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Livonia, including a population of 106,000 Bible in the Finnish, German, and French souls, not 200 New Testaments were to be languages, and the New Testament in the found. The event of this journey was the Armenian and Polish. They have also regular establishmeut of four Bible Socie- resolved to appropriale a considerable part ties; viz. at Dorpat, Retal, Mittau, and Rigan of their funds towards enabling the Holy Mr. Paterson was greatly assisted in esta. Synod to furnish a supply of the Scriptures blishing these societies, by the personal in the Sclavonian language, in proportion to influence and exertions of Count Lieven, the existing wants. And, finally, they have and Baron Vietinghoff, iwo of the directors undertaken the charge of printing the New of the St. Petersburg Society ; and the Testament in the Calmuc, at the expense of several institutions are patronised and con. the British and Foreign Bible Society.” The ducted by some of the first characters for printing of the Armenian Testament has station, learning, and piety, in the districts awakened great attention among the Arto which they belong.

menians, and a fervent desire to pussess that The Rev. Mr. Pinkerton was in the mean invaluable treasure. They have subscribed time not less zealously employed in pro- liberally to the funds of the Society. Their moting, with similar aid, the formation of a archbishop, who resides at Astracan, has Bible Society at Moscow.

taken upon himself to revise the sheets as This important event took place on the they leave the press; and there is good rea. 4th of July, O.S. On that day, the Bishop son to hope, that the distribution of the of Dimitrieff, and Archbishop Vicarius of Scriptores among that widely scattered peoMoscow, Augustine, accompanied by five of ple, will, under the blessing of God, he the first clergy, together with a number of attended with the most beneficial effects, the most respectable nobility, met in the The Committee of the St. Petersburg SoHall of the College for Foreign Affairs, and ciety have distributed to the prisoners of unanimously formed the Auxiliary Bible war the Scriptures in various languages, furSociety of Moscow.

nished by the British Society. They have Connecting the formation of the Moscow also distributed English Bibles and TestaBible Socicly with the awful visitations ments to the poor British; particularly to which that ancient capital had so lately the sufferers in Moscow, and various parts experienced, the Committee are at a loss to of the interior, end to the British seamen at express their mingled emotions of astonish. Cronstadt and other stations. ment and gratitude. They can only exclaim, In the mean time, they have notified, * It is the Lord's doing, and it is marvellous through various parts of the empire, the in our eyes !"

plan of the Society: the result has been The distinguished services of Mr. Pinker. the opening of numerous channels for the ton are spoken of with merited commendation. distribution of the holy Scriptures, and

To tlie abore societies in Russia, must be pledges of co-operation froin persons of the added one recently formed at Yaraslaff. in first consideration, both lay and ecclesiastithe interior of the country, under the cal; and among these last from Armenian, patronage of the bishop and other persons Russian, and Catholic prelates, A circular of distinction,

address of the Catholic bishop of Podolsk, 4 The Committee of the St. Petersburg contains the following passage: Bible Society, under whose direction the " I will cheerfully devote my time and operations of these societies are conducted, talents, as well as part of my income, (small have displayed throughout, and continue to as it is,) to the fartherance of an object, which display, an extraordinary degree of energy, by the assistance of God, cannot but prosa liberality, and wisdom. Under their super. per. With such views I address you, seintendance, the Moscow Bible Society has perend brethren, pastors of our flocks; that begun its laboprs most auspiciously, by ge, who are the first leaders of the people, opening a correspondence with the most the first who stand in need of these books, respectable bishops, governors, and men of and, following the example of David, ought character, and by proceeding to distribute to meditate in the law of your God day and the Scriptures in the Sclavonian language night, may likewise be the first to inscribe for the benefit of the native Russians. The your names in the list of the Bible Society. Dorpat, Reval, Mittau,, and Riga Bible the first to present their donations or annual Societies, are proceeding to print the New 'subscriptions, each according to his ability Testament in the dialects of these respective and inclination." countries: while, the St. Petersburg Com- To each of the Bible Societies established. mittee are printing, at their own charge, the at Dorpat, Reval, Mittau, and Riga, the CARIST, OBSERY, No. 151.


