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Distinguenda sunt tempora; aliud District Courts. The United States

est facere, aliud perficere. Times trial courts held in each federal must be distinguished; it is one judicial district; courts of limited thing to act and another to finish. jurisdiction within a district. See 2 Pick. (Mass.) 327.

Districtio. A distress. Distinguenda sunt tempora; dis Districtus. A district; a distress.

tingue tempora, et concordabis Distringas. A writ of distress; 3 leges. Times must be distin

writ to enforce the attendance of guished; distinguish times, and jurors by distress of their goods you will reconcile laws.

or seizure of their persons; an Distracted person. An insane per

equity proceeding to enforce a

corporation's obedience to a sumson.

mons; a form of execution. See 1 Distractio. A debtor's sale of hy.

Rawle (Pa.), 44. pothecated property.

Distringas juratores. A writ to enDistrahere. To withdraw; to sell at force the attendance of jurors by auction.

distress of their goods or seizure Distrain. To take up or withhold

of their persons. another's chattels as security for Distringas nuper vice comitum. A compensation for injury. See 29 writ of distress against an exHun (N. Y.), 137.

sheriff for nonfeasance while in

office. Distress. The act of distraining.

Distringas vice comitem. A writ of Distress infinite. Distresses made distringas directed to the coroner. one after another until satisfac

Distringere. To distrain. tion.

Disturbance. An interference with Distributee. One entitled under the

the enjoyment of an incorporeal statute of distribution to the per

hereditament; an interference sonal estate of an intestate. See

with the peaceable exercise of a 31 N. C. 278.

right. See 3 Bl. Comm. 235. Distribution. The division of the

Disturber. One who commits a dispersonal property of an intestate

turbance. according to law (see 56 Iowa, 266, 9 N. W. 204); dividing or ap

Diswarren. To deprive of the charportioning. See 12 Neb. 280, 11

acter of a warren. N. W. 313.

Dites ouster. Say over, an expresDistributive finding of the issue. A

sion used in a judgment of refinding of facts partly for the

spondeat ouster. See 3 Bl. Comm.

303. plaintiff and partly for the defendant.

Dittay. The charge contained in an District attorney. The attorney

indictment. who officially represents the people

Diverse citizenship. Citizenship in within the district. See 197 Pa.

different states. 542, 47 Atl. 748.

Diversis diebus et vicibus. At divDistrict attorneys of the United ers days and times.

States. The attorneys appointed Diversity of person. A plea after for each of the federal judicial judgment denying identity of the districts.

prisoner with the defendant.



Diverso intuitu. With a different Divisa. A boundary. purpose or motive.

Divisibilis est semper divisibilis. A Diversorium. An inn.

divisible thing is always divisible. Dives costs. Rich man's costs, ordi.

Divisible. Susceptible of division or nary costs as opposed to costs

partition. taxed to a defendant appearing in forma pauperis.

Divisim. Severally; separately. Divest. To deprive of a right or

Division. The ascertainment of a title.

legislative vote by separating the Divestitive

members. fact. A fact which divests a right.

Division of opinion. A disagree

ment between judges. Divestiture. The surrender of a right or title.

Division wall. A party-wall. See

84 Md. 95, 33 L. R. A. 294; 35 Divide et impera, cum radix et yer

Atl. 170. tex imperii in obedientium consensu rata sunt. Divide and rule,

Divisional court. An English court for the root and pinnacle of em

composed of two or more judges pire are rated in the consent of

of the high court of justice and the obedient.

sitting only in special cases. Divided court. A court rendering a

a Divisum imperium. Jurisdiction of decision not unanimous.

different tribunals. Dividend. A division into shares;

Divorce. A judicial severance of one of such shares or portions;

matrimonal bonds. the portion of a corporation's Divorce a mensa et thoro. A judiprofits set apart for ratable divi cial separation of husband and sion among its shareholders. See wife not an absolute divorce, but 8 R. I. 310, 5 Am. Rep. 575.

usually with provision for the Dividend warrant. An order repre

wife's maintenance by the hussenting a stockholder's dividend.

band. See 23 Ind. 370. Dividenda. An indenture.

Divorce a vinculo matrimonii. Abso

lute divorce. See 165 Mo. 231, 83 Divinare. To guess; to prophesy.

