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French Empire; unless the Huns of -may be allowed a singular and Attila may possibly have belonged important omission; which I am to that family.

induced to state to you, that it may With respect to Bonaparte, the be re-examined by more competent snake as yet is scotched, not killed: judges. we must wait and see, whether the In the First Epistle to Timothy, antitype of the first mayor of the the first chapter and the tenth verse, palace will be slain by some new the word ardparodos ais, rendered in Brunehaut.

our version, men-stealers, bas no AN INQUIRER. word in the Arabic to answer to it.

I own that and the preceding verses

were of difficult construction to me, To the Editor of the Christian Observer. examined it over and over again,

with my inadequate helps; but I I Address you, in the appropriate and I can find no word that at character asfixed to your periodical all answers to ardparodos ass. Every publication; that by your means an other word is translated, but this is observation, which I bave made in wholly omitted, I have another my studies, may attract more gene- ' Arabic Testament; and in that the ral notice.

omission is supplied -- Lilmokkatile At a time, when the most laudable annasi, circumventers of men; those and vigorous exertions of the British who lay ambushment for men.'and Foreign Bible Society tend to Every other word also in my Arabic send the holy Scriptures to all na- Bible is found in this Testament, tions, it must be more particularly Now, as it is probable that a conimportant that the versions forsiderable number of these Bibles foreign countries should be correct will eventually be sent to the coast and faithful. On this, bowever, it of Africa (the land and resort of cannot be expected that the friends men-stealers), the omission is reof that noble institution in general, markable and important, and what or even its conductors, should be in calls for attention. The faithfulness all respects competent to decide: of the translation in other respects and it is peculiarly incumbent on forbids the suspicion that it was the learned who are skilful in any of intentional. Probably it is an error the languages employed, to furnish of the press, like the omission of the such information on the subject as word not in the seventh commandmay occur to them in their re- ment, in one edition of the English searches. I have very small preten- Bible ! But still it should be sions to advance in this respect, and known and rectified. But, having would speak with diffidence; but the stated the fact, I have done my part. engagements, in which I have for

I remain, &c. several years been employed, have

T.S. led me to the study of the Arabic: and in the course of my learning and teaching that language, I have

No. LXIV. had occasion to read many parts of the Arabic Bible circulated by the Acts xvii. 30.God commandeth alt Society. In doing this, I have

men every where to repent. observed no material deviations from The doctrine of human corruption, the original; though in the Psalms, though written in almost every page and in some other parts of the old of the Bible as with a sun-beam, Testament, the translation seems and though strengthened by every rather made from the Septuagint thing we see and feel, is yet one than from the Hebrew.

which few cordially embrace, and But the other day I discovered, to which none indeed fully assent, what all circumstances considered but those who are themselves in


and mercy.

some measure recovered from the sin to holiness; forsake sin; put off power of sin, and renewed in the the old man, which is corrupt, and spirit of their minds. Hence it is, put on the new man, which is fathat the opposers of this doctrine are shioned after God in righteousness not to be found in common among and true holiness.- Believe the Go. meu of a holy life and heavenly spel; that is, believe the record conversation : the same Spirit who which God hath given of his Son; hath thus far sanctified them, began listen to him, as a Teacher come his operations by giving them deep from God; rely on him, as your and affecting views of sin. They great atoning Sacrifice ; look to are oftener to be found among those him, as your Mediator and Interwho are most immoral in ibeir con- cessor; and yield yourselves to him, duct; at least, who live without God as instruments of his glory, to be in the world. But what will it avail fashioned by his Word and Spirit, those who may justly be charged and to be saved by his mere grace with the guilt of much actual transgression, to deny, or even to disprove, But I mean to confine myself, in the doctrine of original sin? They the present discourse, to the consi. will not deny that ihey, and all men, deration of the grace of repentance. have sinned; and thus saith the The importance of the subject will Lord, “ The soul that sinneth shall be obvious to every one who is acdie.” Can any one, who is con- quainted with his Bible. When the vinced of this awful truth, be indif- forerunner of Christ came to prepare ferent to the inquiry, “What must his way, be came preaching the docI do to be saved?" It is plain that trine of repentance, and saying, “Reeven a whole life of future perfect pent ye, for the kingdom of heaven service, suppose such a thing pos- is at hand. Repent, and bring forth sible, could not atone for past sins. fruits meet for repentance.' Our All we can do, is already due from Saviour began his preaching in the us to God. Having done all, are we same way: “ The kingdom of God not still unprofitable servants? How is at hand : repent ye, and believe then shall' future obedience atone my Gospel ; for, except ye repent, tor past sins or present failures? -- ye shall all likewise perish." St. Whence, then, may the sinner expect Paul assures us, in the text, that salvation ? From Jesus Christ alone; “ God hath commanded all men, " for there is salvation in no other, every where, to repent.” And St. neither is there any other name given Peter's preaching is in the same under heaven, among men, whereby strain : “ Repent ye, therefore, and we must be saved.” He alone is able be converted, that your sins may be to wash away our sins, to deliver us blotted out;...for Christ bath God from their guilt and punishment, to exalted to be a Prince and a Saviour, free us from their dominion, and to to give repentance and forgiveness raise us from the death of sin to of sins.” a life of righteousness. He is the 1. The obligation we are under to Lamb of God that taketh


the repent is from these passages suffisins of the world, We have sioned; ciently plain. Indeed, what more but Christ hath died; putting away could be wanting to prove this than sin by the sacrifice of himself, and the single declaration of our Sabearing our sins in his body upon viour, " Except ye repent, ye shall the tree, that we, being dead unto all likewise perish?” A few short sin, should live unto righteousness. years may yet be granted to the

