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- All the horrors of the French Re- la terre capable de lui donner des volution, and consequently the ulti. eloges, il n'y a qu'à lui souhaiter mate slavery in which it has resulted, un tel maitre.' originally sprang from the mischief Thus, to many a celebrated sin. of misapplied talents. The god- ner, has the pride of his fame dess of Reason was worshipped with proved the ruio of his real glory; dạrker rites, than ever were pre- the height to which he has attained, sented in the temple of Moloch. a gibbet, which holds him up, like But 10 multiply examples were another Haman, to disgrace. A an endless task. Usurpers and ty- genius at once so splendid and so rants have never wanted, in their base, having powerful talents and train of sycophants, men of genius terrestrial aims, has been happily and ability, who have prostituted described as the fragment of an imtheir tongues, their pens, and their mortal soul, cast down from its Jyres, to the baseness of holding up sphere, mingled with rubbish, and to admiration characters which glittering in the dust. Its appearuncorrupted truth would contem- ance is that of a brilliant but maplate only with horror. Injustice lignant star, scattering dismay from and oppression have been extolled, its beams, and announcing calami. in the narrative of the historian, ties to the nations, the eloquence of the orator, and

Talents, angel bright, the song of the poet. These If wanting wortlı, are shining instrumenta have combined to elevate the In false anubition's hands, to finish faults wretch into a hero; they have Illustrious, and give infamy renown, diffused a gleam of false glory over

On the whole, no doctrine can be the carnage through which he has conceived more dangerous, than that waded to the plenilude of his power: which identifies human wisdom and they have drowned the cries of human virtue : no axiom more false, widows and of orphans, of mana- than that the understanding is, of cled captives, and of injured men, itself, a certain and infallible guide who would have protested against to moral excellence. their eulogies, and heaped maledic- But even where a cultivated un. rions upon their idol. " Quel fleau derstanding is discovered to produce pour le genre humain !" they would all the happier effects which we have said, "et s'il y a un peuple sur commenced with describing; where usually arises from not having talents enough; of natural religion, in active occu

it settles the mind in the principles and have pointed out the remedy, as consisting solely in making the higher degrees of pations, in habits of reflection, and talent more generally attainable. But the

in intellectual relishes; the mora. reviewer admits, that mediocrity must ne. lity generated from such circumcessarily be the lot of the main body; and, stances will, after all, in its highest therefore, this bypothesis would lead rather state, fall infinitely short of that to the “ Drink deep or taste not," to keep which Christianity is calculated to ing the mass of every community in profound form. Talents, not disciplined in ignorance. A narrow and unworthy policy! the school of Christ, render their The true remedy is a simple one : namely, possessor vain, presumptuous, over. that of mingling religious principle with bearing. Excellence is, in his estieducation. Here; as well as in discussing the theory lect, having no respect to moral

mate, a matter solely of the intel. of perfectibility, which is next brought for. word, Madaine de Stael bungles, and the superiority or degradation; and he critic wastes much time, from not taking into

casts a look of disdain on simple inthe account the doctrine of man's inherent tegrily, when unaccompanied by depravitz ; which they night not bave dis. secular knowledge. The Deist too dained, since Scripture, in declaring it, is is for the most part indifferent to cehued by universal experience. Both in the exercises of piety ; little if at deed profess themselves Christiais.

all given to prayer; more versed in scientific researches and metaphy- strated, as well by their writings as sical distinctions, than in devout by their lives, that there is nothing meditations and charitable offices. incompatible betwist sound philoAnd how imperfect and scanty must sophy, and strict Christianity. So be the morality of those, whose hope true does it seem that that secular of future retribution amounts not wisdom of the mind, which is mated to Christian assurance ! whose con- to the folly of the heart, never as. sciousness of imperfection is not en- cends higher than an imposing mecouraged to perseverance, by the diocrity : while the nobler knowbelief in a supporting Saviour and ledge, Tinked to the Throne of God, a succouring Spirit! How worldly, is for the most part the same which, minded, how sensual, how wedded in science, takes the widest range must they be to the present, since over his works, and makes the nearthe present is with them the oniy est approaches to his wisdom. secure moment! When they re

Talents, 'tis true, gay, quick, and bright, has ly only on their own exertions for

God ihe working out of their future feli- To virtue oft denied, on vice bestowed ; city, how presumptuous must be Just as fund nature, livelier colours brings the confident; the timorous, how to paint the insect's than the eagle's wings ; desponding!