Committee bave presented a donation of couraged it with a grant of 500 Englisti 300l; to the Bible Society at Moscow, 500%; Bibles, and 1000 English Testainents; and and to the St. Petersburg Bible Society, a promised the sum of 500l. on the esta. second donation of 10001.

blishment of a National Bible Society for the The Turkish, or rather Tartar, New Testan United Netherlands. ment, which was printing by the Mission

2. ASIA, aries at Karass, and for which the British The Corresponding Committee at Cal. and Foreign. Bible Society furnished the cutta has a general object, viz. that of protypes; ink, and paper, is now finished, and moting translations of the Scriptures genepreparing for distribution.

rally; the Calcutia Auxiliary Bible Society - To the poor in Sweden, various copies has, as its primary end, the limited object of of the Scriptures, tu a considerable extent, supplying the native Christians of India. have been forøshed, through the Rev. Dr. With this previous explanation, the ComBrunnmark. The 300 Swedish Bibles, and mittee details the principal facis transmitted 600 Testaments, forwarded to Reval, and to them by the Rev. Mr. Thomason, the the 1000 German Testaments forwarded to Secretary of both Iristilutions, Riga, at the Society's expense, have been The Corresponding Committee have a distributed; the former among the poor dopted measures, by wbich it is hoped that Swedes, and the latter among the German the revision of the Arabic New Testament - inhabitants of Courland, Livonia, and and Pentateuch will be effectually accom. Esthonia

plished. Grants have also been made, through Mr. Thomason has proposed to Meer Seid farious chanels, to the Catholics in different Ali, the Persian translator, employed at parts of Germany and Switzerland The Shiraz by the late Rev. Henry Martyn, very

sums allotted to this object amount to 8001.; liberal encouragement to induce him to - 300l. of which were assigned to the Rev. come to Calcutta, and add a version of the Leander Van Ess, Catholic Professor of Old Testament to the New, which had been Divinity at Marbourg, in order to supply finished at Shiraz, previously to the decease 8000. Testaments for the use of Catholic of Mr. Martyn. The Corresponding Comschools. This excellent man states, that mittee have taken every precaution to the Testanyents furnished by the Society secure the safe arrival of Mr. Martyn's ver. had conduced to “ the moral and religioussion of the New Testament, by directing improvement of the people," and to their quadruplicates to he made of it before its * consolation under the pressure of these transmission from Shiraz. eventful times."

In the mean time, the Hindostance verThe recent calainities of Germany drew sion of the New Testament, by the same the attention of the Committee to the spi- excellent hand, assisted by Mirza Fitret, ritual wants of that empire, and they placed and which has been admired by all good various soms of money at the disposal of judges of the language, is in progress. The individuals and comınittees, at Altona, Bre- four Gospels have been printed separately, men, Berlin, Halle, Norenberg, Leipsic, to the number of 4000 copies each: the Dresden, and Herrnhut, in order to supply inpression of the entire work is designed to the poor exiles from Hamburg, and the suf

be 2000. A large proportion of the Go ferers by the war in Germany, with copies of spels has been in circulation for some time. the holy Scriptures: and these supplies As soon as St. Matthew's Gospel was struck have been most thankfully received. off, the copies were distributed. They have

The Committee close their statement of been received with thank fulness, and read transactions in Europe, by reporting the with avidity, in many parts of the couutry; formation of a Bible Society at Amsterdaru; the chiefly through ibe activity of the Rev. Mr. objects of which are to ascertain and supply Corrie, and his coadjutor, Abduol Massech, the wanit of the holy Scriptures in the Eng. a convert from among the native Mussul. lish language anjong the indigent members of men, and a fruit of Mr. Alariyu's ministry. British churches in that cruntry; and to The Bible Depository,, furnished with promote the establishment of a National or

the Scriptures in all languages, is in full Dutch Bible Society. Of ibis Society the activity; every week parcels of boxes, filled Hereditary Prince of Orange is the Patron, with the Scriptures, are sent off 10 some part the Earl of Clancarty Presidrni, and the

of the country; Vice-Presidents and Direiturs con ist of With respect to the transactions of the Englishmen and Dorchwel or the first re

