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ADDINGTON—Schuyler Shibley. COLCHESTER—Thomas McKay.
ALBERT—John Wallace.

COMPTON-Hon. John Henry Pope. ALGOMA-E. B. Borron.

CORNWALL-Alexander F. Macdonald. ANNAPOLIS-William H. Ray.

CUMBERLAND-Hon. C. Tupper, C.B. ANTIGONISH-Angus McIsaac.

DIGBY-John C. Wade. ARGENTEUIL-Thomas Christie.

DORCHESTER-François F. Rouleau. BAGOT,Joseph Alfred Mousseau. DRUMMOND and ARTHABASKA-Olivier

Desire Bourbeau.
BEAUCE-Joseph Boldus.

DUNDAS-William Gibson.
BEAUHARNOIS—Ulisse J. Robillard.
BELLECHASSE—Jos. Godéric Blanchet. DURHAM, E. RIDING—Lewis Ross.
BERTHIER-E. Octavian Cuthbert.

DURHAM, W. RIDING-H. W. Burk. BONAVENTURE-Hon. T. Robitaille.

ELGIN, E. RIDING–Colin Macdougall. BOTHWELL-Hon. David Mills.

ELGIN, W. RIDING–Geo, Elliott Casey. BRANT, N. RIDING-Gavin Fleming. Essex—William McGregor. BRANT, S. RIDING-William Paterson. BROCKVILLE—Jacob Dockstader Buell. FRONTENAC-Geo. Airey Kirkpatrick. BROME-Nathaniel Pettes.

GASPÉ-John Short. BRUCE, N. RIDING—John Gillies.

GLENGARRY--Archibald McNab.
BRUCE, S. RIDING—Hon. Ed. Blake.

GLOUCESTER--Hon. T. W. Anglin.
William McDonald.



RIDING William K. Flesher, CARDWELL-Dalton McCarthy.

GREY, N. RIDING-George Snider. CARLETON, (N. B.) S. B. Appleby. GREY, S. RIDING-George Landerkin. CARLETON, (0.—John Rochester. GUYSBOROUGH-John A. Kirk. CARIB00—-Joshua Spencer Thompson.

HALDINAND-David Thompson. CHAMBLY-Pierre Basile Benoit.

Hon. Alfred G. Jones. CHAMPLAIN-Hippolyte Montplaisir.


Patrick Power. CHARLEVOIX-Hon. H. L. Langevin, C.B HALTON-William McCraney. CHARLOTTE-Arthur H. Gillmor.

Æmilius Irving.


Andrew Trew Wood. CHICOUTIMI and SAGUENAY-E. Cimon. HANTS-Monson H. Goudge.

Hann; Alfreder: Jones.

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HASTINGS, E. Riding-John White. MIDDLESEX, W. Riding--G. W. Ross.
HASTINGS, N. Riding—M. Bowell. MISSISQUOI-William Donahue.
HASTINGS, W. Riding-James Brown. MONOK-Lachlin McCallum.
HOCHELAGA--Alphonse Desjardins. MONTCALM-Firmin Dugas.
HUNTINGDON-Julius Scriver.

MONTMAGNY-Henri Thos. Taschereau.
Huron, Cen. Riding–Horace Horton. MONTMORENCY-Jean Langlois.
HURON, N. Riding-Thomas Farrow, MONTREAL, Centre-Bernard Devlin.
HURON, S. Riding-Thos. Greenway. MONTREAL, East-Louis Amable Jetté.

MONTREAL, West--Thomas Workman.
IBERVILLE-François Béchard.

MUSKOKA--Alexander Peter Cockburn.
INVERNESS-Samuel MacDonnell.

NAPIERVILLE--Sixte Coupal dit La
JACQUES-CARTIER—Hon. R. Laflamme. Reine.
JOLIETTE-Louis François Geo. Baby. NEW WESTMINSTER--Thos. R. McInnes.

NIAGARA-Josiah Burr Plumb.
KAMOURASKA--Charles François Roy. NICOLET-François Xavier O. Méthot.
KENT, (N.B.)-George McLeod.

