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dower is for every woman a third part of all the lands and tenements which her husband held in

his demesne as of fee. Dot. Same as Dos. Dotage. Mental feebleness in old


Dotal property. Part of dower or

marriage portion. See 147 U. S. 550, 37 L. Ed. 276, 13 Sup. Ct.

Rep. 495. Dotalitium. Dower. Dotation. Endowment with a mar

riage portion. Dote. (Spanish) Same as Dos. Dote assignando. For assignment of

dower. Dote unde nihil habet. A writ of

dower for a widow against a tenant of lands whereof he was solely seised in fee simple, or fee

tail, and of which she is dowable. Doti lex favet; proemium pudoris

est, ideo parcatur. The law favors dower; it is the reward of virtue,

therefore it should be spared. Dotis administratio. Admeasure

ment of dower. Dotissa. A dowager. Double avail of marriage. Double

the ordinary or single value of a

marriage.-Bell. Dict. Double bond. (Scotch) A bond pro

viding a penalty for nonfulfillment. Double complaint. A complaint in

an ecclesiastical court against both the judge who delayed or refused justice and the defendant

in the cause. Double costs. One and a half times

the actual costs of suit. See 2

N. J. L. 108. Double damages. Twice the actual

loss suffered. Double fine. A fine sur don grant et


Double insurance. The making of

two or more insurances upon the same subject, the same risk, and the same interest. See 146 Pa. St. 561, 28 Am. St. Rep. 821, 15

L. R. A. 127, 23 Atl. 248. Double quarrel. Same as Double

complaint. Double plea. A plea embracing more

than one defense. See 18 R. I. 567, 49 Am. St. Rep. 794, 29 Atl.

143. Double possibility. A possibility

founded upon another possibility. Double rent. A statutory penalty

for holding over after the land.

lord's notice to quit. Double taxation. Taxing the same

property twice to the same person, or once to one and again to another. See 59 Iowa, 251, 44 Am.

Rep. 679, 13 N. W. 113. . Double voucher. See Recovery by

double voucher. Double waste. Cutting timber to

make repairs. Dowable. Entitled to dower. Dowager. An endowed widow. Dowager queen. The widow of a

king. Dower. A widow's life estate in

one-third of the real property of which her husband was seised of an estate of inheritance during the marriage. See 135 Ill. 448, 25 Am. St. Rep. 392, 11 L. R. A. 790,

26 N. E. 582. Dower ad ostium ecclesiae. A hus

band's endowment of his wife at the time of marriage. See 27

Ohio St. 50. Dower 'y the common law. A third

of a husband's lands. Dower ex assensu patris. A mar

riage portion assigned by the husband to his wife out of his father's estate. See 27 Ohio St. 50.



Dower unde nihil habet. A writ for Driftland. An annual tribute for

a widow to whom no dower has the privilege of driving cattle been assigned.

through a manor. Dowle stones. Boundary stones... Driftway. A way over which cattle

are driven. Dowment. Endowment.

Drip. The fall of rain-water from Dowment ad ostium ecclesiae. See the eaves of a house. Dower ad ostium ecclesiae.

Drofland. Same as Driftland. Dowress. A woman entitled to Droict. Same as Droit. dower.

Droit. Right; law; justice. Dowry. A marriage portion.

Droit commun. Common law. Dozein. An ancient municipal dis- Droit d'accroissement. Right of trict of twelve families.

survivorship. Dr. Bonham's case. Holding void at Droit d'ainesse. A birthright. common law a statute impossible

Droit d'aubaine. The right of a of performance or against common

country to seize the estate of an right and reason. See 8 Coke,

alien dying therein. See 100 107, 77 Eng. Reprint, 638.

Iowa, 407, 37 L. R. A. 583, 69 Draconian laws. A code of laws N. W. 560.

compiled by Draco the Athenian; Droit d'eignesse. The right of the harsh laws.

eldest. Draft. A written order drawn on

Droit d'execution. Right of a broker one person to pay money to an to sell for account of his principal other.

who refuses to accept. Dragoman. A Turkish court inter

Droit de corvées. Right to feudal preter.

service. Draw. To make a draft.

Droit de déshérence. Right of esDrawback. A government rebate on cheat. the export of certain imports.

Droit de suit. Right to pursue propSee 113 Fed. (U. S.) 144, 51

erty in a third party's hands; C. C. A. 100.

stoppage in transitu. Drawee. One upon whom a bill of

Droit droit. Title and right of posexchange is drawn.

session. Drawer. The maker of a bill of ex

Droit ecrit. The written law. change.

Droit ne done pluis que soit deDrawlatches. Thieves.

maundé. The law gives no more Dred Scott Case. Holding a free than is demanded.

negro born of slaves was not a Droit ne poet pas morier. The right United States citizen. See 19

cannot die. How. (U. S.) 393, 15 L. Ed. 691.

Droits civils. Civil or private Dreit dreit. Same as Droit droit.

rights. Dreng. A tenant in capite. .

Droits of admiralty. Abandoned Drengage. The tenure of a dreng. goods found at sea; goods taken Drift of the forest. A driving to- in war time by a noncommissioned

gether of all the cattle in a for ship. est.

Droitural. Concerning right.




Droitural action. An action to re- Duces tecum. Bring with you. See

cover land of which the plaintiff Subpoena duces tecum. had lost both possession and the

Duces tecum licet languidus. A writ

Duces tecum right thereto.

to bring one into court notwithDrop-letter. A letter posted for de standing his illness. livery by the local postoffice.

