St. Mark, and St. John. Our

your Jiligence. Your situation will at times prayer for this excellent Institution is, that The benefits it dispenses may extend to the be seldom assisted by the company and tra

appear discouraging ; but although you may etmost ends of the earth.

vail of your brethreni, never forget that you " By our people having now received so

are under the continued notice of the Lord ; many printed books, they have become very and that his tender regard extends to all sager to learn to read, and better to under- those wlio wait upon Ilim in reverence and Kand the Holy Scriptures. In the schools buwility." (which have been well attended by old and

• Froin the epistles and other communi. young), the more difficult parts are explained cations from America, we find that our to them: thus they obtain a clearer insight friends, besides being attentive to the coninto the Gospel.”

cerps of our own Society, are still pursuing Hopedale, Aug. 27, 1813.—“Our dear their engagements for the welfare of the Esquimaux flock bas proceeded nearly in the

African and the Indian race. But the war same way as last year. The work of the in which that country and this are now sorHoly Spirit is wanifest, especially among our cornio unicaits. They have obtained a clearer stacles io their efforts towards civilizing the In-'

rowfully involved, has presented great ubinsight into their own belplessless and cora dians; and is likely, for a time, to suspend in ruption by nature, and all have an earnest.

some paris their successful exertions in that Nesire to be delivered from every thing that

important and interusting cause." la contrary to the mind aud word of God.”

Amongst the nuinerous benevolent une CARIST, ORSERY. No. 146,


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dertakings which now interest the minds of obey the teachings of this unerring Guide, we
our countrymen, we coutemplate, with much shall be led to cry to the Lord, that he
satisfaction, the general circulation of the would preserve us from self-exaltation, from
Holy Scriptures. Vur sense of that inesti- attributing to ourselves or others that honour
mable treasure has been frequently acknow. which is due to Him alone. We shall be on
ledged; and we feel ourselves engaged to onr guard lest we should mistake our proper
call tne attention of such of our members sphere of osefulness, or suffer any pursuit,
as may be employed in this salutary wurk, to however laudable in itself, to divert us from
the suprenie importarce of giving heed to our true allotment of labour in the church,
that Divine Word, to which the Scriptures Tbis watchfulness onto prayer can alone en-
bear lestimony. This Word is Christ; the sure our growth in religious experience, and
• Bread or Life,' and the · Light of men; our establishment in every good word and
that • Light which ligliteth every man that work."
comelb into the world. If we are earnest to


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CONTINENTAL INTELLIGENCE. vicinity of Chateau Thierry, and on the All eyes are directed, at the present mo. 17th, his liead-quarters were at Guignes, ment, 10 Paris and its vicinity. It is there within thirty miles of Paris; while the Allies thal the batile of the civilized world is now appear to have reached in force the town of Jought; and in proportion to the severity and Nangis, which is only tcn miles farther re: protraction of the struggle, is the universal moved from the capital than Guignes. At solicitude for its result. Hirberto, the ope- Nangis a battle took place ou the 18th, and tations of the combatants have been attended another at Montereau on the 19th, in which with diversified success. On the 25th of the Allies were beaten. On the 19th, the January, Bonapaile left Paris to place him, head-quarters of Swartzenburgl were again self at the head of his army at Chalons, in at Troyes, the same position he bad occupied Champagne. On the 28111, he commenced about a fortnight before. Bonaparte appears his operations, by moving rapidly to St. Di- 10 bare made immense efforts to retard and zier, and attacking a part of the allied army thus to check the progress of the Allies, Agreat, stationed there, A succession of engage. part of Soult's army has been brought post meuts followed from that day to the 1st from the neighbourhood of Bayonne, to fight Febroary, in which the Allies appear, from his battles on the Seine, while Suchei's army Bonaparte's own account, to have had clearly has been withdrawn from Catalonia, for the the advantage. He was driven, with the defence of Lyons. These movements, hon. loss of upwards of 60 pieces of cunnon, and ever, will set at liberty the chief part of Lord 4000 prisoners, through Brienne 10 Troyes; Wellington's force, which will doubtless march whence he subsequently withdrew to Nogent, forward as soon as the state of the roads and about sixty miles from Paris, On the 10th, the weather will permit his advance. The he made a rapid movenient northward, to army of the Crown Prince had also crossed Chateau Thierry, for the purpose of opposing the Rhine at Cologne on the 10th inst, and the advance of a part of the allied army was in full march in the direction of Soiswhich was pressing forward to the capital suns and Rheims, to join the line of the in that direction. Between the 10th and Allies, in its progress to Paris. His advanced 16th inst. several severe actions took place guard had already carried Soissons by as in the vicinity of that place, which termi- sault, and was also in possession of Rheims, nated greatly in favour of Bonaparte, Blu- While hostilities were thus vigurously purcher having been forced to retire 10 Cha- sued, negociations for a peace appear to have fons with consii'erable loss. In the mean been opened on the 4th instant, at Chatillon time, however, that part of the allied army sur Seine, between Lord Castlereagh, the which was placed more immediately under Austrian, Russian, and Prussian Ambas, the orders of Prince Swartzenberg, continoed, sadors; and Caulincourt, on the part of to advance on the road from Troyes to Paris; Bonaparte. How far these negociations have and on the 12th or 13th, effected the passage proceeded, and by what circumstances they of the Seine, although all the bridges from have been impeded, has not transpired; but Melun to Trayes appear to have been blown the tardiness of their progress seems to indis up, and took possession of Fontainbleau. eate that there was at least no wish, on the This event recalled Bonaparte from the part of the Alies to make peace with Boy

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