Calcutta Auxiliary Bible Society, the native spectability The Committee hare en. Portuguese have been largely provided behalf of the Ansboynese Christians, ac- through Russia to the Chinese empire, lave - companying his letter with a bandsome ordered a supply of copies borb trom Can. subscription in aid of an edition of the ton and Serampore, to be forwarded to the holy Scriprures for their service. The Am- SL. Petersburg Bible Society. buynese use the Malay Bible in the Roman

with New Testaments; and “ the present To this intelligence is added the gratifying has been always tbankfully received, and in statement, that the Malayalim Scriptures some cases with tears of joy;" 9000 copies have advagoed 10 the end of St. Paul's of the Tamul New Te-tanieni, through the Epistles; that the Cingalese New - Testaalmost incredible industry of the Mission. ments would be finished in a few weeks ; aries of Serampore, are ready for distri• that a large shipment of the three frst Gobution Two thou-and copies of the Cia- spels had been made for the island of Cega galese Testament, designed as a present to lon; and, that ten presses, were in constant the Bible Society in Ceylon, had been put to use at Serampore, for printing the Scrippress. The iropertect state of, the version, tures. The Committee of the Britisls and which is undergoing revision at Colombo, Foreiga Bible Society have, in addition to influenced the Calcutta Auxiliary Bible their former grants, instrucied the Calcutta Society in printing so small an edition.

Corresponding Committee to draw for The Malayalım version is in progress; 1000L. and, in the mean time, 300 copies of the A society, was establisted at Bombay on Malayalin Gospels, printed at the expense the 13th of June last, under the designation of the British and Foreign Bible Society, of " The Bombay. Auxiliary Bible Society;" have been put into a channel of distribu• the objects of which are, " to promote the tion, and will prove a seasonable thougla circulation of the holy Scriptures; and es. small su ply for the Syrian Christians pecially to supply the demands of the native

Os the four classes of native Christians, Christians on the western side of the Penin. therefore, with a special view to whom theCal. sula of India." This establishment bas cutia Society was origin.lly formed, a bounti- been effecred under the direct patronage of ful provision has been made for three." Every the Recorder, the Members of Council, and practical effuse is waking in behalf of the sonue of the most respectable persons in the remaining class of Christians, who are in Presidency, and with the countenance and the mean time furnished with a small tem- encouragement of his Excellency the Goporary supply, which will be received by vernor, Sir Evan Nepean, Bart., one of the them with the most bearttele joy."

Vice-Presidents of the Parent Society, who The Society has also undertaken a large has contributed 1000 rupees in aid of its edition of the Armenian Scriptures, at the funds. earnest request of Johannes Sarkies, a prin- Ms. Morrison, at Canton, advances racipal Armenian at Calcutta, who has himself pidly in his work of translating the Scripcome forward with 5000 rupees, as the united tures into the Chinese: tlie first edition subscription of his countrymen lo that work. of the Acts had been distributed; a cot.

The Missionaries at Serampore had not rected edition was in the press; and it was advanced far in making types for this expected, that in the course of the last year Armenian Bible, wlien a new call arrived the whole Testament would be printed. from another quarter. The Resident at The Committee, understanding that a channel Ambuyna sent the Society a memorial in of conveyance was likely to be opened by the MHítary in Cape Town, particularly Island Bible Societies," have officially noti. by the 93d regiment of Highlanders; who fied their establishinent to the Connittee; desired their thanks might be presented to who have, on their part, acknowledged the the Conimittee, and insisted upon paying the cominunication, and accompanied their let. cost prices of the Bibles and Testanients, to ters of acknowledgment with a donation, in avoid putting the Society to exponse. the first case of 506., and in the two latter of