Am. St. Rep. 416, 55 L. R. A. 332, Divinatio non interpretatio est, quae

65 S. W. 315. omnino recedit a litera. It is

Divorcée. A divorced woman. guesswork and not interpretation which wholly departs from the

Divortium. Divorce. literal.

Divortium dicitur a divertendo, quia Divine law. The laws of God,

vir divertitur ab uxore. Divorce natural and revealed. See 11 Ark.

is said to be from divertendo, be519, 54 Am. Dec. 217.

cause a man is diverted from his

wife. Divine right of kings. The old theory that the king derived his

Dixieme. One tenth. power from God.

Do. I give. Divine service. Public worship.

Do, dico, addico. I give, I say, I Divining-rod. A twig or rod held in adjudge.

the hand and supposed to locate Do, lego. I give and bequeath. . water by being mysteriously pulled Do ut des. I give that you may down at the farther end.





Do ut facias. I give that you may Dolum ex indiciis perspicuis proba ri

convenit. Fraud should be proved Dock. A place reserved for a pris

ris. by clear proofs. oner on trial; the space between Dolus. Malice; fraud; deceit. two wharves. See 58 U. S. 426, Dolus auctoris non nocet successori. 15 L. Ed. 118.

The fraud of the author does not Dockage. Charges for use of a dock.

harm his successor.

Dolus auctoris non nocet successori, Docket. An abstract; a list oa court

nisi in causa lucrativa. The fraud causes; a record of the proceed

of the author does not harm his ings of a court.

successor, unless a valuable conDock-warrant. A warehouse re sideration is wanting. ceipt.

Dolus circuitu non purgator. Fraud Doctor and student. An ancient is not purged by circuity.

dialogue treatise of the common Dolus dans locum contractui. Fraud law.

and deceit upon the occasion of

the contract. Doctor's commons. The buildings

Dolus est machinatio, cum aliud disoccupied by the proctors and doc

simulat aliud agit. Deceit is an tors of the civil law in London.

artifice, because it pretends' one Doctrine of cy près. A principle of

thing and does another. equity construction substituting

Dolus et fraus nemini patrocinentur; the nearest feasible condition or

patrocinari debent. Deceit and purpose for an impossible one.

fraud shall protect no one; they Document. A written instrument

require protection. available as evidence. See 12

Dolus latet in generalibus. Fraud R. I. 99.

lies hidden in generalities. Doe, John. See John Doe.

Dolus malus. Actual fraud arising Doer. One who does an act; an

from facts and circumstances of actor; an agert; an attorney.

imposition. See 3 Wend. (N. Y.) Dogdraw. An arrest for killing 626.

deer made while the prisoner was Dolus versatur in generalibus. on the scent with a dog.

Fraud deals in generalities. Dogma. An order of the Roman Dom. proc. Domus procerum, the senate.

House of Lords. Doitkin, or doit. A small coin. Domain Ownership of land. See Dole. Malice; a division of ore 30 Cal. 645. among miners; a share.

Domboc, or dombec. (Saxon) A Dolg bote. Compensation for wound code of law. ing.

Dome. Judgment. Doli capax. Having capacity for Dome-book. A code compiled in the malice.

reign of Alfred. Doli incapax. Incapable of possess. Domesday Book. A survey of all of ing malice.

England. Dolo. (Spanish) Malice; fraud. Domesmen. Inferior English judges. Dolosus versatur in generalibus. A Domestic. Internal, as opposed to deceiver deals in generalities.

foreign; a house servant.



Domestic attachment. An attach- Dominium directum. Allodial own

ment levied on the property of a ership; legal ownership. resident debtor.

Dominium directum et utile. Legal Domestic bill of exchange. A bill

and equitable ownership. drawn on a resident drawee. Dominium eminens. Eminent doDomestic corporation. One formed

main. under the laws of the state. See Dominium non potest esse in pen13 Daly (N. Y.), 509.

denti. Ownership cannot be in Domestic purposes. Household uses. suspense.

See Ann. Cas. 1912B, 621, note. Dominium plenum. Complete owner. Domesticus. A steward.

ship. Domicil. The place where one lives Dominium utile. Equitable or bene

and has his home. See 48 Am. St. ficial ownership. Rep. 711, note.

Domino volente. With the owner's Domicil by operation of law. The consent. i . .

domicil which the law attaches to Dominus. Principal; lord; master. one by reason of status; e. g., that Dominus litis. One controlling a of a wife. See 115 Ky. 512, 74 litigation. S. W. 229.