Bur how are we to be put in posses- impenitent; but deatlı must oversion of these unspeakable blessings? take them; and, if it find them still I answer, “ Repent, and believe the in that state, the wrath of God will Gospel."-Repent; that is, turn from abide on them for ever. Let us


then not despise the riches of God's by sin, or so distracted by worldly goodness and forbearance, but rather care, and business, and pleasure, that let them lead us to repentance: the view of eternal things seems othe wise, after the hardness and lost, and threats and promises are impenitence of our bearts, we shall beard with equal indifference But treasure up wrath unto ourselves whatever be our indifference, we against the day of wrath and revela- may be assured, that, if we continue tion of the righteous judgment of to disobey the call to repent, if God. Would io God that a view of we continue to reject the offers of this awlul judgment might tend to pardon and forgiveness, we shall, excite just lears in our minds, and to ere long, lament our folly in that convince us of the necessity of re- pit of ruin where repentance will pentance ! - The terrors of ine Lord be unavailing. " Excep! ye repent, ought, indeed, to alarm our con- ye shall all likewise perish." sciences, and to rouse us to flee 2. But what is repentance? Re

from the wrath to come. But these pentance is a grace wrought in the of themselves might have the effect heart by the Spirit of God; by of driving us to despair: God, there which we are made to feel, not only fore, has not only denounced wrath a deep sorrow for our past sins, on the impenitent, but has graciously but a rooted batred to all sin; by promised mercy and favour to the which, also, we are made to turn repenting sinner. He is even now from sin to holiness, and to walk, in Chiist reconciling sinners to him. for the time to come, in newness of self.

His language is, “ Come lite. .unto me, all ye that labour and are It is the Holy Ghost who reheavy laden, and I will give you proves or convinces the world of

('onfess, and forsake your sin, of righteousness, and of judg. sins, and

shall find mercy.

ment. " Turn thou me, and I shall “ Repent, and be converted, that be turned,” was the prayer of the your sins may be blotted out."- Church of old. Christ is exalted to And not only hath God commanded give repentance. This, then, as us to repent; not only bath he in- well as every other good gift, is vited us to partake of his mercy ; from above, and cometh from the but he bath promised that he will Father of Lights; and to him are himself work in us, in this respect, we to look for it, for it is “ God to will and to do of his good plea- who worketh all” graces « in all" sure. Repentance and faith are his children. “ We are his workhis gift: Christ is exalted as a manship,” namely, all who Prince and a Saviour to bestow created anew in Christ Jesus; for them. Ask, and they shall be given. it is God wbo worketh in us to It is the office of the Holy Spirit to will and to do of his good pleaconvince us of sin, and to lead us sure.” And what is his pleasure ? to Cbrist, in other words, to renew .As I live, saith the Lord, I have us to repentance; but be giveth his no pleasure in the death of the Holy Spirit also to them that ask wicked, but that the wicked should him. I trust then, that if the turn from his way,(1. e. repent), lerrors of the Lord prevail not with “ and live.” us, our Saviour's dying love, and God, then, is the author of repentthese his gracious promises, will con- ance, and by it we are made to feel

to repent, and forsake a deep sorrow for our past sins and a Sins.---l: might, indeed, ap- rooted hatred to all sin. Repentance pear unnecha y 10 press in so · laments not some particular action, many words so plain a duty, did that may bave injured our character not experience prove that most or our interest, or is about to be fol. men's logurts are either so hardened lowed by punishment; but it las


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ments over sin of every kmd, and thus repented, are only deceiving
especially over that corrupt nature their own souls.
and that evil heart of unbelief But, further, it is an essential
which have been the fruitful sources mark of true repentance, that we
of transgression; and this grief is bring forth fruits meet for it. By
accompanied with a deep sense of its fruits shall we know if our re.
the evil of sin, and an universal ha- pentance he deep and genuine; and,
tred to every kind and degree of it. if we bring not forth fruits meet
True repentance is always connected for repentance, shall not we also be
with a sense of having displeased a hewn down and cast into the fire?
kind and gracious God: " Against We must not only cease from evil,
thee, threonly, have I sinned, and done but we must learn to do well. We
this evil in thy sight." Nor is it so must not only refrain from what is
much the particular action which the wroog, but we must repair, as far as
true penitent laments, as the temper we can, the evil we have already
of mind which led to it. But it is done, and must resolve henceforth
when be takes a view of redeeming to walk in newness of life. la
love, as shewn in the death and short, it is by the after life and con-
Sutterings of Jesus Christ, that his versation that it will appear whe-
guilt fully appears. Then is his ther we have truly repented. If
mouth indeed stopped; and while we be not purged from our old sins,
he looks on Him whom his sins have if we be not made to walk in new-
pierced, he mourns for them, and is ness of life, then bave we neither
humbled under a sense of his own part nor lot in this mailer. For
vileness. In this state, he may in- as many, only, as are led by the
deed be slow to lay hold of the pro- Spirit of God, are the sons of Gorl;
mises of God; but when he is and such are not only ever harmless
enabled to believe that Jesus Christ and blameless, but, being led by the
hath come to seek and to save the Spirit, they bring forth the fruits of
lost, and that His blood cleanseth