NORFOLK, N. Riding-John Charlton. KENT, (0.)-Rufus Stevenson.

NORFOLK, S. Riding-William Wallace. KING'S (N.B.James Domville,

NORTHUMBERLAND, (N.B.)-Hon. Peter KING'S (N.S.)- Frederick W. Borden.

Hon. D. Davies. NORTHUMBERLAND, (0.) E. Riding-

P. A. McIntyre. James Lyons Biggar.
KINGSTON--Right Hon. Sir John A. NORTHUMBERLAND, (0.) W. Riding-

(.--Macdonald, K.C.B.

William Kerr,

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LAMBTON~Hon, Alex. Mackenzie.

ONTARIO, N. Riding-Wm. H. Gibbs.
LANARK, N. Riding--Daniel Galbraith. ONTARIO, S. Riding-Hon. T. N. Gibbs.
LANARK, S. Riding-John G. Haggart. Orrawa (City)— { Pierre St. Jean.

LAPRAIRIE—Alfred Pinsonneault.
L'ASSOMPTION-Hilaire Hurteau, OTTAWA (County)-- Alonzo Wright.
LAVAL—Joseph Aldéric Ouimet. OXFORD, N. Riding--Thomas Oliver.
LEEDS and GRENVILLE, N. Riding- OXFORD, S. Riding-James A. Skinner.
Charles Frederick Ferguson,

PEEL-Robert Smith.
LEEDS, S. Riding-David Ford Jones.
Lennox, Hon. Richard J. Cartwright. PERTH, N. Riding-Andrew Monteith.

PERTH, S. Riding--James Trow.
LÉVIS-Louis Honoré Fréchette.

PETERBOROUGH, E. Riding-Jas. Hall.
LINCOLN-James Norris.

PETERBOROUGH, W. Riding-J. Bertram LISGAR-John Christian Schultz.

James W. Carmichael.
L'ISLET~ Philippe Baby Casgrain. PICTOU-

John A. Dawson.
LONDON—James Harshaw Fraser.

PONTIAC-William McKay Wright.
LOTBINIÈRE-Henry Bernier.

PORTNEUF-Esdras A. De St. Georges.
LUNENBURG-Charles Edward Church PRESCOTT--Albert Hagar.
MARQUETTE- Joseph Ryan.
MASKINONGÉ-Louis Alphonse Boyer.

MEGANTIC-Edouard Emery Richard.

PROVENCHER-A. G. B. Bannatyne.
MIDDLESEX, E. Riding-D. Macmillan.
MIDDLESEX, N. Riding-R.C. Scatcherd QUEBEC, Centre-Jacques Malouin.

Prince, (P. E. I.)– (James Yeo.

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QUEBEC, East-Hon. Wilfred Laurier. | TÉMISCOUATA—Jean Baptiste Pouliot.
QUEBEC, West-Hon. Thos. McGreevy. TERREBONNE-Louis F. R. Masson.
QUEBEC, (County-P. A. Caron. THREE RIVERS-William McDougall.
QUEEN'S (N.B.-John Ferris.

TORONTO, Centre-John Macdonald.
QUEEN'S (N.S.-James F. Forbes. TORONTO, East-Samuel Platt, sen.

Hon. J. C. Pope.
Queen’s{P.E I.)

TORONTO, West-Hon. J. B. Robinson.
Peter Sinclair.

Two MOUNTAINS_Jean B. Daoust.

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VICTORIA, (B.C.).-- {Francis J. Roscoe.


RENFREW, N. Riding-Peter White, jr. VANCOUVER ISLAND-Arthur Bunster.
RENFREW, S. Riding-J. L. McDougall. VAUDREUIL-Robert Harwood.
RESTIGOUCHE-George Haddow.

VERCHÈRES--Hon. Félix Geoffrion.
RICHELIEU-George Isidore Barthe.

Amor DeCosmos.

Francis J. Roscoe.
RICHMOND, (N.S.)-Edmond P. Flynn.
RICHMOND and WOLFE,Q.-Hon. Henry

VICTORIA, (N.B.)- John Costigan.
Aylmer, jun.