3. AFRICA. character, and are couputeu (in Anboyna A society has been formed at the Cape of alone) to be about 20,000 The Committee Good Hope, under the auspices of the Goof the Calcuttit Bible Society felt ihe in vernor-General, Sir Juhn Cradock, which portance of this call, and determined on ap- unites the education of ibe poor with the plying to Government for pecuniary aid. distribution of the Scriptures; and in refere The answer of the Government was lavour. ence to the latter of these objects, the Corp. able. They announced their resolution to mittee of that newly-formed Society have give 10,000 rupees in aid of the Malay opened a correspondence with the Pareut Scriprores; and added, that having recently lostitution. heard of a siar.ilas plan in progress at Ba- The distribution of the Scriptures sent tavia, they recommended to the Committee hence by the Society, in Cape Tuwo and to open a correspondence with Batavia, and the Vicisty, appears to have been made report the result to Government, who will wien with judgment and good effect. decide un the appropriation of the moncy. Copies have also been gratefully receive terest taken by those Sucieties in the An Auxiliary Bible Society has also been object of the British and Foreign Bible instituted at St. Helena, of which Thomas Society, and of the salutusy influence which Greentree, Esq. is the Treasurer, and the such a feeling is capable of producing, Rev. Samuel Jones, Chaplain to the colony, that evidence would be 'furnished by the is Secretary. The first communication of generous conduct of the Massachussetts this Society was accompanied with a contri- Bible Society, in their recent transmission bution of 1601. sterling.

On the 11th of November, 1812, was 1001 each. formed, under the sanction of his Excel. The Louisiana Bible Society is another Jency the Governor, at the Government newly-formed Society, from which great House in Port Louis, Mauritius, “ The Bi- 'good may be expected. Its operations will ble Society of the Islands of Mauritius. be atuong a free population of 100,000 Bourbon, and Dependencies." This In. souls (of which about 70,000 are Román stitutiou appears to have been established Catholics), and about 40,000 slaves. “The in a spirit, and upon a basis, which pro- 'Catholic bishop in Louisiana, with the other mise to render it a very useful Auxiliary principal Clergy of the Roman Catholic to the British and Foreign Bible Society, Church,” expressed themselves “ perfectly in promoting the circulation of the Scripo willing to have the Scriprures circulated, tures among the African Islands. In what and even to aid in the good work them. degree the Scriptures niay be supposed selves." The Committee liave granted the to have been wanted in the Mauritius sum of 1001., to be laid out in the purchase itself, may be inferred from this, that many of French Bibles and Testaments from the persons were living in the island, at the ad. Philadelphia Bible Society, tor the use of the vanced age of sixty and seventy years, who Bible Society of Louisiana. never saw a Bible. The avidity with which With regard to the Bible Societies previthe Bibles and Testaments are purchased, is ously in existence, they appear to proceed said to be beyond all description; 100 copies with good success. The annual Reports of were sold in one day, and twice as many the Philadelphia sad New York Societies, inore could have been disposed of with display ihe evidences of unabated ardour the groatest facility, Daily messages of and progressive labours; and the accounts gratitude and thanks were received from they furnish of the other sister institutions the inhabitants, for the attention of thie in the United S:ates, are equally satisfac. British and Foreign Bible Society to their lory. eternal welfare, in supplying them with the But if evidence were wanted of an inmeans of Scriptural knowledge.

of 1551. sterling, in order to replace * « 4. ANEBICA.

supply of Bibles, designed for the British Co. The object of the Society continues to "lonists in Nova Scotia, but which had been excite attention and liberality in the West captured and sold by an American privateer, India islando, particularly in Jamaica. The Committee arc anxious to record their Contributions have been received to the admiration of this gratifying triumph of Chrisfunds of the Society in the course of the tian principle ; and, with their brethren of Jast year from different parts of that Massachussetis, express their hope, that the island; among them 2836. 10s. 5d. from conduct to which it has led “ will remind both the corporation of Kingston, and 100l. from nations, that we are fellow-Christians, folthe Justices and Vestry of the parish of lowers of a Master, who has solemnly comWestmoreland. To these should be added, mauded us to love one another," the sum of 551. Ss. 6d. sterling, from a so- The Committee further annouuce the ciety under the designation of " Tlie formation of a Bible Society at Halifax, deJamaica Auxiliary Bible Society of the signated “ The Nova Scotia Bible So. People of Colour

