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Devolve. To attach to one alive Dies excrescens. The extra day from a decedent.

added in a leap-year. Devyer. To die.

Dies fasti. Business days. Di colonna. A contract whereby the Dies feriati. Holidays.

owner and all connected with a Dies gratiae. Day of grace.

ship share in the voyage profits. Dies inceptus pro completo habetur. Diarium. Food for a day.

A day begun is regarded as com

pleted. Diatim. Daily.

Dies incertus pro conditione habetur, Dicast. An Athenian judge chosen

An uncertain day is held as a conby popular lot.

dition. Dicere et non dare legem. To ex Dies intercisi. Days when the court

pound but not to make the law. was in session part of the day

See 37 Fed. 705, 3 L. R. A. 711. only. Dict. Something said.

Dies interpellat pro homine. The Dicta. Plural of dictum.

due date makes the demand for

the man (the creditor). Dictator. An absolute ruler.

Dies juridicus. A court day. Dictores. Arbitrators.

Dies legitimus. A lawful day; a Dictum. Something said; used for

term day. obiter dictum, which see. See 62 N. Y. 47, 20 Am. Rep. 451.

Dies nefasti. Days on which busi

ness could not lawfully be transDictum of Kenilworth. A compro

acted. mise of differences between Henry III and parliament, 1266.

Dies non. A day not a court day.

See 56 L. R. A. (Idaho) 736. Diei dictio. A Roman magistrate's

Dies non juridici. English court notice of intention to impeach a citizen.

holidays. Diem clausit extremum. A writ by

Dies non juridicus. Same as Dies which the heir of a deceased ten

non. See 56 L. R. A. (Idaho) 736. ant in capite compelled the es Dies solaris. A solar day. cheator to inquire what land Dies solis. Sunday. should escheat.

Dies utiles. An available day. Dies. A day.

Diet. A legislative assembly; a Dies a quo. The day from which. meeting of delegates. Dies ad quem. The day to which. Diet of compearance. (Scotch) A Dies amoris. A day of grace or in- day set for one's appearance in dulgence.

court. Dies communes in banco. Common Dieta. A day's work; a day's jourdays in bank.

ney. Dies consilii. A day set for an argu- Dieu et mon droit. God and my ment or hearing.

right. Dies datus. A day given or set. Dieu son acte. Act of God. Dies dominicus non est juridicus. Diffacere. To mutilate.

The Lord's day is not a court day. Difficile est ut unus homo vicem See 13 Mass. 327.

duorum sustineat. It is hard that DIFFORCIARE



one man should suffer for the vice Dimittere. To dismiss; to release. of two.

Dinarchy. A government by two Difforciare. To keep from one.

rulers. Digama, or digamy. Same as deu- Diocesan courts. Courts held by the terogamy.

bishop or his chancellor in each Digests. The Pandects or body of diocese.

Roman laws compiled under Jus- Diocese. The jurisdiction of a

tinian. Dignitary. (Ecclesiastical) One Diploma. A certificate conferring an

higher than a priest or canon. honor, privilege or authority. See Dignities. Titles of rank or office.

40 Ala. 178. Dignity. A title; one of the incor

Diplomatics. The science of deciporeal hereditaments.

phering ancient documents.

Dipsomania. An uncontrollable deDilacion. (Spanish) An extension

sire for intoxicants. See 19 Neb. of time granted a litigant.

614, 28 N. W. 271. Dilapidation. Waste on ecclesiasti.

Direct. Proximate; not remote. cal property. Dilationes in lege sunt odiosae. De

Direct contempt. A contempt comlays are obnoxious to the law.

mitted in court and so as to inter

rupt the orderly administration of Dilatory defense. A defense inter

justice. See Ann. Cas. (Miss.) posed for delay.

1913B, 281. Dilatory plea. A plea interposed

Direct evidence. Precise facts in for delay or to abate the action

issue to which a witness will teswithout reference to the merits.

tify. See 59 Mass. 295, 52 Am. See 44 N. J. L. 552.

Dec. 711. Diligence. (Scotch) An execution

Direct examination. Examination in proceeding for the collection of a

chief of a witness. debt; care. See 4 Nev. 534, 97

Direct line. Direct lineal succession. Am. Dec. 550. Diligiatus. Outlawed.

Direct tax. Capitation or poll tax;

tax on land. See 3 Dall. (U. S.) Dillonques. Thenceforth.

171, 1 L. Ed. 556. Dimes. Tithes.

Direction. The address to the court Dimidietas. Half.

in a bill of equity; a court's inDimidium. An undivided half. struction to a jury; control. Diminutio. Diminution.