VICTORIA,(N.S.)-Charles J. Campbell. RIMOUSKI-J. B. Romuald Fiset. VICTORIA,(O.). Riding-H. Cameron. ROUVILLE-Guillaume Cheval.

VICTORIA,(O.) S. Riding-A. McQuade. RUSSELL-Robert Blackburn.

Waterloo, N. Riding—I. E. Bowman.

WATERLOO, S. Riding--James Young. St. HYACINTHE—Louis Delorme.

WELLAND— William A. Thomson.
Sr. John, (N.B.) City-

Hon I.Burpee
A. L. Palmer. WE-LINGTON, Centre Riding—George

Turner Orton.
ST. JOHN, (N.B.) City and County-
J. S. Boies De Veber.

WELLINGTON, N. Riding-Nathaniel

ST. JOHN,(Q.)-François Bourassa.
ST. MAURICE-Charles Lajoie.

WELLINGTON, S. Riding-D. Guthrie.

WENTWORTH, N. Riding-Thomas Bain. SELKIRK—Donald A. Smith.

WENTWORTH, S. Riding-Jos. Rymal.
SHEFFORD-Hon. L. S. Huntington.

SIELBURNE—Hon. Thomas Coffin,
SHERBROOKE–Edward Towle Brooks, YALE—Edgar Dewdney.
SIMCOE, N. Riding-Herman H. Cook, | YAMASKA—Charles Gill.
SIJOE, S. Riding-William C. Little. YARMOUTH-Frank Killam.
SOULANGES-Jacques P. Lanthier. YORK, (N.B.) John Pickard.
STANSTEAD—Charles C. Colby.

YORK, (O.) E. Riding-Jas. Metcalf.
STORMONT—Cyril Archibald,

YORK, (0.) N. Riding-A. H. Dymond. SUNBURY-Charles Burpee.

YORK, (0.) W. Riding-David Blain.

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Page 76, 1st col., for Mr. Masson's remarks, substitute the following: -
“I have always objected to politicians speaking of religion in public meetings and on the

hustings. I still object to it; it is a disgrace. The proper place to speak of religion is
in the churches."

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Page 81, 2nd col., line 32, for "courts” read “Grits.”
Page 84, 2nd col., line 36, for "allowed read

Gave the Federal Government the power to allow or disallow."

Page 85, and col., line 18, for “it” read “he.”

do 19, for "palace” read lawyer.”

do for paragraph line 89 to 45, substitute the following:"The game was tried in the county of Soulanges. His friend the hon. member for Soulanges,

had news of it and wrote a letter to know what Mr. Doutre, at Mr. Laflamme's request, had written them, and he got an answer which was published in the Minerve of the 3rd of July."


Page 85, 2nd col., for paragraph line 53 to 56, substitute the following :-
. After having done all that, they now declared that they had been always friendly to and

in accord with Protestants."

Page 86, 1st col., line 27, for "treated him unjustly" read “traded and lived on religion."

Page 86, for paragraph 1st col., line 59 to 2nd col., line 2. substitute the following:

- The Prime Minister, when in Opposition, used to say they could not pass through the lobbies

without stumbling over Government employés."

a scrutiny of votes."

Page 121, 2nd col., line 24, for “the scrutineer vole read
Page 121, 2nd col., line 27, for "started " read "stopped."
Page 568, 1st col., after line 39, insert

(Bill read the first time.)

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Page 682, 1st col., in Bill No. 26, for “Mr. Mills" read “ Mr. Mitchell."
Page 908, 1st col., line 46, after "lines" insert "from the United States.”
Page 944, 2nd col., lines 7 and 46, for "DeCosmos” read Costigan."
Page 1073, 2nd col., lino 10, for "public" read personal."
Page 1197, 1st col., line 2!), for “$2,400read $3,400.”
Page 1206, 2nd col., before Bills 41 and 49, insert “SECOND READINGS."

Page 1273, 1st col., at commencement of lst and 3rd paragraphs, for “Sir John A. Macdonald ” read "Mr. Tupper.''

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