the Spirit:

and these are, love, from all sin, then is his sorrow joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleturned into joy; and though he still ness, goodness, faitb, meekness, laments the sins he has committed, temperance. yet does his heart swell with grari- 3. But let me add a few words on tude and love to that God who hath the benefits of repentance. Heaven, given him space for repentance; then, and all the blessings of who hath opened his eyes to see Christ's purchase, are in its train. the things which make for his God it is, as I have already shewn, peace; who spared not his own Son, who works in us this good work, but freely gave him for sinners; and He hath promised not to desert the who even

now grants him the work of his own hands, but to blessed hope, that his sins are for- carry on what he hath begun unto · given, and that he is admitted into the day of Christ. Though, like . the family of God.

the Prodigal. we have wandered This is that glorious change from from our Father's house, and wasted darkness to light, that translation our substance; yet, if we now arise, from the kingdom of Satan to that and go to our Father, he will make of God, which, under the various us to know the joy of his salvation. names of repentance, conversion, There shall then, for us, be no conputting off the old and putting on demnation. We shall be justified the new man, is always spoken of from all things, and forgiven all our in the New Testament as essential trespasses. We shall be made to salvation. And all who flatter more than conquerors over all our themselves that they are Christians, enemies, through him who hath , without having been thus turned loved us. We shall stand by faith . from sin to boliness, without having in his power, and his grace shall


strengthen us. Sin, that reigned death of our Redeemer : this will unto death, shall have no more do- tend to increase our hatred of sin, minion over us; but grace

shall our desires afier God and his grace. seigo, through righteousness, unto We must, above all, be much eneternal life. Nor will his care of gaged in fervent prayer to the God and us end with this life. He will guide Failer of our spirits, that he would us through the dark valley of the create in us a clean heart, and renew shadow of death: he will bring us a right spirii within us. We must into his own better land, where all pray to him for his grace to fit us lears shall be wiped from every for his glory, to increase our faith, eye, and where an abundant entrance to shed abroad his love in our shall be administered unto us into hearts, and to cause us to abound the everlasting kingdom of our in hope through the power of the Lord and Saviour.

Holy Ghost. But let us pot imagine, for one 5. i would conclude with pressing moment, that all this will be done this subject on the consciences of as a reward for repentance, or on all present. Those who are young account of our deservings. If we may, perhaps, be apt to flatter ibemhave repented, this is, as we ive selves, that it is too soon for them seen, the effect of God's grace : it to begin the work of repentance. is our Saviour's gift. The blessings But are not the young also inheritors that follow are the effects of the of an evil aod corrupt nature? Have same grace continuing its work. not they also sinned against God? Christ alone is the procuring cause And for these things will not God of all these blessings. His merits, bring them also into judgment ? not ours, are the sole ground of Let me then entreat you who are God's favour and acceptance. It is young, now to repent and turn to in him alone, we have righteousness God. Put not off this grand work and strengib. It is in him alone, till custom shall bave hardened you therefore, and not in ourselves, that in sin. If you reject the grace

of we ought to glory.

God now, it may never be offered 4. Would we then perform this to you again; or, if it should, is it duty aright, we must frequently re- likely you will be more disposed to view our past lives, comparing receive it when you are grown grey them with the just and holy law of in-iniquity, and when use has made God, which cannot fail to give us a sin dear to you? Many, it is to deep sense of our own unworthiness be feared, are now in outer darkand guilt. We must daily examine ness, who once pleased themselves our hearts and actions by the light with sotne such hope. Trust not to of Scripture, that we may the doubtful and dangerous chance wberein we fall short of the law of of a death-bed repentance.

You God; wherein we bave indulged may be burried out of the world any passion or temper displeasing without being allowed time to put to 'him: thus shall we the better up one cry for mercy. Remember, prevent the inroads of sin; while we you have no lease of life. This are led at tbe same time to see more very night may your souls be reof our own weakness and sinful- quired of you : therefore delay not ness, of our need of a Saviour, even tillto-morrow the work of and of tbe extent of Divine love in repentance. Do not allow yourself sparing us, and doing us, good. We to be deceived by imagining, that must likewise often meditate on the you shall find more delight in sinful word and works of God; the spiri- pleasure than in the service of God. tuality of God's law; the baietul This is a mistake which has ruined nature of sin; the great plan of our thousands. For whatever may be redemption; the life, the actions, the enjoyments of worldly pleasure, the character, the sufferings and they are at the best short-lived and


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