Directors. Members of a corporaDiminution of the record. A pro

tion governing board. See 34 Cal. ceeding by certiorari to have the

48, 91 Am. Dec. 672. whole record transmitted on an Directory. Advisory, as opposed to . appeal, where the record was in mandatory, as a directory statute. complete. See 18 N. C. 382, 28 Directory statute. One the disobeAm. Dec. 572.

dience of which is not an unlawful Dimisi. I have demised.

act. See 86 Tex. 133, 23 S. W. Dimisi, concessi, et ad firmam tra

1103. didi. I have demised, granted Directory trust. One wherein the and leased to farm.

trust fund is directed to be inDimisit. He has demised.

vested in a particular manner.



See 18 Tenn. 263, 31 Am. Dec.

576. Diribitores. Distributors of ballots

at a Roman election. Dirimant impediments. Bars to

matrimony not removed by con

summation. Disability. Legal incapacity. See

18 Mont. 152, 56 Am. St. Rep. 565,

44 Pac. 528. Disabling statutes. Statutes which

curbed the leasing of lands by the

church. Disadvocare. To disavow. Disaffirmance. Repudiation of a

voidable obligation. Disafforest. Same as Deafforest. Disaffranchise. To disfranchise. Disallow. To overrule; to reject; to

deny.. : Disalt. To disable. Disappropriation. The misuse of

church property for other pur

poses. Disavow. To repudiate; to disclaim. Disband. Same as Dissolve. See 71

Mich. 87, 38 N. W. 712. Disbar. To revoke an attorney's li.

cense to practice. Disbarment proceeding. One to disbar an attorney. See 121 Iowa, 292, 100 Am. St. Rep. 354, 63

L. R. A. 614, 96 N. W. 855. Disbocation. The act of disforest

Disclaimer. A denial; a waiver; re

fusal to accept an offer; a formal refusal to accept a conveyance. See 3 Wend. (N. Y.) 337, 20 Am.

Dec. 699. Disclaimer of tenure. A tenant's

disclaimer in an action for rent. Disclamation. Disclaimer. Discommission. To deprive of an

office or commission. Discommon. To deprive of a right

of common; to change common

property into private property. Discontinuance. Dismissal of an ac

tion; an ouster of a reversioner by the grant by a tenant in tail of a larger estate than he had; failure of the plaintiff to continue his action. See 12 W. Va. 70, 29

Am. Rep. 445. Discontinuous easement. An easement to perform acts at separated

intervals. Discontinuous servitude. A servi.

tude carrying a discontinuous easement. See 21 N. Y. 505. Disconvenable. Improper. Discoöperta. Discovert. Discount. The interest reserved

from an amount loaned or advanced at the time of the loan or advance. See 95 Ala. 521, 36 Am. St. Rep. 245, 20 L. R. A. 58, 12

South. 579. Discovert. Unmarried; unprotected. Discovery. Sworn testimony fur.

nished by the defendant in answer to a complaint or bill in equity; knowledge as distinguished from suspicion (see 41 Neb. 413, 59 N. W. 838); the finding of mineral in place. See 18 Mont. 208, 5 6 Am. St. Rep. 578, 33 L. R. A.

851, 44 Pac. 979. Discovery claim. A mining claim

held by right of discovery of min. erals therein.


Discarcare, or discargare. To dis

charge a cargo. Disceptatio causae. Same as Dis.

ceptio causae. Disceptio causae. Argument in a

cause by counsel. Discharge. Acquittal; release. See

3 Fla. 175, 52 Am. Dec. 367. Discharge in bankruptcy. Release

from debt in bankruptcy proceedings. See 96 Fed. (U. S.) 514.



Discredit. To injure one's credit or Disheritor. One who disinherits an

reputation; to refuse credence; to other. distrust. See 84 Cal. 573, 24 Pac.

Dishonor. Refusal to accept a bill 313.

of exchange; refusal to pay negoDiscrepancy. Variance between tiable paper. See 1 Wis. 264. pleading and proof.

Disincarcerate. To release from imDiscretio est discernere per legem prisonment. quid sit justum. Discretion is the

Disincorporate. To relinquish a corselection of that which is just by

porate charter. the law. See 3 Gray (Mass.), 204.