Dominus navis. A shipmaster. Domicil of choice. That of one's

Dominus non maritabit pupillum nisi own selection.

semel. A lord cannot give his Domicil of nativity. One's birth

ward in marriage but once. place.

Dominus rex nullum habere potest Domicil of origin. One's birthplace.

parem, multo minus superiorem. Domicile. Same as Domicil.

The king cannot have an equal, Domiciliate. To establish in a dom much less a superior. icile.

Domitae. Domesticated. Domigerium. Dominion over an. Domitae naturae. Domesticated; other person.

tame. Domina. A woman who held a bar- Domo reparanda. For the repair of ony in her own right.

a house. Dominant. Controlling; principal; Domus. A house; a dwelling; a ruling.

home. Dominant tenement. The one which Domus capitularis. A chapter-house.

benefits by a servitude attached Domus Dei. A church. to it. See 128 Ala. 67, 86 Am. St.

Domus mansionalis. Mansion-house. Rep. 74, 29 South. 588.

See 4 Conn. 446. Dominical. Pertaining to the Sab

Domus procerum. The House of bath.

Lords. Dominicide. The killing of one's Domus sua cuique est tutissimum remaster.

fugium. One's home is his safest Dominicum. A demesne; a church.

refuge. See 90 Ill. 229. Dominicum antiquum. An ancient Domus tutissimum cuique refugium demesne.

atque receptaculum. The home of Dominium. Dominion; control; own everyone is his safest refuge and ership.




Dona. Gifts.

sidere. A donor never ceases to Dona clandestina sunt semper sus

possess until the donee begins piciosa. Secret gifts are always

to possess. open to suspicion.

Donatorius. A donee.

Donatory. (Scotch) One receiving Donare. To give.

a gift from the crown. Donari videtur quod nulli jure co

Donc. Then. gente conceditur. That is consid

Donec. Until. ered as given which is transferred under no legal compulsion.

Donee. One to whom a gift is

made; a grantee. Donatarius. A donee.

Dongan charter. A charter granted Donatio. A gift.

for the city of New York in 1686. Donatio causa mortis. A gift by

Donis, statute de. The English statone dying, who actually dies. See

ute establishing fees-tail. See 2 122 Pa. St. 177, 9 Am. St. Rep. 83,

Bl.'Comm. 110. 1 L. R. A, 535, 15 Atl. 470.

Donor. One who makes a gift; a Donatio inter vivos. A gift between

grantor. persons living.

Donque. Same as Donc. Donatio non praesumitur. A gift is

Donum. A gift. not presumed.

Doom. Same as Dome. Donatio perficitur possessione acci.

Doomsday Book. Same as Domespientis. A gift is perfected by the receipt of possession. See 2 day Book. Leigh (Va.), 837.

Dormant. Silent. Donatio propter nuptias. A gift in Dormant execution. One losing priconsideration of marriage.

ority from delay in its use. Donatio velata. A veiled or hidden Dormant partner. A partner ungift.

known as such to those doing Donation. A gift; a gratuity. See

business with the firm. See 190 65 Ga. 499, 38 Am. Rep. 793.

Pa. St. 111, 42 Atl. 528. Donation lands. Lands reserved in

Dormiunt aliquando leges, nunquam Pennsylvania for its citizens who

moriuntur. Although the laws fought in the Revolution.

sometimes sleep, they never die. Donationum alia perfecta, alia in

Dorsum. Back. cepta, et non perfecta; ut si do Dorture. A lodging place. natio lecta fuit et concessa, ac Dos. A dowry; dower. traditio nondum fuerit subsecuta.

Dos de dote peti non debet. Dower Some gifts are complete, others ought not to be sought from either incipient or not complete, dower. See 13 Allen (Mass.), as if a gift were read and agreed

459. upon but delivery had not yet fol

Dos rationabilis. Reasonable dower. lowed.

Dos rationabilis vel legitima est Donative advowson. See Advowson

cujuslibet mulieris de quocunque donative.

tenemento tertia pars omnium terDonator. A donor.

rarum et tenementorum, quae vir Donator nunquam desinit possidere suus tenuit in dominio suo ut de antequam donatarius incipiat pos- feodo. Reasonable or legitimato

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