But of our souls the high-born loftier part, The subject now discussed might Thetherial energies that touch the heart, well afford scope for indulging in a Conceptions ardent, labouring thouglit inlarge variety of interesting reflec- tense, tions : but, for brevity's sake, let us

Creative fancy's wild magnificence ; confine ourselves to the most striking These Virtue, these to thee alone belong;

And all the dread sublimities of song, and important

These are celestial all, por kindred bold, 1. All who devote themselves with ought of sordid or debasing mould ; to the improvement of their under- Chilled by the breath of vice, their radiance standings ought vigilanıly to be- dies, ware of the perversion of intellec. And brightest burns when lighted at the skies; tual power. Let “the fear of the Like vestal flames 10 purest bosoms given, Lord be the beginning of their wis- And only kindled by a ray from heaven. dom.” The grand eleinents of Grant's Restor. of Learning in the East. Christian knowledge, and the springs Let it also be remembered, that of Christian hope, faith in the pro- all accounts of the world which have pitiatory merits of Jesus Christ, and been set up in contradiction to the reliance on the supernal aids vouch. scriptural narrative, and all systems safed to human frailty, let them of morals which have been offered keep as the apple of the eye; not as substitutes for the Gospel, have putted up by the pride of earthly lived but for their day, and have wisdom, not debauched by vain vanished like dissolving clouds, disputations and by false philoso- when touched by the morning sun pby. Far from them be the notion of sacred illumination. In particuthat the valuable religious princi- lar, since Sir William Jones opened ples, instilled by parental care, are a new path of research in the East, prejudices which must be dismissed the march of discovery, whether in before they can assert the character language or in science, has more of educated and liberal miods. Let clearly elucidated the Mosaic Costhem remember that these principles mogony; bas pared down the have been formeriy held by men of boasted thousands of pagan years, the most gigantic talents, and the to the epoch of the scriptural demost profound research ; that Bacon luge; and exhibited an analogy and Newton, that Milton and Locke, amongst languages, religions, and tbat Pascal and Bentley, that Gro- manners, which indisputably proves tius and Bossuet, that Johnson and the common origin of mankind; Addison, have all of thon demon- so that Moses finds his best com