Disinherison. Deprivation of a Discretio est scire per legem quid

forced heir of his inheritance. sit justum. Discretion is the knowledge of that which is just Disinheritance. Preventing an heir by the law. See 4 Johns. Ch. from succession to the estate of (N. Y.) 352.

his ancestor. Discretion. The exercise of the best Disinter. To exhume a corpse.

of a court's judgment upon the Disinterested witness. One unbioccasion calling for it. See 8

ased by interest in the action. Wend. (N. Y.) 462, 24 Am. Dec. See 5 Mass. 219. 46.

Disjunctim. Separately; severally. Discretionary trust. One wherein no

Disjunctive allegations. Separated, direction is made as to the invest

independent charges. ment of the fund. See 18 Tenn.

Disjunctive condition. A condition 263, 31 Am. Dec. 576.

depending upon the happening of Discumberment. Release from en

but one of several events. cumbrance or lien.

Disjunctive term. An alternative Discussion. See Benefit of discus

term. See 2 Miles (Pa.), 49. sion.

Dismiss. Tithes. Disembargo. To release from em

Dismiss. To discontinue; to order a bargo.

cause, motion or prosecution to Disentail. The breaking of the en be discontinued or quashed. See tail of an estate.

37 N. H. 536, 75 Am. Dec. 154. Disentailing deed. One wherein the Dismortgage. To redeem from mort. tenant in tail conveys all his es

gage. tate.

Disorderly. Against public peace, Disforest. To clear of trees.

good order, morals, decency or Disfranchise. To deprive of citizen safety.

ship, of a franchise, or of suffrage. Disorderly house. A disreputable Disgavel. To remove from land the house. See 104 N. C. 858, 17 Am. incidents of gavelkind.

St. Rep. 704, 10 S. E. 455. Disgrading. Depriving of a title or Disorderly persons. Vagrants. See dignity.

4 Bl. Comm. 169. Dishabilitation. (Scotch) Corrup- Disparagation. Same as Disparage

tion of blood as a punishment for ment. treason.

Disparage. To permit a disparageDisherison. A disinheriting.




Disparagement. A ward's unequal M ass. 139, 83 Am. St. Rep. 263,

marriage permitted by a guardian. 58 N. E. 275. See 36 N. C. 232.

Disseisin by election. A legal fiction Disparagium. Inequality in blood

whereby the owner admitted disor station.

seisin that he might sue an adDisparata non debent jungi. Dissim

verse claimant. See 2 Wend. ilar matters ought not to be

(N. Y.) 166, 19 Am. Dec. 571. joined.

Disseisin by relation. That wherein

the owner elects to consider himDispark. To change the use or character of a land used as a

self disseised for the sake of the

remedy by novel disseisin. See 2 park.

Wend. (N. Y.) 166, 19 Am. Dec. Dispauper. To deprive of the right

571. of suing in forma pauperis; to de

Disseisin in fact. Exists only when clare one no longer a pauper.

there is a wrongful entry by one Dispensatio est vulnus, quod vul

claiming an actual ouster of the nerat jus commune. A dispensa

true owner, or some act tantation is a wound, because it

mount thereto. See 2 Wend. wounds common right.

(N. Y.) 166, 19 Am. Dec. 571. Dispensation. Exemption from cer- Disseisinam satisfacit, qui uti non tain duties or penalties imposed

permittit possessorem, vel minus by law.

commode, licet omnino non expelDispersonare. To scandalize.

lat. One commits a disseisin who Dispone. To grant or convey.

does not permit the possessor to Dispose of. To alienate; to effectu

enjoy his property or who renders ally transfer. See 73 Fed. (U. S.)

his enjoyment less comfortable, 292.

although he does not expel him Disposing mind. One fully capable

altogether. of comprehending a testamentary

Disseisor. One who effects a disdisposition of property. See 108

seisin. Pa. 395, 56 Am. Rep. 218.

Disseisoress. A female disseisor. Dispossession. Changing from the Dissent. To render a minority opinpossession of one person to that

ion. of another.

Dissignare. To break a seal. Disputable presumption. One which Dissimilium dissimilis est ratio. The

is conclusive until overthrown by rule as to a matter which is discontrary evidence. See 26 S. C. similar, is dissimilar. 49, 1 S. E. 52.

Dissimulatione tollitur injuria. An Disputatio fori. An argument be injury is eradicated by ignoring

fore the court. Disrationare. To exonerate one's Dissolution. Disincorporation; break

ing up a partnership. Dissasina. Disseisin.

Dissolve. To effect a dissolution. Disseisee. One who has suffered dis. Dissuade. To persuade one not to seisin.

perform a positive legal duty. Disseisin. A wrongful ouster from Distincte et aperte. Distinctly and possession of a freehold. See 177 openly. Law Dict.-9




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