Duchy Court of Lancaster. See Drove road. A cattle road.

Court of the Duchy of Lancaster. Druggist. One in the business of Ducking-stool. An instrument for

buying and selling drugs without punishing scolds, being a chair compounding or preparation. See wherein they were plunged in

28 La. Ann. 765, 26 Am. Rep. 110. water. Drumhead court-martial. A sum- Due. Exactly; immediately pay. mary military trial.

able; owing, and payable now or

at a future time. See 7 N. Y. Drunkard. One who by habitual use

476, 57 Am. Dec. 542. of intoxicants is deprived of reasonable self-control. See 23 Colo.

Due bill.. A writing acknowledging 87, 33 L. R. A. 832, 46 Pac. 117.

a debt.

Due care. Care such as an ordiDrunkenness. Inebriation from in

narily prudent man would have toxicating liquors. See 112 Ga.

exercised under the circumstances. 854, 38 S. E. 330.

See 70 N. H. 441, 55 L. R. A. 426, Dry craeft. Witchcraft.

50 Atl. 146. Dry exchange. An evasion of usury Due process of law. The applicalaws.

tion of the law as it exists in the Dry mortgage. One imposing no fair and regular course of adminis

personal liability on the mort trative procedure. See 122 Am. gagor. See 134 Cal. 128, 66 Pae.. St. Rep. 904, note. 178.

Due-days. Same as Boon-days. Dry rent. Rent reserved without Duelling. The offense of fighting a right of distress.

duel. Dry trust. One wherein the trustee Duello. A duel.

merely holds the title. See 148 Duellum. A trial by battle. Mo. 542, 45 L. R. A. 53, 50 S. W.

Duke. A leader; a hereditary title

in England next to a prince. Duarchy. A government with two

Dulocracy. A government of slaves. rulers.

Duly. Regularly; according to law. Duas uxores eodem tempore habere

See 224 Ill. 218, 8 Ann. Čas. 123, non potest. One cannot have two

79 N. E. 639. wives at the same time.

Dum. While. Dub. Abbreviation of Dubitatur.

Dum bene se gesserit. During good Dubitans. Doubting.

behavior. Dubitante. Doubting.

Dum fervet opus. While the work Dubitatur. It is doubted.

flourishes. Dubitavit. It has been doubted. Dum fuit in prisona. A writ to reDubii juris. Of doubtful right or cover land conveyed under dulaw.





Dum fuit infra aetatem. While he Duplicate will. One executed in was under age.

duplicate and each copy placed in

different hands. Dum non fuit compos mentis. While he was of unsound mind.

Duplicatio. (Civil Law) A pleading Dum recens fuit maleficium. While

corresponding to a common-law re

joinder. the offense was recent.

Duplicationem possibilitatis lex non Dum sola. While unmarried.

patitur. The law does not suffer Dum sola et casta vixerit. While a duplication of possibility. she shall live unmarried and

Duplicatum jus. A double right. chaste. Dumb-bidding. Auction bidding

Duplicity. Double pleading; the wherein all bids below a secret

joinder of two or more distinct

and separate offenses in one count. one are rejected.

See 77 Md. 121, 39 Am. St. Rep. Dummodo. So that.

401, 26 Atl. 500. Dummodo constat de persona. So Duply. (Scotch) A second pleading

that it is clear as to the person, by way of reply. Dungeon. An underground cell. Durante. During. Dunnage. Loose wood used to pro

Durante absentia. During absence. tect a cargo from water in a ship’s hold. See 103 Mass. 401, 4

Durante bene placito. During good Am. Rep. 567.

pleasure. Duo non possunt in solido unam rem Durante furore. During insanity. possidere. Two cannot possess one

Durante itinere. During a journey. thing exclusively. Duo sunt instrumenta ad omnes res

Durante minore aetate. During miaut confirmandas aut impugnan

nority. das,-Ratio et aucoritas. Reason Durante viduitate. During widowand authority are two instruments hood. for the confirming or impugning Durante vita. During life. of all matters.

Duress. Constraint or danger, inDuodecemvirale judicium. A jury

flicted or threatened and impendtrial.

ing, sufficient to overcome the Duodecima manus. Twelve men's

mind and will of one of ordinary oath.

firmness. See 94 Am. St. Rep. 411, . Duodena. A jury of twelve.

note. Duorum in solidum dominium vel Duress per minas. Duress through

possessio esse non potest. Sole threats. ownership or possession cannot be Duressor. One who imposes duress in two persons.

upon another. Duplex querela. An appeal from an Dusty foot. See Courts of pieordinary to his superior.

poudre. Duplex valor maritagii. Twice the Dutch auction. One in which the value of the marriage.

auctioneer submits a high price Duplicate. One of two documents and lowers it until there is an acprecisely similar.

ceptance. See 28 Ohio St. 479.



Daumviri. Two Roman municipal a child born either before or after

magistrates with the same func death. tions.

Dynasty. A royal family succession Dux. A chief; a leader.

to a throne. Dwelling-house. An inhabited resi. Dysnomy. Bad legislation. dence.

Dyvour. (Scotch) An insolvent who Dying declarations. Those made by had assigned for the benefit of his

one on his death-bed. See 86 Am. creditors. St. Rep. 638, note.

Dyvour's habit. The costume preDying without issue. Death without scribed by law for a dyvour.


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