mentary among the superstitions of Warms in the sun, refreshies in the breeze, ibe Bramins. All the most eminent Glows in the stars, and blossoms in the trees. geologists also of the present times, Remember, that if this specious De Luc, Kirwan, Saussare, Cuvier, principle be once admitted, the Townsend, and Davy, reconcile monstrous conclusion must inevi. their systems to the sacred records. tably and immediately ensue, that While these facts incline us to study every human soul, even the souls the evidences of Christianily, let of wicked men, (impious and selfthem confirm the conviction which exposing paradox) are a part of that study will iinpart. Thus built Deity. When ihe thunder of up in our most holy faith, let us Heaven, which the uninstructed jealously watch, and reject as neces- have considered, as it muttered carily false, every the slightest insi. or pealed ou high, to be the voice, noalion presented in works of of ihe Ainighty Sovereign, is disseience, which levels an indirect covered to proceed from a law of blow at the religion of Jesus. And nature, let it not be presumed that much occasion have they, whom in this discovery, you have arrived rank, or leisure, or taste directs to at the First Cause, at the Eternal the pursuit of wisdom, for exercis- Throne. Think that you have only ing this vigilant circumspection. ascended one link nearer to it: for For, in truth, it is not only by the Nature, in all her works, is still arowed assaults of infidelity, that and for ever no more than another the stability of their faith is endan- name for "an effect, of which the gered. lo almost every science to cause is God.” “O! beware, les& which the mind applies iself, the any map spoil you, by oppositions subtle poison has been eupningly in- of science falsely so called, and fused.' is attention directed to the draw you away from the simplicity materials which compose our earth? that is in Christ.” The mineralogist will shew it to be 2. How bighly becoming is it many centuries older than is re- that they who have been happy in presented in the records of the Pen- the possession of a sound and culo tateuch. Or is civil history chosen tivated understanding, should 'une as the favourite pursuit ? Behold a ceasingly apply its power to the Hume aud a Gibbon prepared with promotion of the Divine glory. their fata) touch, to conduct you To God a faithful account of the to the regions of doubt and obscu- talent must be rendered. He is the rity. A lover of metaphysical re. Giver, and entitled to the first fruits search, do you seek after guides, of its benefits. By instructing who shall unfold to you the nice ignorance and vindicating truth; and curivos structure of your own by preceptive recommendations of minud! You learn that the faculty piety; by adding that charm of of season proceeds from the organic allurement, and that dignity of zation of the body; and that the command, to moral worth which is soul has no positive separate existe borrowed from its combination with ence, although the Scriptures have intellectual ability ; let mental cultold you, that imniediately after ture prove itself, within the sphere dissolation, it is dust” ONLY which of every man, the reflection of an returns to its native dust; wbile the emanation from Heaven. spirit arises unto the God who gave The pure aod orihodox faith, too, it. Prepare to hear, and resolve to deserves well 10 be detended, withi disbelieve, statements wbich deprive all the resources of an improved the Deity of bis personality, and understanding, against the doubts represent bim as the universally. of scepticism, and the cavils of uni dalused priuciple of life, the soul belief. We ought to be ready to of nature, the wide-spread cause give a reason for the hope that is in which

as; and to the artifices of sophists to apply the detecting talismans « Unlearned mea,” he adds, “ have of sound logic, historical investiga. been betrayed into heresies, by tion, and scientific analogy. This their inability to distinguish betwixt has been deemed a heterodox notion sound and false argumediation. by certain fanatics, who have de Moses, Daniel, Solomon, and St. cried homan learning, by observing, Paul, were all instructed in the that “the natural man perceiveth depths of human learning. Reason not the things of the Spirit, which is not added as a supplement to Scripare spiritually discerned;" that St. ture, as though that were defective, Paul desires men to beware of philo- but as an instrument for reaping the sophy, or the knowledge attainable benefit which Scripture yields. St. by human reason; that profound. Paul denies not that his speech had secular learning has in faci usually been persuasive, but merely affirms occasioned, not obedience, but re. that he was not behind the other pugnance to the truth; and that apostles in supernatural gifts. It God's sentences are heavy against seems strange, is reason be not nethe wisdom of the wise. They cessary, that men only are capable have observed that the word of God of rightly knowing God, and this is a two-edged sword, and reason, only when they attain to ripe ability like the armour of Saul, cumbersome of understanding. The Apostle calls about the soldier of Christ : that St. on man to judge of what he speaks. Paul's preaching was pot in the wis. I Cor. x. 15. Though Scripture dom of man, but in the power of teaches in things above reason, yet God; that where the Gospel is be- it is reason wbich convinces us that lieved, there needs no reason ; and Scripture is the word of God. We where it is discredited, it must be dispate with infidels and profane the Spirit of God, not the reason of persons, for their persuasion or conman, which shall convert the heart. version : and however needsul may 4 By such and similar arguments," be the testimony of the Spirit, to says Hooker, “ an opinion has seal the convictions of reason, it spread itself very widely in the were useless to allege that testimony world, that the way to be ripe in to such opponents. It is only by faith, is 10 be raw in wit and judge reason we ourselves discern, whether ment; as if reason were an enemy we are taught by the Spirit of God, to religion ; childish simplicity the or the spirit of error. Reason dismother of ghostly and divine wis. copers the sense and meaning of dom.” After slating that such de. Scripture. Our Lord himself enclarations are founded in the two tered into disputations; an example delusions, of imagining human wis- followed by Paul and Barnabas, dom to be absolutely condemned, both in addressing the Greeks and when it is only depreciated in the the Jews. Matt. xxii. 43. Acts xiv, comparison with something beyond 15. and Acts xv.”- Ecclesiastical its compass ; and of conceiving the Polity. reproof of false wisdom to be the 3. It must, nevertheless, afford reproof of the true ; that great man matter of much consolation to the proceeds to reply, that the Apostle poor, who possess not opportunities testifies concerning mere natural of making bigh advances in human. men, that they know both God, learning, to reflect that salvation is and the law of God, and that there- attainable without it. , fore, though nature has need of Had we been told, that unadorned grace, grace may build on natural with intellectual refinement, uone knowledge; that the true way to should enter into the kingdom of beware of false philosophy is to be Ileaven, it might have been justly possessed of the anidate of souod objected to Christianily, that it was reasoning; and that many, sound in a partial, religion ;: a religion made belief, have been great philosophers. exclusively for the learned and great,