ciety," under the palronage of his 'ExcelIn North America, many new societies have lencg the Governor, Sir J. Č. Sherbrook, and been formed. Three of them, viz. “ The other characters of distinction. The fruit Nassau Hall, the Virginia, and the Rbode of the establishment of this new institution

has already appeared, in the transmission of they bave been attended with corresponding 2001, sterling to the funds of the Parent success. The Hibernian Bible Society in Society. A Branch Society has been added Dublin, has, within that period, increased its at Liverpool, denominated “ The Queeu's branches from 37 to 53, and issued 50,000 County Auxiliary Bible Society," of which Bibles and Testaments: by iu exertions, the the Rev. John Payzant is the President; Scriptures are now on sale in more than 100 and its management is entrusted to respect towns in Ireland. able characters, both civil and military. The distribution of the holy Scriptures Two other Auxiliary Societies, on a smaller from the Society's Depository in London, scale, have announced their formation, aud through various channels, bas kept pace, remitted contributions; one at Pictou, in during the last year, with the other exertions Nova Scotia, and the other at Quebec. of the Society. The principal of these Collections have also been transmitted to the channels are the Auxiliary Societies. It funds of the Society from Montreal. would, however, be injustice to Bible Asso.

Thanksgivings continue to be presented ciations to overlook their services in profrom the Christian Congregations under the moting, and in many places without expense care of the Moravian Brethren in Labrador, to the Society, the distribution of the holy They represent the copies of the Scriptures Scriptures. which they have received in the Esquimaux In estimating the value of Bible Associalanguage, as “an invaluable gift," and as tions, the Committee are at a loss to deter. having tended to promote a great eager- mine, whether more is derived to the funds ness to learn to read, both in children and and operations of the Parent Society, by adults.

this popular instrument, than is commuuni. 5. GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. cated through the feelings which it excites, The Society's Contributors and Supporters and the moral improvement to which it leads have been greatly increased by the formation of the lower orders of the public. The of Auxiliary Societics, Branch Societies, and Committee specify the Tindale-Ward and the Bible Associations. The Committee parti- Southwark Auxiliary Sucieties, as furnishing cularize the Oxford and Oxfordshire Auxi. instances of organization so complete, actie liary Bible Society, under the patronage of viry so regular, and a system so productive, the Lord Lieutenant of the County, the that they may be appealed to with proChancellor of the University, several heads priety, as exhibiting an advantayeons spéof houses, nobles, and dignitaries, &c. as cimen, both of the principle and of the shedding a peculiar lustre on the tenth year operations of Bible Associations. of the Society's history.

The amount of copies of the Scriptores Since the last annual meeting of the So- issued from the commencement of 1813, to ciety, there had been formed in England March 31 of the present year, is 167,320 and Scotland about 40 Auxiliary Sucieties, Bibles, 185,249 Testanyents; making the with numerous Branches and Associations, total issued, from the commencement of the all under patrons of high name and exten. Institution, to that period, 390,323 Bibles, sive influence.

595,002 Testaments; in all, 985,525 copies; The numerous institutions previously exclusive of about 41,525 circulated at the formed have continued to transmit large charge of the Society from Depositories contributions to the funds of the Parent abroad : making a total of 1,026,850 copies, Society. The whole amount received from already circulated by the British and this source had amounted to the immense Foreign Bible Society. To this may be sum of near 63,500l. It will appear from added 182,000 copies printed or printing by this that the zeal of the Auxiliary Societies, Societies on the Continent of Europe aided in behalf of the general cause, continues by the Parent Society. undiminished ; and, in various instances, The Committee could, with pleasure, their exertions have been considerably aug- expatiate on the feelings of joy and gratimented. For much of that vigour which has tude which have been displayed by an characterised them, the Committee are interesting class of the Society's objects, ‘aathorized, by those 'Auxiliary Societies, to Foreigu Prisoners of War, on receiving the "say, that they are indebted to the seasonable Bibles from the hands of their enemies. visits and zealous services of their Secreta- The circumstances which have changed ibe ries.

condition of these captives, have afforded In Wales and Scotland, and also in Ire. the Committee an opportunity which they land, considerable exetions are stated to have not neglected to improve. Numerous have been made during the last year; and Prisoners of War bare been supplied with

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