and not for the poor and simple. For plans to their duration of existence : it is not given to every man to be if it were short, forming no scheme informed or intelligent. Many are which they could not accomplish; deficient in natural capacity, and if long, extending their views to many want leisure and opportunity grand and ample designs, and enfor application. To be learned and couraged to protracted, unwearied intelligent, therefore, though allow- perseverance, by the certainty of able as an innocent pleasure; though ultimate success. If their talents, Jaudable as far as these qualities are then, and their salvation, were intiuseful, and as far as they lift their mately connected, doubtless some possessor above the baseness of ani. arrangement of this nature would inal enjoyment; though strictly have taken place. But, as if to denecessary for those who are to lead stroy every proud notion of such an their brethren in the way of life; association, the sons of science are could not have been inculcated as frequenily swepl from life, in the an universal and indispensable obli- midst of even important and useful gation, in a Gospel preached to the projects and designs. Now this poor, or by a God whose ways are precarious duration of terrestrial those of equity and mercy. It sojourning is, on the other hand, would have been as unfit to have of the most essential service to virmade the attainment of extensive tue. Hierflighus are short; her exerknowledge or profound wisdom a tions are quotidian; and she is conreligious doty, as it was in the tinually prompted, by a consciousheathen world, to attach superlative ness of her unstable term, to labour merit to the costly immolation of a while it is day, and to crowd much hecatomb. Among the demands good into little compass. A lease of made by Christianity upon the ser- life would probably embolden the vant of God, not one exacts offer- soul to procrastinate its repentance, ings which his fortune could not or to relax its efforts. procure, or acquirements which his Thus, with reference to schemes understanding is incompetent to of extensive speculation, such as grasp. No! There stands no priest planning a vast range of buildings, in the porch of the temple of Christ, or projecting how to drain, to plant, to drive away the vulgar, and to to embellish a large tract of terripronounce them profane. My tory: such as contemplating the yoke is easy," is the inscription over twelve years' labour of the epic poet, the gate : and in a system designed or forging the first link in that profor all, that only is insisted on to tracted process of reasoning which which all can have equal access. is to establish a philosophical theory; Now the wide field of piety and did our salvation depend on the virtue is freely open; and into this completion of such toils, a lengthall are permitted, are encouraged, ened term of life would be requisite are enjoined to enter. Here the high to work it out. But to practise and the low, the learned and the diurnal duties, to resist temptation ignorant, may expatiate, with equal from hour to hour, to succour helpcase, and to equal advantage. lessness, to soothe adversity, to

4. And, indeed, it may be ob- visit the fatherless, and to live unserved, in corroboration of this re- spotted from the world, demand mark, that it is to piety and virtue, no prophetic eye; no far ken into and not to talents, that the econo- futurity; no assurance of continue my of this world has been accom- ing on earth for many years. Such modated. It would be highly ad- a course is accommodated to the vantageous to men endowed with commandment: “ Be ye therefore science, to number their future days, ready; for in such an hour as ya to be certified how long they had to think not, the Son of God cometh." live. They might proportion their Nor is this adaptation of the eco

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